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Chapter 47: Halloween Drama Part2

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The story so far

Chapter 47: Halloween Drama Part2

written by Michelle

added on: 24 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


*Its around 6:30 pm on Halloween night and Angela is on the couch laying down still with her tank tops and sweats on. The move Pumpkin head is playing but shes not really paying attention to it because shes been crying ever since she came outta her room after Jordan left. Katie and Danielle have left to go to Katies house so Katies older sister can take them to a haunted house. The phone rings and Angela lazily gets up to get it*

Angela: Hello?Yeah Im ready.yeah Im sure I want to goIm not gonna let him mess up my whole day Sharonwhateverthats totally preposterous Im so not just going because Im just trying to like make you happylike I said whateveryeah and when you say youll be here in 5 minutes you really mean 10...okay, ALRIGHT Ill be outside waiting on, Brian changed his mind hes going to some haunted house far out with his new friend(laughs) you know which one Im talking about.okaysee you when you get here.

Angela hangs up the phone with Sharon and immediately it rings once again. She picks up the phone.

Angela: Hello?

Abyssinia: May I speak to Angela?

Angela: Speaking, whos this?

Abyssinia: HI!

Angela: Abby, hi!

Abyssinia: How yah doing?

Angela: Oh, let me guess, you saw what happened this morning right.

Abyssinia: Right, I just called to see if you was alright girl.

Angela: Im fine, but I really dont want to talk about it.

Abby: Thats okay. So, are you going to the dance.

Angela: Yeah I am going, but afterwards Im going to this party, you can come with if you want, its gonna be DA BOMB like you would say.

Abby (laughs) : Oh yeah? I might, it depends on what kind of party, because you know I dont listen to all the kind of music you be listening to Angela.

Angela: Yeah I know, probably going to be mostly rock music. Like, the smashing pumpkins, the ramones, buffalo tom, and just music like that. There will probably be drinking, and smoking and what not, you know how those kind of parties are.

Abby: HummI like the smashing pumpkins, well some of their songs, and I like that sedated song by the ramones and some others

Angela: Soare you going to come?

Abby: I might swing through. BUT, theres another party tonight at my friend Ericas place, you know her right.

Angela: Yeah I think so. The one with the braids like Brandy. Always dress like Brandy too, basically Brandys twin sister.

Abby: Yeah thats her, shes having a party after the dance tonight too, you know, MY KINDA PARTY! With hip hop, rap, rb, pop, and rock. You know every type of music you can think of. Dancing, drinking but not a lot really, videos, you know. You have to come to that one too.

Angela: Okay, so stay at my party for a while then go to yours afterwards. Is that what youre saying?

Abby: Yeah, but thats IF Im going to that other party Angela.

(Horn beeps from outside)

Angela: okay, but when I see you at the dance you better have a definite answer.

Abby : Ill be there, (laughs) at the party I mean, Ill come.

Angela: Okay, its on-

Abby: Ill just follow you when you leave okay, plus I have to leave, Troys outside waiting on me.

Angela: Okay, bye.

Angela grabs her book bag full of a extra set of clothes for the parties afterwards, since their not really Halloween parties, just regular Friday night parties. She looks in the mirror one more time and runs out the door. She gets into Sharons car and they pull off.

Sharon: So how are you-

Angela: I dont wanna talk about it Sharon.

Sharon: Okay, but Angela if you need to talk Im here okay.

Angela: (rolls eyes and turns her head towards the window and laughs a little) okay Sharon.

Sharon: What!? I was just trying to help.

Angela: And I said okay, I really dont wanna talk about it Sharon.

Sharon: Okay! So, are you still going to that guys party the one that Rayannes always with, Tino.

Angela: Yeah Im going. Why?

Sharon: Its just, you know hes going to be there right?

Angela: (mocking Sharons voice) Duh Squared.

Sharon: Ohhh attitude.

Angela: Anywaysssss Abyssinias going too. Then afterwards I told her we would come with her to some other party, her kind of party

Sharon: What do you mean her kind of party.

Angela: She isnt that fond of rock music but she loves hip hop.

Sharon: Oh yeah, I love hip hop too, I love everything actually.

Angela: Yeah, I pretty much started listening to hip hop when I started hanging out with you again, and better friends with Abby.

Sharon: Yep! So why isnt Brian coming.

Angela: He came over after you know who left and said him and Dwight, I still havent seen him around school yet either, are going to this haunted house, that like, 30 minutes away, or something like. Its got like 10 levels, and it cost like $50 dollars too.

Sharon: Wow thats a lot just for a haunted.

Angela: Thats the thing, its not just like any regular old haunted house. Theres 10 levels, and after each level it gets like scarier and scarier. If you make it to the 10th level, you win $100 dollars. Its been open for a year now and so far only 13 people have made it to the 10th level Sharon.

Sharon: Ohhh! We should go there, us and Delia, Rayanne, and Rickie, that would be so fun. But one thing I cant believe.

Angela: Whats that?

Sharon: Brian going there and even making it past the first level.

Angela and Sharon laugh as they pull into the parking lot of the school. They get out the car still laughing. They walk to the back and open the trunk full of refreshments.

Angela: The thought of Brian Krakow making it to the 10 level, is likeunbelievable.

Sharon: I knowww!

Angela and Sharon go inside the school Gym and set all the bags on the table. Everything is already set up, including the DJ who is in the corner warming up and checking out their CDs. But all they need to do is set up the table by putting out the drinks and food. Angela gets out several big bowls out of one the bags and places them nice and neat on the long tables. She fills some of them with, Doritos, Cheetos, Chili Cheese Fritos, and the last bowl is a punch bowl, so she pours two gallons of punch in it with two scoopers. She then places cups in stacks on the table so they can just pick them up. Sharon is on the other side of the Gym doing the same thing. So that they will have two sides with table refreshments. After their done putting out the drinks and snacks. Rickie and Delia walk in. Rickie is carrying a big box full of 8 Ponderosa chicken bags, each bag full of 50 wings. Delia walks in carrying 2 packs of napkins. Rickie and Delia come over to Angelas table and sets out 4 bags on the table. Delia takes the rest over to Sharon. Rickie and Angela takes deep hot pans and put them on a stand which is on the table. Then they pour the chicken in there. Delia and Sharon are on the other side of the GYM doing the same thing.

Angela: Is Rayanne coming.

Rickie: No, just like last time she found some way to get out of it.

Angela: Oh thats too bad.

Rickie: Sooo, I heard you and Jordan broke up.

Angela: Who told you that, its been hours how can you possibly know already.

Rickie: Rayanne told me

Angela: ohhhh, no wonder.

Rickie: Sooo, how are you?

Angela: Im fine, its just, I mean, I know for a fact that he didnt sleep with her.

Rickie: Yeah, I know too.

Angela: But he made out with her Rickie. I mean, making out is totally different then just a kiss. I mean, when we talked about it he threw the thing with Matt and Brian in my face. So that kind of made me think that maybe he did it to get back at me?

Rickie: I dont think hed do that Angela.

Angela: He did it before!

Rickie: True. But, I think he would have learned his lesson the last time.

Angela: Why is everyone on his side, and not mine. Hes the one who messed up, not me REMEMBER!

Rickie: Im not on anyones side Angela, Im just saying that I think you should give him another chance, it isnt like you havent messed up before in you guys relationship. This is his first time messing up while you guys were together, and youve messed up twice and hes forgiven you. I just dont think hes fair. All Im trying to say is-

Angela: Is what?!

Rickie: You guys shouldnt break up over this, its the kind of reaction Cynthia Hargrove is trying to get, and if you let it happen, then, she would have succeeded. And, you guys would have broken up over something so stupid. I mean think about it Angela. For all you know you guys can be broken up for months, for the rest of your junior and Jordans senior year. How you do know he isnt your soul mate Angela? When you loose your soul mate youre lost, forever.

Angela: If it destined to be, then it will happen right?

Rickie: (sighs a deep breath) Dont miss out on your blessings Angela.

Angela takes a few minutes to think about what Rickie has said. Rickie then gives her a sympathetic smile and kisses her on the cheek. He goes over to the DJ and starts to talk him about what kind of music Sharon wants, and that it cant be a lot of bad language. Back to Angela still standing at her table placing little bags of different types of candy and little bags full of nothing so that the teachers can fill them up for a kid if they want some snacks. All around the gym there are huge pumpkins filled with candy, back and orange balloons everywhere, the lights are dimmed, the DJ I in a far corner, the bleachers are out for seats, and other Halloween decorations are up too. Its around 7:30 and people are just now arriving when they all get done putting the finishing touches on. The teachers there are Mr. Katimski, Ms. Learner, Mr. Mackenzie, a principle, and two parent volunteers. The DJ starts to play, rock, hip hop, country, techno, punk, and just a variety of music. Soon enough there are a lot of people arriving and eating and eating a lot of candy. Angela is sitting on the bleacher by herself. Rickie and Delia were sitting with her for a while but got up to dance, and Sharon is over on the wall with a couple friends and with Kyle and a couple of his friends. Angela is looking around the gym and spots a blonde and a red head guys checking her out. The blonde has blue eyes, blonde hair cut in the same way Jordans usually is, a black t-shirt and jeans. He has his arms crossed and is looking at Angela with a small smile on his face. The smile isnt noticeable but it is when you look closely. She turns around to see if anyones behind her and there isnt a lot who is.

Angela: vo-OH MY GOD, is that the same guy I saw looking at me, at the beginning of sophomore year. I thought hed graduated last year. I hate it when things like this happen, not that it happens all the time, like once every blue moon, but when it does its kind of weird. Hes looking at me, and Im supposed to act like I dont see him looking, but I totally do see him. Could he be any more obvious. No, no, no do not come over here. Stay, go back, go back, shoot.

Blonde: Hey

Angela: (smiles) : Hi

Blonde: So, howre you doing?

Angela: (nods her head in a nervous way) : Im fine.

Blonde (puts his hand out to her so she can shake it.) : Im Mark. Mark Mack

Angela: (tucks her hair behind her ear then shakes his hand) : Nice to meet you Mark. My names-

Mark: I know who you are. Angela right? Angela Chase.

Angela: Yep, thats me. I dont mean to be rude, but, can I help you with something?

Mark: (smiles in a teasing way) : I saw you over here looking kind of lonely, so I made my way over to try and brighten up your day.

Angela: You want to brighten up my day?

Mark stops standing and takes a seat on a bleacher in front of Angela and sits facing towards her which makes her even more nervous.

Mark: Well, actually I was hoping youd brighten up my day.

Angela: Oh, and how would I do that when my day has been the day from hell. The most miserable day I have had so far in my life. It cant get any worse then this. Except for when my favorite cousin died, when my best friend father was in the hospital, when my parents were going through some separation crisis, and this summer when I ended up in the- vo: Oh GOD Im doing it again, Im babbling, Im practically telling this guy, in which I have no clue who he is, my whole life story. Okay calm down Angela, hes looking at you with concern but he really wants to tell my Im crazy and walk away from me.

Mark: (nods his head and cocks one eyebrow) : Seems to me like this day isnt the worst day of your life.

Angela: (she sighs and tucks her head behind her ear and gives him an apology smile) Yeah, I can see that now. Im sorry, I just, I just, I mean I just do get like this sometimes.

Mark: (Smiles a big white smile) Get like what?

Angela: I tend to talk a lot when Im nervous.

Mark: Youre nervous. Thats good, for me it is. (scoots in closer to Angela) Because, if youre nervous in front of me, then that means you have feelings for me.

Angela: No it does not. I get nervous in front of everyone. Youre not the only person I get nervous in front of. I get nervous in front of teachers, does that mean I have feelings for them. No, it doesnt.

Mark: Youre doing it again.

Angela opens her mouth to protest but closes and smiles a guilty smile.

Mark: Its cool though, cause Im nervous right now too. I just good at hiding it better than you are.

Angela: I see.

Mark: Can I ask you a few questions?

Angela: It depends on how many.

Mark: 10
Angela: Make it 5.

Mark: (shy smile) okay, are you seeing anyone at the moment?

Angela: Um, I uh, I really have no idea. I mean, (sighs) I just dont know.

Mark: Why dont you know if youre seeing anyone?

Angela: Because, my boyfriend and I kind of broke up this afternoon over something that happened, its a long story actually. But basically I havent talked to him since earlier today, and I honestly dont have any idea where we stand at right now. But I think we are broken up. Lets just say Ill know by tomorrow when I see him at the after party tonight.

Mark: (nods his head in an understanding way) 3 more left. If you and your boyfriend do get back together or stay together or whatever. Can we still be friends, even though its obvious I have feelings for you?

Angela: Yes.

Mark: If your boyfriend and you do break up, would be willing to give me a chance?

Angela: (smiles at him) Im not going to answer that. And that does count as a question and that does count as an answer too. So, you have one more left.

Mark: Girl dont you know we could be like Bonnie and Clyde.

Angela: (laughs) Are you serious?

Mark: (smiles a big smile at her) I dont believe in lying.

Angela: Bonnie and Clyde, I have to think about that one Mark. So anyway you have one more questions left.

Mark: What kind of music do you listen to?

Angela: (laughs) What! You go from Bonnie and Clyde to what kind of music I like.

Mark: (smiles and innocent smile. He makes his eyes look like puppy dog eyes to make himself look sad and not guilty) I was just curious.

Angela: I like, the Smashing Pumpkins, Buffalo Tom, Billie Holiday, stone temple pilots, Rage against the machine, Shelley Fabarez, Juliana Hatfield, Violent Femmes, and other stuff.

Mark : What kind of other stuff.

Angela: Ive recently started listening to hip hop.

Mark: Oh yeah? I love hip hop. What kind?

Angela: UmmTLC, 2pac, well some of his music not all of it, most of it actually, umm, I also like SWV, Next, and Usher. Its some others but I dont feel like going down the list.

Mark: Thats cool. So we have about the same taste in music.

Red head guy that was standing with mark, comes up to bleachers- Hey Mack, this is whack. Were going to Tinos, you coming or what?

Mark: Yeah, Ill meet you outside.

Red head walks away and grabs a lot of candy before leaving the gym.

Angela: Thats where youre going, to Tinos party?

Mark: yeah, you wanna come with us.

Angela: Actually I was going to go later, after this was over.

Mark: You sure, I can give you a ride.

Angela: Im sure (smiles) MACK!

Mark: (laughs and gets up from the bleachers) Later Chase.

Before Mark leaves he touches Angelas chin with his index finger. He walks down from the bleachers backwards looking straight at Angela. He then walks backwards on the gym dance floor without looking where hes going. He walks backwards without bumping into anyone. Its like the people are automatically making room for him to walk. As if he has his own pathway. When he gets close to the gym doors he winks at Angela then turns around and walks out the exits. When hes out of sight Angela takes a deep breath and fans herself with her hands as if its actually going to help calm her down. After a few minutes have gone by, Sharon runs up to Angela on the bleachers and sits next to her.

Sharon: Who was that cutie?

Angela: Just some guy.

Sharon: Okay, Ill ask you one more time. Who was that cutie?

Angela: Just some guy who was interested in me, but I basically told him that nothing would ever happen in the nicest way possible.

Sharon: Oh, well good because youre not supposed to be with him anyway.

Angela: Huhhh, I really dont want to get into this right now. Rickie already made me feel really low about an hour ago. Dont you do it too.

Sharon: Really, wow. Someones actually done my job for me.

Angela: Oh shut up.

Sharon: Since youre feeling so low, why dont you come and dance with me and Rickie.

Angela: Um, no thanks, I think Id just rather watch people make fools of themselves.

Sharon: Awww please Angela. I would do it for you.

Angela: Sharon I really dont feel up to it right now.

Sharon: Yeah, well thats just too bad isnt it.

Sharon grabs Angelas arm and pulls her out on the dance floor where she just stand theres looking stupid.

Sharon (yelling over music) Angela dance come on

Angela: I already told you I dont feel like dancing right now.

Sharon: Pleaseeeee

Angela: Okay, but Im only dancing for one song Sharon

Sharon: whatever you say lady.

After Angela just stands there a song called soda jerk by buffalo tom comes on and Angela begins to dance to it. After soda jerk comes on, What about your friends by TLC, then Gangsters paradise by Coolie, then the Smashing pumpkins 1979 comes on. After that song is off Angela and Sharon just stand off to the side standing and talking. Angela is off to the side talking to Abyssinia and Sharon is standing with Kyle talking to Delia. After about an hour goes by theres only half an hour of the dance left. Abyssinia and Angela have decided to stay at Angelas party for a few hours then go to Abyssinias for the rest of the night. Sharon and Angela have convinced the staff to let Sharon leave early and get out of helping clean up the dance. Mr. Katimiski has volunteered to take her place. A lot of the kids are starting to fill out when the DJ gets done playing the last song which was Creep by Stone Temple Pilots everyone starts to head out and talk outside for a while. Sharon and Angela say goodbye to everyone and they walk to Sharons car. Abyssinia follows Sharon and Angela while her boyfriend heads over to Ericas party. Rickie and Delia are going to ride with Sharon and Angela also. Abyssinia, Sharon, Rickie, Delia, and Angela ride off in Sharons car towards Tinos house which is 15 minutes away.

Sharon: Angela are you sure you want to go?

Angela: (sighs and annoying sigh) Yes Sharon. How many times are you going to ask me that?

Sharon: I was just checking.

Rickie (trying to change the subject) So what party did you guys say you were going to afterwards Abyssinia?

Abyssinia: My friend Erica, shes cool, youve probably met her before shes nice to everyone.

Rickie: Oh! The girl who looks like Brandy.

Abyssinia: (laughs) Yeah, thats her.

All of them continue to talk about regular day things. About 10 minutes they pull up to a street full of parked cars on the sides of the roads. Sharon finds a parking spot which happens to be in front of Jordans car. As they pull into the parking spot they see people hanging out outside and trick or treaters walking by. Sharon and the others get out. Angela has her bag in her hand full of extra pair of clothes for her to change into inside an empty room in the house if there is one empty that is. Abyssinia, Rickie, and Delia and Sharon all changed before they left the school dance. Sharon goes to back of her car and opens the trunk. She gets out a big plastic pumpkin full of kit Kat bars, snickers, suckers, gum, peppermints, paydays, musketeers, milky ways, and many more great kinds of candy.

Angela: (laughs) When did you get that?

Sharon: I took one and put it in the car before the dance started.

Angela: Oh my GOD. (laughs) Youre a thief Sharon.

Sharon: Its not like the students were going to eat all the candy up anyway, theres still a lot of candy left at the dance right now. Oh and I also told Mr. Katimski to feel free to take whatever leftovers there are.

They all walk across the grass and go into Tinos house. Angela sees Shane sitting on a couch talking to Alicia. The group breaks up and go into different directions. Rickie looking for Rayanne, Delia and Sharon putting the huge pumpkin of candy into the kitchen where the drinks and food is, and Abyssinia walking over to a couple girls who she knows from theatre. Angela is walking over to Shane and Alicia.

Shane: Whats up?

Angela: Nothing, wheres the bathroom. I mean like a bathroom where I can change at where there isnt any throw up everywhere because of drunk idiots.

Shane: Go upstairs, Tino doesnt like people upstairs so he sends them downstairs if they wannayou know.

Angela: Oh. Upstairs where?

Shane: Just go straight and youll see this room, to your right. Its got this big sign on that says TINAS ROOM, and some other stay out crap like that. Its Tinos sister room, she has a bathroom in there, you can use that.

Angela: Oh, he has a sister? Thats cute, like Tina and Tino.

Shane: Yeah, shes away at college. Go change re-, I mean, well, your hairs black now, so, go change black, youre attracting too much attention looking like that.

Angela (rolls her eyes to the ceiling and starts to walk up the stair case, saying excuse me to people sitting on the steps. A guy sitting on the steps hits her butt on purpose while shes walking up the steps. Angela mumbles something under her breath and accidentally hits the guy on the head really hard with her bag of clothes.

Guy: Dang girl what you got in there?

Angela: (disgusted look) shut up

Guy: (smiles and licks his lips) : Uhh, I like um feisty.

Angela ignores the guy and continue walking up the stairs. She reaches the room with the big sign on it with Tinos sisters name. She walks into a room full slapping with extremely bright light. The carpet is hot pink, the walls are all white, but are filled with posters of rock bands and movie stars. Theres a queen size bed in the middle of the room, with a dresser and mirror on the side. The bed has black and hot pink bed spreads on it which are made up nice and neatly. Beside the door when you walk in theres a 26 TV on a black desk. On the left side of the room theres a door which leads into the bathroom. Angela walks into the room looking around it curiously checking out all the items laying around on her dressers and on the TV. She then stops looking around after a little while and goes into the bathroom closing the door behind her making sure its locked.

The cameras slowly goes from the bathroom door to zoom around the room again. The camera is now focusing on the back of someones head sitting on the couch by Alicia and Shane. The camera then goes in front of the person which turns out to be Jordan drinking a beer.

Jordan: This blows, Im going to Tinas room to watch TV. Ill be back later.

Shane: Alright, later.

Jordan walks through the crowd to the staircase telling people to move on the steps instead of excuse. But hes not saying it in an impolite way. The camera then goes back to Alicia staring at Shane with a sneer on her face.

Alicia: You did that on purpose.

Shane: (shrugs his shoulders) So

Alicia: Sooo, Angelas in that girls bathroom changing shes going to come out of the bathroom and theyll be forced to talk to each other now.

Shane: (he looks at her with big eyes and a look as if to say I know what Im doing girl dang) I know Alicia.

Alicia: (sees the face hes making and begins to understand) : Ohhhhh, I get yah now. I get you, yeah I get you.

Shane: (does short laugh) You slow

Alicia: (makes a hurt playful offended look) : I am not.

Shane: (scoots closer to her and shrugs his shoulders and starts to smile at her) Sometimes, not all the time.

Alicia: Whatever Shannnneeeee (stretches his name out with a smart tone)

Shane smiles and laughs as he leans in closer to her till their noses are practically touching.
Alicia backs away and puts her hand to her nose she closes her eyes and does a soft sneeze.

Shane: (makes a playful disgusted look) Ugh good thing you backed off, I would have been covered in snot.

Alicia: Shut up no snot came out. I think Im allergic to you anyway.

Shane: Well, I guess you just going to have to have a runny nose then.

Alicia and Shane start laughing as Alicia lays her head on his shoulder and listens to the music blasting. Perfect by the smashing pumpkins can be heard in the background.

The camera is now off of Shane and Alicia but is now focusing on Jordan laying in Tinas bed watching MTV. A video comes on but Jordan doesnt want to see that one. He flips through the channels and goes to the HBO channels. He stops at a channel when he recognizes the movie which is The Secret Garden He does a smirk when he sees that its just come on. He gets up and turns off the light then gets back in the bed. He starts to watch the movie which is making him think of Angela because it seems like it would be a favorite movie of hers.

The camera is now on Angela in Tinas bathroom putting her Halloween costume back in her book bag. She checks her makeup and finishes doing her hair. She is now wearing a white tank top under a smaller white tank to so that the white tank top and show under the black. She also has on a black leather jacket which shed bought before school had started. She has on black pants and black boots too. There black rubber bands on her wrist just incase she gets hot and wants to put her hair in a ponytail. She then gathers all her stuff together and sets it to the side on the bathroom floor till after the party is over or until shes about to leave. She opens the door and stares at Jordan with a face full of shock. Jordan turns his head and stares at Angela also.

Angela: VO-Oh my GOD, what is he doing in here. Its just like at that first party I saw him at except my clothes arent completely ruined by mud and grass. What am I going to say, I cant just walk out that would be so not cool of me to do. GOD why am I so nervous.

Jordan: Uhhh, ummm, uhhh, hi.

Angela: Hi. (has an attitude look on her face now, remembering that shes supposed to be mad at him. She tries to stay calm and cool but is failing and stuttering and cant seem to look him in the eyes, even though hes making sure hes looking her dead in the eyes) : Di-di-did someone tell you I, I, I was up here?

Jordan: (obviously taken aback by her false accusation he moves his head back with a disbelieving looking on his face and nearly yells the word no) NO! I mean, I mean, no, nobody told me you were up here.

Angela: Oh, good.

Jordan: Im not a stalker Angela.

Angela: VO-It was the first time in having a conversation with Jordan that I was totally lost for words and he was absolutely full of words. He had so many questions to ask me, so many answers he wanted, but I couldnt give them to him, because I felt like if I opened my mouth I would come out sounding like Porky the Pig, stuttering like crazy.

Jordan: (getting frustrated about her silence) Youre not gonna tell me anything, explain anything to me at all, youre just gonna stand there leaving me wondering whats going on with us like this.

Angela: (still silent, and not looking him in the eyes)

Jordan: So what its like that now, I make one stupid mistake and you shut me out for good.

Angela: (opens her mouth to say something but closes it abruptly, she just walks over to the bed and sits down next to Jordan who has put the TV on the mute button. He sits up and sits next to her looking her dead in the eyes waiting for his answers.)

Jordan (Now using a softer voice since hes seeing that Angela cant talk because of her nervousness and fear of him at that moment) : Im sorry, I came at you like that.

Angela nods her head still not being able to get words out of her mouth.

Jordan: So now where do we go from here?

Angela opens her mouth and puts a finger up as is she has a great answer to that. She then puts her finger down and shrugs her shoulders.

Jordan: (laughs at this) Are you mute or something?

Angela rolls her eyes and shakes her head no. She puts up her finger to tell him to give her a minute.
All the while Jordan is staring at her like shes gone insane. Angela then pushed her self up with her hands on the bed, then makes her legs and feet rest under her butt as she sits on the on the bed. Jordan then gets up from his relaxed laying position and sits up on the bed with his legs and feet propped up. He then tosses the remote on the floor.

Angela starts to run her fingers through her hair constantly as shes thinking of something to say to Jordan. She turns her head towards the TV set and recognizes the movie.

Angela: Oh, Secret Garden I love that movie. My favorite part is when that little girl started calling her cousin weak and spoiled, I thought that was funny. And I loved the part when her uncle came home early and found out that his son could walk. Now that part, brought me to some serious tears. It was like-

Jordan: (sighs) Angela

Angela nods her head and her eyes get a little bigger realizing that shes getting off the subject.

Angela: Oh, yeah, umm(still nodding her head in a nervous way) Yeah, I have to tell you something thats like really important. A few things actually.

Jordan is silent, but yet looking her dead in her face while she is looking at him but cant keep his stare and often looks at other objects around the room.

Angela: Yeah, about that little, hysterical, outburst. Or whatever it was in the hallway earlier today. (nods her head and does an apologetic smile and whispers her last words and her eyes get bigger) Sorry
About that. I mean, at the time, (puts her hands out as if shes giving him something) I was a bit insane. So, yeah, sorry about all that.

Jordan is still silent as if hes still waiting on her to say more.

Angela: Okayyyy, you want more. Umm, Im also sorry that I didnt believe you when you said all that Cynthia Hargrove said was a lie. (points at Jordan with an accusing look) I mean YOU, should have told me earlier about that nasty rumor, so that I wouldnt be like, all shocked, you know?

Jordan: Yeah, I know.

Angela: And, I want you to know that, I dont want to lose you. Especially over something this, crazy.

Jordan: (nods his head) Me too.

Angela: And I want to know why you didnt answer me at my house.

Jordan: (confused look) Answer what?

Angela: When I asked were you sure, were you positive that you were in love with more. That, that, that you werent just saying that to get me to forgive me. That I really meant something to you.

Jordan: Oh, that. Because

Angela: Because what?

Jordan: Well, after I had just said that I loved you and all that other stuff I had told you, I thought that if you still like, doubted that I didnt really , like mean it. Then it would be your fault.

Angela: (laughs a little) So you were basically saying, After I said all that, what the heck do you think? And that if I didnt believe by then, then I was going to just have to figure it out on my own. Am I right.

Jordan: Yeah.

Angela: (smiles) You were being stubborn am I still right?

Jordan: yeah.

Angela :And you regretted it after you left my house. And you didnt want to come back and answer my question because it would prove that-

Jordan: Okay, okay, its over with. I mean we like squashed this, Right?

Angela: (gone back to being serious) I dont know.

Jordan: Why not?

Angela: Because, ( she starts to pick at her black rubber bands, picking them her index finger and her thumb flicking them repeatedly on her wrist because of her nervousness)

Jordan: Because even though we set things almost straight or whatever, the fact of the matter is, I still made out with her.

Angela: (whispers this without looking at him but concentrating on the rubber bands she keep flicking on her wrist back and forth.) Yeah

Jordan: What do you want me to do? I cant go back and fix everything. But if I had a time machine, I would have never went to that party.

Angela: I know you wouldnt have Jordan. But unfortunately we cant change the past can we.

Jordan: (shakes his head no. He then sighs a heavily sigh and props his elbow on his knee and rest his head in the palm of his hand) I sorry Angela. I wish you could forgive me.

Angela: Me too, but its not that simple. I know youre sorry but I just cant get that picture of you, like, on top of HER, out of my head. I dont know if I can trust you the same way I did before.

Angela gets up out of her sitting position. She then stands up from the bed and walks in front of the bed near Jordan. She leans her head down and kisses him on the cheek. Jordan doesnt move from his sitting position, he just stays the exact same way he was. Angela backs away from Jordan a few steps going closer to the door.

Angela: I guess this is it. (she puts her hand on the door knob getting read to turn it to walk downstairs to the party. She then turns around before she opens the door. She looks at Jordan while his face is still in the palm of his head looking at the bed sheets that Angela was just sitting on)

Angela: For now at least.

She then walks out the door. The door closes and the camera shows a close of the Jordans face where theres a single tear coming down his left eye. Instead of wiping it away quickly, he lets it run down his face as it finally drops from his chin into his lap.

Outside of the door Angela is leaning against it with her eyes closed and watery eyes dying to lets its tears burst free. Angela then opens her eyes and shakes her head no as if shes giving someone the answer no. Rickies and Sharons words about her and Jordan are going through her mind as she contemplates on her and Jordans situation. Rickies comment about not missing out on your blessings, and Sharons comment about her and Jordan meaning to be together are all going through her head. Other comments are too. Angela whispers to herself.

Angela: This cant be right. This cant be right. It cant be.

Angela closes her eyes tightly letting her tears come. She then wipes them away furiously, making sure theres no tears left. She then takes a deep breath and smiles to herself as if shes though of some kind of miraculous idea. She quickly opens the door where she finds Jordan staring at her with a look as if hes begging for forgivness.

Jordan: Angela

Angela (Gives him a big warm smile as she closes the door behind her, she then stands looking towards him with the same smile. She snaps her fingers and points her hands at Jordan like their guns)

Angela: GOT CHA!!!

Jordan first gives her a weird look as if hes completely confused about whats happening. Then he gets it and gets up out of the bed with a smile on his face. He goes over to Angela and they hug each other as if, if they were to let each other go then all wouldnt be well. After a while they let go of each other, Angela sits on the bed shyly.

Jordan: You want to go back down there?

Angela: (shakes her head with a smile on her face) Id rather be up here with you Jordan.

Jordan smiles and sits next to Angela on the bed and holds her.

Angela: Jordan?

Jordan: Yeah

Angela: Not to break the moment or anything but um, I kind of promised a friend I would go to this other party with her, like, (looks around the room for a clock and spots one) well, like now.

Jordan: Do you have to?

Angela: yeah, she came to this one, I said Id come to the one she wanted to go to. Its Abyssinia.

Jordan: (sighs) Alright.

Angela: Thanks.

Jordan: Do you have to leave, right this minute.

Angela: No, but Ill be right back okay.

Jordan: Whatever.

Angela: I WILL!

Jordan: (laughs) okayyyy, geez.

Angela walks out of the room laughing. She goes downstairs and looks around for Abyssinia. She spots Sharon and walks up to her.

Angela: Guess what Sharon!?

Sharon: What?

Angela: Jordans upstairs, we just solved, like everything.

Sharon: Really, thats great!

Angela: I know, Ill tell you all the details later, but I have to find Abyssinia.

Sharon (laughs) : Well, she left.

Angela: What?!

Sharon: Yeah, she hated this. She said it was too noisy and too wild. She told me to tell you sorry and that if you wanted you could meet her over at Erica house.

Angela: oh my god, she totally ditched me. I cant believe her. I am so going to get her when I call her tomorrow. That totally sucks.

Sharon: Yeah well I think shes right about the wild part, look.

Sharon points and laughs at a drunk girl dancing on a table with guys all around pounding their fist on the table. She then points towards the kitchen with a guy sitting on the counter chugging beer. With a lot of people around him yelling and screaming for him.

Angela: Oh, now I see her point. Well, have fun Ill be back in a few.

Sharon: Sure you will. Ill be there with Rickie and Delia watching people make fools of themselves.

Angela: Okay. Have you seen Rayanne?

Sharon: Yep, apparently her and Joey have gotten a little friendly with each other again. Their downstairs and their-

Angela: Say no more, I get your point honey.

Sharon: Well, go back up there with Jordan, Reconnect, have fun, its yo thing do what you wanna do.

Angela: Shut up! (laughs)

Angela goes back upstairs and opens Tinas bedroom door where she finds Jordan now watching Nightmare on Elm Street with the lights off. Angela runs and jumps in the bed laying next to him.

Angela: Ohhh, Freddy Kruger, I never got to see the whole movie, I just remember seeing the part when she took his hat out of her dream.

Jordan: Yeah, I never saw it before, It just came on too.

Angela: Good, we can be scared together.

Jordan: I aint never scared.

Angela: Oh yeah?

Jordan: Yeah.

Angela: I bet you wont be saying that when this movie is over with.

Jordan: I bet you I will

Angela: No you wont

Jordan: Yes I will.

Angela: Well see about that.

Jordan: Yeah we will.

Angela then sits up and takes off her black leather jacket and throws it on a near by chair. She then lays back down next to Jordan and snuggles up next to him. Jordan puts his hand in Angela's as they lay down with their heads propped up on pillows watching Nightmare on Elm Street ALSO KNOWN AS Freddy Kruger. Angela then rest takes her head off the pillow then situates herself to rest her head on Jordans chest as they continue to watch the movie.

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