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Chapter 34: Skinny dipping....

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The story so far

Chapter 34: Skinny dipping....

written by anonymous author

added on: 12 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela standing in the restaurant. She is wearing a white short-sleeve waiters shirt, and a black knee length skirt and black sandals. She is standing in a line with the other new waiters facing Hallie who is giving them her 'speech'. The other waiters appear to be a little older than Angela, probably just back from their first year away at college. Two of them are guys and the other one is a woman who looks to be in her late 20's, and the only one with experince.

Hallie: If you come to work without the proper attire, then you will be asked to leave for the day. If you think you are going to be late to work, then please call ahead of time, otherwise if you are late then you lose tables that would have been yours and lose out on tips. The best tables go to people who are more experienced, and who are on time. If you are late more than 3 times, then you will be fired. I know, I may seem really strict, but this is a business, and we want to impress our customers. While you are working on the floor I don't want to see any goofing off or talking about what you did last night in front of the customers. It is not professional and will not be tolerated. I want you guys to have a fun summer, but while you are here you must act professional. I think that is all for now, does anyone have any questions?

They all stand silently, the only one who does not look like they were just hit by a bus is the older woman.

Hallie: Ok, well good luck on your first day, and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

For their first day on the job Hallie placed Angela with one of the other guys, and the other guy with the older woman to wait on tables together.

Angela: Hi, I'm Angela.

Guy: Hi, I'm Matt. So, is this your first job?

Angela: Umm, yeah, how could you tell?

Matt: You just look younger. No offense or anything. So how old are you?

Angela: 16.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. I'm 20, just home for the summer from college.

Angela: Where do you go?

Matt: Penn State. So where do you go to high school?

Angela: Liberty, where did you go?

Matt: I went there too, graduated two years ago. So how did you get this job?

Angela: Umm, my dad is, uh, the chef, and part owner.

Matt: Wow, that must be cool, get time off whenever you want.

Angela: Not really, I mean, I sort of do, but not like whenever I want or anything.

Matt: Yeah, well, I am trying to work as much as possible this summer, so if you ever need me to take a shift from you that would be cool.

Angela: Ok, thanks. Well, we better get to work, before Hallie, like, fires us or writes us up or anything (laughs).

Matt: Yeah (laughs), just when I thought this summer was going to be awful it is starting to look up. It should really be cool working here (smiles at Angela).

Angela: Yeah, it should...

Scene moves to the mall, where Sharon is standing behind a counter and putting items in a plastic bag.

Sharon: Thanks for shopping at The Gap, and come back soon!

SharonVO: Oh, this is going to be a long day. I can't believe only an hour has gone by, and I have 5 more to go. At least I can shop on my lunch break, and maybe Kyle can meet me or something.

Sharon picks up the work phone and dials Kyle's number, the answering machine picks up, but Sharon doesn't leave a message.

SharonVO: Maybe he got that job at Best Buy that he applied for. Oh well, back to folding for the rest of the day.

Cut to Rayanne and Rickie. They are both sitting at Rayanne's house looking through the newspaper for jobs. They are both involved in the community theater's production this summer, and need to find part time jobs that can fit around their schedule.

Rayanne: I've got it! I can get a job at that cool record store on Main Street, you know the one that has all that vintage stuff, like, from the 70's. Wouldn't that be great, think of all the cute guys that would come in there.

Rickie: Rayanne, you already have a boyfriend.

Rayanne: YEah, but that doesn't mean that I can't, like, look at them at least.

Rickie: Yeah. Oh, this looks good. They are looking for people to work at the hospital in the children's ward, reading stories, and spending time with them. I think I could do that.

Rayanne: Yeah, just uh, don't wear any makeup there, it might freak them out or something.

Rickie: Well, of course not. So, are you excited for this weekend?

Rayanne: Totally! It is going to be awesome. So, you are you sure you don't mind sharing a suite with Angela?

Rickie: Yeah, it will be fun. I mean, I don't want to like, walk in on you and Tony or anything.

Rayanne: Well, you can still drive with us if you want.

Rickie: That's ok, I'm going with Angela and Jordan.

Rayanne: I can't believe that they have been dating for like, two months now and they haven't done it yet. Catalano really must have changed or something.

Rickie: Yeah, I think it's romantic that they are waiting.

Rayanne: I guess so. Well, we better go get us some jobs.

Rickie: Ok, let's go.

Cut to Brian, who is walking around the center of town, and holding a camera. He got a job at the community newspaper as the photographer. The regular photographer is out of town for the summer, and Brian got the job because his father and mother know one of the editors. He is also working at the hospital, which he hasn't started yet.

Cut to Jordan, standing over the hood of a car. Summer school starts next week. It is Monday-Thursday from 8am to 11am. Then from 1-7 on those days he works at the garage, and every other week he works Friday from 11-7 (the opposite weeks he works on Sunday) and every Saturday 10-6. Luckily, he got someone to work for him this weekend so he could go on the trip. He had forgotten to take off but his boss is covering for him.

JordanVO: So, now that it is like supposed to be unexpected, is it ok to like expect it this weekend?

Scene cuts to later in the day. Angela is walking home from the restaurant. It is a two mile walk from there, she got stuck working the dinner shift because one of the newer employees didn't show up. Her dad offered to drive her home and then go back to clean up the restaurant, but Angela wanted to walk home. Her hair was a mess and up in a ponytail. Her feet hurt, and she had burned her wrist on one of the hot plates. Her shirt had a stain on it from sauce, and all of her makeup had run off from the heat of the kitchen. She decides since she is just around the corner of her house to take her sandals off and walk barefoot. Just as she is doing this Jordan's car pulls up alongside her.

Jordan: Hey there, you need a lift somewhere? (in a sexy voice)

Angela runs up to the car and jumps in. She wraps her arms around him and gives him a big kiss on the lips.

Angela: Boy am I glad to see you.

Jordan: How was work?

Angela: Awful, I got stuck working the dinner shift for this lady who didn't show up, and it was only her second day working there.

Jordan: Yeah, I called your house, and your mom said you were still working. (takes her hand and loops his fingers with hers) Hey, what happened to your wrist?

Angela: Oh, it's nothing, I just burned it, it will be ok.

Jordan: Jeez, you did have a bad day. So, do you want to go somewhere to relax?

Angela: Jordan, you know I can't, I still have my period.

Jordan: I didn't mean that. I thought we could go hang out at the lake or something.

Angela: Ok, let me just run inside and grab my swimsuit. Do you want to come in?

Jordan: Sure.

They go inside and Patty stands and talks to Jordan while Angela goes upstairs. She goes to the bathroom and puts in a tampon, and then grabs her swimsuit and runs downstairs.

Patty: Well, don't stay out too late. What time are you working tomorrow?

Angela: Oh, the dinner shift.

Patty: Ok, be home by 2. Bye Jordan.

Patty: Bye.

They drive to the lake and Jordan pulls the car just a few feet away from the sand. Angela grabs her bag from the back and takes her swimsuit out.

Angela: Didn't you bring a swimsuit?

Jordan: No, I'm not much of a swimmer.

Angela: Oh, come on, not even for me.

Jordan: No, I'd rather just watch you.

Angela puts her swimsuit on and runs to the water and dives in. Jordan sits on the hood of the car and watches her body move around. After she swims for a few minutes she runs up to Jordan and stands in between his legs. He wraps a towel around her and she kisses him on the lips.

Angela: Come on, won't you please come in, the water feels so nice.

Jordan: I don't have a swimsuit.

Angela: So, it's not like I haven't seen you naked before.

Jordan: Ok, but just for a couple of minutes.

Jordan takes off his jeans, tshirt, shoes and socks. He walks down with Angela to the edge of the water. She drops her towel to the ground and runs in. Jordan drops his boxers and runs in after her. Once in the water Jordan comes up behind Angela and wraps his arms around her. She turns around and kisses his wet cheek. Just as Jordan is about to start kissing her, Angela takes her finger to his lips to stop him. She moves away from him for a second and slowly and sexily takes her bathing suit off, one strap at a time, and then pulls it out of the water and throws it towards the sand. Jordan takes her back in his arms. They start to kiss slowly as Angela runs her hands across Jordans shoulders to the back of his wet hair. His hair is slicked back on top, but the wet ends are surrounding his ears and jawbone. Jordan's stong arms are wrapped around her body tightly. Jordan's feet are just touching the bottom of the lake, and he is holding Angela up. She wraps her legs around his waist as their kisses grow deeper. After a few minutes the sunset goes to pitch black and faint thunder is heard in the distance.

Angela: We better get out, it sounds like it is going to rain.

Jordan: Ok.

They both run out at the same time, and Jordan wraps his and her body in the towel together. They dry off and put their clothes back on. Angela brought different clothes with. A tank top and jean shorts. Jordan throws on his clothes and they just sit for a few minutes watching the rain start. Jordan turns and looks at Angela.

JordanVO: She looks so beautiful with her hair wet, so natural. I can't believe she did this, she took off all her clothes in a public place. I can't believe I actually went swimming, I haven't done that since I was a kid.

Jordan slides over in the seat, closer to Angela, and strokes her cheek with his hand. He leans in to kiss her just as the camera fades to black....

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