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Devon Gummersall

Appearances in "My So-Called Life" News Items for Devon Gummersall

05/17/13: MSCL Cast Reuniting for ATX convention!

12/14/07: Autographed DVD Box Set available at

11/13/07: Devon, Josh and Greg Gummersall on "quarterlife"

10/17/07: MSCL DVD Bonus Features Update

09/26/07: "Reeker" available on DVD

08/13/07: Devon Gummersall writes for “Quarterlife”

06/20/07: Is MSCL being re-released on DVD?

05/16/02: "Igby" & "Anachrist cookbook"

12/13/01: It´s my Party

02/23/01: Devon in "Once and Again"!

12/19/00: Devon in "Roswell"!

11/30/00: It´s my Party

10/09/00: Thank You, Good Night

01/09/00: "Seven and a Match"

11/22/99: "It's my Party" auf RTL2

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“School is a battlefield for your heart.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"