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Chapter 36: Conintuation of chapter 50:VisionsPart 2

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The story so far

Chapter 36: Conintuation of chapter 50:VisionsPart 2

written by Michelle

added on: 13 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan, Angela, Alicia, and Shane are back in Jordans car headed towards Jordans house, its about 9:00pm right about now, Angela has to be at home by 10pm because its a school night. Shane drove over to Jordans house, to ride with them, now Shanes going to drive Alicia back and Jordan will drive Angela back home. All through the drive to Jordan's house Angela was sitting far away from Jordan looking out the window. Shane and Alicia are in the back seat talking. Jordan notices something is really wrong with angela, but wants to wait untill their alone.
They arrive at Jordans house and goes inside to say hello to Jordans aunt Rita and his dad.

Outside of Jordans house. Jordan leans over angela to open the door for here but she doesn't get out, mean while shane and alicia have gotten out and are walking towards the entrance of jordans house. with his arm around her.

Jordan:Angela we're here, come on, we'll only be a second, then i'll take you home.

Angela doesn't say anything she stays in the exact same position. Jordan places a hand on her shoulder, and she jumps as if he's scared her to death. Angela doesn't say anything she just gets out of the car and walks through Jordans door.

Aunt Rita:Hi, Angela you have a good time? I see you've met my darling niece.

Angela just nods her head and smiles.
Angela:(in a husky/whisper voice)Can I use your phone?

Aunt Rita:of course, in the kitchen.

Angela:(same voice)thanks

Angela goes into the kitchen and dials Nicole's house number put no one picks up. she hangs up the phone then calls her cell phone, which is really her moms, but has it on her all the time. No one picks up the cell phone Angela leaves a message..

Angela:Hi, Nik, this is Angela, I was just calling to see how you were doing, because i just had this strange feeling, and I just..needed to call you i guess...I won't go into detail, but when you get his starts to choke, covers it up by clearin her throat), me back as soon as possible.

Angela hangs up the phone then goes back in the living room and sits on the couch next to Jordan and Shane while Alicia is up in the bathroom.

Angela doesn't say anything just sits there staring at the fireplace, like its all of a sudden extremely interesting to her.

Shane:You okay red head?(laughs, then goes serious when he sees something really is wrong with her) he turns to Jordan and gives him a sign, and then gets up and pats angela on the shoulder then walks upstairs to get something out of Jordans room.

Jordan:Angela whats wrong, i mean, i know you're upset because of what you thought you saw-

Angela:I didn't think it, i know what i saw, and i know somethings gonna happen to her, i just can't reach her, to warn her before it does happen.

Jordan:(doesn't really know what to say, instead her just puts an arm around Angela and tugs her close to him) I'm sure she's okay, maybe you're just over reacting about it. i mean you were already upset or whatever...your cousins probably just hanging out with her friends or just busy, maybe thats why you can't reach her.

Angela:Maybe...(vo-as much as i want to believe him, i just can't because i know deep down inside that i didn't imagine this, that this time i actually have a reason to over react...

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