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Episode 19 - In Dreams Begin Responsibilities


Transcribed by: Doe B. Kim <>

v.1.0 (last revision 3/6/95)

Angela = Angela Chase
AngelaVO= Angela Chase voiceover
Rayanne = Rayanne Graff
Sharon = Sharon Cherski
Patty = Patty Chase
Rickie = Rickie Vasquez
Graham = Graham Chase
Danielle= Danielle Chase
Brian = Brian Krakow
Jordan = Jordan Catalano
Delia = Delia Fisher
Katimsky= Richard Katimsky, English teacher
Studiers= Everyone in study hall, except Jordan and Brian
TixDude = Dude selling tix for _Our Town_
BusDude = Dude on bus
Hallie = Hallie Lowenthal
Money1 = Mr. Moneybag #1
SigOth1 = Significant Other #1
Money2 = Mr. Moneybag #2

[Angela in bed]
AngelaVO: In the dream I keep having about Jordan Catalano, I'm trying to
catch up with him. But it's hard, because there's something
wrong with the floor. Sometimes my father is there. Sometimes
my great-aunt Gertrude's funeral kinda gets mixed in with it. The
end of the dream is always the same -- I catch up with him. I
yell and scream, how he hurt and betrayed me. How I can never
forgive him. He just stands there, like someone caught in a
storm who stopped caring how what he gets. Then I wake up. The
storm of words still pounds through my body. Hatred can become,
like, food. It gives you this energy. You can, like, live off

[in the kitchen]
Graham : [on the phone] Hallie, I can't discuss this on the phone.
Danielle: My bagel burned.
Patty : Oh, that just reminded me of my entire dream.
[Danielle sticks her fork in the toaster]
Graham : Hey, hey, you unplug that first, I told you- [to Hallie] All right,
okay, I'll meet you at the space at noon. All right. [to Patty]
The money guys are starting to waffle. Cold feet.
Patty : Really.
Graham : Yeah. Well, I say, good riddance. If they can't stand the heat,
get out of the restaurant.
Angela : Yeah, go Dad!
Patty : Listen everyone, you wanna hear what I dreamed?
Graham : Uh.
Angela : Maybe later.
Danielle: No thanks. Dad, something is really wrong with that toaster.

Angela : Where's my other mitten?
Graham : I know, I know, I know. Here, finish my bagel.
Danielle: That's okay, I'm not hungry.
Patty : I dreamed about Tony Poole.

[in the yearbook room?]
Sharon : Seriously, you had a dream about Rickie Vasquez?
Delia : Well, it wasn't, you know, that type of dream. We were just
dancing. In this big vegetable garden. I was wearing this dress
I saw on "The Nanny". So, how much do you, like, know about him?
Sharon : Rickie Vasquez. Nothing.
Delia : But, he's best friends with Rayanne Graff, and you're, like,
friends with her, aren't you?
Sharon : I'm not friends with Rayanne Graff. I'm not!

[in the space]
Graham : I can't believe this.
Hallie : Okay, just...
Graham : I can't believe you didn't tell me this, immediately!
Hallie : I'm telling you now. Hey, it's a bump in the road.
Graham : Excuse me, it's a little more than a bump in the road, if our
potential investors want me out of the picture.
[enter Patty]
Hallie : They're insecure, okay? It's normal.
Graham : Yeah, well, you should have mentioned it three days ago, when it
first came up! Wh- [to Patty] Hello.
Hallie : Hi.
Patty : Hi. I brought lunch.
Graham : That's great. Good. Let me go out for a while and get some air.
[Graham leaves]
Hallie : He's completely right. I should have told him the second I knew.
I mean, it's unorthodox, you know? He's never actually worked as a
Patty : True.
Hallie : But all he has to do, is cook for 'em. That's all. They'll be
eating out of his hand. Well, better get back to the office, before
they fire me.
Patty : You know, um, it occurred to me this morning, um, an old friend of
mine from high school ended up in the restaurant business.
Hallie : Oh yeah?
Patty : Well, an old boyfriend actually. I'm pretty sure that he ended up
running a bar and grill. Anyway, I'd be happy to contact him.
Hallie : Why?
Patty : Just, uh, I don't know, um, maybe it would help to talk to somebody
who's been through it.
Hallie : Oh, uh, well, yeah, sure. I'll talk to anybody.
Graham : All right, here's the deal. Tasting is believing, my cooking speaks
for itself. All right, I have to do what I do best, which is cook.
So, I will cook for these money guys and that will be that. Right?
Hallie : Right.
Patty : Right.
Graham : Right.

[in Katimsky's]
Katimsky: Okay, now once again, each of the vocabulary words, preferably
spelled correctly [corrects a misspelled word on the board], must
be used in a sentence. Now, anyone who would like to read more
about Grecian urns for extra credit should speak to me right now.
[bell rings, Jordan and Sharon both approach Angela]
AngelaVO: It's so weird when you see someone you just dreamed about. Like
it's gonna show.
Sharon : I'd better go do that extra credit thing.
Jordan : Can't believe we have to use all those words in a sentence. I mean,
not all in the same sentence, but, um, still. So, I'm still doing
that tutoring thing. You know? Yeah. [Angela's not paying any
attention to him (or so it seems) -- she's diligently copying down
all the vocabulary words] So guess what? There's, like, a term for
me. I'm a rudimentary reader with low literacy skills. That kid,
Brain, figured it out from this manual?
[Brian approaches Sharon]
Brian : So, how's everything? How's Delia Fisher?
Sharon : Krakow, stop asking me how she is. You treated her like crap and
she is way over you. She likes someone else now.
Brian : Oh yeah, who?
Sharon : That guy Angela hangs out with, Rickie Vasquez?
Brian : What?
[back to Jordan and Angela]
Jordan : Uh, what else? Uh. Oh, my band got back together. We got a
new name. We're, uh, we're Residue now. So, I've been, you know,
writing songs.
Angela : Why are you telling me all this?
Jordan : I don't know. I mean, you're the one who signed me up for
tutoring, in the first place so-
[Sharon comes back -- shoots Jordan a look]
Jordan : Forget it. [Jordan leaves]
Sharon : He had the nerve to, like, talk to you? I don't believe him.
Angela : [sigh]
Sharon : Oh, Chase Face, you're, like, shaking.
Angela : Um, I had that dream again last night where I'm, like, screaming at
Sharon : Oh, I just remembered what I dreamed!
Katimsky: Angela Chase, can I put you down to sell thirty tickets for
_Our Town_?
Angela : Uh, I-
Katimsky: Oh gee whiz, Angela. This is thirty measly tickets!
Angela : Okay. Yes.
Katimsky: Huh huh HA huh huh. Great.
Angela : God, he just wears you down.
Sharon : Last night, I dreamed that Rayanne Graff and I were appearing in
this water ballet together, for, like, charity.

[in study hall]
Brian : Okay, um, here's how we do it. You tell me a story, a true story,
that happened, like, to you. And um, I take certain, like, key
words from the story and make flashcards.
Jordan : I blew it.
Brian : Wait, is this, like, the story or is this just-
Jordan : Forget the story. I can't think about some crappy story. My life
sucks too much.
Brian : Yeah, how come?
Jordan : 'Cause, she hates me. And, I deserve it. You know who I mean,
Brian : Yeah.
Jordan : Today, after Katimsky's, I tried to explain to her that I was, you
know, sorry, or whatever.
Brian : So, what happened?
Jordan : Nothing. Uh, I didn't know what to say.
Brian : Say you're sorry.
Jordan : [no response]
Brian : Wait, you can go up to any girl and get her phone number, yet
you're afraid to tell Angela Chase you're sorry?
Jordan : So?
Brian : Nothing. It's just ironic.
Jordan : Well, so what? [pause] What's "ironic"?
Brian : Um, when you realize the, like, component of weirdness in a
Jordan : Help me, Brain. Help me figure out something good to say to
Brian : No, uh-uh. No. Look, you did an undefendable thing, okay? No one
can change that. I mean, you have to live with it. It's like you
created your own prison, and now you have to exist in it.
Jordan : That's perfect. Give me some more stuff like that.
Brian : No. No, absolutely not. It's not-
Studiers: Shhhh!
Brian : The Phonics manual does not cover that type of situation.
Jordan : The Phonics manual?
Brian : I cannot be involved. Whatever you say or don't say to Angela Chase
is completely between you and her.
Jordan : Okay. Relax. I'll figure it out myself.
Brian : Fine. That's actually fine. I mean-
Jordan : Good.
Brian : You figure out what you want to say to her, and I'll do some
Calculus, and we'll just work independently.
Jordan : Deal.
Brian : [long pause] What have you got so far?

[in the hall]
Rayanne : You think I'm unhappy, me?
Rickie : Well, in my humble opinion, yes.
Rayanne : Don't say, "in my humble opinion". That's Angela talk. That's how
Angela Chase talks. What, are you trying to depress me? For your
information, I happen to be a very happy, up person. [Brian walks
up to them] What are you looking at?
Brian : Nothing.
[Rayanne leaves]
Rickie : Ignore her. She's just a naturally happy, up person. Oh, by the
way, I put you down to sell _Our Town_ tickets.
Brian : No, don't put me down, take me off. I have, like, no free time as
it is.
Rickie : All right.
[Delia approaches]
Delia : Rickie? Hi.
Brian : Hi.
Delia : [gives Brian a dirty look] You're working on _Our Town_, right?
Brian : Oh, yeah. He's the stage manager. I mean, not the part of the
stage manager, but the actual-
Delia : Well, you know, I would really like to get involved. With the play,
I mean.
Rickie : Oh, okay. Well, we need more people to sell tickets.
Delia : Great, sign me up.
Brian : Me too. [laughs]
Rickie : [laughs mockingly] Okay, well um, I'll let you guys know where you
can pick them up and everything.
Delia : Good. Bye.
Brian : Bye. [Rickie smacks him on the chest] Ow, what? Stop it.
Rickie : Oh, you know what.
Brian : So, Sharon Cherski told me that Delia...has it for you.
Rickie : Has it for me?
Brian : What, that's, like, an expression people say, right?
Rickie : Uh-
Brian : Right?
Rickie : Yeah.

[chez Chase]
Patty : [on the phone] Tony! I did not!
[Angela and Danielle are eavesdropping]
Angela : Tony?
Patty : Camille Cherski gave me your number.
Angela : You know who Tony is?
Danielle: I don't know.
Patty : Okay, she got it from Howard Pickett at the last reunion. [giggles]
Because, I already told you. I need your advice. [giggles] Okay,
me too. I'll see you Friday.
[Angela and Danielle bust through the kitchen door]
Patty : [GASP] Oh, God! Don't sneak up on me like that.
Angela : Uh, Mom-
Danielle: Mom, who's Tony?
Angela : Mom-
Danielle: Mom, why are you blushing?
Angela : Mom, do you realize that your voice just sounded, like, completely
Patty : Really?

[in the living room]
Angela : Oh my God, Mom, he's cute.
Patty : I told you so.
Angela : Yeah, but I can't trust your judgement on cuteness. [looking at
more pictures] Mom, you went hitch-hiking?
Patty : No, no, that is a totally fake picture. That never happened. And
if either of you girls ever attempt such a thing-
Danielle: Mom, you really haven't seen him since high school?
Patty : Oh, Lord, I haven't even thought about him in years. [pause] I had
a dream about him last night. [dream sequence begins] I dreamed I
was taking out the garbage. And suddenly, I realize, there's
someone there. And it's Princess Diana.
Angela : Oh, not another Princess Diana dream.
Danielle: Why, does Mom dream about her a lot, or something?
Patty : Not that often. Anyway. Anyway, she's all upset, about the divorce
and everything, and she keeps repeating, "Princesses just don't get
divorced." And I say, "I know, I know." And then I see him. Tony.
And I think, "Wow. He looks just the same." And...[Patty and Tony
kiss]...that's all I remember.
Danielle: So, do you love him more than you love Dad?
Angela : Danielle!
Patty : No, honey, that's okay.
Angela : No, it's a ridiculous question.
Danielle: Well, that kind of thing gives me nightmares.
Patty : What kind of thing?
Danielle: That you and Daddy could get divorced.
Angela : Danielle, she's gonna see him for one hour, to talk about
Patty : Angela.
Angela : Well, I mean, a person can have feelings for someone, even if
they're not, like, THE person any more.
Patty : Sweetie, Tony Poole is someone that I knew long, long ago.
Angela : Long, long ago. Like a fairy tale.
Patty : That's right. But he's not who I chose to make my life with. I
chose your dad.
Angela : But did you, like, love him?
Patty : I'm not sure. With Tony, it was, it was crazy. We really did some
pretty crazy and wild things back then. [Angela smirks] I did!
What can I say? But, uh, it's always tempting to lose yourself with
someone, who's maybe lost themselves. But eventually, you want
Danielle: That makes sense.
[enter Graham]
Graham : I'm home! [Angela smirks again]

[in Patty's bathroom]
Patty : So, I called Tony Poole this evening.
Graham : Really?
Patty : Boy, was he shocked.
Graham : Yeah, well, I bet.
Patty : Oh, it was no big deal, believe me. His wife answered the phone.
Anyway, it turns out that he was in the restaurant business for,
like, twelve years.
Graham : Oh, where is he now, prison?
Patty : He has a Jeep dealership in Harrisburg. So, um, I invited him to
stop by on Friday night. Just in case he has some pearls of wisdom
to dispense. Unless, I mean, is that okay?
Graham : Of course it's okay. It's probably a good idea to get other
peoples' experiences who've been there.
Patty : Yeah, exactly.
Graham : I won't be here, though. I'm, uh, cooking for the investors on
Friday night.
Patty : Oh.

[in the girls' bathroom]
Angela : She dreamed about Rickie, my Rickie?
Sharon : So what do ya think? I mean, does he ever, [toilet flush] you know,
with girls? 'Cause she is [another flush] a real sweetie.
[proceed to hall]
Angela : But I thought she, like, craved Brian Krakow. [sees Rayanne]
Sharon : Come on. We'll be late for homeroom.

[elsewhere in the hall]
Jordan : Okay, let me see. That, that thing about the prison.
Brian : Just beg her forgiveness. I mean, tell her you're scum, that you're
lower than scum. That you're not fit to lick her shoes. [pause]
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get insulting. I just-
Jordan : Wh-, what about that other said your parents always
Brian : My parents are psychiatrists, okay? You can't go by them.
Jordan : A...what kind of wish?
Brian : Unconscious wish. To punish you. I mean her.
Jordan : Got it.
[Sharon and Angela on their way to homeroom]
Sharon : Angela, come on!
Jordan : Angela?
Angela : I'm gonna be late for homeroom. [pause] What?
Jordan : I did an undefendable thing.
[Sharon gives exasperated look, then leaves]
Jordan : I created my own prison.
[a classroom door opens, Brian grabs it and hides behind it]
Jordan : And I have to exist in it. Maybe I had a...wish, or whatever.
To punish you. An unconscious wish. You've heard of them, right?
Angela : Yeah, I think so. [pause] I can't believe, what you just said was
really amazing.
[Brian groans behind the door]
Jordan : I know.
Angela : Okay.
Jordan : Okay, what?
Angela : Okay, now we can have a serious talk.
Jordan : We just did.
Angela : Oh, come on, you can't hit a person with something that profound and
expect that to be the end of the discussion.
Jordan : You can't? Oh, uh, I forgot. I, uh, I'm late for homeroom. [he
walks down the hall, Angela's stunned but she walks away, too]
[Brian shuts the door and stumbles down the hall]

"Don't go away, ABC's My So-Called Life isn't over yet." -Claire Danes

[in the study hall, Jordan's flashcard words -- guitar, harmonica,
convertible, rhythm]
Jordan : I was so close yesterday, but it wasn't enough. She's, like,
starved or something. It's gotta be written down so I can't screw
it up.
Brian : Well, so write her a letter.
Jordan : [no response -- just a look]
Brian : No. No, I am not writing a letter to Angela Chase for you. I

[in the hall]
Angela : Oh, Rickie, it was like a dream. I mean, you would not believe the
brilliantly insightful words that came out of his mouth.
Rickie : Go ahead, I'm listening. [he's putting up the posters]
Angela : And then, you know, just, just as I'm realizing that there's hope,
that we could actually communicate, he runs away. I, I mean, I
have never been so completely and totally-
[Rayanne approacheth]
Rayanne : Oh, are those the posters?
Rickie : Uh, yeah!
Rayanne : Can I take one home, to show Amber?
Rickie : Sure.
Rayanne : Amber's, like, totally jazzed. It turns out, it's, like, her big
dream to have a daughter in the school play.
Angela : Oh, really? [pause] I'd better go. [she leaves]
[Rayanne, after exchanging shruggy glances with Rickie, leaves and slams into
Rayanne : Get outta my way!
Brian : Why does she dislike me? What have I ever done to her?
So, what's new? I mean, is anything, like, new with anybody we
both, like, know, or anything?
Rickie : Well, if you must know, she's in shock. Once again, something
Jordan Catalano did has left her completely and totally mystified.
Brian : It was me. I mean, I told Jordan what to say.
Rickie : What?
Brian : I can't, like, defend it. It's undefendable.
Rickie : Brian, I don't believe this. You're using Jordan Catalano.
Brian : What? He's using me.
Rickie : Yeah, but you're using him, too. To, like, express your true
feelings towards Angela. [pause] Or whatever.
Brian : Oh my God, you're right.
[enter Delia and Sharon]
Delia : Careful. Someone could step on 'em. [she's holding the posters
which Angela dropped to the floor when she left]
Rickie : Thanks.
Sharon : Delia, come on.
Delia : So, don't forget. Put me down to sell tickets.
[Sharon and Delia depart]
Brian : Boy, she really likes you.
Rickie : I can't even believe it. I mean, it's such, like, an unfamiliar
experience. I mean, do you realize, how much easier my life would
be...if I could just like her back? I mean, Brian, this could be
my chance. To be straight.

[in the space, they're eating lunch]
Graham : Okay, so, so, are we agreed on the rack of lamb, with green
peppercorn sauce?
Hallie : Oh, oh.
Graham : Yeah, come on. Come on, it's compatible with the sautee de fois
gras. We know we want the creme brulee.
Hallie : Okay, fine. Lamb. Listen, um, I spoke with Alexander. He's gonna
come up with some, uh, visual aids, you know, to give 'em something
to picture.
Graham : Great.
Hallie : So it's the Monsieurs Moneybags, plus their significant others,
plus, oooh! Is Patty coming?
Graham : No, no. That's just as well, I, uh, makes me less nervous.
Actually, she's having that guy, Tony, over to the house that
night. You know, the old boyfriend from high school. Uh, she's
gonna grill him about the restaurant business.
Hallie : [laughs]
Graham : I think she's kinda curious. You know, he, uh, meant a lot to her
at a certain time in her life. I mean, it's okay, I can handle it.
Hallie : Clearly.
Graham : No, well, I mean, let's say they, they even, you know, flirt a
little, or whatever. I mean, that doesn't mean that-
Hallie : Mean, yeah, I know-
Graham : You know, you know a person can enjoy the enjoyment of flirting
Hallie : Exactly. Without any intention of-
Graham : necessarily-
Hallie : You know, mean anything.
Graham : Well, everything means something, you know, but-
Hallie : Right, exactly. [pause] Of course, there's no law that says you
can't act jealous.
Graham : What? No, no. We don't play games like that.
Hallie : I don't call that a game.
Graham : What do you call it?
Hallie : Considerate.
[both kinda grunt at each other with their mouths full]

[the letter scene]
Dear Angela,

I know in the past I've caused you pain, and I'm sorry. And I'll
always be sorry, 'til the day I die. And I hate this pen I'm holding,
because I should be holding you. I hate this paper under my hand, because
it isn't you. I even hate this letter, because it's not the whole truth.
Because the whole truth much more than a letter can even say. If you
wanna hate me, go ahead. If you wanna burn this letter, do it. You could
burn the whole world down. You could tell me to go to hell -- I'd go, if you
wanted me to. And I'd send you a letter from there.

Jordan Catalano

[on the bus]
Brian : Hey.
Angela : Oh hi.
Brian : What are you reading?
Angela : Have you ever just, like, completely given up on someone, and then
something happens, and you go, "Oh my God. There's so much more to
this person than I ever dreamed!"
BusDude : [shoves Brian] Hey, keep it movin'.
[off the bus]
Brian : So, you got this letter from Jordan Catalano.
Angela : It's not just this letter. It's, like, the most incredible letter
I've ever gotten. Ever. Boy, you must have really worked hard.
[you don't know the half of it, sister] I mean, tutoring him. I
mean, I really, I should thank you. It's obviously made a real
Brian : So, what was your favorite part, I mean, when you were reading it,
was there, like, a certain part or, that made you-
Angela : Brian, I'm sorry. It's too personal, I mean. [sees Jordan] Oh my
God. I gotta go. [what a lovely smile]

[in the hall, Angela tries to catch up with Jordan]
Angela : I read what you wrote. I could hardly-
Jordan : Look.
Angela : I could hardly believe-
Jordan : Look.
Angela : how beautiful it was.
Jordan : Look, I'm not...I don't wanna pretend like-
Angela : No, I don't, I don't wanna pretend, either.
Jordan : I'm glad you liked it, but I-
Angela : You know, I didn't like it. [pause] I loved it. [pause] I loved it.
Jordan : I have all these dreams where I know exactly what to say. And you
tell me, you know, that you forgive me.
[Angela kisses him -- Brian watches them from his locker]

[Rickie approaches]
Rickie : Brian, Brian, if you still want to sell _Our Town_ tickets, everyone
has to pick them up tonight at our place, I, I mean, Mr. Katimsky's.
[notices Angela and Jordan] Oh, so they're back together, huh?
Brian : Yep. Of course, she's still gonna die someday. We're all gonna
die. [he slams locker, walks away]
Rickie : Brian? Did you do something, or something? Brian, what did you
Brian : I wrote this her.
Rickie : Oh my God, and she thinks he wrote it? Brian, you have to tell
Brian : No, look. I mean, what difference does it make? So, they happen to
be, like, together. So what? SO WHAT? I mean, if you, like,
analyze why certain people end up with certain other people, it'll
make you want to kill yourself.
Rickie : [pause] Tell her.
Brian : No, it wouldn't be right. See, he asked me for help. I helped him.
I can't go back on that. [he leaves]

[in the girls' bathroom]
Sharon : Darn it, sh-, got a run!
Rayanne : [already in there, sitting on the windowsill -- in the background,
another flush of the toilet] Wanna know something really laughable?
I have no friends. I mean, Angela Chase. Forget it, we obviously
cannot discuss that. Rickie Vasquez -- totally not my friend.
Tino -- not dependable. [another flush] You're probably thinkin',
"So what? You, like, deserve to have no friends." I mean, that
is what you're thinking, isn't it?
Sharon : I have never met anyone like you, you know. You will say anything,
and a person can say anything to you. You're just, like,
non-shockable, or something. It's kind of...
Rayanne : It's refreshing, isn't it?
Sharon : [pause, with a smile] Yeah, it is kind of...refreshing.
Rayanne : Refreshing.
Sharon : So you do...have a friend. I mean, maybe not the one you want,
Rayanne : I screwed up.
Sharon : Duh squared. [yanks on some of Rayanne's braids with each syllable]

[back at Chase House]
Graham : Angela!
Angela : In a minute.
Patty : Oh, here, let me get the door for you.
Graham : I'm gonna drop her at Katimsky's. She's up in the stratosphere
Patty : Hey, you know, um, if you want me to come, I could call Tony and
Graham : Oh no, that's fine. Honest. [kiss] Well, see ya.

[at Katimsky's]
Delia : know, like, accept checks and stuff?
Rickie : Um, here's, here's all the information.
[Angela enters]
Rickie : Hey, you made it.
Angela : Hi! Yeah.
Rickie : So, where were you all day, like I can't guess?
Angela : What do you mean, what can't you guess?
Rickie : Angela, I know all about it. I know about the letter.
Angela : You know about the letter? How know...Brian Krakow,
the reason for all pain.
Delia : These directions don't make sense.
TixDude : Yeah, Mr. Katimsky, these directions don't make sense.
Katimsky: I know, I'm coming.
[Rickie takes Angela aside]
Rickie : Um, you realize that Brian wrote that letter, right?
Angela : Uh, well, yeah. I, I kinda figured that.
Rickie : Okay, good. I don't feel so bad for blabbing it then. I kinda
figured you'd figure it out. [damn, that must have hurt]
Angela : Well, yeah.
Katimsky: Oh, enough tickets, gee whiz. Anybody wanna go out for pizza?
Everyone: Yeah!
Angela : Um, could I have a ride home?
Katimsky: Sure. Okay everybody, c'mon. Let's blow this pop stand.
Rickie : [sees Delia by the table] Um, I'll be right down.
Katimsky: Oh, okay.
[everyone leaves]
Delia : I couldn't get my zipper zipped.
Rickie : Uh, well, let me try. [he zips it] [pause] Uh, Delia? Maybe we
should, uh, go somewhere sometime?
Delia : Okay.
Rickie : You know, like, uh, to a movie or something.
Delia : I'd like that.
Rickie : 'Cause, um, I, I really think that we'd be good together.
Delia : Okay, but um, you're gay, right?
Rickie : Well, I, you know, I, I-
Delia : Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't-
Rickie : No, it, it, it's okay.
Delia : That came out so rude.
Rickie : No, uh, see I, I try not to, um, no, I, I don't like, uh- [throws
pencil down] Yeah, I'm gay. I just don't usually say it like that.
Delia : How do you usually say it?
Rickie : I don't usually say it. I mean, I've actually never said it...out
Delia : Wow. I feel kind of honored. I have to be honest. I have, like,
the biggest crush on you.
Rickie : Another first.
Delia : See, I've pretty much figured it out. It's partly because, I
think, you're the most fantastic person. Plus, you're an awesome
dancer. And partly that Brian Krakow really hurt me. I mean, I'm
sorry, I know he's, like, a friend of yours and all, but he is the
most self-centered, low-down dog of all time. He uses girls,
then, like, tosses them aside. [pause] I guess I'm just...sort of
in the mood to have a crush on somebody where it can't hurt too
Rickie : Be my guest. Uh, Delia, if I were attracted to girls, I'd be
attracted to you. [he takes her hand]

[chez Chase -- Patty's waiting for Tony]
[there's a knockin' at the door]
Jordan : Oh, hi.

[at the space, dinner is served]

[back at Chase House]
Patty : [on phone with sick Tony] Okay. Well, what can I say, huh? The
best laid plans. You too. Bye. [gets some milk from fridge]
More? Well, I have to say, from everything that you've told me, I
think it's clear that you never really meant to hurt her.
Jordan : It's think you're safe, or something. 'Cause you can
just...walk away anytime. Because you don't, like, need her.
You don't need anyone. But the thing you didn't realize're wrong. [pause] You always wear this much makeup?

Patty : Um, well, it was, I was expecting company tonight. An old friend.
That was, he, just now on the phone. Seems that, uh, he has a
touch of the flu, or something, and he took all this decongestant,
and he was afraid to drive. [laughs] This was a person who drove so
recklessly when he was seventeen, that my parents wanted him dead.
Jordan : Wow, ironic.

[at the space]
Graham : You're right, the lamb was too rich.
Hallie : Hey, you're pro-butter. They need to know that up front.
Graham : The sauce was overwhelming.
Hallie : No, the sauce was incredible. It was a poem. Listen-
Money1 : [coughs for attention] I'm sorry, I have to say something. Our
compliments to the chef.
Money2 : Here, here.
SigOth1 : Congratulations.
Money2 : I'm very impressed.
SigOth1 : The sauce was... [applause]

[in front of Angela's house]
Katimsky: Okay, Angela, here we are.
Rickie : Bye. Call me.
Angela : Okay. [she sees Jordan's car, Brian rides by on his bike]

[in the house]
[phone rings]
Jordan : If that's a guy named Tino, I'm not here.
Patty : [befuddled] Hello?
Graham : We're in the restaurant business. Me included.
Patty : Sweetheart, that's great.
Graham : Well, what can I say? I'm the best. [and modest, too] So, um, is
he still there?
Patty : Oh, no.
Graham : So, what was it like, seeing him again?
Patty : Like old times.
Graham : I have to admit, I'm somewhat jealous.
Patty : Really? Well, I'm really glad.
Graham : Me too. Okay. Uh, I'll be home soon.
Patty : Okay.
Graham : Bye.
Patty : Bye.
Jordan : [pause] Got any more milk?

[back at the space]
Hallie : I just, I can't believe it.
Graham : You always believed it. I mean, you acted like-
Hallie : Oh. It's just an act. Don't you know that? I don't know anything.
Wow. We did it.
Graham : Yeah, we did it. We did it!
[they laugh and hug -- uh oh. Graham goes as far as tilting his head
a little, but he stops himself -- whew!]
Graham : Uh, uh, I'm wrecked. I gotta get home.
Hallie : Yeah, me too. Uh, let's, let's clean up in the morning. [pause]
Graham : Okay, uh, so, I'll see ya.
Hallie : Right. [pats him on the back] Bye.

[on the street in front of Chase House]
[I can hardly do justice to the emotion of this scene by adding commentary --
I'm just putting the words down]
Angela : Uh, Brian? [he hits the brakes] Brian, look at me. [pause] Um, that
letter I told you about. Um, Rickie said you wrote it. And I
have to know because-
Brian : Know what? There's nothing to know. [pause] Okay, what, what
Rickie probably meant is that, see, Jordan Catalano asked me to,
like, proofread it for grammatical errors.
Angela : You proofread a love letter? Is this like a game to you?
Brian : Um, hardly.
Angela : But you admit that you were involved.
Brian : I'm not admitting anything.
Angela : This is a joke, right? That the, the two of... Oh God. I can't
believe I fell for it. It's obviously a total lie.
Brian : No, I meant every word. [pause] I mean, the person who wrote it
meant every word. Probably.
Angela : Brian?
Brian : I didn't write it.
Angela : But Brian, you said-
Brian : Forget what I said. Forget this whole conversation!
Angela : How?
Brian : [pause] You liked it, though, right? It made you, like, happy?
Angela : Yeah.
Brian : 'Cause that's probably all that, you know, matters.
Angela : To who?
Brian : To, you know, the person...who wrote it.
[Jordan crashes the scene]
Jordan : Angela. Hey.
Angela : Hey.
Jordan : Hey, Brain.
Brian : Hi. Hey.
Jordan : Come on, let's go. [she hesitates] Don't worry, your mom said
it's okay. See ya, Brain.
Brian : See ya.
[Angela gets in the car, looks at Brian the whole time, right before Jordan
takes off, she give Brian a little head-tilt look and smile -- the season's
over :-(]

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“Lately, I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her repeatedly.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"