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Episode 14 - On the Wagon 


Transcribed by Steve Zwanger <>

K'ski = Miss Krysenowski
Rayanne = Rayanne Graff
AngelaVO= Angela's voiceover
Angela = Angela Chase
Jordan = Jordan Catalano
Rickie = Rickie Vasquez
Graham = Graham Chase
Patty = Patty Chase
Danielle= Danielle Chase
Ernie = Ernie (from Sesame Street)
Bert = Bert (from Sesame Street)
Sheep = Sheep (from Sesame Street)
Amber = Amber Vallone
Brian = Brian Krakow
Sharon = Sharon Cherski
Bass = Bass player
Drummer = Drummer
Announce= Announcer at Vertigo
Woman = Woman at Vertigo
Aud Mem = Audience Member

K'ski : You have 33 days.
Rayanne : 33 days to do what?
K'ski : No, it's an expression. In AA, it means you've been clean
and sober for over a month.
Rayanne : Oh, yeah.
I feel like, I feel like really good.
K'ski : I know you do.
This is kind of a dangerous time.
[Rayanne picks up a toy and plays with it]

AngelaVO: So Jordan Catalano and I had pretty much broken up, but he
still knew the combination to my locker.
[Jordan opens Angela's locker while she watches]
Angela : What's wrong?
Jordan : Nothing.
AngelaVO: You need me. You must have me as your own. You can't live
another second knowing others could possess me.
Jordan : I could kill Tino.

Rayanne : What'd you call that, that word? You said it last week. You
know, when you feel the need to, like, eat.
K'ski : Hunger?
Rayanne : No, that thing, that thing you said I was.
K'ski : Oh! I wasn't actually saying that you're, um, orally
Rayanne : Orally fixated!
K'ski : when I--
Rayanne : That's such a cool word.
K'ski : You know, I was saying that you have certain--
Rayanne : Because I have this, like, theory of how that probably
happened to me. You see, my mother, she, like, claims
that she breast-fed me, but I just have serious doubts.
And you should see her boobs. They are so firm.
[Rayanne holds out her lollipop to Miss Krysenowski]
K'ski : Sure. Um, look, Rayanne, I know that you've chosen not to
continue these sessions with me right now.
[Rayanne takes out a fresh lollipop and gives it to Miss
Rayanne : Well, I only have to do--
K'ski : Thanks.
Rayanne : this therapy thing for a month and then it's optional, right?
K'ski : No, I know that, I realize that. I just need to know
that you have a support system in place.
Rayanne : I don't need a support system. I got friends.
K'ski : That's exactly why I'm raising this. I mean, didn't you
mention to me that you've had some feelings of distance
from your friends since, you know... [She places an AA
pamphlet on the arm of the couch next to Rayanne] the incident?
Rayanne : What incident?
K'ski : I'm talking about the night you nearly died, the night
that Angela's mother rushed you to the hospital. Now
didn't you tell me that since that night you've felt
some distance between yourself and your friend Angela?
Rayanne : I never said 'distance.' I just don't see her that much.
It's not 'cause a some incident, it's, it's 'cause she's
got this guy that she's, like, involved with. Which she
wouldn't even have if it wasn't for me.
K'ski : And you don't feel any awkwardness around Angela.
Rayanne : No. The thing with Angela is that even with this stupid
obsession with this guy, she's, like, totally there for me.

Rayanne : So where's Angela?
Rickie : Hmm. [reading from the AA pamphlet] Whatever you do, don't
take the first drink.
Rayanne : AA propaganda from Miss Crazy-nowski. What a wimpette.
Rickie : I thought you said you liked her. That she was sensitive.
Rayanne : Sensitive wears thin. Go ahead, keep it. I don't need it.
So, she's with Catalano again, huh?
Rickie : Well, it is like the weirdest break-up in history.
Rayanne : She's the one that needs a shrink.

[Jordan and Angela are standing under the bleachers]
Jordan : So he just said 'This isn't working for me,' then he threw
his mike right into Joey's bass drum, and then he...left.
Angela : So he quit? Tino quit Frozen Embryos?
Jordan : Yeah. I don't even think we're allowed to call ourselves
Frozen Embryos anymore, 'cause it was Tino's name.
So now it's, like, off-limits or something.
[Rayanne, a few yards away, is trying to get Angela's attention;
Angela doesn't notice]
Angela : I'm really sorry. [She places her hand on Jordan's shoulder]
AngelaVO: I'm just really, like, low. I'll just find any excuse
to touch him.
[Rayanne comes over to them]
Rayanne : Hey. I'm sorry, am I interrupting?
Angela : No. Hi. [Jordan walks away] Oh, wait, no, you don't have to--
Jordan : Whatever. Later.
Angela : He's just a bit upset about this thing with Tino.
Why am I telling you, you must have heard what's happened, right?
Rayanne : Oh, yeah.
So what happened?
Angela : Oh, a-about Tino quitting Frozen Embryos. I mean, I only
know 'cause he told me.
Rayanne : What, you think that bothers me that you know? Tino'd be
telling me right now if he was, like, in school.
Angela : Right, I know.
Rayanne : So, Angelika, what's the deal? Do I ever get to see you
Angela : Oh, I-I know, I've just been--
Rayanne : Oh, just kidding. Get outta here! I see you too much, don't
flatter yourself.
Angela : No, really. You should really come over, like after school.
Rayanne : Oh, is that cool with Pattycake?
Angela : Yeah, of course it is. Don't be crazy. She never comes home
before six anyway.
Rayanne : Well, you know, maybe I will.
Angela : Mm-hmm?
Rayanne : Mm-hmm.

Graham : Careful. Don't break the egg yolk.
Rayanne : [standing at a table, separating eggs over a bowl] So you
actually, like, teach people how to cook?
Graham : Yeah, I actually like do.
Listen, I'm sorry that Angela's not home yet. [He takes a bottle
of brandy down from a shelf] Do you guys have definite plans?
Rayanne : Like this?
Graham : That's perfect. You're a natural. [There is a knock at the
front door]
Ah, this must be her. [He puts the bottle on the table next
to Rayanne's bowl and goes to answer the door]
Oh, you're back.
Patty : I'm back. [Patty, holding grocery bags, comes in. She stands
at the entrance to the kitchen and sees Rayanne look at the
brandy bottle and put it back down] Hi.
Rayanne : Hey.
Graham : Hey, watch that chocolate sauce. I'll get the rest of the
Patty : Can I get you something to drink? Like a soda?
Rayanne : Yeah! Thanks. Anything with sugar and caffeine.
Patty : So where's Angela? [Patty takes the bottle and puts it back
on the shelf]
Rayanne : I don't know. She's got better things to do, or what
have you.
Patty : Well, it's great to see you.
So, uh, you mean she's with, um-- I-I-I mean, I-I thought
they were, uh--
Rayanne : Exactly. You figured it out. It's like watching a
rollercoaster. Actually, I think they're the ticket line,
like really close to the rollercoaster.
Patty : I see.
Rayanne : So, did Angela tell you? I got 33 days.
I'm squeaky clean, like a rubber ducky.
Patty : No, no, Angela didn't tell me. Congratulations.
Rayanne : Thanks.
[Danielle enters]
Patty : Hi, honey.
Danielle: Hello.
Rayanne : (belches)
Danielle: You're supposed to say 'Excuse me.'
Rayanne : Oh, right, sorry, 'scuse me.
[Patty picks up a beer bottle on the counter next to the
refrigerator and sniffs it. Graham comes in]
Graham : Oh my god, the chocolate sauce.
Patty : Oh, it's okay. It's, it's not bubbling.
Danielle: Ooh, chocolate sauce! Can I try it?
[Patty, Graham and Danielle gather around the stove while Rayanne
watches from across the room]
Graham : Here. Be careful! It's very, very hot.
Patty : Ah, just a taste. We're about to eat.
Danielle: Ahhhh!
Patty : Oh, Danielle. C'mere. Let me fix it. [Patty wipes Danielle's
Danielle: [struggles] No.
Graham : Hey!
Danielle: I have to wash my whole face now. [She leaves]
Patty : Good.
Rayanne, why don't you stay? For dinner?
Graham : Yeah, Angela'll be back any minute.
Rayanne : No, no. I gotta go. You know, my mom's making dinner.
Later. [She leaves]
Patty : You know, that girl never said thank you.
Graham : For the soda?
Patty : For saving her life.

[Sesame Street is on television]
Ernie : Oh, I can't sleep, Bert. I can't fall asleep.
Bert : Well, count sheep then, Ernie.
Ernie : Count sheep? Wh-what do you mean, count sheep?
[Amber is making margaritas in a blender]
Bert : I mean just lie there and count sheep. Just imagine them
one at a time til you get so sleepy you just fall asleep.
Ernie : Okay, I'll try it, Bert. Alright, let's see, counting sheep.
[Amber pours herself a margarita]
Sheep : Baaaaa.
[Amber, holding the margarita, sits on the couch next to Rayanne]
Ernie : Let's see, that's one.
Rayanne : So, when's dinner?
Ernie : Th-that's just my first sheep. Don't worry, Bert. Just go
right back to sleep.
Amber : Oh. You're hungry?
Rayanne : I haven't eaten since breakfast.
Amber : You didn't eat lunch?
Rayanne : It's Tuesday. I saw my counselor today.
Amber : What counselor?
Rayanne : My drug counselor. Miss Krysenowski.
Remember, I told you.
Amber : [looking in freezer] Okay, let's see what we got here. Egg
rolls! Mini-quiche and, oh, pierogies!
Rayanne : I'm sick of appetizers. I want a real meal, with all four
basic food groups, and just for once can it not be such an
amazing surprise that I want to eat dinner like every other
American on the planet?
Amber : Okay, what's up?
Rayanne : Nothing.
Angela invites me over today, and when I get there, she's
nowhere to be found.
Amber : Well, did you two have a fight or something?
Rayanne : No.
[Amber puts down the margarita and hugs Rayanne]
Amber : Oh, okay. What did you do?
Rayanne : What'd I do?
Amber : Yeah, to make Angela mad at you.
Rayanne : Well, I didn't do anything. She's just with Jordan Catalano
all the time.
Amber : Well, then you be with him, too. You hang out with her
while she's with Jordan. You know Jordan's friends. I mean,
become part of it, Rainie. That's not hard. Everyone loves you.
[She looks in the fridge] Aaaaaaa! Look what we forgot we had.
Leftover Chinese.
Rainie, butterfly shrimp! [She feeds one to Rayanne]
Now, see, a lot of your friends come and go and most of them
I could have cared less about. Angela, she's special.

[Angela and Jordan are sitting in Jordan's car while it rains
Jordan : What I still can't figure why Tino even quit. That's
what's so...frustrating. Can you imagine what that's like?
To have to, like, sit around, trying to figure out what
someone else is, like thinking.
[Rayanne opens the door and gets into the back seat]
Rayanne : Hey, what's up?
Angela : Oh. Oh, Rayanne, hi.
So my parents said you stopped by yesterday, but I sort of
thought you said you weren't going to, so...
Rayanne : No problem! Guzzles a six-pack, 2 hits a ex, I was back to new!
So Catalano, how's it going'?
Angela : Um. I was just saying how Frozen Embryos finally got a spot
at this open mike night at Vertigo, that coffeehouse.
Rayanne : I, like, know what Vertigo is.
Angela : Right. Well. Um, they still don't have a lead singer, so
if, like, um, you know, should they blow it off, or find
somebody new by next Thursday, or...
Rayanne : So Tino's still being a lowlife, huh?
Jordan : Could you two, like, leave?

Rayanne : God. Angela, I just had the most unbelievable idea. I am,
like, so brilliant. I, like, amaze myself.
Angela : What about you?
Rayanne : I should be the new lead singer for Frozen Embryos.
Well, come on, I'm serious. Talk to Jordan.
Angela : Rayanne, I just don't know if that sounds very realistic.
Rayanne : Aw, what sounds realistic? I just spent a month stone cold
sober, that doesn't sound realistic.
Angela : I can't just tell Jordan Catalano something like that.
Rayanne : God. Angela, think of it. We'd have such a time. You,
hanging out with the band. Me, being the band. Come on,
on, he'll do it if you ask him.
Angela : No, he won't. It's Jordan Catalano.
Rayanne : Just promise you'll ask for me, 'kay?
Angelika, please?
Angela : Sure. I promise.
[Rayanne hugs her and runs off, whooping]

[the phone rings]
Danielle: I'll get it! I'll get it! I'll get it!
[Angela and Danielle struggle to answer the phone]
Hey, it's mine.
Angela : Hello? Yeah. It's your boyfriend, Ryan.
Danielle: He's not my boyfriend. He was, but we're keeping it loose.
[Patty, Graham, and Angela all look at Danielle. Danielle puts
the phone down on the counter]
I'll take it in the other room. [She leaves]
Patty : Are either of them married yet? I mean, how much have I
I hope you can join us for dinner tonight. We never get to
see you anymore.
Danielle: Somebody hang up!
Angela : That's what everybody tells me. Rayanne says that, you say
Patty : If Rayanne isn't seeing you and we're not seeing you, who is
seeing you?
Graham : And how much of you?
Angela : Dad.
Graham : Oh, I'm sorry. I asked a question about your life, didn't I?
Whoa, what came over me?
Patty : So, Rayanne seems to be doing okay.
Angela : Oh, she is. Of course she is. She was, um, actually seeing
a counselor for a little while.
Patty : She was seeing her? I thought she told me she was still
seeing her.
[car honks outside]
Angela : Mmm, gotta go.
Jordan Catalano's giving me a ride to school. Is that what
you wanna hear?
Patty : Yes. And, um, am I ever gonna get a chance to meet him?
Angela : Dad met him.
Graham : I met him.
Patty : Wait a second, eh, are we the same person? Hmm?
Graham : Almost, but, uh--
Angela : Mom, I'm gonna be late for school. There're state laws.
Anyway, it's completely over between me and Jordan Catalano.
[She leaves]
Patty : Well, it finally happened. I've completely lost touch with
[Danielle enters. Patty grabs her as she walks past]
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait wait wait wait wait.
Who is this Ryan?
Danielle: Mom, I have to go to school. [She leaves]
[Graham hugs Patty]

[Jordan and Angela are talking in Jordan's car]
Jordan : I can't even face rehearsal tonight. There's gonna be, like,
this big empty hole where Tino used to be.
Angela : I'm really sorry. I mean, I'm sure it's gonna all work out.
I mean, you'll find someone, somehow.
Jordan : Yeah, right.
Angela : So, listen, this is probably a really stupid idea, but would
Frozen Embryos ever want, like, a girl? I mean, to sing? I--
Like, I don't know, Rayanne Graff or something?
Jordan : Rayanne? Graff.
Angela : Right, yeah. No, I-- psssh, I mean...forget it. [She opens the
car door] I'll see ya. [She gets out of the car]

[Rayanne and Rickie are walking down the hallway]
Rayanne : So, did she talk to him? 'Cause I hear they rehearse tonight,
so I guess I should probably be there, right?
[They arrive at Rickie's locker]
Rickie : Rayanne, I don't think they-- you know, I-- [Rayanne opens
Rickie's locker] I mean, I hear they're not even Frozen Embryos
anymore. They don't even, like, have a name.
Rayanne : Well, that's perfect. Then I'll give them a name. It'll be
a totally new era. [Brian arrives at his locker a few feet
away] An era of me.
Rickie : Rayanne...if they don't want you--
Rayanne : Well, why would they possibly not want me? I mean, I'm cute,
I-I-I'm a total exhibitionist, and I can certainly sing just as
loud and obnoxious as Tino.
Rickie : Hey, I-I just want to make sure you don't make this into a bigger
deal than it is.
Rayanne : What, you think I'm going to drink myself into some stupor over
some stupid band?
Rickie : No! Of course not. I mean, it's just that I actually spoke to
Angela, you know, and...I just don't think they're looking
for a girl singer or something.
Rayanne : So did she ex-- so did she explain how good I am?
Rickie : Look, I-I wasn't there, I'm just telling you what she said, you
know? I mean, maybe you should just go talk to her yourself.
Rayanne : Well, maybe I will. [She leaves]
[Brian walks over]
Brian : What is it? What, what did she do?
Rickie : Nothing, yet. I mean, I've seen her like this, you know, excited
about something? When she's excited like's kind of

[Sharon enters the bathroom]
Rayanne : [singing inside a bathroom stall] How to get to Sesame Street.
How to get to Sesame [toilet flushes] Street. [She comes out of the
stall and sees Sharon] What?
Sharon : That was you?
Rayanne : So?
Sharon : Nothing. Nothing. You just-- you have a decent voice.
Rayanne : I'm sorry, did I say you could listen?
Sharon : I'm sorry, I didn't know this was your private recording studio.
Rayanne : I'm sorry, it is.
Look, so like, in your opinion I can sing halfway decent? Like,
say, I can sing in front of people?
Sharon : Maybe if you dressed a little more normal.
Rayanne : Well, lemme ask you your opinion about something. Say one
person finds out there's a way she can get into a band that,
like, needs a lead singer, and say this person can sing--
Sharon : This is you, right?
Rayanne : Just listen. So she asks this other person to put in a good
word for her, because this other person, like, hangs out
with someone in the band--
Sharon : W-w-wait, what band?
Rayanne : Shut up! So, this other person is acting, like, all put out
about this, like it's some big chore or something.
Sharon : Why? Because she wants to sing in the band herself?
Rayanne : No, that would be totally impossible. She totally could not
attempt that. The point is, wouldn't she want to do this?
I mean, if she was a real friend? I mean, if she really
beleieved in me? I mean, her. Unless, I guess, she thought
this person would make a complete fool of herself.
Sharon : So this is Angela, right?

Drummer : I'm just sayin', lower it.
[Rayanne walks in, but the band members do not notice her]
Bass : Lower it? What are you sayin'? You think my bass is too loud?
Drummer : Yeah, and outta tune.
Bass : I'm not outta tune, man. What is this, Tino's gone, now
you're gonna start telling everybody who's outta tune?
You're the drummer, man, you don't know anything about
who's outta tune.
Drummer : Yeah, I know when something sounds like crap.
Jordan : All right!
Can we just get through this one song?
Drummer : I'm outta here. I gotta get some pizza.
Bass : Now you're gonna eat? That's all you ever do is eat, man.
Drummer : Hey, what are you, the new Tino? Throw that bass anywhere
near my drums, I'll kill you.
Jordan : All right! Look at us! We're ridiculous! We're not a band
We don't even have a name.
[They notice Rayanne]

Danielle: Hello? Angela, telephone!
Angela : Hello?
Jordan : Hey.
Angela : Oh, hi! [Danielle is listening in on the hallway extension]
Danielle, hang up! Danielle, I know you're listening, I can
hear the TV.
[Patty comes over and takes the phone from Danielle]
Patty : Danielle, come on, let's respect Angela's privacy.
Jordan : So, Rayanne Graff is here.
[Patty is now listening on the phone]
Angela : Rayanne is there? Oh. What's she doing there?
Jordan : I don't know, I was sorta gonna ask you. I mean, no one even
invited her. Now she's, like, coming on to my drummer, acting
like she's high. [Rayanne takes the headphones from Drummer's
head and puts them on her own] What does she want?
Angela : I don't know, I-- I don't have anything to do with it. So
how's rehearsal going?
[Drummer offers Rayanne a beer. Rayanne shakes her head 'no']
Jordan : Sucks. Right now everyone's basically just sitting around
the loft drinking beer.
[Graham comes over to Patty]
Angela : Danielle, hang up! [Danielle walks by the open door of
Angela's bedroom] Um...
Graham : [whispers] Patty!
[Patty, startled, hangs up, then puts her hands over her face]
Angela : So I'm really sorry, I mean, about Rayanne. I'm glad you
called, though. I mean, this is the first time you've
ever called me. [Rayanne gets into the hammock with
Drummer] On the phone.
[Drummer is still holding a beer can near Rayanne's face]
Jordan : I gotta go.
Graham : You were listening in on her phone conversation? Patricia,
you disappoint me!
Patty : Oh, shut up! It's the only way I could get any information.
And by the way, that was your close, personal friend
Jordan Catalano. Seems that Rayanne is in a loft drinking
beer. So much for her great sobriety.
Graham : How is Jordan? He send his regards?
Patty : All right. You met him for one minute. Stop lording it
over me. You know, I-- I have to say, I'm, I'm worried
about Rayanne.
Graham : Well, Angela seems to think she's doing okay.
Patty : Yeah, but would Angela even tell us if she was worried about
her? I mean, she barely speaks to us.
I have this feeling like, like she's in trouble. And w-w-what
do I do? Do I talk to her mom? Can you do that--
Graham : Patty.
Patty : with people? No. Mm-mm. I know, I-I-I can't, it's...
crossing the line.

Patty : You're right.
Graham : Uh-uh, I'm not right. You have to be awake to be right.
Patty : Oh. Sorry.
Graham : Mmm.
Patty : Why is that, though, do you suppose? I mean, why is it so
taboo? Why, why is it that, that you can't speak to people
honestly about their children?
Graham : Because-- I'm gonna kill you. Oh, Patty, it's like twelve-
fifteen already.
Patty : I know, I know, I know. Okay, I'm gonna stop obsessing
about this, starting now.
Graham : 'Night.
Because. [Graham turns on the light] Because nobody wants to
hear something like that. Nobody wants to hear they may
have made a mistake with their kids. Nobody wants to be
accused of not being a decent parent. I mean, it-it is, it is
an unwritten law, whatever goes on in your family is your
business, period. Nobody else's.
Patty : Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep here.
Do you really believe that? I mean, you really believe that it
would be that much of an intrusion to casually and non-
confrontationally mention to someone that you happen to be
a little concerned about their child?
Graham : Uh, okay, okay. How would you respond to something like
that? You know, some friendly, well-meaning comment like that?
Patty : Poison dart.
Graham : Goodnight, Gracie.
Patty : You know, you're absolutely right. It would be an enormous
mistake to speak to Amber about Rayanne's drinking problem,
it would just...make matters worse.
Graham : Well, I love you, too. And please, shut up.
Patty : Oh, well.
So, you wanna make love? I mean, you know...since we're up?
Graham : Well, speak for yourself.
Patty : Well, just close your eyes and be very, very brave. [She
kisses him]
Graham : Oh.

Angela : Hi.
Jordan : Hi.
Angela : So, listen, I just wanna say that I had no idea Rayanne was
gonna show up at the loft. And when I said that thing about
her, y-you know, the idea of her being in the band, I just
wanna make sure that you didn't feel, like, pressured or
anything. Not that you would feel that way, but in case you
did, I mean, you know, it's up to you, obviously, so--
Jordan : She's in.
Angela : What?
Jordan : She's in the band.
Angela : O-oh. You mean--
Jordan : It wasn't my idea. It was his. [Rayanne and Drummer are
making out in the hallway nearby] This whole thing is getting
too weird. I gotta go. [He walks away]
[Rayanne sees Angela, jumps up excitedly and comes over to her]
Rayanne : Angelika, I'm in! I'm an Embryo! Oh, man! Or whatever you
wanna call it.
Drummer : Hey, Rayanne!
Angela : Yeah, I heard, that's really great.
Drummer : Hey, Rayanne, you comin'?
Rayanne : I gotta go. I'll see you later.

[the phone rings]
Amber : What?
Patty : Amber! Hi, it's Patty. Chase. Angela's mom? Did I wake you?
Amber : No, I always sound like this. [coughs] Mm. Ah. I was just
having a dream about Angela. Her and her boyfriend, and Rainie
and me were in this, like, log cabin.
Patty : Oh, if you mean Jordan Catalano, he's not her boyfriend. They've
decided just to be friends.
Amber : Yeah, right. So, anyway. So they were all in this featherbed,
and I was making pancakes for George Bush, of all people. So,
Pat, what's up?
Patty : Nothing. I just, I just wondered how, how things were going
with Rayanne.
Amber : Well, she's on the wagon, so she's completely no fun anymore.
I'm just kidding. I'm very proud of her. Ooh, did Angela tell
you she's gonna be singing in Jordan's band?
Patty : Yeah, so I hear. So, um, you're certain that, that she's not
Amber : About as certain as you are that Angela and cutie-pie are just
Patty : Y-I-ee-I-I think I hear my other phone.
Amber : What a coincidence. Me too. [hangs up]
Drummer : One, two, three, four.

Rayanne : [singing] Twenty, twenty, twenty-four [taps mike] It's not
working. It's-it's not working.
Drummer : One, two, three, four.
[Rayanne bops around without singing]
Jordan : Hey, Graff! Hey! What's up? You gonna sing?
Drummer : Let's go!
Hey, Ruvent, turn your amp down.
Bass : What?
Drummer : Catalano, tell him to turn his amp down.
Jordan : Awwww...
Bass : Hey, don't tell Catalano to tell me, you tell me!
Drummer : I just told you.
Jordan : Forget it. This is exactly why Tino left.
Bass : Hey!
Jordan : Exactly. [leaves]
Bass : You know, maybe you should stop about me and try to keep
a beat.
Drummer : That's it! [leaves]
Bass : Hey, I'm outta here, too, man. [leaves]

Jordan : Hey, Graff. The Vertigo guy called. Our audition's tonight.
Rayanne : What?
Jordan : Yeah. So we're trying to think of a name.
Rayanne : Forget a name. We're not ready.
Jordan : We'll do okay. Just, w-w-wear something tight.
Rayanne : That's your solution? Cut off my circulation? We need a real
Jordan : Look, you wanted this chance, you got it. Don't blow it.

Rayanne : So, can I still borrow the boots?
Angela : Oh, absolutely. So, I really hope I can come, it's just--
Rayanne : No, it's okay. If you can't, you can't.
Angela : No, I-I just, you know, I have this whole thing with school
and all--
Rayanne : It's okay. Rickie invited, like, half the school.
Angela : Oh, seriously? Well, I'm definitely gonna try to go. So...
what song are oyu singing again?
Rayanne : Angela. I don't know! They never told me!
Oh. [Rayanne grabs the bottle of whiskey on the top of the
dining room cabinet]
Angela : Rayanne. Rayanne, what are you doing? [Rayanne, shaking, begins
pouring a drink] Rayanne, no, please no, no, it's not worth it.
Rayanne : Just to get me through tonight.
[laughs] You should have seen your face. [She pours the
drink back into the bottle and laughs again] Bye!

Rayanne : [singing to her mirror] Bom-bom-bom-bom, ba-bom-bom-bom-bom,
I wanna be sedated. Ba-bom-bom-bom-bom, ba-
Amber &
Rayanne : [together] bom-bom-bom-bom, I wanna be sedated. Ba-bam-bam-
bam-bam, ba-bam-bam-bam-bam, I wanna be sedated.
[They both scream]
Amber : Oh, honey, is Angela excited?
Rayanne : Yeah.
Amber : Me too. Even more than when I served that B.L.T. to Bobby
Dylan. He said I could call him Bobby.
Rayanne : And then he stiffed you.
Amber : C'mere, baby. Oh, honey, your little hands are like ice!
Rayanne : I know, my heart is beating, like, a lot. I can hardly
Amber : Oh sweetheart, are you all right? Oh, you're scared, aren't
you? Oh, no!
Rayanne : No, I-- No, are you kidding? This is gonna be incredible.
This is gonna be the most amazing night of my life.
[They hug]

Patty : Anyway, that was the conversation. Y-I-I'll bet she doesn't
even have a second phone.
Graham : So? Neither do we.
[Angela enters]
Patty : Well, that's not the point, I mean-- [notices Angela] Hi!
Angela : There's this thing tonight at this coffeehouse, Vertigo, and
I-I promised Rayanne I would ask if I could go, but I-I don't
even really want to go, and I feel so guilty. See she's, she's
singing, um, with this, this band that-- all right, fine, it's
Jordan Catalano's band, but this has nothing to do with Jordan,
or the fact that we broke up or, or anything, that's what's so
weird, it's something between Rayanne and me...I-I can't even
describe, but it's there, and it's been there for, like, a while,
since that night w-when you had to drive her to the hospital.
It's this thing that we never talk about.
[She picks up a pile of clean laundry] So these are mine?
Thanks, I was kinda low on clean socks.
[She hugs Patty] Thanks for listening. [leaves]
Graham : It's okay. She'll ignore you for another month just to make
up for it.
Patty : I know.
[Patty gets up, sees the empty glass next to the whiskey bottle,
picks up the glass and sniffs it]

Brian : [He enters the coffeehouse and sees Rickie] Hey.
Rickie : Hey. [They sit down at a table] What are you doing here?
Brian : What am I doing here? You, like, begged me to come.
Rickie : Oh! Oh, right, right. I had this fear that...that there would
be, like, no audience. So I just started asking anyone.
Brian : Oh. Thank you. That-that really makes me feel wonderful.
Are you, like, sick or something?
Rickie : Oh, oh, um, this always happens when I get nervous. I-I lose
my voice.
Brian : Oh, so Rayanne's singing and you get the laryngitis?
Rickie : Listen, uh, when she starts singing, you can't talk, but like
afterwards...applaud, but-but not too much, but, like, sincerely.
Brian : You're telling me how to applaud.
Rickie : Oh, shut up, shut up, shut up.
Announce: Test, one, two, three, four, test, test.
Rickie : I'm sorry, I'm a little on edge. I gotta pray now.
Woman : I'm just gonna, you know, introduce you, and then--
Jordan : [to another band member] Shut up!
Woman : come on. [climbs on stage] Is this on? Ahem. Um. Welcome
to, uh, Club Vertigo, uh, open mike night. The first group
is, um called, um, um, Frozen, uh, this was-- What is this?
Jordan : Uh, th-that's not our name.
Woman : Embers?
Jordan : We're, uh, between names.
Brian : Heh.
Woman : Between Names.
Aud Mem : All right, Between Names.
Bass : Did you hear what she called us?
Woman : I'm sorry.
Jordan : Just shut up.
Woman : I'm sorry.
Jordan : Shut up.
Woman : I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Jordan : [to Rayanne] Go ahead and say hi.
Rayanne : Hey, every-- [she jumps back at the feedback from the mike]
Jordan : [into the mike] This is Rayanne's first time. I mean, singing
with us.
Drummer : Three, four.
[The band starts playing, but at first Rayanne doesn't sing]
Rayanne : Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours ago, I wanna be sedated.
[She loses her tempo] Nothing to do, nowhere to go, I wanna
be sedated.
--a plane. Hurry, hurry, hurry--
--I can't control my brain-- [she stops singing, looks
dazed, then runs off the stage]
Rickie : Rayanne? Rayanne! [He runs after her; the band is still playing]
Jordan : [takes the mike] Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours ago, I wanna
be sedated. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, [Brian looks around]
I wanna be sedated. Just get me in a wheelchair, put me on a
plane. Hurry, hurry, hurry, before I go insane.

Rickie : Rayanne, you're okay.
[Brian enters]
Rayanne : I'm not okay, and you know it. Now everybody knows it. And
you all thought I would screw up, didn't you? Well,
congratulations! You were right! [leaves]
Rickie : Rayanne, wait!
Brian : It-it-- Don't worry, I mean, there's probably nothing to worry
Rickie : No, there is.

[the phone rings]
Angela : Hello?
Rickie? What is it? [Patty enters]
Rickie, please calm down, I can't understand what you're saying.
Patty : [taking the phone] Rickie? It's Angela's mom.
Start at the beginning.

[Patty knocks at Amber's door]
Patty : Amber?
Amber : Yes. [she opens the door]
Patty : Hi. Patty.
Amber : Hi.
Patty : Chase.
Amber : Yes!
Patty : Angela's mom?
Amber : I know who you are. You know? You don't have to keep
reintroducing yourself.
Patty : I'm sorry. And I'm sorry to barge in on you like this. I
tried calling, but, uh...
Amber : You know, I think we could be part of the same karass. You
and Angela, me and Rayanne, and Rickie.
Patty : Part of what?
Amber : A karass. Karass is a group of people who kind of get
mixed up in each other's lives in order to do God's will.
It was in "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut.
Patty : Amber, um...Rayanne's been drinking again. Now, do you have
any idea where--
Amber : She has not been drinking.
Patty : Amber, I found a glass on our bar with whiskey in it.
Amber : What'd you do, dust for prints? Run a DNA test?
Patty : That's...not the point.
Amber : You don't think I know my own kid? Hm. How well do you know
Patty : I know that Rayanne is missing. Rickie called me last night.
He was hysterical. Listen, I-I know that this is completely
inappropriate, okay? I-I know that it is not my place to tell
you how to raise your daughter, but I can't help it. I'm
involved, okay, whether, whether you like it or not, a-and
you can hate me, but I can't just stand by and watch this girl
destroy herself.
[During Patty's speech, the tea kettle on Amber's stove begins
to whistle, its pitch getting higher and higher]
Rayanne : [enters] Somebody gonna turn that damn thing off?
Patty : Rayanne?
Oh, I don't understa-- I-I don't under--
Rickie said that you were gone.
Amber : She was right here, of course, where else would she be? We
ate raw chocolate chip cookie dough, and we turned the phone
off. [to Rayanne] You don't have to go to school today.
Rayanne : No, I want to. Hmm, poor Rickie, he probably had, like, fourteen
heart attacks.
Patty : I could give her a ride to school.
Amber : I'll write her a late note.
I'm a good mother. I'm a damn good mother, so you can just
get right off your high horse.

[Patty and Rayanne pull up in front of the school]
Rayanne : Just so you know, I, uh, I didn't drink yhat whiskey. I
poured it back. You can ask Angela.
Patty : You haven't had one drink? Since that night in the hospital?
Rayanne : No. Swear to God.
Patty : Why didn't you tell me that you had stopped seeing your
Rayanne : I don't know. Maybe just 'cause I wanted you to think I was
okay, so you wouldn't mind if I, you know, stayed friends
with Angela.
Patty : I guess she means a lot to you, huh?
Rayanne : I guess that's, like, the one thing you and I have in common.
[Rayanne gets out of the car]
Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Chase.
Patty : Rayanne?
Rayanne : Yo.
Patty : Apparently you and I are in the same karass.
Call me Patty.
[Rayanne leaves, then comes back]
Rayanne : Patty, thanks. For, like...for my life.

[Rayanne is in the principal's office with her late note, and
sees Rickie walk by outside]
Rayanne : Rickie! [Rickie sees her and walks past] Rickie, wait! [she
puts her note on the counter] Here, I was late. [She runs
after Rickie] Rickie, wait! Rickie! Rickie, c'mon, stop.
Rickie, c'mon--
Rickie : Don't! Do not touch me.
Rayanne : Rickie, c'mon--
Rickie : No! I can't anymore. You don't know how scared I was. I
thought you were dead. I was picking out the clothes I
should wear to your funeral. [With each couple of words he
gives her a shove]
Rayanne : Rickie, that hurt.
Rickie : Not enough.

[Rayanne is sitting outside on the fire escape. Angela comes
out through the window]
Angela : Hi.
I've never been out here before.
So Rickie was really scared.
I mean, I was, too.
So, what, you're mad at me? Because I didn't get to hear you
Rayanne : You didn't miss much, just me making a fool out of myself,
and you've seen that plenty. Right? Anyway, I knew you wouldn't
I can't stand these looks anymore.
Angela : What looks?
Rayanne : You and Rickie looking at me like I'm gonna lose control, like
any minute I'm gonna go on some jag or something. I just can't
stand knowing what you're thinking about me.
Angela : What? What am I thinking?
Rayanne : I'm messed up. That I'm too messed up for you to be my friend
Angela : Rayanne, that's not true. I never-- I'm still your friend.
Nothing's changed.
AngelaVO: But that wasn't completely true either. And we both, like,
knew it.
Rayanne : Maybe it was just easier, you know? You'd come to me for advice
and stuff, like you used to before.
Angela : I should've been there. [Rayanne nods] Last night. I should've
been there no matter what.
Rayanne : Miss you.
Angela : I know. I missed you, too. [Rickie enters; Rayanne hugs him]
Rayanne : Rickie, I'm sorry.
Rickie : I swear to God, I'm gonna kill you.

Rayanne : [as she and Angela are weaving through a line of people] Pardon
me. Scuse me, pardon me. Scuse me, pardon me. Scuse me, pardon
[to the people in line behind Rickie] We're not cutting, okay?
Angela : We were, like, here before.
Rayanne : He was, like, saving our place.
Rickie : God, I worship this movie.
Rayanne : Is James Dean an Italian?
Angela : Jordan Catalano is. Part Italian.
Rayanne : I told you not to mention him!
Angela : Okaaay.
Rayanne : I like Latin guys.
Rickie : Like me?
Rayanne : Like Andy Garcia.
Angela : Omigod. In that movie, where that girl is, like, blind?
Rickie : Oh, I know!
Rayanne : Oh, oh, what's his name, what's his name, what's his name? Luis!
Angela &
Rickie : [together] Who is Luis?
Rayanne : You know, the, ther guy on Sesame Street, with the repair shop.
[Angela and Rickie laugh] What? Luis is, like, this genius,
okay? He can fix, like, anything.
Angela : You are so crazy.
Rayanne : [in a Cockney accent] I don't care. I like Sesame Street.
[in her normal voice] I still watch it every day.
Rickie : Oh, I used to love their song. What was that line?
[singing] Sunny day--
Angela : [singing] Everything's-- no, no.
Rayanne : [singing] Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away.
Rickie : Sing it sister, all right!
Rayanne : [singing] On my way to where the air is sweet. Can you tell me
how to get, hoe to get to Sesame Street.
Angela : Woooo!
Rayanne : How to get to Sesame Street. How to get to Ses, Sesame Street.
Rickie : Come on!
Rayanne : Woooo! [the people on line applaud]
Rickie : All right, girl!
[Rayanne takes a bottle of beer from a guy on line nearby
and swigs it. Rickie and Angela are dismayed]

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“Ignore her. She got up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning.”

Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez, Episode 9: "Halloween"