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Chapter 31: Caught...

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The story so far

Chapter 31: Caught...

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Jordan and Angela walking into her house. No one is home yet, and they sit in the family room facing each other with their notebooks open. They are discussing the stories and books that they read this past semester. Suddenly Jordan takes Angela's notebook and throws it on the table with his and leans over and kisses her passionately.

Angela: Jordan, we have to study.

Jordan(in between kisses): Yeah, but I need something to give me energy to keep me going.

Angela: Ok, but just for a few minutes, we have a ton of stuff to go over.

Jordan: Yeah, you can stop me anytime.

Angela: I will, now come here...

Angela pulls Jordan over to her and kisses him forcefully. They are sitting next to each other with Angela's legs across Jordan's lap. Their kisses go from slow and passionate to the point where they want each other so much their bodies are moving back and forth together to keep up with the kissing. Angela lays down and Jordan lays on top of her. He lifts her shirt up a little to reveal her stomach and he kisses it passionately. Angela pulls Jordan's face to hers and kisses his lips gently and then his cheek, the corner of his eye, and then his forehead. She pulls away and Jordan has his eyes closed for a second, and then opens them and looks into Angela's eyes.

Angela: I love you, so much more than I ever thought I could.

Jordan: I love you too, I haven't ever loved anyone the way I love you.

Jordan kisses Angela softly and gently parts her lips with his tongue. Their kisses grow deeper as Angela takes her hands and puts them up the back of Jordan's shirt and gently tickles his skin. She wraps her right leg behind his body. They continue to makeout like this for a few minutes. Suddenly the front door bursts open, and Graham and Danielle walk through the door.

Graham: Angela, I'm home! (he sees Angela and Jordan on the couch) Oh, uh... (Angela and Jordan fly up to a sitting position)

Danielle: Whoa, now this I gotta see.

Graham: I'm going to take Danielle into the kitchen to help me put the groceries away.

Danielle: I always miss the good stuff!!

They go into the kitchen, and Angela looks at Jordan bashfully.

Angela: Oh, that is so embarassing!

Jordan: Should I like go, is he going to kill me or something?

Angela: No, it will be fine, let me go talk to him, wait here (kisses him on the lips).

Angela walks into the kitchen and sees Graham and Danielle putting groceries away.

Graham: Danielle can you please leave.

Danielle: Why do I always have to leave?

Graham: Because I said so.

Danielle leaves and goes into the living room where Jordan is sitting. You can faintly here Angela's and Graham's voices.

Danielle: So, you guys had sex yet?

Jordan: What?!? Aren't you a little young to be talking like that?

Danielle: I know all about it, so, have you?

Jordan: That's like, none of your business.

Cut to kitchen.

Graham: I am afraid to know what we would have walked in on if it had been a few minutes later.

Angela: Dad, come on, we were just making out. Like you didn't do that when you were my age.

Graham: I think we just need to lay down some rules. I know your getting older, and you have a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want where you want to.

Angela: Ok! Gosh, can we please stop this conversation before it gets any more embarassing!

Graham: Fine, look, I won't tell your mother, if you promise not to let that happen again.

Angela: Fine, but what about Danielle?

Graham: I'll take care of her, she won't say anything either.

Angela: Ok, thanks, dad, for understanding, and not embarassing me in front of Jordan.

Graham: Sure, now go back and study.

Angela leaves and finds Jordan getting his books together to leave.

Angela: Where are you going?

Jordan: I thought it would be better if I left or something.

Angela: No, it's fine, my dad was pretty cool about it.

Graham walks in and sees that Jordan might be leaving.

Graham: Jordan, you don't have to leave, I was just coming to see if you wanted to stay for dinner.

Jordan: Oh, umm, I dont know, uh, I guess I could.

Graham: Great, well you guys can continue studying while I make dinner.

Angela: Thanks dad.

Graham leaves and goes back in the kitchen.

Jordan: So, is it really ok for me to stay?

Angela: Of course. Ok, now we really have to study.

Jordan: Yeah, umm, you might want to uh, talk to your sister or something.

Angela: Why? What did she say?

Jordan: She asked if we had sex yet.

Angela: What?!? I am going to kill her. What did you say?

Jordan: I uh, told her it was none of her business, and that she was too young to be talking like that or something.

Angela: Ok, I'll talk to her later.

They get their notebooks and continue studying from where they had left off earlier. An hour later Patti comes home and they all eat dinner in the dining room together.

Patty: So, Jordan, you must be excited to almost be a senior.

Jordan: Uh, yeah, I guess.

Patty: What do you think you will do after graduation?

Jordan: Oh, uh, probably work, and um, maybe try to go to the local college.

Angela: Really, I didn't know that.

Jordan: Yeah, I have been thinking about it lately.

Patty: Well, that's wonderful.

Graham: Yeah, that's really great Jordan. What do you think you are going to major in?

Jordan: Uh, I don't know yet really.

Graham: Well, don't worry, you will figure it out.

Jordan: Thanks.

Angela has a big smile on her face as she looks at Jordan and then at her parents. They finish dinner and Angela walks Jordan outside to his car.

Angela: So, I'll see you tomorrow in the morning.

Jordan: Oh, I can't pick you up, I have to meet with, uh, Ms. Krysanowski again and tell her what I want to do about the summer.

Angela: What are you going to do?

Jordan: I don't know, I guess I will take one of the classes and then just take another one the following summer. That way I can work enough to make money, and still be able to see you.

Angela: That sounds good (kisses him on the lips gently), so I will see you in class then.

Jordan: Yeah, tell your parents thanks for dinner again.

Angela: Sure, bye.

Jordan: Bye.

He gets in the car and drives away, stealing one last look at Angela before he drives. Angela goes inside and finds her mom.

Angela: Mom, do you think you can give me a ride to school tomorrow?

Patty: Jordan isn't giving you a ride?

Angela: No, he has another meeting with Ms. Krysanowski. So can you?

Patty: I don't think so, I was supposed to go in early to meet with a cliet.

Angela: Ok, I will ask dad then.

Patty: He can't either, he has to receive an order at the restaurant. Can you just take the bus?

Angela: Yeah, I guess so. Well, I am going to go finish studying and then go to bed.

Angela slowly walks up the stairs.

AngelaVO: Facing people that you have been avoiding can be worse than the trouble you have been going through to make sure you and this person don't run into each other. Because the whole reason that you have been avoiding this person is because you don't really know what to say or how to act around them anymore. It would just be so much easier if our lives were like a vcr and we could tape over the parts that we wanted to get rid of.

Fade out to black...

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