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Chapter 40: Surely Missed

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The story so far

Chapter 40: Surely Missed

written by Michelle

added on: 14 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

At the Chases, Angela is sitting down on the piano stool, it's tuesday evening 6:09pm, finishing a poem/song that she's written for Nicole's funeral, which is in a couple days. The title is Surely Missed, another song she's singing is called Missing you, which she didn't write, its by Brandy and other famous artist. That's one song she isn't singing by herself, she's singing it with one of Nicoles close friends named Shanise.

Angela:vo-Oh My GOD, am i ever going to get this last verse right, I can't find the words really. maybe if i sing what I have, it'll come to me. Hopefully. Shanise will be here tomorrow to practice singing, missing you, with me.(sighs)-Mom!

Patty: (from the kitchen):In the kitchen!

Angela: Mom!

Patty: I said I'm in the kitchen!

Angela: huhhhhh!(walks into the kitchen and flops down in a seat where her mom is making a sandwich for herself.)

Patty: (smiles)Need something sweetie?

Angela: yeah...I can't get this last verse, I mean I try to write something and let it come to me, but, it just isn't working.(gets up and grabs a bag of pretzels, and starts eating them while leaning on the counter)I don't know what to do i only have today and tomorrow to think. If this was anyone other than Nicole, i would definitly not be singing. In all seriousness.

Patty: Well, honey just be patient, you're a great writer i'm sure it'll come to you. Why don't you ask Jordan to help you, he writes doesn't he?

Angela: Yeah...i guess i could call him and tell him to come over. He's probably just finishing up rehersal at the loft,he might be tired.

Patty: (looks at angela with one eyebrow raised)You know as well as i do, that he'd do anything for you, even if he is tired, he'll come over. He'd come over if he hadn't had days of sleep.

Angela: (sighs)True(starts thinking of Danielle and how hard she had to fight her tears that morning when she was trying to make her feel better...Gotta be strong for the family, never forget what yah mean to me....Heaven was angel, but why did they take you....first born...blessed with you on over me always

Angela: OH MY GOD! THANK YOU GOD! It just came to me, you might want to put your ear plugs back in mom.

Patty: (big smiles, showing all teeth)Thats great, hurry up so you won't forget it.

Angela starts to write down her lyrics and starts to put them together, as she sits at the piano. After an hour has gone by she finishes her song, its about 7:25, right now. Goes up to her room and starts to call Sharon, she hangs up the phone before she dials the last digit. She then looks out her window and looks at the clouds.: GOD, I know I only come to you when I need something or when Im in trouble, Im really sorry about that. I know its not right for me to do that . Well, I guess Ill just say what I have to say and get it over with. GOD I know I know that my cousin is dead, and its really starting to sink into me that Ill never see her again, well soon or something. But, I wrote this song for her, called Surely missed, Ive really never sung in front of a lot of people before, only a few, and Nicole was 1 of the few. She loved my voice like a lot for some odd reason. I just want you to like help me when I get up there to sing. I just dont want to mess up or anything, you know? I know I shouldnt be worried about that, but I am, I just feel like Nicole will be hearing it, and I want to sound good for heror something. I know that sounds like really lame or stupid, or just confusing but, I know if no one else understands, then you do. Thanks

Angela goes back over to her bed and lays down, she starts to call Sharon when the doorbell rings, she looks out the window and sees Jordans car on the side of the curb. She gets up, from he bed wondering why hes here. She goes downstairs and sees Danielle holding the door open for Jordan to come in.
Jordan sees Angela standing on the staircase with a notebook in her hand.

Angela-Vo-Why is he here, I look a hot mess. I have on sweat pants and a tank top for goodness sake. Geez.

Jordan walks over to her and gives her a light kiss

Jordan: Hey

Angela: Hey what are you doing here, I didnt know you were coming over.

Jordan (smiles) What? I cant come over and say hi to my favorite girl.

Angela (smiles, looks at him with on eyebrow, she walks slowly over to him again) Dont you mean your only girl?

Jordan (short laugh) Same Difference. (gestures towards her notebook in her hand) Whats that?

Angela (throws the notebook on the couch) nothing important.

Jordan: Are you, you know, ready to like sing in front of a lot of peopleI mean for your cousin though right.

Angela sighs and sits on the piano bench, she faces the piano and puts her fingers on some of the keys, shes playing the tune to her song surely missed, she isnt pressing the keys hard, she s just moving her fingers on the right keys, not making any noise.

Jordan: You never told me what you were going to sing and what you and that girl Shanise were going to sing. So..

Angela: UmmMissing you, by Brandy and Tamia, and this other song, that I wrote.

Jordan (eyes big, with a big smile) You write too!?

Angela: No, not really, I write poems mostly, I just wrote a song this time, because I justI dont know I just wanted too, I guess.

Jordan nods his head. From in the kitchen you hear something drop and a big splat. Next you hear Patty yells, Shoot!

Angela chuckles than gets up to go into the kitchen, her mother has dropped a container or cool whip. Angela and Jordan look at each other and smile.

Angela: Well doesnt this bring backpleasant memories.

Jordans smile gets bigger as he kneels down to help Patty clean up the floor. He looks at Patty and sees theres some in her hair. He starts to laugh, and soon Angela starts to laugh when she sees what hes laughing at.

Angela: Well doesnt this look a bit familiar. Those were some serious pleasant memories.

Patty: Theres nothing pleasant about this Angela, your father was going to make ice cream pie when he came home from work.

After Jordan and Patty gets done cleaning the kitchen floor Angela and Jordan go in the living room and start watching TV, Angela excuses herself and goes upstairs to go to the bathroom and to make a quick phone call to Sharon. Jordan see Angelas notebook on the other couch, he gets up and get it, and starts to read it

"Surely Missed"

Im sitting here all confused
Never-ending thoughts of you
My days and nights, theyre lonely
Happiest Times, all memories
I dream of past days gone by
When you were right here by my side
To help me cope with all this pain
Without you, my friend, lifes not the same

Good times, theyre gone
My smiles, no more
Childhood memories of you and me
Cant believe we never said goodbye
I sing this song
To show you your spirit lives on
I hope youre hearing this
Because youre surely missed

Woke up one day to bad news
Car accident involving you
A woman said youd be saved
Guess only God knew your fate

Jordan hears Angela approaching the steps, he quickly gets up and puts the notebook back on the couch, exactly the way it was.

Jordan: Vo-Oh my GOD shes like a really good writer, wish I could have finished it though, guess Ill just have to wait for the funeral, unless I ask her if I could hear it. Nah, shell probably say no, if I ask, geez all this time and she never told me about this. Why does she always shut people out. Wonder what other secrets shes keeping from me.

Angela: (Sits next to Jordan, who puts his arm around her shoulders): Im tired of this movie I want to watch something else before you have to leave , its like 8:30, now and youll probably have to be gone by like 10 or something.

Jordan: Okay what else you got? (angela goes to see what movie they have on VHS) *whispers* Is your mom still in the kitchen?

Angela: (smiles): yeah, why?

Jordan (smiles back at her) You know why?

Angela (holds a finger out to him to tell him to hold on): Mom!, were going to go get some White Castles, and to say hi to Jordans aunt, well be right back, you want anything?

Patty (yells from the kitchen) No thanks, be home by 10, its a school night Angela.

Angela: Okay! (grabs Jordans hand and run outside to his car, they drive to the loft, no one is there, they smile at each other and lay on the couch, where they start to make out...

*The song Surely missed, is actually by Nina sky*

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