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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 46: Halloween Drama

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The story so far

Chapter 46: Halloween Drama

written by Michelle

added on: 27 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*It is Halloween day and the camera is focusing on Angela as she puts on her costume for school. Her hair is dyed black, she has on black pleather (fake leather) tight pants, a black corset/top, and a long black pleather jacket. She decides not to wear the dark red lipstick. She puts the fake fangs teeth in her mouth and clips them on to her regular teeth. The fangs that her dentist got Sharon and her. Her hair is blow dried and a bit stringy in the front as if its damp in the front. Angela is mumbling things to herself*

Angela: Cannot believe I let Sharon talk me into to doing this nonsense.

*Danielle walks in the room with her cinderella costume on.*

Danielle: Are you talking to yourself?

Angela: What?

Danielle: I said are you talking to yourself, if so, you shouldnt let people see you doing it, theyd think youre mental or something.

Angela: (laughs a little) Well I wasnt really talking to myself, just thinking out loud Danielle.

Danielle: Yeah, so basically talking to yourself.

Angela: Danielle what do you want Im trying to put on my makeup.

Danielle: Mom told me to tell you, Jordan called and said he couldnt pick you up this morning because he had to do something for his aunt. Something about fixing her flat tire. So she wouldnt be late for work. Beats me, mom knows all the facts.

Angela: What time is it?

Danielle: 7:15.

Angela: Oh my gosh, I only have 15 minutes. And you! Youre supposed to be gone right now, your buss comes atlike now.

Danielle: Moms taking me, shes opening up late today.

Angela: Oh, well, okay then. So what I have to take the bus and you dont.

Danielle: Yeah, like its going to kill you to take the bus. Mom said wear a rain coat, she said its going to rain today.

Angela: I cant, it doesnt go with my costume.

Danielle: I told her youd say that, you always say things like that. I dont know why you care about how your outfits look, its not like you dress normal.

Angela: (smiles) What! How do I not dress normal.

Danielle: (disgusted look) Those ugly clothes in your closet should tell you. But you dont dress horribly ugh now, your taste has developed into a little something that I actually like, I just didnt want to admit it this summer.

Angela: (sarcastic) Oh wow thanks Danielle, that means a lot to me.

Danielle: Whatever. Why do you have so many books in you lap, wheres your book bag.

Angela: I broke the strap on my back pack, do you have yours from last year I can use?

Danielle: No I threw it away to get a new one.

Angela: (sighs) Come on, Ill finish this makeup at school. Lets go downstairs before mom starts yelling at us.

*Angela and Danielle go downstairs and into the kitchen and see Patty on the phone twirling the cord with her fingers. Danielle and Angela look at each with a weird look on their face. Shes laughing like a young girl and has a big smile on her face. Not one of her big fake smiles, but a real big smile like shes enjoying the conversation.*

Patty: Oh no, no, youre kidding me. You were not. No you werent, youre lying. (laughs) You hated my parents.

Person on the line: There were times when I liked them and times when I didnt like them.

Patty: Oh really, were the times when you didnt like them, every minute of our lives.

Person on the line: Patricia, Patricia, Patricia. It never fails for you to make me laugh.

Patty: Oh Tony stop it.

*Angela and Danielle looks at each other and mouth the words, TONY POOLE , start to whisper*

Danielle: Isnt that her old boyfriend? The one who she told us about?

Angela: Yeah, why is she still talking to him though?

Danielle: You dont think shes like cheating on d-

Angela: NO! Of course not Danielle mom wouldnt do that.

Patty: Tony, the last time we talked I told you that Camille Cherski, gave me your number. I didnt search you up in the phone book or anything.

Tony, on the other line: Yeah okay. So how is everything.

Patty: Everythings fine. So, why did you call me.

Tony: I just wanted to hear you voice, thats all.

Angela: I wonder whats he saying thats making her smile a real smile.

Danielle: I dont think hes SAYING anything, I think shes just doing that because of his voice. I thinks she does love him more then she loves dad, she never smiles like that when dads talking to her.

Angela: Danielle!

Danielle: What! Its true. Shes acting likeshes acting like you when you talk to Jordan.

Angela: vo-the funny thing about that, was, it was true. My mom never smiled like this when she was around my dad. She never acted likea teenager. Hopefully its just lust, and not love between her and this Tony Poole guy.

Patty: You want to see me!? We tried to meet up before but you mysteriously came down with the flu Tony.

Tony on the line: Yeah I know, I was just, nervous. I know youre married and have two or three kids-

Patty: Two. Two girls.

Tony on the line: Yeah two girls but , I just want to see you. I havent stopped thinking about you since that night.

Patty: Oh the night.

Tony on the line: So, can I see youor do I have to wait another 10 to 15 years.

Patty: Yeahbut Ill call you later on tonight, okay, bye.

*Patty hangs up the phone and tries to walk but realized the cord is warped around her body, she takes the phone off the hook and untangles herself and hangs the phone back on the hook. She sees Angela and Danielle staring at her*

Patty: Oh hi, good morning!

Danielle: Whats so good about it (disgusted look)

Angela: Was that Tony Poole.

Patty: Oh uhh, yeah, he just wanted to say hi and see how things were since we didnt get to see each other earlier this year.

Danielle: Yeah right.

Patty: No really he just wanted to make plans to come see me. US! I mean he wants to see me and meet you guys as well.

Danielle: Right. And the elephant man was gorgeous.

Angela: Danielle shut up, go get your back pack.

Danielle: Never fails for me to get kicked out of a room once again.

Angela: So, was it nice talking to him again.

Patty: Oh, yes, yes it was.

Angela: But I thought you told dad that you and Tony did meet up earlier this year. Now youre saying you guys didnt.

Patty: Well, you see I only told daddy that because-

Angela: Because you wanted to make him jealous.

Patty: Young lady, I would never do no such thing!

Angela: You dont have to lie, you regret ever marrying dad, you wish you were with Tony Poole right now, living like youre on top of the world!

Patty: That is enough! I only told him I saw him again because I felt it was the right thing to do at the time. Tony and I are just friends, and I love your father, so you can just stop it. Just stop it! And since you must know Tony is going to help me with something extremely important that would change all of our lives. OKAY! This conversation has come to an end.

Angela: (rolls eyes and stalks out the kitchen into the living room) WHATEVER!

She takes her Advanced Algebra book and notebook, and heads out the door to the bus stop where she sees Brian standing.

Angela: Hey

Brian: HiI mean hey. (turns around to look at her) OH MY GOD!

Angela: Krakow dont say anything, it wasnt my idea okay.

Brian: (laughs) okay.

Angela (laughs a little) Yeah, I have to admit though I kind of like the vicious/sexy vampire look dont you .

Brian: (laughs)

Angela: Brian Im so mad at you.

Brian: O well, whatever it is I didnt do it.

Angela: Okayyy, anyway why havent I met Michelle yet. Ive known you all my life, I think I should have met her by now.

Brian: We broke up.

Angela: Oh Im sorry, I didnt know. Thats too bad, I wish there was something I could do. When did you guys break up.

Brian: Umm, about a week ago.

Angela: And youre just now telling me. I thought we agreed that we were going to really be friends this time.

Brian: I could never get a hold of you!

Angela: Oh please, you came by my house everyday sophmore year and now you act like you dont even know you.

Brian: vo-Because I saw you having sex with Jordan!!!!!!!

Angela: Krakow!

Brian: What!

Angela: I just asked you were you going to the Halloween dance tonight.

Brian: Um I dont know. I thought it was homecoming anyway.

Angela: Well, Sharon kind of combined them together, its more like a costume Homecoming Dance. Come, come with me, Jordans not going, hes going to the track then to Tinos party.

Brian: What am I, your back up plan or your second choice or something.

Angela: Oh Krakow dont start this again.

Brian: Dont start what again!? I just asked you a simple question.

Angela: Youre not my back up okay, youre my friend, I just wanted to go out and have fun with someone who I havent did anything with since this summer. Its fall and Ive seen you a couple times since now. GOD!

Brian: vo: I never though Id ever see the day when Angela Chase would actually want to go somewhere with me again. She could just be using me again like she did last year at the happiness dance. Just so she could secretly hook up with Jordan outside while I was having a miserable time inside.(out loud) Oh, well, I dont know, I dont have anything to wear anyway.

Angela: So, come as you are.

Brian: No Im not going to a costume party and show up not wearing a costume thats like against the Halloween law or something.

Angela: Whatever you re coming. Youre coming with me, Sharon, Rickie, and Rayanne okay?

Brian: Fine okay, Ill, Ill be Rickie since he was me last year.

Angela (laughs) okay.Where in the world is the bus at. Shes like 10 minutes late.

Brian: Theres been a substitute all this week, shes late every day.

Angela: oh, stupid sub.

Brian: So, why isnt Jordan picking you up. (vo-Because you broke up and youll really in love with me. GOD can I be any lower. I gotta stop doing this to myself.)

Angela: He had to change a flat on his aunts car so she could be on time for work, or something like that. Dont know if its true, Danielle never has her facts straight.

Brian(vo-shell never like you in that way, shes already explained that, so stop thinking it Krakow) : Oh okay.

Angela: Yeah.

*Bus is coming down the street then pulls up next to Brian and Angela. They get on the bus and see kids with their costumes on. Some are witches, devils, cats, mice, princesses, princes, Cinderella, Dracula, Frankenstein, and many more. Some look at Angela as if shes lost her mind and some kids give her compliments on her fit. Angela goes to the back and takes a seat in the one person seat. Brian takes a seat in front of her.*

Angela: I think were the oldest people on here.

Brian: We are, its only freshmens and sophomores on here now, almost every junior or senior has a ride except us.

Angela: I may not have a car but I have a ride, thats good enough.

Brian: I thought you were saving up to get a explorer or something like that.

Angela: I was, but now I have like two options. My aunt Marla, Neals wife, she has this 1978 El Camino Super Sport car. Its very rare too. So(shrugs shoulders) I might buy that from her to save myself some money.

Brian: What color is it?

Angela: Wellll, its mostly all black, like half of it is black at the top, a little more than half, but at the bottom half its a dark hot pink color.

Brian: Hot pink! What has Sharon corrupted you or something.

Angela: Its not ugly when you think about it, Its kind ofwell it is like Sharon but.Im starting to like the color pink, surprisingly. And you have to remember its not all pink Brian, geez. Like, s of it is black. Youll see it soon.

Brian: So, is it in good shape.

Angela: Oh yeah it is. She kept it good over the years. Its in better shape then Jordans and his is in good shape too. The inside is hot pink and black too. The steering wheel is black. The seats are hot pink. The radio, seat belts, the stick, air vents, cup holders, its cool. Theres some silver on the inside, just for the like radio knob and the sticks, stick. (laughs)

Brian: (laughs) Does he know about it.

Angela: Who Jordan?

Brian: yeah

Angela: No I havent told him yet. But Imma tell him today.

Brian: Oh, well okay. Thats good I guess. Didnt you say he could get you a good deal on an explorer.

Angela: Yeah but, why do that when I can buy a car from my aunt, which is much cheaper, and is in good shape, and then that way I wont have to worry bout paying payments on it every month and stuff. It just would be easier to buy it from her.

Brian: You would take the easy way out.

Angela: Shut up!

*The bus pulls into the school parking lot. The camera focuses on all the kids in the parking lot who have on different costumes. Dressed as frogs, Angels, warlocks, pumpkins, Dragons, Freddy Kruger, Jason, axes in their heads, bloody mary, tigers, and much more. Angela spots Rickie standing by the fence with Delia. Rickie has on his Michael Jackson costume and Delia has on her Vampire Princess costume.*

Angela: You coming?

Brian: Umm no I think Ill go look for Dwight

Angela: Who is that?

Brian: This new guy here, he came a few days ago.

Angela: Oh youre friends with him.

Brian: Yeah, well kind of. Maybe more like acquaintances, I dont think I can call him a friend yet

Angela: Oh, that name sounds so familiar, I think I once knew a Dwight. I went to camp with.. (flashback to when she was at camp and a guy took her to the side and wiped marshmallows off her mouth then kissed her.back to reality.)

Brian: Do you know him?

Angela: It cant be him. Impossible (says to herself...then Brian) Is his last name Williams.

Brian: Yeah howd you know.

Angela: Does he have brown hair and blue eyes, sometimes their blue and sometimes their green, depends on the light.

Brian: Never really looked at the guy eyes, but I think so why.

Angela: When he talks does the corner of his upper lip kind up move up to the side too.

Brian : (laughs) yeah, howd you know that.

Angela: Nothing never mind, I thought that maybe it was this guy I went to camp with when I was 14. Its nothing, you see he lived in New York and theres like no way he could be like here now oryou know what Ill see you later, just forget about it. See yah.

Brian: He is from New York.

Angela: (eyes get big and she puts her head down and scratches her head a bit)

*Angela walks away as Brian says bye in the air and turns around and walks the other way. Angela is headed toward Rickie and Delia as their leaning against the gates

Rickie: Hey, Angela you lookfeisty, and hot too.

Delia: Yeah you do, you look like youd be ready to beat someone up in a minute.

Angela pops her jacket collar and smiles at them.

Angela: Well I did teach myself how to box with my dads old boxing bag. Sharon did too. Brian was always afraid that he would hurt himself.

Rickie: Sounds just like Brian. But anyway you never told me that.

Angela: I never told anyone really.

Delia: Sharon didnt tell me that either. What other secrets do you two have that you wont share with us.

Angela: (innocent, sweet voice) nothing!

Rickie: Yeah right. Anyway Rayanne was looking for you.

Angela: Really, well where is she? Whatd she want.

Rickie: Nothing really, she just wanted to make sure you wore your costume.

*The bell rings and they walk inside the school building surrounded by walking monsters. Delia and Rickie go to find Sharon as Angela go looking for Jordan. Its been a couple minutes and she still hasnt found him yet. She decides to forget it and go to her homeroom. As shes walking up the steps she passes Cynthia Hargrove whos giving her a dirty nasty look. Angela looks at her as if shes lost her mind. Angela is taken aback by the looks and is a little hurt by it because she thought they were cool, she doesnt show her hurt though. Angela reaches the top of the steps and turns around and sees Cynthia still staring at her with a dirty look on her face. They stare at each other for what seems like a lifetime. Jordans coming down the staircase above Angela and sees her and quickens his pace. In his mind hes thinking What the heck does she have on. She looks evil and good at the same time. Angela walks down to the middle of the steps shes just walked up and looks Cynthia in the eye.*

Angela: Can I help you, because youre staring mighty hard.

* Jordan is now at the top of the steps where Angela has just walked down the middle of. Hes looking at Angela and Cynthia. A few people in the halls and on the steps have stopped to see whats going on.*

Angela: Oh, you stare at me with a nasty look on your face and now you have nothing to say once I respond to it.

Cynthia: Why dont you ask your wanna be FAITHFUL boyfriend. Ever wonder why you couldnt get a hold of him when you went out of town this past summer.

Angela: Excuse me. How do you I was outta town, WHY do you know, wh-wh-WHAT! (frustrated and gets a confused look on her face)

Cynthia: I didnt stutta

Angela ( still confused, but tries not to show it, rolls her eyes ) I dont have time for this

Cynthia: What!? You scared you might get into a fight and end up getting beat up.

Sharon and Rayanne from the crowd: Angela and Cynthia! WHAT!

Rayanne yelling: Yeah Angela!!!!

Sharon trying to move through crowd: Angela its not worth it!

Angela: First of all I dont fight over ANY guy okay. Never have and I never will. Or whatever it is youre stepping to me about understand? Plus, you dont wanna fight me anyway.

Cynthia: (laughs as if this is extremely funny to her) Oh please, dont you mean you dont wanna fight ME! Plus I havent fought anyone in a while, you know, just thought Id start a little something with you to take my anger out on yah. (smiles in a mean angry way, sticking her nose up)

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhh!

Angela: You heard me right the first time. And what would I be fighting you for anyway?! A stupid stare that you gave me over someone or something. A ridiculous look that didnt even have to be given. Thats nothing to fight over, plus it would solve nothing, it would just cause more anger in between us. Ive said it once and Ill say it again, I dont have time for thisnonsense.

Cynthia: You mean you dont have time to get your but kicked.

Angela: (hand movements pleading her to come towards her) Oh please, take a few steps, youll be doing me a favor.

Cynthia: (takes a step closer to Angela and looks her in the eyes, One of Cynthias friends, a Chinese girl with sunglasses on takes a few steps with Cynthia and looks Angela in the eyes too.) Watch your back Chase.

Angela: Perhaps you should watch yours also, Cynthia.

Crowd: ohhhhhhhh!

Random kids: GET UM!

Random kid 2:Kick her butt Cynthia!

Random kid 3: GET UM CHASE!

Other comments coming from the crowds: bout time somebody step to Cynthia, Whats going on I cant see, Chase and Hargrove thats a shocker probably over Jordan Catalano.

*Angela moves her head and neck fast (aka boot up) at them to try to scare them as if she was about to fight them at that exact moment. Cynthias friend flinches and moves back and falls back on one step. She trips and falls to the ground and quickly gets up and brushes herself off. Cynthia looks at her and rolls her eyes, then looks at her friend and rolls her eyes too. The crowd that has surrounded them is slowly breaking up because of teachers trying to get in to see whats going on. As the argument was going on all he kids were making sounds and noises some were instigating. Cynthia is about to leave when Angela opens up her mouth*


Cynthia: Whatever

Angela turns around and flicks her off as shes walking up the steps. She walks pass Jordan giving him a look as if to say What was she talking about, with the wanna be faithful thing. She keeps walking up the stairs and turns into the other hallway to go up the stairs. Jordan looks at Cynthia and bites him thumb, he then shakes his head in disgust. Cynthia stares back at him with a satisfied look on her face. Satisfied that shes made Angela angry and interfering in their relationship. Jordan turns around and slowly goes up the next flight of stairs. He stops at the top of the stairs before turning right to go to the other hallway. After a few seconds of waiting he turns he walks a little further and turns to his right to go to the other hallway. He doesnt see Angela leaning against the wall waiting on him. She notices that he isnt going to stop. She sticks her leg out and puts it up to his stomach, which gets his attention. She pushes him back against the wall with her leg, then goes in front of him and is face to face with him. She stares at him and waits of him to say something. She holds his stare for what seems like forever. When he finally cant stand it any longer he breaks the stare and looks the other way, with Angelas eyes following every move he makes.

Jordan: WHAT!?

Angela: Thats all you have to say.

Jordan: What do you want me to say?! (runs hands through hair) Geez.

Angela: (calm voice, but you can tell shes trying to hold back her anger) : The girl who you used to screw 24/7 or whenever you got a chance to just basically said she wanted to fight me over YOU! In front of everyone. And you know what else she did. She also sent off a few hints to say that you and her or some other girl have been creeping behind my back. (voice is getting harsher and colder with every word. Shes starting to do facial expressions that would go with her attitude. Hand gestures. Her neck is starting to move as if shes extremely angry) NOT COOL JORDAN! Tell me now, or forget about us, because I cant be in a relationship with a guy who cant keep his hands off of other girls, especially hos. AND PLEASEEEEE tell me how did she know I was outta town. And why did she know. If you dont tell me a true straight answer then were through, FORREAL THIS TIME!

The halls are almost cleared out as people hurry and rush to go to homeroom. A few people are being nosy and trying to overhear what Angela and Jordan are arguing about. Most of the people just walk by them and give them weird looks or laugh. Sharon and Rayanne are coming up the steps and see Angela and Jordan arguing,

Sharon: Come on well take the long way.

Rayanne: No, I wanna hear!

Sharon: Rayanne!

Rayanne: What I do!

Sharon: Im not gonna snoop on my best friend and her boyfriend having an argument that would destroy them.

Rayanne: Oh please, its high school they were bound to break up sooner or later. Everybody does.

Sharon: Yeah but not them.

Rayanne: Whatd yah mean not them?

Sharon: They actually like, love each other, their not just a couple because they just want to be. Their a couple because they actually care about each other. They are the kind of couple who would be together all through high school, go to the same college, and afterwards get married. Thats the kind of relationship they have. It isnt just some teenage boyfriend girlfriend thing, its real, their real.

Rayanne: (sarcastic) Wow Sharon that was just like so beautiful.

Sharon: Rayanne Im serious, come on lets go.

They walk down the stairs still talking about Angela and Jordan, Sharon gets Rayanne to believe that their actually a real couple and not the kind she think of them as.

Rayanne: Youre right okay, geez, I just, didnt really want to admit that our little Angela is growing up.

Sharon: Oh give me a break!

*Back to Angela and Jordan*

Jordan: (holds his hands up and makes hand gestures like he does when hes mad) Would you just calm down! Take a breath, cool down.

Angela: (eyes get big ) Dont tell me to cool down, take a stinking breath after your lowlife ex girlfriend or ho or whatever she was to you just-

Jordan: SHUT UP! Its just a stupid rumor shes spread about us sleeping together this summer, dont believe everything you hear. Just calm the heck down and act like youre not crazy for one minute.

Angela: Rumor? Theres a rumor going around about you and her and you didnt say anything about it before Id found out.

Jordan: I just did!

Angela: O well sure, now you do after that little incident on the steps.

Jordan: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Listen to what Im saying, then say what you wanna say. Okay?

Angela: (disgusted look) You spit on me. Okay.

Jordan: Okay.

Angela: (impatient) okayyyyyy


Angela: GO! Say it! Explain!

Jordan: Alright! Just give me a chance to think, okay.

Angela rolls her eyes with impatience. Shes trying to stay angry to keep herself from crying.

Jordan: Look, to make a long story short, you went out of town to visit your grandparents. I never talked to you when you were outta town, because I was always out with Shane going to parties every night. Cynthia was at those parties, we hung out, we talked, like friends at first.

Angela: (disgusted look) AT FIRST!?

Jordan: Angela let me finish. I missed you, I was lonely. She started whispering stuff in my ear, one thing led to another and next thing I know I was in her car. Then I stopped myself from doing anything else with her-

Angela: What do you mean by anything else.

Jordan: I mean I stopped myself from DOING anything else with her, get me? (nods her head) Okay good. I got out the car and went home then.

Angela: (Isnt mad anymore but is basically sad, trying her best not to cry as she continues to talk and have the conversation) Were you drunk or something?

Jordan: YES! I was drunk, I was mad about that guy Matt kissin you and I got drunk with Shane.

Angela: (shaking head) You just set your own self up.

Jordan: What are you talking about now?

Angela: (laughs a little voice is raspy because a few tears has come down from her eyes. Jordan tries to wipe her tears away but she smacks his hand down, which makes his eyes get wide) What am I talking about now? Im saying you were drunk, how could you possibly remember all of that. How could you possibly remember that you didnt do anything, sayyyy sleep with her, before you got out her car. You said yourself , you were kissing her at the party and then BAM! Next thing yah know youre in her car. (laughs some more as if shes crazy) I cannot believe this. I cannot believe I gave my virginity up to a (screams this) LYING, CHEATING, SELF CENTERED, IGNORANT, (she cant think of a mean name to call him) DUDE! (looking down and mostly talking to herself but whispering) Guys will do anything to get you into bed. Thought youd actually changed. Silly me, innocent Angela fell for the crap again.

Jordan: WHAT! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME! Look I was drunk, but I remember some of the things Angela. I dont remember every last detail but I remember the. important ones. I didnt sleep with her.

Angela: (isnt paying attention to what hes saying just keeps talking and talking and laughing at the same time trying to keep from crying a lot more) :I cannot believe that you would do this to me. I mean GOD Jordan first you slept with my former best friend now you go and sleep with some other girl, what are you a sex addict or something. You would think you would have learned your lesson the first time.

Jordan: Screw this, Im not about to beg you to believe the truth- (angry, about to leave, takes a few steps down the hall then stops, and looks back at Angela, changes his mind about leaving ) WHY! Are you bringing up the past Angela!?

Angela: (tears begin to come down her eyes even more and flow down to her cheeks making her black eyeliner come down with her tears. Her chin is shaking and shes trying to talk at the same time but keeps sniffing.) Im not bringing up the past Jordan Im bringing up the facts okay. Im bringing up something that you should have learned your lesson from but obviously you didnt. (she looks down the hall and looks at the clock and sees that shes 18 minutes late for homeroom. ) Im late for homeroom.

Jordan: You might as well not even go theres only 2 minutes left. And I did learn my lesson Angela, believe nothing of what you hear, half of what you see, and all of what you feel and do. Dont believe Cynthia lying mouth okay.

Angela: Oh please, when did you start saying stuff like that(shakes her head and looks at the floor again) You dont know how bad I wish I could believe you but I cant.

Jordan: (tries to say something but chokes up on his words) ah-, uh.sighs

Angela turns and walks down the hall and turns right headed towards the bathroom instead of homeroom. When she gets in there she skips 1st period and cries for 45 minutes and uses the bathroom. The next 10 minutes she does her make up over. After the bell rings after 1st hour Sharon comes into the bathroom to come looking for Angela. She finds her and knows her and Jordan must have broken up, tries to act like she didnt over hear them though.

Sharon: Okay, whats wrong?

Angela: Nothing, why do you ask?

Sharon: Look, weve known each other since we were practically babies, I think I can tell when somethings wrong Chase face.

Angela: (silent)

Sharon: Angela what happened, whats the matter, stop it.

Angela: Stop what?

Sharon: Stop shutting people out

Angela (gathering her things together): Im not shutting anyone out Sharon. Im fine. Its Halloween, I get to be someone besides my self for once. (sighs)

Sharon: Whats that supposed to mean?

Angela: Dont worry about it, come on lets go, Ill walk you to your second hour.

Sharon: Right, and yours is only 2 doors down.

Angela: kay.

Sharon: (whining now) Angela! Dont do this to me, Im gonna keep bugging you until you tell me, and you know how annoying I can be at times.

Angela (sighs) : I found out Jordan slept with Cynthia this summer while we went to visit my grandparents, we had a fight this morning, we broke up, end of discussion. (takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself before she starts to cry)

Sharon: I thought that was just some stupid rumor, its not true, it cant be true.

Angela: (accusing look) : You knew! And you didnt even tell me. What am I saying, of course you knew youre the queen of gossip. When did you find out.

Sharon: Angela its not true, you just broke up AGAIN! Over nothing.

Angela: When did you find out Sharon?

Sharon: Not THAT long ago, just (says this really fast) the first day of school.

Angela: WHAT! You, you, I cant believe you didnt tell me.

Sharon: Honey its not true, Angela dont listen to all these rumors most of the times their lies, believe me I know. (shrugs shoulders) But the ones I spread are true. (sarcastic) Hmmm, wonder why I didnt spread this one around, could it be, because its not TRUE!

Angela: What makes you so sure, its just some little lie? He was drunk, how could he possibly remember anything. Thats like totally impossible to remember all that stuff and you were drunk while it was happening.

Sharon: (sighs) And what makes you so sure its true. Maybe he was just tipsy.

Angela: (rolls eyes) : Because, I dont know, but I had his argument or close to being a fight thing with Cynthia Hargrove.

Sharon: Get out! I thought it was just an argument didnt know you almost fought her. I was there in the crowd but couldnt really see anything.

Angela: Nope, Im dead serious.

Sharon: Put that on something.

Angela: I put it on me.

Sharon: Really wow, what did she say towards the end, I couldnt hear then.

Angela: Just some crap about watching my back, but then I told her and her friend to do the same.

Sharon: O. Wow Chase youre tough when you wanna be. But you really should looks out for Cynthia shes scum Angela.

Angela: (taken aback by Sharons name calling) : What do you mean shes scum

Sharon: I mean, the way she acts, the way she treats people, how she thinks shes the bomb, and all that. Just the way sheis I guess.

Angela: Maybe she acts a certain way because of the life she has, you dont really know her Sharon, she might act a certain way because of certain things that have gone on in her life. Shes a human, you shouldnt call her scum, its not right.

Sharon: OH MY GOD, are you defending the girl who is picking fights with you, spreading rumors about your boyfriend and her. How could you defend her like that.

Angela: Im not defending her Im just saying shes a human being like you and me, she doesnt deserve to be called scum. Maybe shes the way she is for a reason.

Sharon: OH Angela please, come on, you have gotta be kidding me.

Angela: Just forget about it, okay.

Sharon: Gladly. (starts to look in the mirror and fix her hair)

Angela: (sighs) Come on were late, I gotta get outta here, Im all out of tears.Stop looking in the mirror Sharon, come on were late.

Sharon: (tries to cheer Angela up) For a very important date.

Angela: Alice in Wonderland, big no no Sharon.

Sharon: Oh shut up.

Angela: (little smile): By the way, thanks for the costume it took me 10 minutes to use the bathroom.

Sharon: Sorry (laughs)

Angela and Sharon walk out of the bathroom into the stream of kids running and walking through the halls. Angela and Sharon are walking towards Angelas locker before going to their classes. The two minute warning bell rings and they start to walk faster. Angela and Sharon gets to the hallway where Angelas locker is, Angela sees Jordan getting a notebook out of his locker and doing something else in there, probably trying to figure out what hell need for the next few classes. He looks up from his locker then looks at Angelas which is right next to his. He touches it with his hands and leaves it there for a few seconds, he then closes his eyes. Angela stops for a second and her chin starts to tremble. She tries to quickly recover , then tries to turn around and just go to class but Sharon pulls her arm.

Sharon: Oh no you dont, you must go to your locker, if you dont youre gonna bomb the Spanish test, you guys can use your notebooks remember.

Angela: Shouldnt have told you, you remember everything.

Sharon: Indeed I do.

Angela rolls her eyes and walks up to her locker when Jordan is closing his at the same time, he doesnt look at Angela as she goes in and starts her locker combination but looks at Sharon instead. Sharon mouths the words TALK TO HER to him but he refuses and just turns and walk the other way. Angela gets her locker open hurriedly gets her notebook out. Sharon and her go to their separate classes. Angela sees Jordan sitting in his regular seat which is in the back by the window. She usually sits in front of him but this time is hoping she doesnt have to. There are no more empty seats left so she takes a seat in front of him. As she goes back to her seat people look at her and her costume and compliment her. She just gives them a sweet smile and keep walking. She sits down without looking at Jordan. Instead he was looking at her since shed walked into the class.

Ms. Kemp: Since today is Friday and its Halloween Ive decided to just have a movie day. (people in the class yell and holler and clap their hands) Settle down , settle down.

Abyssinia boyfriend-Eric: What are we watchin

Ms. Kemp: Dangerous Minds. Can you believe I got the school board to let us show you guys this movie. Anyway Then well take the Chapter 5 test on Wednesday, so theres no excuse any of you should get anything lower than a B on that test. Im giving you 4 EXTRA days. You should pass with flying colors. No one in this class should get anything lower than a B.

*Ms. Kemp puts the tape into the VCR and starts the movie. There are a few previews in the beginning she stands up and fastfoward the tape and waits as it rewinds slowly. Angela takes off her jacket and sets it by he window, revealing her all pleather costume. She sits back down in her seat and slouches down and puts her head on her hand waiting on the movie to start. *

Ms. Kemp: Are any of you going to join the talent show.

*Angela sits up and listens to the teacher now*

Eric: Theres a talent show, when?

Ms. Kemp: Oh you havent heard, I thought they were putting up posters today, they must be doing it later on. But anyway, theres a sign up sheet on my desk if you want to join, Im over it so if theres any questions just ask me. Theres one posted by the office too.

Eric: Hey when is it?

Ms. Kemp: December 10. So youll have plenty of time to think and practice about what you want to do.

Eric: So what, you join it or do you audition.

Ms. Kemp: Auditions, so you have to be good to get in.

Random kid: STOP, stop the tape, its started.

Ms. Kemp: Well talk about this later next week sometime.

*Ms. Kemp starts the tape and they watch the movie. 10 minutes into the movie Ms. Kemp gets up from her seat and goes to her desk and looks under. Theres a big box under there, with 99 cents bags up chips. She puts the box on a persons desk and tells them to pass it back. The box goes back to Angela and she picks a bag of Doritos out of it. She holds the box over her shoulder to give to Jordan. He doesnt take it because his eyes are on the movie. She shakes the box and he still isnt paying attention to it. Angela turns around and slams the box down on his desk really hard which gets his attention. She turns back and around and opens her bag and starts to watch the movie again. Jordan gets out a bag of Doritos also and passes the bag next to the person in the next row. He turns back to the movie. The movie goes on and kids are enjoying it and laughing and paying close attention to it. Theres a girl on the movie named Angela and a guy name Ameillo. Who reminds them of Angela and Jordan.

Erics friend: Aye yall! Thats Angela and Jordan!

*This causes everyone in the class to laugh except for Angela and Jordan, even Ms. Kemp laughs. After their done laughing they go back to the movie..

**After school, Angela and Sharon are walking in the hall they get to the school exit and stand there for a while, while Sharon is digging in her purse for her keys.**

Sharon: Uh oh.

Angela: What do you mean uh oh?

Sharon: I mean I cant find my keys. Oh shoot, I forgot I let Rayanne hold them for me when Id left my purse in my locker. I didnt feel like carrying them and she put them in her purse for me.

Angela: Well, where is she, did she already leave, she better not had already left because I am not going to get a ride home with-

Sharon: Angela shut up, but yeah she already left she left with Tino. Hes having a party tonight and shes helping him set up.

Angela: WHAT! Oh my GOD, Sharon. How could you be so irresponsible, YOURE SHARON, the Sharon I know is like-

Sharon: Shut up, it was just a little mistake, you act like youre gonna die if Jordan gives you another ride home.

Angela: I will.

Sharon: O right, you get into a car with Jordan and you instantly die, okay Angela, stop being a drama queen, I think Im rubbing off on you.

Angela: Where is he.

Sharon: Behind you.

Angela turns around and sees Jordan walking down the hall with a pack of cigarettes in his hand trying to get it open, he comes towards he exit and stops when he notices Angela and Sharon waiting by the doors. Angela turns around and starts walking outside, she walks to the steps then sit down on them.

Sharon: Hi!

Jordan: Wasup.

Sharon: Um I have a small dilemma.

Jordan: What? (confused look)

Sharon: A problem, I have a small problem.

Jordan: Yeah, so what is it.

Sharon: Oh, you see, I left my keys with Rayanne and now shes gone. And me and Chase Face doesnt have a way home. Could you take us? (pleading look)

Jordan: Sure, come on I gotta get to Tinos. (takes a cigarette out of the pack and then takes a lighter out of his jacket pocket, looks at Sharon and opens the door and they walk out.

Sharon touches his arm and stops him before they start walking again.

Sharon (worried look) : I thought you quit, well were at least trying to quit.

Jordan looks at Angela and sighs, then looks back at Sharon. He takes the cigarette in his mouth then lights it. Inhales on it then exhales. Looks at Angelas back while shes still sitting on the school steps.

Jordan: Thought I quit too.

Sharon: (yanks the cigarette out of his mouth then throws it to the ground. Jordan looks at her as if shes crazy)

Jordan: I needed that.

Sharon: No you didnt.

Jordan: Yes I did, you betta be glad youre a girl.

Sharon: Youll thank me later.

Jordan: Dont think so. Come on, looks like its gonna rain.

Sharon and Jordan walk outside , Jordan stands by Angela on the steps waiting for her to get up. She gets up then walks away, she turns around and says.

Angela: I think Ill walk

Sharon: Come on Angela I dont wanna walk, itll only be 10 minutes.

Angela: Nobody said you had to walk with me Sharon.

All of a sudden they hear a loud crash of thunder. All three look up at the sky and see the clouds have darkened and are moving slow.

Jordan: Still wanna walk?

Angela rolls her eyes and walks ahead of Jordan and Sharon and speed walks to Jordans car.

Jordan laughs a little

Sharon: Sooo are you going to talk to her.

Jordan: No

Sharon: Why not!

Jordan: Tried. Failed.

Sharon: So dust yourself off and try again. (brushes his shoulder)

Jordan: If she dont believe me, thats her problem. I dont care.

Sharon: Oh you are so, UGH!If you dont care then why are you smoking again.

Jordan: Shut up Sharon

Sharon grins as she waits on him leaning against the car. With Angela on the other side she goes over there and leans against her with her head on her shoulder. Angela shrugs her shoulder which moves Sharons head. Sharon has a sad look on her face. Angela smiles a little and rolls her eyes, as Sharon lays her head back on Angelas shoulder.

Jordan pulls another cigarette outta his jacket and lights it and smokes it before getting into the car. When hes done they all get into the car as it starts to pour down outside. Sharon hops into the back on purpose and Angela gives her a mean look. Sharon returns the look with a small grin. Angela gets into the front seat looks out the window. She gets tired of the silence, and reaches towards the radio station, she changes her mind and thinks twice about it, then takes her hand away from the radio. Jordan sees this.

Jordan: (sighs) I dont care.

Angela reaches towards the radio, as shes looking for a good station she glances at him.

Angela: You dont care about anything do you? Or anyone? Am I right?

Jordan: (takes a hand off of the steering wheel and moves it in the air a little) Not now Angela.

Angela: You mean not ever right?

Jordan: Angela

Angela: Whatever

Sharon: Okayy! Um I live- 3147386627

Jordan: I know where you live. And Im not taking you home first anyway.

Sharon: Oh, yeah, right, okay.

Angela (act like shes thinking hard) : So tell me, how long were you doing this behind my back. I know since August, but anytimes before that?

Sharon: Chase face, maybe this isnt the best time to bring this up.

Angela: No, no I cant wait any longer, I wanna know. Now.

Jordan: (sighs, comes to a red light, he closes his eyes and leans his head against the back of his seat.) Im not getting into this right now.

Angela: (sarcastic) Yah going to have to do it sooner or later, why not sooner.

Jordan: (yells): Because I dont wanna talk about this in front of Sharon. (looks at Sharon in the mirror, and makes a face to tell her no offense She smiles a small smile with a sympathetic look)

Angela: Fine, drop her off first then.

Jordan: (Green light now, he speeds up then does a U-TURN.) I will!

Angela: Well GOOD! But dont kill us first.

Jordan: Whatever

Angela: Whatever yourself.

Jordan: Like I said, whatever.

Angela: Must you have the last word!

Jordan: Yeah.

Angela rolls her eyes then turns the Radio up, when Buffalo Toms song just goes off, she turns the radio station and decides to listen to some Rap for a change, Tupacs song Me and my Girlfriend comes on.

5 minutes later, they reach Sharons house. Tinos car is in Sharons driveway with the passenger side door open. Rayannes feet are dangling out the door, she sees Jordans car and sees Sharon headed towards her.

Rayanne: Come on well take you back to school to get you car, we have to hurry though.

Sharon: oh okay, thanks.

Sharon waves to Jordan and Angela as she gets in the back of Tinos car.

*back to Angela and Jordan*

Jordan: So.

Angela: Forget it, I dont even WANNA talk now, just take me home.

Jordan: (whispers to himself) What is this PMS.

Angela: I heard that and NO its called being pissed off at a self-centered jerk.

*Jordan drops Angela off at home before she gets out the car, he touches her hand and grabs it and looks her in the eyes. They stare at each other for a while. Angela shakes her head and gets out of the car walking towards her house. Shes looking back at Jordan with a confused look on her face. She rings the doorbell and Danielle answers with her friend Katie behind her. Danielle smiles and waves to Jordan who gives her the peace sign. Angela walks pass Danielle kind of pushing her to the side.*

Danielle: What crawled up your butt?

Angela: Sorry, Im just mad right now. I could seriously kill Jordan.

Danielle: Whatd he do.

Angela (gives her a weird look): I cant believe I actually want to tell you.

Danielle: Yeah well, get over it and spit it out.

Angela: He cheated on me, with another girl, his ex or whatever she was to him. This summer. Even though he completely denies the whole thing. But surprisingly Im starting to believe he didnt, because of something that just happened in the car before I got out.

Danielle: How many times, and what did he do with her, and why are you starting to believe him

Angela: I dont know how many times, he slept with her supposedly. But just now before I got out the car he looked into my eyes and I could almost tell that he was telling the truth. And thats so weird because

Danielle: Because.

Angela: BecauseI dont know. (mostly to herself) I should have talked to him, I NEED to talk to him.

Katie: Ive heard all about him, I dont think hed do that, right Danielle.

Danielle: Right. We know him, he doesnt seem like the type whod do that. Especially to you, because hes sprung, he tries not to be, but you can like so see through him.

Angela: What do you know, you can know a person for years and still not know them, know them, you know.

Katie: She has a point Danielle.

Danielle: Well her point is useless because it doesnt count with Jordan.

Angela: I cant believe Im talking to two 12 year olds about my love life.

Danielle: Well you are.

Katie: Correction, Im 13 remember.

Angela: Oh yeah, I forgot, you were a year older then Danielle.

Danielle: ANYWAYS! What are you gonna say to him the next time you see him?

Angela: I dont know.

Danielle: (looking out the front door window) Well you better find out, because he just pulled up.

Angela: WHAT!?

Angela gets off the couch and stands up and looks out the door window. She sees Jordan sitting in his car, as if hes thinking of what to say when he rings the door bell.

Angela: (whining) Why is he here!?

Danielle: Im guessing he wants to talk to you. I mean its just a guess.

Angela: Enough sarcasm Danielle. (thinking hard) Tell him Im not here.

Katie: Thats gonna be hard to believe considering the fact that he just dropped you off Angela.

Angela: True. Well then tell him Im in my room busy.

Danielle: Hes getting out of his car now. And anyway hell just tell me go get you.

Angela: Well then think of something else, I gotta go.

Angela runs upstairs and into her room. She goes and sits at her desk and looks in the mirror. She then gets up and runs to her window and looks out the window and sees Jordan slowly walking up the steps with his hands in his jacket pockets. She closes her blinds and starts to get out of her Halloween custome and change into regular day clothes. After she undresses she takes out a size small tank top then a size medium tank top. She puts on the white medium sized tank top then puts on the black small sized tank top over it. She then grabs a pair of sweat pants that are black with two black paw prints on the back of them. She goes over to the door and locks it then she turns on her radio and puts a smashing pumpkins cd in. She lays in her bed listening to the music as she looks at the ceiling thinking.

Downstairs Danielle and Katie are waiting at the door, Danielle yanks the door open when she sees him about to ring the door bell.

Jordan: uh hey.

Danielle: Hi, let me guess you want Angela.

Jordan: Um, uh, is she busy cause I can come back, I, I , I I mean(sighs) Where is she?

Danielle: Dont bother, shes in her room.

Jordan: (scratches his head) Well, go get her.

Danielle: Look Jordan she doesnt want to talk to you now. Point, blank. End of story. Okay.

Jordan (nods his head) okay.

Jordan walks inside the house and passes up Katie and Danielle. He walks up the steps and sits at the top of the stairs. Danielle and Katie exchange looks. Danielle shakes her head.

Danielle: Their both crazy. Plain and simple.

Katie: Boys


Angela from inside her room turns her music up louder and tries not to pay any attention to anything Jordan is saying. Downstairs Danielle and Katie is trying to watch TV but cant so they decide to go outside and take a walk up to the corner store to get something to snack on.

Danielle by the bottom of the stairs yells up: JORDAN CAN WE GO TO THE CORNER STORE!

Jordan gets up and walks down the steps till hes facing face to face with Danielle:

Jordan: What?

Danielle: I said can we go the corner and by some candy?

Jordan: (laughs a little) : Why are you asking me?

Danielle: (rolls eyes) : Oh I dont know, maybe because my sister has gone insane and has locked herself in her room and isnt going to be coming out for a while. And I cant get any money from her so youre our last help. (sweet smile)

Jordan digs in his back pocket and hands Danielle a $10 dollar bill. She holds it up in the air to see if its real, she smiles puts it in her pocket. She turns back to Katie who is just now getting off the couch.

Jordan: You can keep the change Danny.

Danielle swiftly turns around and looks at Jordan as if hes gone completely insane.

Danielle: Danny!?

Jordan (does a small smile) : You dont like it?

Danielle: No, Its just, nobodys ever called me that.

Jordan smirks then turns around and goes back up the steps and sits on the top step, and watches Danielle and Katie go out the door, with Danielle looking back at him for a few seconds. When their gone Jordan still sits on the step.

Inside Angelas bedroom shes still laying on the bed listening to her music, but has gotten up to turn it down a few minutes ago. She doesnt hear anyone in the house anymore so she quietly opens the door and creaks out into the hall way. Jordan spots her and stares at her, as she finally realizes hes still there.

Angela: (disgusted look) You STILL havent left?

Jordan: Nope!

Angela rolls her eyes and goes back in her room with her door wide open. She grabs to tapes that were on her dresser. She walks out of her room and passes up Jordan on the steps as if hes invisible. When she gets downstairs she goes into the family room and pops a tape into their new VCR. They have a new one in the basement because their old one was in Angelas parents room. Angela then makes herself comfortable on the couch and starts watching her movie. Mean while Jordan is still on the steps not believing what hes seeing. He walks down the stairs and stands by the couch with a confused look on his face.

Jordan: What are doing?

Angela-(says this in an innocent voice as if she isnt doing anything wrong) Im watching Pumpkin Head 1 then Im going to watch Pumpkin Head 2.

Jordan: Why!?

Angela: So I can have something to do in my spare time before Sharon comes over and picks me up for the Halloween/Homecoming Dance.

Jordan: So youre gonna watch this while Im standing here.

Angela: (nods her head in a smart aleck way) : Seems that way doesnt it.

Jordan walks over to the television set and turns off the VCR and then turns off the TV. Angela rolls her eyes and gets up and tucks her hair behind her ear. She stands facing Jordan face to face.

Jordan: I thinkwe should talk.

Angela: Why?

Jordan: Because we need to (his eyes get big and he starts to move his head when he says this)

Angela: Why do we need to?

Jordan: BECAUSE, you think I did something that I didnt do.

Angela: How do I know you didnt do it?

Jordan: Because you should trust me and know I care too much about you to do that.

Angela (shes trying to hold back her tears and is talking in an angry but also sad voice ) :Do I really know that though?

Jordan: YES ANGELA! Look, I love you, more than anything else in this world. I love you so much that I think about you 24/7. I love you thats all that matters, and you know for a fact that Im not the kind of person who would do things like this, but the only reason I am is because Im in love with you. Youre the first girl Ive ever hadfeelings for. You can think what you want about me Angela but at least I know for sure that I love you. (throws his hands) AND Im not tryna throw this in your face but you kissed TWO guys Angela, TWO GUYS, and you still see me hanging around. Why cant you forgive me like I forgave you. Cant we just look over this?

Angela starts to smile at all of what Jordan has said, but then goes and puts on her guard again, and goes back to her serious angry face. She tucks her hair back behind her ear and licks her lips.

Angela: (says this sofly, but still has her guard up) Youre wrong, I didnt kiss two guys, they kisses me and I backed off, and when they did kiss me it felt like I was kissing my brother. (starts to talk louder and scream with certain words) but you see JORDAN, theres a BIG difference between a kiss and making out. A REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE!

Jordan: (points at her) YOU SAID, I make out, so you know I didnt sleep with her right?

Angela: Yeahbut making out isnt any better, I mean (a few tears start to roll down her face even though she doesnt want them to), I mean, I mean its a little better then sleeping with her but, its not like its like a whole lot better you know.

Jordan: Yeah I know, but why cant we just put this behind us. I mean I love you, I didnt mean to hurt you...or us.

Angela: One question? (sniffs real quick and then puts her hand up to her mouth and begins to talk with it there, and talks softly but just loud enough for Jordan to him) Are you SURE you love me, I mean are you POSITIVE?

Jordan looks at Angela with a looks as if he really isnt positive that hes in love with her. He looks at the ground and moves his feet back and forth a little bit. He then puts his hands in his pockets and looks back up at Angela. They stare at each other for a few minutes, until Angela breaks eye contact and starts to talk. (As Angela begins to talk the song How could the one I gave my heart to plays in the background, by Aaliyah.)

Angela: Didnt think so.

Angela turns around from Jordan and walks up the stairs slowly, giving him time to say something. When she finally she figures out he isnt going to stop her from leaving, she starts to walk a little faster. She reaches her room and closes the door, she lays on her bed and cry, silent cries. From downstairs she hears the front door slam. When she hears the door she starts to cry harder. She gets up from her bed and looks out the window and sees Jordan walking back to his car and waving to Danielle and Katie as their walking back to the house from the store on the sidewalk, eating candy and drinking soda. When she sees him get into his car and drive off she watches Danielle and Katie sit in the driveway and talk and eat and laugh. She goes back to her bed and lay down in her misery.


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