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Chapter 41: Meeting Nicole's Friends

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The story so far

Chapter 41: Meeting Nicole's Friends

written by Michelle

added on: 18 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

**The Chases house, in the afternoon on a Wednesday. Its 4:30, and Angela is waiting on Shanise to come over so they can practice their song. Shanise actually insisted on coming to both the funerals, she drove out to Pennsylvania with her older brother, 19. Shes supposed to be there around 5:00pm. The only people at the Chases are Angela and Jordan. Graham is at the restaurant and Patty hasnt made it home from work yet, and Danielle is at her friend Katies house. Jordan begged Angela to stay so he could hear them rehearse, She only let him stay because he invites her to his rehearsals all the time. Jordan is so excited that he keeps looking out the window, downstairs while Angela is in her room, making some last adjustments to her song Surely Missed**

Jordan (shouts): Angela!Angela!

Angela (shouts back): Alright, hold on! (talks to herself) Oh GOD, I do not want to sing in front of him right now. What if he doesnt like it, or something. Why am I so nervous, its Jordan for crying out loud. Seriously Angela get a grip, if Nicole could see me right now, shed be calling me a nervous wreck. That was like her way of describing meokay Angela just go, down the steps, go

Angela comes down the stairs, wearing black jeans and a white tank top, as Jordan greets a girl, who is about 55, long blonde hair with black streaks, toned body, blue eyes, and very pretty. She had on a short black skirt with a black tank top on, with an red jean jacket, red belt, with black long boots, and jet black pantyhose.

Angela walks over to her.

Angela (shyly) Hey

Shanise (big smile): Hi, Angela. Dont try to act shy, Nicole talked about you all the time, she said you wereoutgoing and sometimes a nervous wreck or something like thatPlus we talked on the phone right?

Angela (Vo-someones a bit friendly, smiles at her) Yeah I guess. Well, I see youve already met Jordan.

Shanise: (smiles and nods her head): Sodo you have anything to eat that was a long drive?

Behind Shanise a guy with long black hair that is pulled back in a pony tail, blue baggy jeans, and a dark blue shirt, he is pretty tall with dark good looks, comes up behind her and says.

Guy: You just got here and youre already asking for foodtalk about desperate.

Shanise: You know what, shut up Brandon, okay, its not my fault you wouldnt stop off at a gas station and get me anything. For goodness sake, 12 hours is a long drive. And you took me to the nastiest gas station to take a piss, and wouldnt let me get anything there, so just shut up, ignorant slob. (mumbles something to herself)

Brandon: (puts his hand up to his ear and leans in to Shanise) Oh what was that? I didnt hear that last remark Nisey.

Shanise: (smiles coldly) Its not worth repeating(turns to Angela and Jordan) ..This is my annoying brother, who came with me. Hes 19 but acts 5 years younger when he wants to. Sometimes I hate him, sometimes I adore him, it all depends on what age he wants to act like for the time being.

Angela: (licks her lips, sighs, realizing she now has to sing in front of Jordan and guy she doesnt even know) Hey, (gestures to Jordan) this is my-

Brandon: Boyfriend? Yep I pretty much figured that out by how close you two are standing to each other, as you see Im about two feet away from this blonde broad.

Angela looks at Jordan who looks at her, hes trying to hold back a laugh.

Angela: Right. So uhh, you can sit anywhere you want, I just have to talk to Shanise for a minute. Come on Shanise, Ill get you somefood or something.

Shanise and Angela are in the kitchen while Jordan and Brandon are sitting on the couch. Some how theyve gotten on the subject about bands and found out that both of them have their own bands, they hit it off pretty easily talking about their bands and what instruments they play.

*Angela and Nicole in the kitchen*

Shanise is at the table eating some Italian pasta that Graham cooked 2 nights ago.

Shanise: This is like really good, so youre telling me that, your mom doesnt cook , but your dad does. You know Nicole told me that, but I never really believed, I just thought It was just sonot normal or something. In my house, my mom always cooks, and my dad cant cook for a thing. If my mom was here she would stay for like ever just to get your dads recipes.

Angela: Really, wow. Im sure my dad wouldnt mind if you took some home, for you mom.

Shanise: Oh my GOD, are you kidding me, she would like so love that.

Angela: Seriously, take as much as you want.

Shanise: Great! Thanks a lotWell I guess we should start practicing.
Angela: (sigh): Okay, but first, uhhyour brother he seems kind of goofy or whatever orI dont know, I cant explain it but, anyway, will he like laugh if I mess up or something?

Shanise: (sympathetic look) oh no, no, of course not, if I mess up, thats a different story, he would definitely laugh at me. But you, not you, and I think he would probably try to get with you if you didnt have a boyfriend. (smiles at angela, Angela starts to look nervous and moves her feet around)

Angela: Umm(nervous laugh)

Shanise: (touches angelas shoulder) Angela its okay, Im only kiddingbut he is a big flirt at times. So watch out.

Angela and Shanise starts to laugh.

*Jordan and Brandon are sitting in the living room discussing their bands.*

Jordan: So, your bands name is called Divine Destiny . Why Divine Destiny

Brandon: Well, it used to be called Legacy. We were debating on a new name. One night the band got into a fight about two different names, one was Destination and the other was Dusk to Dawn. So anyway, we had a girl who was the lead singer, but that night she left practice early because it was her mothers birthday or whatever. But uhh, before she could make it into her car in the parking lot, somebody robbed her for her car. We, usually go out with her to make sure shes alright and stuff, but we never really paid attention to her leaving that night, because we were all arguing about stuff. But anyway, about 5 minutes later, we heard gunshots, we all got down on the floor until we didnt hear anything again. That was when I thought about herDivine. That was her name, I ran outside and saw someone driving down the road extremely fast with her car. They had shot her in the chest a couple times, then I looked at her face, and then at her forehead and there it was. Thosedemons had shot her in the head and left her for dead. Ive never forgiven myself for not going out there with her, or asking her to stay longer or something. Thats when we decided to name the band after her, in her memory. Yeah, her nick name was Des, then we just stuck the tiny on the end of it. Im over protective of Shanise, well Nisey rather. Even though I might come off as a jerk to her sometimes, she knows I love her. Thats just the way we are, sometimes were jerks to each other and other times we can be closer thanever. I wouldnt let her come down here on her own. Shes going through a lot, losing her best friend and allI know how she feels.

Jordan: Man, thats rough. They didnt even have to shoot her, they could have just taken the car and lefther life was likestole or something.

Brandon: (puts his face in his hands, and leans over with his face and hands facing the floor)

Jordan: (Jordan pats him on the back awkwardly, but in a friendly way) Sowhen did this happen?

Brandon: (lifts his face and wipes his eyes as if he has something in it, but their really tears): Uhhabout 2 months ago. Not that long ago

Jordan: Oh, Im sorry man. I know how you feel, my uncle died earlier this summer, never got to say goodbye to himso I kind of know how you feel or whatever.

Brandon: (nods his head) yeahWheres the bathroom.

Jordan: Upstairs, take a right, first door on the left.

Brandon: Thanks

Jordan: No sweat.

Brandon looks back at Jordan and nods his head his direction to give him a silent thank you for listening to him. Jordan just nods his head back at him, and picks up Angelas notebook from off the other couch. Just as hes about to open it Shanise and Angela comes into the living room, Angela sees Jordan holding her notebook.

Angela: Oh thank GOD, thought Id lost it. (takes the notebook out of Jordans hand) Where was this? I thought Id left this in the kitchenwell thanks for finding it or wherever it was.

Jordan just looks at Angela with his head tilted to the side. He licks his lips. Angela starts to stare at Jordan. Then her eyes get big and she tucks her hair behind her ear.

Angela: You read it, didnt you!?

Jordan takes in a little breath like its a short laugh, like hes hearing something totally unbelievable.

Jordan: Noooo

Angela smiles at Jordan.

Angela: Uhh Jordan, in case you dont know, I know you well enough to know when youre lying.

Jordan: (smiles) I didnt read it alright. Shut upgeez.

Angela (starts to laugh at Jordan): You dont have to lie, and you dont have to be so offensive about it. You were going to hear it anyway, right?

Shanise: (cutting in their conversation) Wheres Brandon?

Jordan: Bathroom.

Shanise: Oh, mind if I get some water, I didnt drink anything while we were in there.

Angela: Sure, go.

Shanise walks out of the living room into the kitchen.

Angela sit next to Jordan and lays her head on his shoulder, while he places his arm over her shoulders.

Angela: So, how much did you read, playa.

Jordan: Playa? (smiles)

Angela: Abysinnia is rubbing off on me. But dont change the subject Jordan. Did you read all of it, if so, tell me if I need to change anything, if it sounds right, or looks right, or something? Tell me if I need to add something to it to make it better?

Jordan: I only read half. From what I read, Id have to say youre a pretty good writer. Wish you had of told me sooner, but for the most part the song was great. I mean it had like meaning in I or something, it wasdeep.

Angela: Oh yeah?

Jordan looks at Angela, she looks back at him.

Jordan: Yeah...

Angela: What's Brandon doing in the bathroom?

Jordan: He was a little upset, about something, I'll tell you about it later.

Angela: Oh okay, well Shanise is taking a long time...hope longer(smiles at jordan)

Jordan smiles back her. Angela then gets up and climbs on Jordan's lap. She has both of her leps on either side of Jordan. She's runnning her hands through his hair while he's got his hands under her shirt rubbing her back. They start to make out, for a while, Just has Brandon is coming down the steps he see's this, then comes down slower so he isn't heard, he then makes his way into the kitchen to find Shanise in there gulping down water. Brandon see's Shanise, just as she's about to say something he puts his fingers to his lips to tell her to be quiet. She gets the message. then mouthes "Whats wrong"

Brandon starts to silently laugh to himself. He mouthes back to her "Their making out" Shanise starts to smile,she then mouthes the words, "OH MY GOD". they start to laugh for a while. After about 10 minutes have gone by, Angela and Jordan walks into the kitchen. Shanise and Brandon look at them, while trying to hide their smiles.

Angela mumbles: sorry.

Shanise: We don't mind, do we Bran.

Brandon: Nope, it's yo thang, do what you wanna do(sings that)

Shanise: (sings the next part) I can't tell yah, who to sock it to.

Angela and Jordan laughs a little but its a nervous laugh. Brandon and Shanise start to burst out laughing. They all start to laugh now, while heading up to Angelas room where Graham and Jordan moved the piano to, so Angela could practice in privacy. Angela goes over to the piano bench and sits down, with Shanise sitting next to her. Jordan is laying on Angela's bed, with Brandon sitting on the edge, Jordan is showing Brandon Angela's cd collection. As they are doing this, Angela is singing the song to Shanise, but extremely quiet so only her and Shanise can hear. Angela tell's Shanise that she might have to sing surely missed with her, because there's a part at the end where she might need help with, if she starts to cry or choke up. Shanise understands and says she'll be glad to sing both of the songs with Angela.
Angela has started playing the piano, Jordan and Brandon look up from Angela's cd collection, waiting on her.

Angela: (vo-here goes nothin'...GOD help me.)...

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