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Chapter 38: The weekend with Jordan

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The story so far

Chapter 38: The weekend with Jordan

written by anonymous author

added on: 21 Mar 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Angela and Jordan still sleeping. Jordan is lying on his side and Angelas body is spooned up against the back of his. She has her arm draped over his chest and he is holding her hand. Angela has on a tank top and underwear and Jordan has his boxers on. There is a soft knock on the door, and Angela slowly opens her eyes.

Sharon: Angela, its Sharon (quietly)

Angela carefully loosens Jordans hand from hers and quietly gets out of bed. She throws on a pair of Jordans boxers that were lying on the floor near the bed. She goes to the door and opens it.

Sharon: Morning, sorry to wake you, but Rayanne and I are going to the beach and wanted to see if you wanted to come now too.

Angela: Oh, uh, sure, let me just get ready, do you want me to meet you down there?

Sharon: No, we can wait for you.

Angela: Ok, just give me a couple minutes.

Angela closes the door and goes to find the bathing suit she brought with. She bought a new one-piece Speedo with the money her parents gave her for her birthday. She goes to the bathroom and rinses off her face with cold water to help her wake up. She changes into the bathing suit, and puts a pair of jean shorts and a tank top over it. She grabs a towel, suntan lotion, and her sandals. She finds a piece of paper and a pen to write Jordan a note.


Went to the beach with Sharon and Rayanne. When you wake up come meet me down there, maybe we can go for a walk or something.

Love, Angela
P.S. Last night was...indescribable

Angela leaves the note on the nightstand by where Jordan is sleeping. He was now lying on his stomach. Angela leans over and kisses his bare back softly. Jordan wakes up for a minute.

Jordan: Hey, where are you going?

Angela: To the beach...Shhh, go back to sleep.

Angela kisses him on the cheek and Jordan closes his eyes again. She walks out the door with a smile on her face.

Rayanne: Hey, what are you smiling about?

Angela: Oh, umm, nothing

Rayanne: Oh my God, did you guys, umm?

Angela: Rayanne, shut up!

Rayanne: Oh, come on, you guys have been going out for what, like, two months now? You totally have, I can tell!

Angela (blushing): I dont want to talk about it, ok?

Rayanne: Fine, whatever.

AngelaVO: There are some things that can only be shared with people that you truly trust, and who you feel comfortable talking to. Rayanne and I still are not the same since I forgave her, and I dont know if we will ever be. Its not like I dont trust her, its just that Im not sure I trust telling her about my relationship with Jordan, and the fact that we did have sex and more.

Rayanne slumps off ahead of Sharon and Angela.

Sharon: Come on, dont worry about her, she will get over it (puts her arm around Angela).

Angela: I mean, I just dont feel comfortable like, telling her, about Jordan and me. It would be a little weird.

Sharon: Yeah, I can see your point. I guess she just wants things to go back to the way they were.

Angela: Yeah, so do I...

The girls lay their towels out and all lay on their backs facing the bright east coast sunlight. Sharon is also wearing a one piece bathing suit, and Rayanne has on a bikini. After about 30 minutes they turn and lay on their stomachs. Rickie walks up to them. He is wearing jeans, and a t-shirt.

Rayanne: Hey Rickie, whats up? Did you come to join us girls sunbathing?

Rickie: Oh, umm, no. Actually, uh, Angela, can I talk to you?

Angela: Sure.

Angela pulls her jean shorts over her bathing suit. They walk away from where Sharon and Rayanne are lying.

Angela: Is everything ok?

Rickie: Oh, yeah, I just didnt want to sit and talk about this in front of anyone else.

Angela: Ok, what is it?

Rickie: So, like, how do you know if youre in love?

Angela: Oh my God, Rickie, are you in love with Corey?

Rickie: I dont know, thats why I am asking.

Angela: Oh, well, Im not so sure Im the best person to ask this to.

Rickie: Yes you are, I see how you and Jordan are, you like cant live without each other.

Angela: Well, you sort of just answered your own question. You cant live without each other, yet you still spend time apart and its ok. I mean, its like, the little things that make it so special. Like when Jordan takes my hand and holds it, just to let me know he is thinking about me, that means more to me than anything.

They continue walking farther along the beach while they are discussing this. Meanwhile, Jordan is just waking up from sleeping. He looks over at the nightstand and reads the note Angela wrote him. Just seeing her handwriting puts a smile on his face, and when he reads the last line he gazes over at the place where she was sleeping and closes his eyes for a minute to remember last night. He climbs out of bed with a huge smile on his face, and puts the note in his bag to keep. He splashes some water on his face to wake up and lets out a little laugh from how happy he is. He throws on a pair of jeans, a wife beater, and a short sleeved button down plaid shirt over it. He grabs the hotel room keys and heads down to the beach. He finds Rayanne and Sharon lying on their towels, but Angela is unseen.

Jordan: Uh, hey, where is Angela?

Rayanne (looks up): Oh, she went for a walk with Rickie, he had to talk to her about something.

Jordan: Oh, wheres Tony?

Rayanne: He is still sleeping I guess.

Sharon: You can wait here for Angela if you want.

Jordan (looking uncomfortable): Uh, ok, I guess.

He sits down on Angelas towel and stretches his legs out. He looks very out of place with that much clothing on, because everyone else on the beach is half naked, but Jordan doesnt like to show off his body like some other guys do.

Cut back to Angela and Rickie.They are sitting now under one of the boardwalks and talking still.

Rickie: So, I guess I would say that things are progressing between us, but at the rate a snail moves, but at least they are progressing.

Angela: I am so happy for you Rickie! Pretty soon you will know what it is like to be so in love with someone you feel like you could burst.

Rickie: Yeah, so, um, things are that good with you and Jordan, huh?

Angela: Yeah, Rickie, I just always knew there was this other side to him that no one knew about, and it is turning out to be more than I ever expected.

Rickie: Thats great, Im really happy for you. He still isnt like, pressuring you, is he?

Angela: No, he doesnt have to anymore (turns red).

Rickie: You didnt!?!

Angela: Yeah, I did.

Rickie: So, what was it like?

Angela: It was like I had dreamed it would be, it wasnt perfect or anything, but the way he was towards me was just how I imagined.

Rickie: Wow, you guys are really serious, huh?

Angela: Yeah, I guess we are. Look, I really dont want Rayanne to know, ok, it might be kinda weird, you know?

Rickie: Dont worry, I wont tell her.

Angela: Thanks Rickie, youre the best (kisses him on the cheek). Corey is a lucky guy to have you in his life.

Rickie: Thanks.

They get up and hug, and then walk back to where Sharon and Rayanne are. They hold hands and Angela is smiling her love struck smile. They get closer to where everyone else is and Angela sees Jordan sitting quietly on her towel, while Rayanne talks non-stop to him.

Rayanne: So, like, did Tony say anything to you about Tino?

Jordan: No, why?

Rayanne: Oh, well, cause I guess he saw Tino driving through town the other day, so I guess he is back or something.

Jordan: Oh.

Rayanne: Yeah, maybe he finally figured out that you like, have to finish high school to like, make it in the world.

Jordan: Yeah (he sees Angela walking with Rickie holding hands)
JordanVO: Rickie is like the only friend of Angelas other than Sharon that I would actually call a friend. Rayanne can be souh, superficial, I guess is the word.

Angela: Hi.

Jordan (stands up): Hey, I came down to see if you wanted to go get some breakfast or something.

Angela: Umm, sure, Im not really hungry though, but I will go with you.

Jordan: Ok, uh, do you guys want to come (you can tell Jordan is just asking them to be nice)?

Rayanne: No.

Sharon: Umm, sure, thanks, I was kinda getting hungry.

Rickie: No thanks, I already ate breakfast.

Sharon throws on her shorts and the three of them walk to a local restaurant. Jordan orders pancakes, Sharon orders some fruit, and Angela gets a glass of chocolate milk. Angela is sitting next to Sharon and Jordan is across from them in the booth.

Angela: So, where are Brian, Delia, Corey, Tony, and Kyle?

Sharon: Well, Brian and Delia are spending the day together walking around taking pictures. Corey was going to some art show in town. Tony and Kyle are still sleeping, I think.

Angela: Oh, is everything like, ok, with you guys?

Sharon: Umm, yeah, I just dont want to talk about it. Its kind of a personal thing, maybe I can tell you later. No offense or anything Jordan, but its kind of a girl thing.

Jordan: No problem.

Angela: Ok.

The food comes and as it turns out Angela started to get hungry. She mooches off of Jordans and Sharons plates, which was good, because there was tons of food. Jordan is nice enough to pay the bill, and they leave the restaurant. Jordan takes Angelas hand as they walk back to the beach. When they get there they find Corey, Kyle, and Tony have joined the group.

Angela: Hey Corey, I thought you were going to an art show or something?

Corey: Yeah, I walked over there, but it is such a beautiful day I decided to come here instead.

Angela looks at Rickie who has a big smile on his face. Rayanne is sitting in Tonys lap in between his legs. Sharon walks over to Kyle who greets her with a kiss. She takes off her shorts and lies down on her towel. Kyle sits next to her and tries to tickle her.

Sharon: Kyle! Stop! (laughs)

He tickles her again.

Sharon (sits up): Kyle, I mean it!

Kyle doesnt listen and grabs Sharon and picks her up in his arms and runs with her to the water. They jump in together, and play around in the water together. Sharon pushes him under the surface, and he grabs her and pulls her under with him. While this is going on Tony pulls Rayanne on his back and runs with her to the water as well. They swim together with her on Tonys back. Jordan comes and sits down next to Angela and rests his hand on top of hers. She lies down on the towel on her stomach. Jordan sits there silently for a few minutes and watches Angela. The sun is beating down on her, it is warm out, about 75, and her hair is shining.

A couple of hours go by, and they all decide to go back to the rooms and get ready for the concert. They bump into Brian and Delia on the way to their rooms.

Sharon: Hey, did you guys have fun?

Delia: Yeah, did you?

Sharon: Yeah (smiles at Kyle), we went to the beach and swam in the ocean, even though the water was a little cold.

Delia: Yeah, Brian took a lot of pictures for his collection. And I bought a couple souvenirs. Where is everyone going?

Angela: Oh, we are just going to get ready for the concert tonight.

Sharon: Plus, I am kinda tired, and wanted to take a nap first.

Delia: That sounds like a good idea.

They all go into their separate rooms. Delia and Brian go to the suite with Corey and Rickie.

Delia: Umm, Im going to go take a nap. Can you guys make sure the TV isnt too loud?

Corey: Sure.

Corey and Rickie sit watching TV. Brian sits with them for a couple of minutes until he notices that they are holding hands. He becomes uncomfortable (like he always does when he sees other people being affectionate towards each other in front of him) and decides to go lie down as well. He walks into the bedroom and it is pitch black. He crawls into bed and curls up next to Delia. She turns over to face him and kisses him passionately on the lips. He reciprocates her kiss and pulls her closer to him. She pulls away for a minute to talk to him.

Delia: I had fun today it felt like we were a couple or something.

Brian: Well, we are. Im sorry, I guess I just dont really know how to act like a couple in public.

Delia: Well, maybe I can teach you or something, kinda like how you were teaching me to take a picture today.

Brian: Ok.

They meet again in a long kiss. Things rapidly heat up and they take each others clothes off. A few minutes later Brian is on top of Delia and they are having sex, something they havent done since Prom night. This time Brian enjoys it more, and is less shocked by the new feelings he has. He tells Delia he loves her just as he finishes and she is left unsatisfied, but she acts like she enjoyed it anyway, because it is with Brian.

Cut to Angela and Jordan. They are lying in bed watching TV, Angela resting her head on his shoulder. There are about 4 hours until the concert, which starts at 7:30, but they have to get there early to see if they can buy more tickets. They all already decided that Sharon and Rickie would take the other two tickets, because they both loved the Pumpkins more than anyone else. Angela falls asleep next to Jordan for about an hour. When she wakes up she decides to take a bath in the garden tub. Jordan has fallen asleep and doesnt want to wake him. She closes the bathroom door and starts the running water and climbs in. She lays back and gets her whole body wet under the water. She rests her head down and stares at the wallpaper. It is adorned with purple flowers and green vines.

Angela sits up and hugs her knees to her chest. She rests the side of her face against the top of her knees and closes her eyes.

AngelaVO: I cant believe I am here, like on a trip, with Jordan. We are finally doing things that real couples do. Things seem so perfect right now so why is it that when I am finally happy I start to get nervous like something is going to happen to ruin it?

After about a half hour Angela gets out of the tub and dries off. She wraps the towel around her body and opens the bathroom door. She sees that Jordan is still sleeping. He is lying on his back with one arm behind his head and the other resting on his stomach. Angela goes to her bag and gets out clothes to wear to the concert tonight. They have to leave at 6, and it is a little after 5 right now. Angela goes back in the bathroom and combs through her dripping wet hair. Just as she is about to take her towel off Jordan walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck.

Jordan: Hi.

Angela: Hi.

Jordan: How come you didnt wake me up to take a shower with you?

Angela: Oh, well you were sleeping so cute. Plus, I kinda wanted to just take a bath, by myself.

Jordan: Oh, ok.

Angela: Maybe next time, ok?

Jordan: Ok. So, Rayanne told me that Tino is back in town again.

Angela: Oh. VO: Hearing that Rayanne was talking to Jordan still makes my stomach twist in a small knot. I know that they dont even like talking to each other, but it is still weird.

Jordan: Yeah, I hope he doesnt like, expect things to go back to the way they were. I mean, he cant just like rejoin Frozen Embryos, cause were not even them anymore. Plus we are doing better without him.

Angela: Yeah, so what are you going to do if he does want to?

Jordan: I dont know. He is my friend, I guess if you can call him that, but things are different now.

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: So I think Brian might be able to get us a gig.

Angela: You talked to Brian?

Jordan: Yeah. I mean, whatever happened is in the past or whatever. He might be able to get us to play at the July 4th concert in the park, you know that one?

Angela: Yeah, I sort of go with my family every year.

Jordan: Yeah. It wouldnt pay much, but it would get our name out there.

Angela: Thats great. (smiles at Jordan and kisses him on the lips)

Jordan takes a shower while Angela dries her hair. They get dressed and leave to go meet everyone. Angela is wearing a pair of jean shorts and a black halter top, Jordan is wearing jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. They all walk to the stadium where the concert is at. They find a guy selling tickets for face value. He has 2 tickets. Brian and Delia decide to buy them, even though they are really bad seats. They find another couple that is selling their tickets because the people they were supposed to go with backed out. They have 4 tickets, and they arent bad seats either. Corey, Rayanne, Tony and Kyle buy them. They all go into the stadium and get food to eat. They find their seats and wait for the concert to start. The seats that Jordan got are next to the stage. After the opening acts, the Smashing Pumpkins finally take stage. Angela jumps up on her chair and starts cheering with the audience. Sharon and Angela dance on their chairs and sing together. Jordan and Rickie stand on the ground in front of the girls and sing along with the crowd. They sing a couple new songs off of their upcoming CD Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. The first song that they sing is titled 1979. The second is Tonight, Tonight, which the radio has been playing. During this song Angela pulls Jordan up onto the chair next to her and he wraps his arms around her as she dances to the music. Towards the end of the song Angela turns around and gives Jordan a passionate kiss. She buries her face in his as they continue to kiss as the Pumpkins walk off stage. They break away from each other and each have a smile on their face.

Angela (whispers in Jordans ear): Thank you for this.

Jordan gives her a soft kiss on the lips as the Pumpkins walk back onstage for the encore and sing the song Today. They walk back to find the rest of the group at the meeting spot, and all walk back to the hotel together. They discuss the concert and how much everyone loved it. They get back to the hotel and all hang out in the suite for a little while. Tony goes out and buys beer with his fake ID. Everyone drinks but Angela, but Jordan only has two beers. After a couple of hours they all go back to their rooms and go to bed.

The next morning Angela wakes up at 10. They all decided they wanted to be on the road around 11. Jordan is still sound asleep on his back. Angela moves closer to him and kisses his bare chest softly. She works her way up to his neck just as he is waking up.

Angela: Good morning...

Jordan: Morning, what time is it?

Angela: Uh, a little after 10. I thought I should wake you if we want to leave soon.

Jordan: Thanks.

They get up and shower separately. Jordan is sleepy still and not much of a morning person. They get dressed and meet everyone in the parking lot. They get some coffee and muffins and hit the road. The drive home is quiet and uneventful. Jordan drops off Rickie and Corey at Mr. Katimskys, and then drives Angela home.

Angela: Do you want to come inside?

Jordan: No, I better get home my dad is probably there waiting for me.

Angela: Ok. Well, I had a great time.

Jordan: Good. I did too.

Angela: So, Ill talk to you later?

Jordan: Yeah, Ill call you later or tomorrow.

Angela: Ok. I love you and thanks again, for the whole weekend and everything.

Jordan: Anytime. I love you too...

Angela gets out of the car and walks in the house. She is immediately greeted by her parents wanting to know if she had a good time, and what they all did. She tells them about the Boardwalk, and the beach, and the concert. She goes up to her room and unpacks her bag before dinner.

Fade out to black...

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