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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: Real Dates

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Chapter 13: Real Dates

written by Amanda

added on: 22 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Open up to Rayanne, Rickie, DAnielle and Angela in her room helping Rayanne decide what to wear, it's around 3pm.

Rayanne: So I can wear these tight jeans with this top, or I can wear these leggings with this mini skirt and this top, what do you guys think?

Angela: I like the jeans, cause it looks like your not trying that hard or something.

Rickie: Yeah, the jeans.

DanielleVO: I hope that when I like get older, I have a bod like Rayanne, and not like Angela.

Rayanne: Ok, well I am going to go take a shower, is that ok?

Angela: Sure, then I will take one when you are done.

Rickie: Ok, well Danielle and I will go downstairs and watch TV for a while.

Angela: Ok, I will come to until I get into the shower.

Rayanne goes off to the bathroom. From downstairs you can hear her singing.

(Phone rings)

Danielle: I'll get it!!

Danielle: Hello?....Hi...Ok, let me ask...Angela, can I go and sleep at Courtney's tonight?

Angela: Can her mom pick you up and drop you off?

DAnielle: Yeah, she said that she would pick me up at 4 and drop me home tomorrow at 2.

Angela: Ok, sure. (turns to Rickie) Now I don't have to bed you to look after her while I go on my date with Jordan.

Rickie: Well I would have for you, but I am glad too. So, will you be ok sleeping here by yourself tonight, unless, you know, you wont be alone?

Angela: I will be fine, but thanks for worrying about me (gets up and gives Rickie a hug and a kiss on the cheek)

Rickie: Well, I think I am going to go, I will see you Monday, thanks for letting me stay over.

Angela: Sure, anytime, bye

Rickie grabs his bag and walks out of the house.

Danielle: I am going to go pack my bag.

Angela goes upstairs to her room and lays on her bed staring at the ceiling.

AngelaVO: I know I am ready, but I am still scared. What if I go through with it and then things aren't the same between us? I don't want it to become this thing that we like do all the time. I want it to mean as much to him as it does to me, cause there is only one first time, and I am like choosing for it to be with him....

Rayanne walks in wearing a towel.

Rayanne: Whatcha doin Angelika?

Angela: Just thinking...I'm going to go shower now.

Rayanne: Ok, I am going to get ready, and then go home.

Danielle: Courtney's mom is here, I will see you tomorrow.

Angela: Ok, bye

Danielle: bye

Danielle leaves and Angela gets in the shower. Part of this scene we see Angela standing in the shower and the other part we see Rayanne getting ready. Angela gets out of the shower and stands in front of the mirror staring at her body.

AngelaVO: I wonder if he is like going to be disappointed by like the way I look, like without clothes on.

Rayanne knocks on the door.

Rayanne: Angelika, I'm leaving now!

Angela opens the door.

Angela: Ok (kisses her on the cheek), call me tomorrow and tell me how your date went.

Rayanne: Well if all goes according to plan, it should be a very good date (making her seductive look), you have fun too! Bye

Angela: Bye

Angela goes into her room and turns on the radio. She flips stations until she finds a song that she likes. The song "Addicted to Love" comes on and she turns up the volume really loud. She starts dancing around the room and singing while still in her towel. Unknowingly Jordan is at the front door knocking, but Angela doesnt hear it. He turns the knob and surprisingly the door is unlocked.

Jordan: Angela? (he hears the music blasting from upstairs and starts to walk up)

As he peers in Angela's doorway he sees her singing and dancing around the room in her towel. He smiles and half-laughs so she doesn't hear him. She continues to dance and Jordan walks in and comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her, then takes her hand and spins her around.

Angela(screams): Oh my god, you scared me!

Jordan: I'm sorry, but you looked so sexy dancing like that, I couldnt resist.

Angela: I thought you werent coming until later.

Jordan: Well I wanted to surprise you, I thought I would take you out to eat.

Angela: REally? Ok, well why dont you go wait downstairs while I get ready.

Jordan(goes to sit on the bed): Actually I would rather sit here and wait...if you dont mind.

Angela: Um, ok, i guess...

She goes to her dresser and gets out a bra and underwear. Then she goes to the closet and picks out a top, then stops.

Angela: Um, where are we going for dinner, I mean, what should I wear?

Jordan: CAn I pick something out for you?

Angela: ok

He walks over to her closet and picks out a skirt to match the top she is holding.

Jordan: I like this.

Angela: Ok, but go close your eyes, I have to change.

Jordan: ok (walks over to the bed and covers his eyes, and peeks a little as she changes with her back towards him, he catches a glimps of her bare back and smiles)

After a couple of minutes she goes to put on a little makeup and dries her hair.

Angela: Ok, ready (as she turns towards Jordan, who is sitting on the floor looking at her CD collection).

Jordan: You look....beautiful (gazing at her)

Angela: Thanks (goes over to kiss him), lets go, I'm starving.

Jordan: Ok (takes her hand and walks out of the house with her)

Fade out as we watch the drive away....

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