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Chapter 45: Halloween Eve

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The story so far

Chapter 45: Halloween Eve

written by Michelle

added on: 07 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela, Sharon, Rayanne, Rickey, and Delia are all in Sharon's car going to the mall to pick out costumes. Angela and Sharon want to be vampires, Rayanne wants to be a witch, and Delia and Rickey really don't know what they want to be.

Angela: So, are you talking about the kind of vampire costume that's like all leather, with like leather pants and long leather jacket and tight leather shirt or something.

Sharon: Yeah! Then we can like dye our hairs all black and put on pale makeup all over our face so we can really look like the REAL vampires. Our dentist, she can get us the fake teeth, I already asked her.

Angela: Oh okay, well do we have to dye our hair black?

Sharon: OH MY GOD! Angela you're acting like you've never dyed your hair a ridiculous color before.

Angela: I knowwww. but black?

Rayanne: Look, Angel food, just dye it back to the color it is now when Halloween is over with. I'll help you. Maybe we can even like dye your hair back to blonde, then put red streaks in it. That would be so out of this world.

Angela: (trying to think about it) Umm..i'm not sure about that.

Rickey: Angela it'll be great! You'll like it, I promise.

Angela: Okay, but only since Rickey thinks it a good idea.

Rayanne: Oh sure listen to Rickey why don't you. Don't listen to us.

Angela: (laughs) I'd listen to Rickey any day before listening to you Rayanne.

Rayanne(some what offended, but tries to hide it) Whatever! You know I could be a slut, but they might like put me outta school or something for that.

Sharon: (laughs) Are you sure thats a costume Rayanne?

All of the start to laugh except Angela, who doesn't think its that funny. Rayanne looks greatly offended, but tries to shrug it off, but is failing miserably about doing so.
Sharon looks back in her mirror and see's Rayanne facial expressions.

Sharon: Hey Ray! I was just kidding, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.

Rayanne: No, no its fine. (laughs a little) I've been called worse. Plus I was voted most slut potential last year so, you know, no big deal.

Sharon: Are you sure, because Im really sorry?

Rayanne: (smiles, buts a little frustrated) I'm fine Sharon, just drive before you kill us all.

Delia: Yeah, Sharon you keep going over the line.

Sharon: Excuse me Delia, but did you forget who passed their drivers test on the first try.

Delia: Oh shut up, Im trying again next Money.

Rickey: I still don't even have my permit. Mr. Katimsky's making me read the book 10 times, before I even try to take the test. He's even giving me tests about driving. He's all like, "So umm...what do you do when you...come to a yield sign..uhhh Rickey?" and Im all like, "YOU YIELD WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO!" I mean really, its crazy trying to get a license in that house.

Angela: Don't you mean permit Rickey?

Rickey: Same difference

They all start to laugh as they pull into the parking lot of the mall. They get to the mall and split up into groups. Rickey and Delia are together. Rayanne, Sharon, and Angela are together.

Angela: I cannot believe Im spending my whole check on a stupid Halloween costume.

Sharon: Oh Chase face, it only comes once a year, you have to live it up!

Rayanne: Like you did when you were a Rat! Ha! that was the play of the day.

Sharon: Correction I was a Cat.

Angela: Lets go in here.

They go into a big Halloween store called "Halloween Town" with different costumes hanging up everywhere. Rayanne leaves and goes over to a section where she sees witch hats.

Angela: All this leather is going to cost me so much money.

Sharon: Not if you get pleather.

Angela: We're getting the fake stuff!?

Sharon: I'm only going to wear it once a year Angela, whats the use of getting the real stuff, if the fake stuff looks just like the real stuff, and no one will ever know anyway.

Angela: But you just said, it comes once a year so live it up.

Sharon: (one eyebrow raised) We can live Halloween up without being a complete moron Angela.

Angela: (eyes big, sighs) Okay.

Rayanne comes running up to them with a long pleather jacket with long black boots that are pointy at the ends of them. She has a black lipstick in her hand too.

Rayanne(jumps up and down) Looky looky I got hooky. I found my fit. It's great. I got my black lipstick, the long black jacket, must have that, and last but not least, the thing that completes the outfit, THE BLACK LONG POINTY BOOTS! I'mma go try it on so you can see.

Angela: (fake big smile)

Sharon: Wow she found that fast. lets go look around Angela.

Angela: Sharon, Im really not into the dressing up stuff.

Sharon:(pulls her arm) Well you are this year. That 60's teenager costume you had last year, I could have killed you for wearing that.

Angela: That was Rayanne's idea, not mine.

Sharon: Oh look at these, two long black PLEATHER jackets, now all we need is one of those black tight vest they wear in those horror movies. And the black skin tight pants. And make sure the top has long sleeves, because its supposed to be below 60 degrees.

Angela: Okay Ill go look for that, go find us some dark red lipstick. And the pants. Wear are we getting the black dye from Sharon.

Sharon: 707 Beauty Supply House.

Angela: okay be right back..

Angela goes to the other side of the store and looks around. She finally finds two black tops that are pleather with long sleeves, that are almost skin tight. She brings them over to Sharon who smiles and holds up a dark red lipstick container. (*the out fit is basically like the girl Selene off of Underworld*)

Sharon: You have black boots right?

Angela: Of course, all I wear is boots, most of the time.

Sharon: Thats true, we need to get you into to wearing shoes Chase.

Angela: (yells into Rayannes fitting room door) Whats taking so long, you need some help?

Rayanne: 1 more minute, and Im spent.

Sharon: So is Jordan doing anything for Halloween?

Angela looks at Sharon as if she's lost her mind.

Angela: NO! Of course not. but he said something about going to the school track, with some friends. He said he didn't want to go, but did want to go just incase he misses something.

Sharon(eyes get really big) Their the ones who tear up the school track every Halloween. Oh my GOD. I didn't know that was Jordan.

Angela: He didn't anything about tearing up the school track Sharon jeez.

Rayanne(comes out of fitting room and models her outfit): Actually Angelica that is him. Tino, Jordan, Shane, Joey and some of their other friends go there every Halloween to tear it up.

Angela: oh my GOD! Thats like, really bad.

Rayanne (whispers loudly to Sharon) I dont think our good friend Angela knew she had a thug.

Angela: He's not a thug Rayanne! He's very sweet.

Rayanne: (points a finger at her and smiles) You're really funny Angela

Sharon: He is nice Angela, but really, I mean really.

Angela: Please clarify, Im not getting your "reallys" REALLY well.

Sharon: He's nice, okay. Its just that he didnt used to be so nice, hes changed since he met you and thats a good thing. But there still may be a few things that arent so good, that hes still involved in okay? Now do you get me.

Angela: No I dont.

Sharon sighs and looks at Rayanne.

Rayanne: Look, once you go bad there aint no coming back. Look at me for instance! (twirls around in circles until she gets dizzy and stops and sways a little bit. (once she stops spinning goes into her purse and digs out a lolly pop. And pops it in her mouth) Lolly? Anyone? Sure?

Angela (thinking )No thanks Ray. So what I hear you saying is-

Rayanne: Oh! Dont talk like that you sound like Ms. Krysenoski.

Angela (rolls eyes) : So anyway, you mean, he still does some of the things he used to do. I mean like, the things, thugs, do?

Sharon: NO! I mean, look, Angela dont worry about it, you have a great boyfriend okay. Hes nice, hes sweet, buys you things, he opens up to you now, treats you good, he took you on a vacation for goodness sake and your friends too, he forgave you for kissing (smiles when she says this) Matt and Brian. Thats two guys Angela. What I mean is, hes a really great guy, and he loves you so much, hes changed since hes met you and everyone knows that. Even his friends know it Angela. He might not be the best person on earth but, who is? Everyone does things that arent that great once in a while.

Rayanne: Sounds to me like hes seems a little bit too great to Sharon.

Sharon: Oh please! (disgusted look) Stop instigating!

Rayanne: Im simply stating the facts babe.

Sharon: Dont you mean opinions. Or should I say lies. Miss know it all.

Rayanne (mouths to Angela): She wants himBAD! (talks out loud) I gotta go change into my regular clothes, be right back.

Sharon: If you call those clothes regular.

(Sharon and Rayanne continue to talk about Rayannes clothes while Rayanne is in the fitting room and Sharon is outside the door, hanging up the clothes Rayanne throws over the door.

Angela: (vo-I know it may be weird but Im still not comfortable with Rayanne making stupid, idiotic jokes like that. If her and Jordan hadntthen I would be different. But then again if her and Jordan hadntdid it, me and Jordan would still just be friends. Only friends nothing more. But Anyway, I dont think me and Rayanne can ever joke about things like that. Though she still tries to, there always seem to be an empty space in the middle of the joke. She doesnt talk about it, but I know she knows its there.)

Sharon: Angela!? Angela???

Angela (looks up at Sharon, with embarrassment for daydreaming) : Sorry did you say something?

Sharon: Ive only said lets go pay for our items 50 million times.

Rayanne: Actually it was only 2, but 50 million is fine too I guess.

Sharon: Lets go find Rickie and Delia.

Rayanne: What is with them, isnt Rickie gay.

Sharon: Rayanne!

Rayanne: What! Its true.

Sharon: You dont have to say it like its the worst thing in the world.

Angela: Would you guys stop arguing for 1 minute! GOD!

Rayanne: (takes out lolly and flings it in the air as she speaks) Who said anyone was arguing?!

Sharon: Yeah! Its called communication. Perhaps youve heard of. Maybe you should try it instead of daydreaming all the time.

Angela: I dont feel good.

Sharon and Rayanne exchange looks

Sharon: Have you eaten anything today?

Angela: I ate some cereal, and Chinese sweet and sour chicken with noodles.

Sharon (smiles, happy to know that shes eaten and isnt going back to what she did earlier that summer) Ohhh! Okay, well whets the matter.

Angela: I dont know, I just have this feeling like, something isnt right.

Rayanne: What are you talking about, the world is never right. Everything is all wrong. Nothing has been right since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

Sharon: Shes serious Rayanne jeez.

Rayanne: Well excuse me for trying to lighten up the mood.

Sharon rolls her eyes and looks at Angela with a sympathetic look on her face.

Angela: Im fine I just have a headache.

Rayanne : Oh! Well I can help you with that. (digs in her purse) Would you like, Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, or regular old aspirin.

Angela: None of the above

Rayanne: (shrugs shoulders and keeps walking)

Angela: Sharon stop staring at me Im fine okay? Really I am.

Sharon: Okay, just promise youll tell me if something really I wrong this time.

Angela: (smiles) I promise

Sharon (smiles) Pinky swear?

Angela (they pinky swear each other) : Pinky swear.

Sharon: We havent done that since, 6th grade.

Angela: Yeah I know.

Sharon: YeahI wonder if Ricky and Delia found anything yet.

Angela: I think they have (points down the mall and sees Ricky holding two bags and Delia holding one.

Sharon and Angela speed walk to wear Ricky, Rayanne, and Delia are standing. Ricky got a leather Michael Jackson jacket thats red, the same one Michael had on in his video Thriller. He has the leather pants that Michael wears that are flooded, and white socks too. Delia has bought a Princess Vampire with a long dark red dress that flares out a little on the ends of it at the bottom with sleeves that are long but flares out at the bottom and are cut into slits. Dark red lipstick and a dark red chocker.

Rayanne: I dont think vampires have bad perms sweetie.

Rickie: Rayanne!

Delia: Im going to straighten my hair with Sharons flat iron Rayanne. GOD, why do you have to be so mean at times.

Rayanne: (disgusted look) Because I can, because I am, and because Im a witch.

Delia: (one eyebrow raised, now realizing that Rayanne is only joking with her) You might wanna switch that w to a b.

Rayanne: I know! And dont use Sharons you need to buy your own, Sharons hair isnt like yours, know what Im sayin.

Sharon: Rayanne stop!

Rayanne: O shut up, the girl knows Im obviously joking with her right Delia?

Delia: Right! (unsure this time) I think.

Rayanne: (digs in her purse and pulls out a lolly and unwraps it) Course I am. (she sticks the lolly pop in her Delias mouth and leads them out the malls entrance to the car)

They all go to the car and drive off. Sharon drops Rickie and Delia off at Rickies house and they go in to talk to Mr. Katimski for a second.

*at the door, Rickie using his key*

Rayanne: Wow, they gave you a key buddy boy.

Rickie: Rayanne shut up.

Rayanne: What Id do? Anyway, why are we here, I see him at school as it is. Did you forget he is over theatre. Thank GOD Im not in his class anymore, his voice is annoying. Not that I ever went to class-

The door opens and she automatically stops talking as she sees Mr. Katimsky.

Mr. Katimsky: Oh hiyoure back so soon. Werent expecting you backthis early. But please, please, come in, No problem.

They sit and chat for a while. Then Sharon, Rayanne, and Angela leave and decide to go the loft and watch Jordan practice.

Sharon: Oh Im so excited, I love Jordans band. It seems like I havent heard them in ages.

Rayanne: See what I was talking about Angela, what she really mean is she loves Jordan, not his band but Jordan.

Angela: (smiles at Sharon) Sharon I think I might start flirting with Kyle. Since youre hopelessly in love with my boyfriend. Well according to Rayanne you are, and I think I might be starting to believe it.

Sharon: Angela! I cant believe youd-

Angela and Rayanne start to laugh at Sharon as she stops talking abruptly and joins in laughing at them as she realizes Angela is playing.

Sharon: You two make me sick.

They pull up into the lofts lot and sees Jordans car. Sharon pulls in next to Jordans car and sits there for a minute. Getting their things together.

Sharon: Wait, Im hungry wanna go get something real quick then come back.

Angela: Why dont me and Rayanne go in and you can just bring us back some

Rayanne: Quiznos!

Sharon: Good thats right down the street, be back in 10 minutes. (about to pull out of parking space)

Angela: Wait! What about them?

Rayanne: What about it, were not their moms.

Angela (rolls eyes) Get me a foot long so I can split it with Jordan.

Sharon: Yeah but, wont the rest of them feel left out.

Rayanne: Forget them all. Just bring us something back, theyve probably eaten already anyway.

Angela: Wait I have a better idea.

Angela runs into the loft and sees Shane laying the hammock as Jordans band plays. Shane yells something out about Jordans bass being too loud. Angela runs over to Shane and hits his stomach which makes him open his eyes and look at her.

Shane: What!? ( a bit angry)

Angela: Well hello to you too.

Shane: Sorry, their making me mad, they cant get this song right.

Angela: What song?

Shane: Jordan didnt tell you?

Angela: Apparently not.

Shane: Oh, well he finished a song hed been working on for a while, called Just Like You, or something like that. Theyve been working on it all day. Had the day off of school and work, weve been here all day, and they havent got it down yet. Its 5:00 pm and they keep screwing up on certain parts over and over again.

Angela (sympathetic look) : Im sorry. So I take it you havent eaten all day either have you?

Shane: (angry and kind of pouting) NO!

Angela: Neither have they?

Shane: (tired of all the questions, getting frustrated) NOOOOO! Say what you wanna say and get it over with Angela, jeez. What is it.

Angela: I was just gonna ask did you want some Quiznos. Dont have to be so mean about it. GOD!

Shane: Oh well, yeah, yeah, thats coo thanks, I like mustard, lotta pickles, dont matter what kinda meat.

Angela: (little smile) okay. What else did you want on it, pickles, mustard,

Shane: (sighs) lettuce, tomatoYou know the usual, if I dont like whats on it Ill pick it off. Here (hands her a 20) If its not enough for us, Jordan will pay you back, okay.

Angela: (jolly, big smile) Kay! (starts to walk away while shane closes his eyes and listens to the music again, but then turns around) Okay so what do they like on their subs?

Shane: (yells over the music) ANGELA I DONT KNOW, ASK THEM, STOP ASKING ME 20 QUESTIONS.

Music stops as Jordan and the band stop singing and playing their instruments and look at Shane and Angela.

Angela: (talks softly, a little hurt by his outburst) Fine. Just trying to do you a favor.

The music stops as Jordan stops singing and looks over at Shane and Angela. Shane rubs his forehead and looks at Angela whos looking down at the ground.

Shane: (softly) Sorry.

Angela looks up and turns around and is walking towards the exit. She walks out the door and slams it behind.

Jordan: What the heck did you do man. Youre not the only one mad, dont take your anger out on her.

Shane: I didnt take my anger out on her, she was asking me too many questions.

Jordan: Whatd she want that made you go crazy man?

Shane: She wanted to know what I was mad about, and what yall wanted on yah subs. And other stuff.

Joey: Dude! She was offering us food and you yelled at her. Hope she isnt the type who spits in it.

Jordan: She wouldnt do nothing like that.

Jordan step off the stage and walks towards the exit shaking his head. He opens the door and walks outside and overhears Angela, Rayanne, and Sharons conversation as Sharon is sitting behind the wheel, and Rayanne is leaning on the car and Angela is leaning inside Sharons window.

Angela: (half laughing) Then he just burst out and yelled at me saying, ANGELA STOP ASKING ME 20 QUESTIONS, ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT I was so scared it was funny.

Sharon: It was funny, how was it funny.

Angela: I dont know, It was just funny that I was so scared of him at that moment.

Rayanne: Whatd you do after he yelled?

Angela: I said fine like really softly and that I was trying to help him out. I wanted to yell it back but I couldnt. (still half laughing) I was scared, sad, mad, and felt like laughing all at the same time.

Rayanne and Sharon start to laugh at this. Jordans looking at them like their insane. Hes standing right in front of Sharons car listening to them waiting to be noticed.

Rayanne: So youre telling me that, Jordan didnt do anything while Shane was yelling at you, the music just stopped and that was it.

Angela: (smiling) Yeah, he was just looking at us with a dumb look on his face. Like he didnt know what to say.

Rayanne: Thats funny, I wish Id came in with you.

They all start to laugh again, Jordan gets irritated and slams his hand on Sharons car and gets their attention, which makes them all jump and look at him.

Jordan: I guess I didnt need to come out here and see if you were okay, since you thought it was all funny.

Angela: (smiles)

Rayanne: So what Catalano? You didnt have the balls to tell your friend to back off our little innocent Angela here.

Angela: Stop calling me innocent.

Jordan: I didnt know what to say.

Rayanne: Thats not a surprise. So you talked to Tino lately (winks at him, to let him know what shes really talking about, which is about those twins putting Cynthia Hardgrove in check)

Jordan: Nope, unfortunately. Havent seen him since last week. (shaking head to let her know that the twins putting Cynthia in check isnt gonna happen.)

Rayanne: Oh well, okay.

Angela and Sharon are looking at Jordan and Rayanne back and forth.

Angela: Okkkaaayyy.

Sharon: One minute their nice to each other and the next their devils towards each other.

Jordan and Rayanne: Shut up!

Angela: (rolls eyes) ANYWAY! What do you want?

Jordan walks to the side of the car where Angela and Rayanne are standing looking at him. Jordans stands in front of Angela and looks at her while putting his hands on her waist.

Jordan: I came to see if you were okay!

Angela: (smiles) Nooo! Not that. Thanks though Im fine, I mean its Shane right.

Jordan: (laughs a little) Right.

Angela: What do you want to eat I mean?

Jordan licks his lips and smiles a little at her has he brings her closer to him.

Jordan: You.

Angela: (laughs and puts her head on his chest and burries her face in it which is full of embarrassment.) OH MY GOD!(comes out muffled)

Jordan conitinues to smile down at her as her head is still burried in his chest.

Sharon: (turns off car and gets out) Uhhh...Rayanne I think we should go in and say hi.

Rayanne: Way ahead of yah sistah(walking towards entrance)

Rayanne and Sharon walk away from Jordan and Angela laughing at them. They go inside and sit on the couch. Rayanne doesn't really talk that much, but Sharon talks a lot.

*back to angela and Jordan*

Angela lifts her head knowing that Sharon and Rayanne are gone. She hits him on the chest a little and then looks at him.

Angela: I can't believe you just said that, you pervert. (smiles)

Jordan: (smiles at her) nawwww! See you the pervert, I just wanted a kiss. I wasn't talking about what you're thinking about.

Angela's smile gets bigger as she puts her hands over her face and laughs.

Angela: Oops!

Jordan: (laughs too) Nawwww, I'm just playing, I'm not gonna lie. I was thinking about it. But not until you started turning red and put you face in my chest. I knew what you were thinking, then i started thinkin it too. So..(shurgs his shoulders)

*Inside the loft, Sharon and Rayanne are sitting on the couch talking about something thats very interesting. it seems. Joey, Shane, and Tony are all by the hammoch talking. Obviously talking quietly about Rayanne.*

Joey: If you a ho, then a you a ho.

Tony: (laughs) You ain't neva lying. Don't know why she quiet now, she wasn't quiet when she was on her job.

Shane: Sluts! Can't live with them...well i'll just leave it at that.

Shane and Joey and Tony all start to laugh.

Shane: Yeah well, I don't deal with sluts anymo'. You know i'm dating Alicia, Jordan's lil cousin right.

Joey: Yeah we heard. So I guess you're not gettin any.

Joey and Tony start to laugh with each other as Shane smirks and shakes his head at them

Shane: So, I don't need any. I can wait.

Tony: Mannnnn, he tryin to be like Jordan. Going from bad to good.

Joey: So what Alicia bout to make you soft too.

Tony: (stops laughing) Hey, hold up, Jordan may have a good girl but he aint soft iight. He's anything but that okay.

Joey: Rightttt(sarcastic)

Shane: He's not soft, Joey iight.

Joey: You right, he ain't soft, but he did change.

Tony: Yeah he did change, I agree with you on that.

Joey: I think I liked him better when he was bad. Now he only straigten people out when it's neccessary.

Shane: Awwww shut up, he's the same Jordan, he's just a one woman man.

Tony:(starts to talk loud) Yeah thats good..for him i mean. He used to take all the girls. Now when a girl wants him he be like, "Naw I got a girlfriend" And they don't even care either, but he still say no. I'm glad he a one woman man... (shouts) MORE WOMEN FOR US!

They start to laugh. Sharon looks up at them and starts to laugh.

Sharon: Don't you mean more sluts for you guys.

Shane: Sharon, you know I don't have sluts anymore.

Sharon: Well yeah, except for you Shane.

Shane: (gets up) I gotta call Alicia.

Joey: Awwww mannn, she got you whipped.

Shane: Man I aint whipped for nobody, shut up.

Joey, Tony and Sharon start to laugh at this.

Sharon: But Tony and Joey, all the girls I've seen you with, are sluts. I mean every single last one of them. They are complete whores. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw one of them on the corner of Grand street.

They all start to laugh at this except for Rayanne considering the fact that she dated Tony for a while. Tony laughs even harder when he notices Rayanne not laughing.

Sharon: Oh Rayanne I..I..I didn't mean you, I mean well, kind of, but not really, its' just that..umm i'm sorry

Tony and Joey continue to laugh even harder as they see Sharon trying to explain to Rayanne that she didn't mean her.

Rayanne: Forget it, I don't care Sharon. Just forget it. (yells at Joey and Tony) SHUT UP!

Joey and Tony continue laughing, They hear Shane in the background talking on the phone to Alicia.

Shane: Hold on baby. (puts his hand over the reciever)
SHUT UP, I'M TRYING TO TALK TO MY GIRL. (takes his hand off the reciever) sorry bout that, they was making too much noise. You wanna come down here, I can come get you.

Alicia (other line): Oh, thanks. I was kind of bored. Jordan lied, he said he'd come get me around 3 but he never showed up.

Shane: You should have called here, I would have come get you. I wouldn't forget about you.

Alicia(laughs) thanks

Shane: Alright I'll be there in 15 minutes. Bye.

Alicia: I love you.

Shane: Yeah so?

Alicia: Shannneee!

Shane: (laughs) I'm just playing, I love you too, I'll be right there, bye.

Shane comes out to where Joey and Tony are still laughing holding their sides. He see's Rayanne looking upset, and Sharon trying to talk to her. Shane tries to hold back a smile.

Shane: I'm bout to go pick up Alicia, be right back.

Joey and Tony: (finally stops laughing and are just smiling really hard) Alright man.

Sharon: Okay! (turns back to Rayanne) Hey Ray I'm really sorry.

Rayanne: Sharon! I don't care okay, just screw it okay.

Sharon: okay. (gets up and walks towards Joey and Tony trying to hide a smile)

Joey:(mouthes to her) you know you wanna laugh.

Sharon: (shocked look) Be quiet!

Sharon sits on the hammock taking Shanes place and lays there while Joey and Tony continue to talk.

Shane: Okay, I'm out now.

Shane goes outside and see's Angela and Jordan kissing. Angela is leaning against Sharon's car and Jordan is infront of her with his hands running through her hair. Angela's hands are running through his hair too.

Shane: HEY!

Angela and Jordan don't seem to hear him and continue to kiss even harder. Shane shakes his head and goes over to them and shakes the keys by the sides of their faces.

Shane: Got yah keys, going to pick up Alicia. Be back in 30.

Jordan just humms the words...

Jordan: Hm Mm

Angela takes one of her hands out of Jordans hair and waves to Shane then goes back into his hair.

Shane shakes his head and rolls his eyes, then heads towards Jordan's car and drives off.

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