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Chapter 45: It's been a week...

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The story so far

Chapter 45: It's been a week...

written by anonymous author

added on: 17 Apr 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(sorry it took me so long to write this, i was having a little case of writer's block...hope you enjoy...if anyone has any ideas that they would like me to consider, although i have tons i could keep writing forever, then just write to me at

Open up to Angela and Sharon in Sharons car singing along with the radio. The song "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochran is blasting, and the windows are open. They are on their way to the mall on Saturday morning (around 11am). Sharon turns the volume down a bit so she can talk to Angela.

Sharon: Oh, I love this song, it is the kind of song that you just have to listen to with the windows open.

Angela: Yeah, definitely. VO: Life is definitely like a highway, with yourself in the drivers seat, the trick is, is that you have to make sure no one is like, backseat driving.

Sharon: I am so nervous about tonight, promise me that if I start rambling on at all you will stop me.

Angela: Of course. Look, dont be nervous, Matt is a really nice guy, I think you guys will have a lot in common.

Sharon: Like what?

Angela: I dont know. You are both really dedicated to school, I guess.

Sharon: Oh, ok. So, what did you do last night?

Angela: Oh, well, my Uncle Neil and Marla came over and told us they are getting married, and Jordan came over, and then we all went out for dessert.

Sharon: Aww, that is so cute. Is he still really uncomfortable around your family?

Angela: Yeah, everyone except for my mom. It is so weird, after you dropped me off I heard them talking in the kitchen.

Sharon: Really? That is so cute.

Angela: I guess, he was,like, talking to her about our fight.

Sharon: Oh, well, he was probably just getting like, advice or something, you know, from someone who knows you really well.

Angela: Uh-huh. VO: Sometimes I wondered how well you could ever really know a person, because a lot of the time I feel like I dont even know myself.

Sharon: I wish Kyle would do something like that. Not that I want him back, I just would like to see him acknowledge that he didnt treat me right, and that he is a butthead.

Angela: Yeah, you deserve better. So, can I ask you something kinda private?

Sharon: Sure.

Angela: Ok, well, um, how long...I mean, what was the longest that you and Kyle ever went, without, you know, sex?

Sharon: Oh, well, if you dont count the time when I thought I was pregnant, or when we were broken up, I guess, like, three or four days. Why?

Angela: I dont know.

Sharon: Chase, come on, tell me whats going on in that head of yours. You know I will beat it out of you eventually.

Angela: Ok, look, its been a week since Jordan and I, you know, had sex.

Sharon: So, be thankful that thats not all that is on his mind.

Angela: I know, I mean, he has been really busy with school, and work, and Residue practice, but I guess I just, like, get worried or something, if I am like, you know, satisfying him.

Sharon: Angela, dont worry so much, its so easy with guys, it doesnt take much to satisfy them. So, just be happy, that he isnt like wanting to do it every time he sees you, because after a while, it becomes like, not enjoyable.

Angela: Yeah, I guess I am just, like, over-thinking the situation.

Sharon: Yeah, so whats going on for tonight, are you and Jordan picking me up and then meeting Matt at the restaurant, or are we all driving together?

Angela: Oh, actually, I told Jordan he didnt have to come, he has so much going on with the band. Rickie and Corey are coming, and we will pick you up and meet Matt at the restaurant.

Sharon: Oh, ok. Well, I dont want you to feel like a fifth wheel or anything.

Angela: Its ok. I havent really seen Rickie all that much lately, so I am glad he is coming.

Sharon: Yeah, I like Rickie and Corey.

Angela: Yeah, they are cute together. So, what did you do last night? (arrive at the mall, both get out of car)

Sharon: Oh, I hung out with Delia.

Angela: Oh. So, how is she?

Sharon: If youre wondering if she hates you she doesnt, she isnt the type to hate anyone, she did say that she doesnt ever want to hear Brians name ever spoken again. Anyways, I personally dont think that it would have lasted much longer, she already has her eyes set on someone new.

Angela: Really? Who?

Sharon: This guy that she works with at Big Guy Burger. Apparently they have been taking extra long to close the place up at night.

Angela (laughs): Well, thats good that she is moving on.

Sharon: Yeah, something that Brian really needs to do. Maybe I can try to set him up with someone else and, you know, get his mind off of you and Delia.

Angela: Thats probably a good idea, he seemed kinda upset last week when he told me Delia broke up with him.

Sharon: Oooohhh, that skirt is so cute, come on!

Angela and Sharon shop for a couple hours at the mall. Sharon buys a cute long floral skirt, lilac tank (that has a matching sweater), and a new lipstick. Angela just buys the CD Throwing Copper by Live, one of the songs on there she and Jordan had heard when they were making out in his car one night a couple weeks ago, and she just hasnt been able to get it out of her head. She was trying to save money to buy a used car, and so far things were looking good, if her parents let her borrow a little money she might be able to afford one by the end of the summer. They walk towards the food court area when Sharon stops dead in her tracks and turns around and pulls Angela with her and walks away fast.

Angela: Sharon, whats going on, I thought you were hungry?

Sharon: I am, but Kyle is there, like, eating.

Angela: So?

Sharon: Well, I havent seen him since that night, and I dont want to see him, he will just put me in a bad mood, and I dont want to be put in a bad mood today.

Angela: Oh, ok. Well, lets go someplace else then. Just forget about Kyle, he doesnt deserve you.

Sharon: Yeah (in a sad tone)

They leave the mall and go eat lunch. Sharon drops Angela off at her house. As Angela is walking towards the front door she sees Rayanne sitting on the porch. Angela walks towards her hesitantly not even looking at her.

Rayanne: Angela, hi. (like she didnt expect to see her) I hope its ok, your mom said I could just wait for you out here until you got home.

Angela: What do you want Rayanne?

Rayanne: Look, what you saw last night, it was nothing, ok.

Angela: I dont care.

Rayanne: Oh, ok. Well, do you think you could tell Jordan not to mention it to Tony?

Angela: I dont control Jordan, he can say whatever he wants, why should you care anyway, you guys broke up. (unlocks front door, walks in leaving door open)

Rayanne: Whats the matter, you sound pissed at me or something.

Angela: Oh, really, I wonder why.

Rayanne: What are you mad about what you saw last night, because you shouldnt be, it was just meaningless sex. I mean, he was there, and I was supposed to meet Tino and one thing led to another.

Angela: I dont care about that, your sex life is none of my business.

Rayanne: Well, then what is it?

Angela: If you have to ask me why I am mad then you dont know me at all. Wait, what am I thinking, you probably dont remember what you said because you were drunk. Well, let me refresh your memory: last Sunday at dinner with Matt, you drinking as usual, and blabbing your sexual conquest with Jordan and adding in what a lousy friend I am and how I always run away from my problems.

Rayanne: Angela, you know how I get when I drink, I dont even remember saying that.

Angela: Thats the problem, you dont even realize how much it hurt me, and how you act when you get drunk. You think that you are more fun when you drink, but youre not, at all. I cant take this anymore, I cant be friends with you if you keep drinking, it hurts me too much to see you like this and to say things you dont even realize your saying.

Rayanne (acts like Angela isnt serious): Ha-ha, look, Im sorry for whatever I said, ok, now lets hug and makeup and forget about it (goes to hug Angela).

Angela (pulls away): No! Im serious, I cant stand it when you drink, I dont want to sit on the sidelines and watch you keep crushing yourself to pieces.

Rayanne: So, what are you saying, that either I stop drinking or were not friends anymore?

Angela: I cant be friends with you if you keep treating yourself like this, but you need to do this for yourself, not for me or anyone else. YOU should want to do it.

Rayanne: Fine, whatever, I gotta go (walks out of the house pissed).

Angela goes up to her room and lies on the bed and cries.

Cut to Brian walking down the hall of the hospital. He is pushing a cart full of medical supplies, and is wearing khakis and a polo hospital shirt. He stops the cart in front of the nurses desk and starts unloading some of the supplies.

Brian: Hi, Michelle.

Michelle: Brian, how are you?

Brian: Fine, how are you?

Michelle: Oh, Im good. So, what are your plans for the weekend?

Brian: Oh, well, I was just going to go up to the lake and take some pictures of the sunset.

Michelle: Wow, that sounds really nice. I wish I had plans (hint, hint).

Brian: Oh, well, um, you could come with me, if you want.

Michelle: Id love to, thanks.

Brian: Ok, well, I will meet you back here when my shift is over.

Michelle: I cant wait!

Brian: Well, Ill see you later.

Michelle: Ok, bye.

Brian (walks away pushing the cart) VO: Oh my God, I have, like, a date, with Michelle! Oh, great Brian, good way to impress someone, wear the pants that has a huge ink stain on them. Can I ever go through any situation without making a fool of myself?

Cut to later in the day. Rickie and Corey are over at Angelas before they pick up Sharon. Angela is lying on her side on her bed with Rickie sitting next to her and Corey standing. She is already ready for tonight. She is wearing a silk halter dress that comes down to the middle of her calf. It looks kinda like a bib at the top, with the material coming up to her neck and then tying around her neck. Her upper back and shoulders are bare, and it has a deep pink floral print with an aqua background. She is wearing white sandals and has her hair up half way with a barrette.

Rickie: So, she just left?

Angela: Yeah. I mean, was I wrong, saying all that stuff?

Rickie: No, of course not, at least you were honest with her.

Corey: Angela, Rayanne may not realize it, but what you said showed how much you care about her, and dont want to see her hurt herself.

Rickie: Look, it is going to be hard, but she might have to hit bottom again before she realizes how much damage she is doing to herself. All we can do is be there for her when she needs our help. There is nothing more that we can do until then.

Angela: Yeah, I just wish this wasnt so hard.

Rickie: Look, lets forget about this for tonight and go out and have fun. I cant wait to see Sharons new outfit. That girl has some of the best fashion sense I have ever seen.

Angela: Yeah, what she bought is really cute. She is so nervous, maybe we should go and help calm her down.

Rickie: Ok, lets go.

They walk downstairs from Angelas room, and are stopped by Patty.

Patty: Oh, you guys are leaving already.

Angela: Yeah, we are going to go make sure Sharon isnt too nervous.

Patty: Ok, well, have fun, and tell Sharon I said hi.

Angela: Ok, bye mom.

Patty: Bye! Nice to see you again Corey, and oh, Rickie, dont be such a stranger, we have hardly seen you lately.

Rickie: Ok, thanks, bye.

They climb into Coreys VW Bug drive over to Sharons and find her running around her room doing her hair and makeup. After they finish helping her get ready they all drive to the small restaurant. It is quaint, with little twinkle lights adorning the ceiling, and has a smell of fresh herbs. It is an Italian restaurant, but has other food on the menu too. They walk over to the hostess and then Angela notices Matt sitting at a large table by himself. He waves them over.

Angela: Hi, sorry, I hope you werent waiting long.

Matt: No, I just got here.

Angela: Ok. Um, Matt, this is Sharon, Sharon this is Matt.

Matt (shakes her hand): Nice to meet you Sharon. Uh, here, why dont you sit next to me.

Sharon (winks at Angela as Matt pulls the chair out for her): Ok, thanks. Angela sits next to Sharon (facing the restaurant entrance), and then Rickie sits next to Angela with Corey next to him.

Angela: Oh, yeah, Matt, this is Rickie and Corey.

Matt: Hi. Angela, I thought Jordan was coming.

Angela: Oh, well, I told him he didnt have to, he uh, really needed to practice with his band.

Matt: Oh, thats too bad, I was hoping to meet him.

Angela: Yeah, maybe another time.

Matt: So, Sharon, Angela tells me that you are really involved with school.

Sharon: Oh, yeah. I like to keep myself busy, plus it looks really good for college.

Matt: Yeah, when I went to Liberty I was really involved too.

Sharon: You went to Liberty?

Matt: Yeah. I graduated two years ago, which is hard to believe, because it feels like I just left yesterday. I am pre-Law at Penn State now.

Sharon: Yeah, Angela told me. So, what kind of lawyer do you want to be?

Matt: Oh, Im not sure yet. I am trying to look at all areas of law, and then decide.

Sharon and Matt continue their conversation while Angela talks to Rickie and Corey. They all order and then once the food arrives they all talk to each other. As the meal is winding down they all discuss what they want to do next.

Matt: Well, how about we go see a movie?

Sharon: That sounds good. I have totally been wanting to go see that movie, Mad Love, with Drew Barrymore and Chris ODonnell.

Matt: Ok, I havent seen it yet.

Sharon: Great!

Rickie: Whats it about?

Sharon: Oh, um, its about these two teenagers who fall in love and run away or something.

Rickie: Oh, ok.

Sharon: Are you guys going to come?

Angela: Sure, if Rickie and Corey are coming.
Rickie: Yeah, we will come.

They get the bill and all contribute to it. Sharon starts to take out money to pay for herself.

Matt: Put your money away, this is a date, remember?

Sharon: Thanks.

They pay and walk out of the restaurant. Once outside they see Jordan getting out of his car. He is wearing a nice pair of jeans and a black shirt that is tucked in. He surprisingly looks somewhat clean-cut. Angela stops in her tracks and a smile brightens her face. Their eyes lock and Jordan walks over (in slow motion). Angela steps in front of the group and stands in front of him.

Angela (quietly): What are you doing here?

Jordan: I wanted to surprise you. I would have come sooner but I got stuck working late.

Angela: I cant believe you came here. (kisses him softly on the lips) Come on (takes Jordans hand and leads him back to the group).

Sharon: Hi Jordan.

Jordan: Hey.

Rickie: Are you going to come with us to the movie?

Jordan: Uh, sure, whatever Angela wants to do.

Sharon: Oh, that is so sweet.

Matt: Hey Jordan, Im Matt, I work with Angela.

Jordan: Hey man. (shakes his hand)

Angela: Oh, Im sorry I forgot to introduce you guys.

Matt: Its ok.

Jordan: So, where are we going?

Angela: To see the movie Mad Love.

Jordan: Oh, ok.

Matt: Uh, Sharon, do you want to drive with me?

Sharon: Sure.

They all drive to the theater and park the cars. They meet at the ticket window and see that they missed the 9:00 movie by 40 minutes.

Matt: Well, why dont we go to the 11:00?

Sharon: Ok, maybe we can just walk around town until then, since it is such a nice night.

Matt: Yeah, that sounds good.

Angela: Actually, I have to get up really early for work tomorrow. Do you guys mind if I just go home?

Sharon: Aww, Angela!

Rickie: Yeah, I have to be at the hospital at 9am.

Matt: Well, I can take you home Sharon, if you still want to go to the movie.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, I guess I will see you guys tomorrow or something.

Angela: Are you sure youre not mad?

Sharon (hugs her): Of course not! (whispers in her ear) Although I am sure Jordans car will mysteriously veer in the opposite direction of your house!

Angela: Sharon! Have fun you guys. Call me tomorrow.

Everyone hugs and says goodbye. Rickie and Corey walk towards Coreys car holding hands, while Angela and Jordan walk towards his car. They get in the car and sit for a minute as Jordan starts the car. He starts driving and turns the radio on, the song Hand in my Pocket by Alanis Morissette is playing. They drive silently as Jordan steers the car to their usual empty parking lot. By the contemplative look on Angelas face you can clearly see that she is debating whether or not to say something to Jordan.

Angela: How come we havent had sex in a week?

Jordan (stunned by her words): Whoa, where is this coming from?

Angela: Well, we havent done it since your birthday. So is it me? Do you suddenly find me undesirable or something? Did I do something wrong?

Jordan: No, not at all.

Angela: Then what is it?

Jordan (parking the car): We have both just been busy I guess.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: I just have been so frustrated with school and work, and putting stuff for the band together, I feel like I hardly have time for you. That doesnt mean that anything has changed. Sometimes I want you so much, it drives me so crazy I just cant stand to think about it.

Angela: Really?

Jordan: Yeah. I just dont want it to seem like thats all I want from you, cause its not.

Angela: I know. Im sorry, I just overreacted, I just felt like you didnt want me anymore or something.

Jordan: I want you right now if that helps.

Angela leans over and kisses him passionately on the lips. Jordan puts his hand on her waist and pulls her closer to him. They continue to kiss as the scene cuts to Sharon and Matt sitting in his car, a Ford Thunderbird, parked on Sharons driveway.

Matt: Im sorry we missed the movie, I guess we just lost track of time walking around town talking.

Sharon: Yeah, its ok, I had fun.

Matt: Me too. So, can I see you again?

Sharon: Of course.

Matt: Maybe next time we can catch that movie.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, thanks for dinner, and everything. Goodnight.

Matt: Goodnight. (leans in and gives her a soft kiss on the lips)

They pull apart and Sharon smiles as she gets out. Matt drives away as she walks to her door. Once she gets closer a figure comes out from the dark corner of the porch.

Sharon: Ahhh! Oh my God, Kyle, you scared me. What are you doing here?

Kyle: Well, I came over to apologize, over an hour ago, who the hell was that?

Sharon: Thats none of your business.

Kyle: I think I have a right to know who you have been seeing behind my back.

Sharon: I havent been seeing anyone behind your back, to do that we would actually have to be dating.

Kyle: So what are you saying that we broke up?

Sharon: Well, you running off like that last week and not calling me would qualify as breaking up.

Kyle: I made a mistake ok, I didnt know how to react so I just ran.

Sharon: Oh, real mature Kyle, just run away from someone you are supposed to love and then not even contact them for over a week.

Kyle: So, what, now your just going to start dating someone else?

Sharon: Im not dating anyone, Im just going out and meeting new people.

Kyle: Sharon, you cant do that, we have to be together.

Sharon: No, I need to move on, we cant keep breaking up and getting back together just because we are afraid to move on.

Kyle: I need you.

Sharon: You dont need me Kyle, you just need someone to be there whenever you want sex, and I cant be that girl anymore. (opens front door and walks in) Goodbye Kyle. (closes door and runs upstairs)

Kyle (bangs on door): Sharon!!!

Cut back to Angela and Jordan who have moved to the back seat. The song "No Rain" by Blind Melon is playing in the background. Angela is sitting with her legs sprawled across Jordans lap. He has his right arm holding her around, and the other is gently resting on her right leg. He slowly inches his way up the side of her leg to her outer thigh. He knows how much she doesnt want to have sex in the backseat of his car, so he stops when he reaches the bottom of her dress. He pulls his lips away from hers and slowly opens his eyes.

Jordan: Do you, uh, want to go to my house and sneak upstairs?

Angela: Here is ok.

Jordan: But, I thought that...

Angela quiets him by putting her finger to his lips. She gets up and sits in his lap facing him and begins to kiss him just as he starts talking.

Jordan: Look, you have no idea how many fantasies I have had about us having sex in my car, but I know how you feel about doing this here and...

Angela: Shhh... (quiets him again with her finger) why dont you just shut up and kiss me.

Jordan does as he is told and forcefully kisses Angela. He feels up the sides of her body over her silky dress. She holds his face in her hands and gives him a deep French kiss. Jordan lifts the bottom of her dress so she isnt sitting on it and slips his hands underneath and feels her soft warm skin. She kisses his bottom lip and sucks on it for a second before she kisses down his chin to his Adams apple. She pulls her lips away from his skin and looks at him with a wanting look. The radio station changes songs and "All I Want Is You" by U2 starts playing. Angela pulls his t-shirt from out of his jeans and pulls it over his head and throws it to the front seat where it lands on the steering wheel. Angela leans back as Jordan feels over her silky dress from her neck down to her stomach. He pulls her body back to him and kisses her shoulder passionately. She feels up the sides of his abdomen and he starts laughing.

Angela: What?

Jordan: Nothing, that tickles.

Angela: Oh, what, this (tickles him again then kisses him while they are both laughing)

Things heat up quickly as they continue to make-out.

Angela: I want you so much.

Jordan: I want to be inside you.

Her shoes fall to the floor of the car as she fumbles to get her underwear off. Jordan laughs as he watches her squirm around.

Jordan: Let me help.

He takes the side of her underwear in his hands and rips it down the seam and does the same to the other side and throws them onto the dashboard.

Angela (laughing): I cant believe you just did that.

Jordan: I know.

Angela leans in and kisses him as she unhooks his belt and unzips his jeans. She rests her knees on the car seat as Jordan lifts his butt up to pull his jeans and boxers down to his knees to reveal his dick sticking straight up. Angela takes it in her hand and glides his dick inside her gently but with an urging force.

Angela: Ah.

Jordan: Oh, that feels so good.

Angela moves her body up and down as Jordan holds her hips underneath her dress. She is balancing herself by holding onto Jordans shoulders. As their bodies continue to slowly move together Jordan unties the top of her dress. It falls to her waist revealing a pink strapless bra. He unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the floor of the car. He rubs his hands against her bare stomach and around to her lower back and pulls her closer to him so he can kiss her soft breasts. As he does this he starts to maneuver their bodies together and lifts them and lies Angela down across the back seat and stays inside her while he does this. Their bodies rock together simultaneously and the car starts to shake. Jordan leans closer to her and feels her neck and traces a finger down to her chest. He kisses her softly on the lips as Angela wraps her legs around him. He starts thrusting himself in her body faster.

Jordan: Oh, God, Im almost there. Am I hurting you?

Angela (starts to breathe heavier): No.

Jordan: Does it feel good?

Angela: Hold on, move more to the left.

Jordan: Try this

He moves his body slightly to the left and unwraps her legs from around his body and spreads them out, with her right leg resting over the front top of the front seat and her left resting on the top of the back seat (like a spread eagle).

Angela (moans): Oh, yeah, right there. Oh, God that feels so good.

Jordan: Good.

They meet in a long passionate kiss. Their breathing becomes heavier as they both get closer to the peak of their pleasure.

Jordan: Ah...Im c o m i n g !!!

His breathing slows down just as Angela squeezes his body tighter and closer to her as she has a small short climax.

Jordan: That was so good.

He holds the side of her face with his left hand and brushes hair off of her neck with his right. Angela has her hands on his back and wraps her legs around him again. They meet in a long soft kiss with Jordan still inside her as their bodies slowly relax. Jordan pulls his lips away and kisses her cheek down to her neck. Angela closes her eyes with a look of pleasured relaxation. The camera focuses on Angelas face as Jordan whispers in her ear:

I love making love to you.

Her eyes stay closed and a big smile brightens her face as the screen fades to black...

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