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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 44: Rumors and "So Called" Home-Goings

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The story so far

Chapter 44: Rumors and "So Called" Home-Goings

written by Michelle

added on: 04 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan and Shane are finishing up their conversation at the end of the hall. They've lowered their voices.

Jordan: I'mma kill that ho. No, Ill get tino to get one of his girls to do it for me.

Shane: They're probably all friends with Cynthia-

Jordan: Don't mention that broads name again.

Shane: Well, you know who, are probably friends with them.

Jordan: Not all of em'. Remember that girl Jodie, who Rayanne Graff did wrong.

Shane: Oh her, oh yeah, they hate each other, got into a fight once at pike street. Jodie almost killed her. Big scar on her nose, you know who, tries to hide with that nose ring, but it doesn't work.

Jordan: yeah, I gotta go find Tino. (Jordan starts to walk out of the back doors, he then turns around to Shane) You comin'?

Shane: Um, i was gonna go find Alicia and-

Jordan: She's not gonna die if you don't go find her for one day, come on.

Shane: but, fine.

*Jordan and Shane walk out the back doors and into the back parking lot where Tino usually sells his alcohol, drugs, and food at. They find Tino, talking to Rayanne who is looking in his back trunk about to buy something.
Jordan and Shane walk up to Tino. Jordan turns to Rayanne and says..

Jordan: Thought you quit.

Rayanne: Look Catalano just cause you're my best friends boyfriend doesn't mean you can be all up in my business okay-

Jordan: She's not your best friend anymore, Sharon is now. Better friend then youobviously.

Rayanne: Oh wow, you said a word that has more than 5 letters in it, I think someone deserves an award. (starts to clap her hands) Congratulations Catalano.

Jordan: Whatever, anyway like I said, thought you quit

Rayanne: (rolls her eyes) Since you must know everything, I did quit, I'm just getting some fried rice okay. A girl can't do anything without someone butting in.

Jordan makes an annoyed face at Rayanne.

Jordan: I need to talk to Tino you mind.

Rayanne: (ignorant face) : I'm shopping, yah mind?

Jordan (sighs): FINE! Tino, I need a favor

Tino: Thats nothing new what is it?

Jordan: Got any girls, that wanna beat up Cynthia Hardgrove?

Rayanne: (trying to choose between shrimp fried rice or ham fried rice, looks up at Catalano) Ha! little upset about that rumor she's spreadin, I'll do it.

Jordan: It's JUST a rumor its not true, wouldn't sleep with that slut...again.

Rayanne: Like I said, I'll do it, I know these girls named Keisha and Kim, their twins, theyd love to jump her with me.

Tino: I was just gonna' say them, or that girl Jodie, who Rayanne completely snaked.

Rayanne: I said I was sorry about that, wish I could take it back but I can't.( looking down, as if she's about to cry, looks up and looks at them) What I did wasnt THAT bad, I mean it was a innocent mistake right?

Jordan (disgusted look): You slept with her boyfriend for over 2 months Graff. And still pretended to be her friend.

Rayanne: (angry look, a bit of amusement in her look) I slept with you , I didnt see you complaining.

Shane and Tino are looking at Jordan and Rayanne back and forth, as they dog each other out.
Shane is snickering at everything they say to each other. Tinos looking annoyed as if to say I dont have time for the BS

Jordan: (short sarcastic laugh) Dont remind me.

Rayanne: (teasing him, with one hand on her hip, and the other hand holding her fried rice and jumbo shrimp) : Come on Catalano fess up, what was I between 1 and 10? I think I was a TEN!

Jordan: (Sarcastic to the extreme) Actually Angelas a 10, youre more of await youre not even between 1 and 10, youre a ZERO!

Rayanne: (starts to walk off, hears Jordan and Shane and Tino laughing, she turns around and looks at Jordan) : Hey Catalano!?

Jordan: (says the word sharp) WHAT!

Rayanne: Kiss my butt! (licks her index finger and her thumb then hits her butt )

Jordan: I might die, plus My girl has a butt likeJennifer Lopez, but you, you dont have anything so thats a NO!

Rayanne gives Jordan a cold angry look then turns around and storms off with her Chinese in her hands. They watch her go into the school building and slam the doors behind her. After she goes in Jordan, Shane, and Tino continue to talk.

**Later that day , its around 5:30, Angela is up in her room, getting ready to go to Nicoles funeral. Shes been crying the whole time shes been picking out her clothes. She decides to wear her water proof eyeliner just incase she stars to cry at the funeral. Shes trying to get all of her tears out of her system right now, so she wont cry at the funeral. She hears someone coming up the steps towards her room, and quickly wipes her face and starts to put on her leggings. Shes listening to the radio, she has the station on a station that plays, Rock, RB, Rap, Pop, Soul, just all different types. Z 107.7fm. The song thats playing is Best Friend by Brandy. The bedroom door opens up and its Danielle. Danielle comes in and sits on the bed next to Angela. Danielle has on a dark red jumper, with little flowers on them, with pig tails in her hair.

Angela: What is it Danielle?

Danielle: Are you scared?

Angela: About what?

Danielle: The funeral, Im really scared, to like see her body in that coffin, I mean its gonna be strange knowing shes like gone isnt it? Im just scared to see how Itll turn out.

Angela: ( stands up to pull her leggings up on her hips) Well, life goes on Danielle, we didnt come here to stay, well all have to leave here somedayunfortunately Nicoles was soon. Youll be nervous at the funeral, We all will actually, but thats just the way it is, or something. I really cant explain it, maybe you should ask mom.

Danielle: Ohso youre gonna be scared too?

Angela thinks about it for a minute

Angela: I wouldnt use the word scared or afraid, but Ill be nervous. You know what I mean?

Danielle: Yeah..

Theres and awkward silence between the girls as if their both wondering what to say next to the other one. Trying to think of not to say anything that would make either one of them cry

Angela throws a pillow at Danielles head. And smiles at her.

Danielle: HEY!

Angela: Go put your shoes on.

Danielle: Gladly, since you wanna be so violent.

Angela sticks her butt out at Danielle and then sticks her tounge out at her.

Danielle walks out of the door. She then turns around and comes back in.

Danielle: Angela?

Angela: Mm Hm

Danielle: You have a big butt.

Angela: (big eyes) Is that good or bad?

Danielle: (rolls her eyes) Its good you moron, Its like that lady whos gonna play Ms. Marquez, on that movie Jack, thats coming out next year, and shes gonna play Selena in that Selena movie too(mostly to herself) still cant believe that fat lady shot her and killed her.

Angela: Yeah me too. But I thought it was bad if butts were big. Well lets face it, I thought white girls butts werent supposed to be big.

Danielle: (sighs) Its only bad if it like sags, but yours dont, it like sticks out or something, like, a black girl or something, mom gave us the good jeans. You know nothing about how the perfect body is like supposed to look, do you read YM magazine. Youre getting like so old Angela. Youre going with someone like Jordan and you have like no idea whats going on in the world. Thats really odd considering the fact that hes like the coolest person Ive ever known. If you werent dating him I sure would be. And if Brian wasnt dating that old lady, then I would be with him. Older men kind of like them young these days, look at Jordan, youre like two years younger than him and hes like-

Angela: (laughs at Danielle, throws a pillow at Danielle and yells) : Go finish getting ready, before mom comes up here and yells at you.

Danielle: Fine. Its not like Im not used to getting kicked out of rooms, its like my job around this house, except I dont get paid for it.

Angela smiles as Danielle walks out the door. She looks over to her dresser to pick up her earrings, as shes doing this she sees a picture lying there with her and Nicole when they were 15. Angela hadnt dyed her hair red yet. She had on a jeans and a flower blouse, Her and Nicole were dressed the same. She looks at the picture for a long time, until she hears her mother call her from downstairs to leave.

Patty downstairs: Angela! Angela hurry up will you?!

Angela puts on the earrings and walks down the steps. She sees her mom wearing a black suit, with knee length skirt and short suit coat. Graham has on a navy blue suit. Danielle is standing at the door with her hand on the knob. She has a look on her face which you can tell shes thinking really hard about something. Patty goes over to Angela and starts smoothing down her skirt and button up top.

Patty: Are you okay Angela?

Angela (vo: STOP ASKING ME THAT) : (smiles at her mom): Im fine mom. (moves closer to patty and whispers in her ear): Just cross your fingers when Im singing up there.

Patty: (smiles) Youll be okay, just imagine everyone in the audience beingnaked.

Angela (laughs) : Oh my GOD mom that like never works, you told me to do that in 9th grade when me and Sharon were running for president and vice president of the student council.

Patty: If I remember, you were picked as vice president right?

Angela: (smiles/laughs) Yeah, but I didnt think of them being naked.

Danielle: Am I the only one who knows that the family is supposed to be there first?

Angela: No youre not the only one.

Graham: Alright gang, lets go, dont wanna be late.

*The chases head out the door with Graham and Patty walking behind the girls talking amongst themselves. They are now all in the car with Angela and Danielle in the back seat looking out their windows.*

Angela (Vo: This event will be one of the few sad events that I will ever remember in my entire life. I do remember some other funerals Ive gone too, but this one will be.different. Because at this funeral it will be someone who I talked to like everyday, someone who I loved, someone who I cherished, basically someone who meant a great deal to me. I wouldnt really even call it a funeral, but maybe a home-going. Like, Nicole going to heaven to be with GOD, or something like that. All I know is that, it shouldnt be called a funeral, it should be called a home-going. A very special home-going in fact. Thats something aunt Rachael would say.)

Danielle: (Vo: This is strange. I looked up to Nicole, she was like, I wanted to be when I became her age. I couldnt wait to see her be like 25 or something, just to see how she would be and act. Guess thatll never happen. She left so fast, I mean like extremely fast. Like, in seconds, well thats how it seemed. Maybe I should learn to appreciate Angela more. Since shes like the only older sister figure that I have in my life now. This really sucks, it seriously sucks.)

Patty: Vo- I cannot imagine how Rachael is feeling. If Angela were the one whod been in Nicoles shoes and- OH MY GOD, cant believe I even came that close to saying that. That could never happen to Angela. Who am I kidding, Rachael probably thought the same thing about Nicole. I remember when I told Angela, she could never be in that poor girl shoes, well, angel I guess, shoes. I remember asking her how shed died. That night was the worse fight Angela and Id ever had, the fight was having us actually.

Graham: Vo-I wish Id gotten to know Nicole better. I treated her like my own daughter, but I didnt really know her.

*The chases drive into a big Catholic church parking lot. Jordan, Shane, and Sharon are leaning against Jordans parked car in the back of the churchs parking lot. Sharon keeps checking her watch to make sure they get inside the church on time for the funeral to start*

Sharon: Angela and her family are probably here by now dont you think?

Jordan: I thought the family was supposed to like walk in together or something.

Sharon: They are, maybe we should go in there now and take a seat and like wait for them.

Jordan: Give it a few more minutesI hate funerals.

Sharon: (rolls her eyes) Then why are you here Catalano?

Jordan: (moves his hands , hand gestures, like waves them in the air or something): My girlfriends best friend just died. What you think Id stay at home and watch tv while shes here all sad and crying or whateverNOOOOO! (laughs) Still holding that grudge against me?

Sharon: Oh, well, sorry. I didnt think of it that way. I mean, well and NO, Im not holding any grudge against you, I actually like you now. Now that youre not ashamed of her anymore, and the fact that you actually treat her like a human being this time. (pauses as Jordan looks at her with sad eyes, about being ashamed of Angela) What I mean by that is, you treat her like, like really good, like a princess. How she deserves to be treated. So, Im not holding anything against you, okay? It just, takes me a while to get over things, like that. But, surprisingly it didnt take me that long for you.

Jordan: (looking a Sharon with his head tilted, biting on his thumb nail. He has a little grin on his face that he looks like hes trying to hide but failing miserably at it)

Sharon pushes Jordan a little on his shoulder in a playful manner. Sharon starts to smile as Jordan wraps an arm around Sharons shoulder.

Shane: Hey, stop making up. Its time to go inside, look (points at the entrance of the big doors as he sees Sharons parents walking through the doors, signaling them to hurry up)

Shane, Jordan, and Sharon are walking towards the Church. Jordan still has his arm around Sharons neck. Jordan takes his arm off of Sharon as they come to the Church doors, so he can open it for them. As they walk in they see that the close family has been seated on the first 5 or so benches. Shane, Jordan, and Sharon walk up to the first empty bench behind the family. They all sit down together, as the church starts filling in. After a few minutes Shanise and Brandon walk in the church and sees Jordan and heads towards them. Jordan is looking at the obituary when Brandon and Shanise walk over his feet to sit down. As Shane and Jordan are reading their obituaries Shane whispers to Jordan.

Shane: Dude she was HOT! Wow, she was only 18, thats rough.

Jordan: Yeah she was pretty hot. Believe she dated that guy who used to tutor me, Brian Krakow, the one who got us to play at the July 4th concert.

Shane: (quiet laugh) She dated that geek. Man, thats crazy.

Jordan: Not really a geek. Kinda coo when you get to know the guy.

Shane: Isnt he the one who kissed Angela that one time. And youre saying hes coo, youre nuts.

Jordan: So, what. It was just a kiss. The idea of her quitting me for someone like him, 0 chance man.

Sharon: (leans over and whispers angrily) SHUT UP IDIOTS!

Jordan: Havent started yet

Sharon: (points to the pulpit, and they see a priest wearing a long white robe carrying a Bible, walking up the pulpit steps)

Jordan and Shane be quiet as the priest begins to talk.

Priest: We are all gathered here today because weve lost a beloved friend, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, and a truly blessed young lady. We all know that Nicole Anastasie Evanette, was a very special person indeed.

The priest continues to say good things about Nicole, and what kind of a person she was. This goes on for about 10 minutes. After the priest sits down a woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin. She has on a long skirt with a split on both sides, with a medium black suit coat on with a black blouse underneath it. She is Nicoles mom having words.

Rachael: I just want to thank you all for coming tonight. It is very appreciated. My daughter Nicole, was a beautiful talented young lady. She was about to start her first year in college. She will be missed, so very much. I just want to let everyone here know that, this isnt really a funeral. I like to think of funerals as home-goings. I dont want to think as my daughter as dead but as alive because she really is. She isnt dead, shes just resting. Well all see her again. (people in the audience are saying things like amen thats right ) GOD said, whosoever believeth in me shall not perish but have everlasting life. I k now for a fact (voice starts to rise, begins to get into it and really mean it as if shes preaching) that my daughter did not perish last week. I know for a fact that my daughter is in heaven resting with our heavenly father. (people in the audience stands up and claps as she continues to talk, a few tears come down some of the peoples eyes) Dont cry, theres no reason to cry. Yes Ill admit I cried for a long time, and Im going to miss my baby, but Im not going to cry anymore. Theres no reason to cry when your daughters in heaven. Why should I cry when my daughter is being protected my GOD.

As Rachael continues to talk/preach the camera goes to Angelas face where there are no tears running down her cheeks. After a few seconds one tear runs down her face and she begins to smile a little smile. Rachael talk for about 10 more minutes, then a girl with long brown hair, hazel eyes, caramel complexion, and a black button up blouse with a white skirt with black dots and little yellow flowers. Shes been introduced as one of Nicoles cousins on her fathers side who lived in Pennsylvania. The girl plays the violin My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. After she plays that she sits down, and Rachael gets up again and introduces Patty Chase to have words.

Patty: Hi, everyone. Nicole was my niece whom I loved very much. But like Rachael has said, she isnt really gone, shes just in heaven resting and well be able to see her again when the time comes. I remember when Nicole was 2 years old and my daughter Angela had just been gone. Nicole was so excited to have a little cousin. She was a very smart, bright baby indeed. Nicole actually named my daughter Angela, she named her after an Angel. Nicole (laughs) actually believed that Angela was an Angel, till this day I dont know whynow Ill never get to find out (quiet for a few seconds, clears her throat and puts a smile on her face and keeps on talking about Rachael what a good person she was. Shes saying how much shes going to miss her and that the family will be in her prayers. She takes a seat next to Graham on the 2nd pew.)

Rachael gets up and has words again for a few minutes. After shes done talking she introduces Angela and talks about her for a few minutes, how her and Nicole were each others favorite cousins. Then she introduces Shanise and how her and Nicole were best friends. Then Angela and Shanise go up to the front of the church. Angela sits on the keyboards stool while Shanise stands up and sings in the background. They first sing the song Surely Missed. After their done with that song, Angela gets up from the keyboard and someone hands her a microphone and she stands up in front of the church with Shanise by her side. The church keyboard player goes back over to the keyboard and starts to play the music to the song their about to sing. Angela look nervous. She looks Jordan in the eyes, who closes his eyes and points to them. He opens them back up and sees Angela close her eyes and start to sing. While singing, she starts to get into it and sings louder with every word. She starts to quiver her voice and move her hands like the singers do.

Missing You-Angela:*, Shanise ~

*Though I'm missing you
~(Although I'm missing you)
*I'll find a way to get through.
~(I'll find a to get through.)
*Living without you.
*Cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride.
*Only god may know why, stll I will get by.


*If I would have known that you had to go.
*So suddenly, so fast.
*How could it be, all the sweet memories
*Would be all, all that we'd have left.
*Now that you're gone, everyday I go on.~(I go on)
*But lifes just not the same.~(lifes just not the same baby)
*I'm so empty inside , and my tears I can't hide.
*But Ill try, Ill try to face the pain.
*Although Im missing you

Chorus:*Though I'm missing you
~(Although I'm missing you)
*I'll find a way to get through.
~(I'll find a way.)
*~Living without you.
*~Cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride.
*~Only god may know why, still I will get by.

~Oh, there were so many things
~That we could have shared*(uh-huh)
~If time was on our side.*(time was on our side)
~Now that you're gone, I can still feel you near.
~So I'll smile with every tear I cry.


~Though I'm missing you
*(Although I'm missing you)
~I'll find a way to get through.
*(I'll find a to get through.)
~Living without you.
~Cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride.
~Only god may know why, still I will get by.

*How sweet, were the losses to spare.
*But I'll wait for the day,
*When Ill see you again, Ill see you again.*(oh yeah)

(Basically ad libs, they sing these together)
Follow ups after lines:
(you were my sister)
(only god may know why)
(although Im missing you)
(find a way, Ill find a way, Ill find a way baby)
(missing, missing , missing, missing, missing, missing, missing)
I'm missing you

Angela and Shanise finish their song and take their seats again. Shanise goes back to the back with Jordan and Shane and the rest of them. She takes a seat my Brandon who taps her on her leg and gives her a small smile. Then a preacher, apparently from Nicoles church back in St. Louis, comes up to the pulpit and brings a message. After hes done preaching they have someone come and read the thanks on the back of the obituary. After this the funeral is over with. Angela and the family walk out first behind the men carrying the cast. After they are outside, the people at the funeral shake hands and hug people, After a few minutes of doing this, Angela sees Shane walking towards Jordans car. Jordan is somewhere talking to Angelas grandfather, while Sharon is talking to Angela Grandmother. Angela catches up to Shane and starts to walk step in step with him.

Shane: Oh, hey.

Angela: Hey, how yah doin?

Shane: Im good, you? (a bit nervous, doesnt know what to say to someone in Angelas situation)

Angela notices Shane nervousness.

Angela: Its okay, Im not gonna bite you or anything.

Shane: I know, Im just, dont know what to say.

Angela stays quiet.

Shane: It was a nice funeral though.

Angela (corrects him): Home going.

Shane: I mean yeah, Im sorry. Home-going thats what I meant to say.

Angela (little smile): Right (leans on the car with Shane sitting on the hood.

Angela: Wheres Jordan and Sharon?

Shane: Talking to yah grands

Angela: oh okay.

Shane: So, how are you.

Angela (bitter laugh) Shane we dont have to talk about (moves hands towards the church) THIS!

Shane: okay! Relax! Okay!

(bit of a long silence)

Shane: But umyou can sing, like really good. Jordans right you should join the band, be better than that Rayanne girl.

Angela (laughs): No thanks.

Shane: (smiles) What? Why not? Youre too good to play for Residue? ( play kicks her in the shoulder)

Angela turns around and looks up at Shane sitting on the hood. She stares him in the eyes for a few seconds, till she breaks out laughing. Shane starts to laugh too. Their silent for a few minutes.

Shane: (serious) You never answered my question

Angela: What question?

Shane: You know.

Angela: hoh that one. I dont do good at singing in front of people, I only did good today because I actually wanted to. Singing isnt really a *real* hobby of mine, like Jordan. But Ill do it if I have to. (laughs a little) I didnt even want anyone to know I actually could in the first place.

Shane (confused look) : Why , thats stupid, some people wish they had a voice like that-

Angela: Dont go lecturing Shane, jeez. Ive heard it all before Im not changing. GOD I wish everyone would stop saying that to me.

Shane: (rolls eyes) okay.

They see Jordan and Sharon start to walk over to Jordans car, Sharon and Jordan are play pushing each other. They start to laugh about something Sharons said. Jordan then puts his arm around Sharons shoulder. Theres kind of a look of jealousy on Angelas face when she sees this. Shane doesnt notice it until he jumps off the hood of Jordans car. He looks over at Angela and does a smirk, then a little laugh.

Angela: (whisper) Shut up

Shane: I didnt say nothing.

Angela: You were going to

Shane: WhateverOh look, their smiling at each other Angela

Angela (tries not to smile, but cant hold it back and starts to laugh): Shut up! GOD, Im not the jealous type okay.

Shane: Whatever! That night at applebees, you were about to kill that waitress.

Angela: Nuh uh! That was different

Shane: How?

Angela: Tell you later

Jordan and Sharon come up to Angela and Shane who have just stopped laughing.

Sharon: Hi Chase face, how are you?

Angela: (laughs, then sighs, then smiles) : Im fine Sharon.

Jordan: Are, you sure?

Angela: (fake little smile) um hm!

Jordan stares at her for a little moment then tilts his head. She avoids making eye contact with him. Jordan walks closer to her and takes her hand and walks away with her to the other end of the parking lot farther away from the church and Jordans car. Jordan is staring at her the whole time their walking towards the end of the parking lot. Angela finally looks up at Jordan with an exasperated look on her face.

Angela: What! GOD, can you look somewhere else besides my face. (mostly to herself) Jeez.

Jordan: (closes eyes for a few seconds, then looks away from her and starts to look forward where their walking. )

Angela stops walking and looks at Jordan putting her two hands on her his shoulders.

Angela: What!? Spit it out already!

Jordan continues to stare at her while shes trying her hardest to hold his stare but miserably fails when her hands fall from his shoulders and drop to her sides. She sighs and looks at the ground. Jordan takes two steps towards her and hugs her with her leaning her head against his chest. Silent tears began to fall from her eyes while he holds her.


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