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Chapter 37: Dreams

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The story so far

Chapter 37: Dreams

written by Michelle

added on: 13 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*The next day at the Chases house in the morning. Angela and Danielle are downstairs eating breakfast. Graham and Patty both had to go into work earlier than usual and left before the girls.

Angela:Come on Danielle hurry up, you gotta catch your bus, Jordan's not taking you today okay?

Danielle:Fine, okay! I didn't want you guys to take me anyway.

Angela and Danielle are in the living room about to walk out the door when all of a sudden the phone rings. Danielle is about to run back to get it but Angela stops her as she see's her bus coming down the street.

Angela:Forget it Danielle go!

Danielle catches the bus and takes a seat in the middle of the bus with her friend Katie. As Danielle waves to Angela, Jordans car pulls in the driveway, and gets out and hugs Angela and kisses her.

*On the bus*

Katie:Who's that boy, all over you sister?

Danielle:Her boyfriend, the one with then band, he's cool, they took me to school yesterday.

Katie:does he have any little brothers?

Danielle:nope! i already asked.


*In Jordan's Car*

Jordan:Did you ever get in touch with your Cousin?

Angela:(looks down)No, unforunantely. I think i'll call her when I get to school, They're like 2 hours behind us, because she lives in St.Louis, Missouri.

Jordan:Oh okay.Well we got this gig at pike street, on friday night i was wondering if you wanted to come, you know since its the weekend and not a school night.

Angela:Yeah sure, of course. course i'll be there, wouldn't miss that for nothing. I'll bring Sharon since she's like obsessed with your band.

Jordan smiles at the compliment.

Angela:You should invite Alicia

Jordan:Shane already did(rolls his eyes), even though he's not even really in the band, he's more of a support person or manager or something, he's just always there and always on the instruments or something.

Angela:right, so, i was thinking about gettin' a car.

Jordan(confused look)you dont HAVE to get a car i'll take you anywhere you want.

Angela:I still want one. to go out with my sharon, and rickie and the rest of them. And to take Danielle and her friends places. She's been buggin me to drive her places every since i got my lincse

Jordan is pulling into the school parking lot looking for a parking spot. While looking he see's Alicia leaning on Shanes car, with shane in front of her with his hands on either side of her waist and is talking to her and laughing at something. Jordan see's an empty parking spot next to his car and pulls into the parking spot extremely fast, the car screechs and comes to a stop. he then looks over a Shane who is looking at him like he's crazy. Shane shakes his head and and take his hands off of Alicia's Waist then leans against his car next to Alicia and starts talking to her again. Alicia is kind of annoyed at Jordan but is also glad that he's looking out for her, like a big brother. Jordan turns back to angela and starts their conversation again...

Jordan:So anyway what kinda car you plan on getting, I have a cousin who works at Paul Cerame who can give you a good deal on used car or a new car, or whatever you're plannin on gettin.

Angela:humm...i dont know yet, but I think i might get a ford explorer, either gold, red, or black. I've narrowed it down to that. now i just need to go up to the car dealership and look.

Jordan: Okay, i'll take you this thursday, my cousin works on thursday evening.

Jordan and Angela get out of the car and walk hand in hand in the school building. Angela has on a black jean skirt that goes about 5 inches below her knees, with long black boots on that goes to her knees, with a Black shirt on with red splash paint that says Residue, which she had made, to give them good advertisment.

Angela and Jordan are at their lockers, Angela is looking in the mirror.

Angela:I think i might dye it blonde. I had a lot of guys trying to get my digits when it was blonde.

Jordan:Well then dye it back to red

Angela:(laughs) i'm just playing, thats not why i want to dye it back blonde. I'm just..are you gettin tired of the red.

Jordan:(half smiles)I never get tire of anything on you. You would be beautiful it you dye your hair...Hot Pink

Angela:now thats a lie right there.

Jordan:I sware it's not a lie, i don't lie remember. Aren't you supposed to be calling your cousin to check on her,so that you won't be worrying about her all through school.

Angela:Oh yeah, good idea, let me go do that.(Angela and Jordan kiss goodbye as Angela goes down the the end of the hallway and goes to the payphone. She picks it up and dials nicole's home phone. Fortunantely someone picked up.

Nicoles mom Rachael:Hello(sounds like she's been crying)

Angela:Hi Rach, this is Angela, is Nicole there i just wanted to talk to her for a minute before my school started.

Rachael(sad voice):Hi sweetie, no...Nicoles not here she's in the...Hospital.(starts to cry) I tried to call you all this morning but no one answered. She got into a terrible accident last night around 8:30 when she was out with her friends. They were coming back from this resturant, uhh..Applebee's i think. She'd just dropped her friends off at home, when she was on her way home. A drunk...(sniffs)..a drunk driver crashed right into her while she at a stop sign.

Angela:(chin is tremebling with tears coming down her eyes)
Oh My God, I had a terrible feeling something was going to happen to her, i tried to call so many times last night. is she..okay...(chokes out the word)...alive.

Rachael:(crying, trying to control her crying, but not succeeding)She has a broken leg, a broken wrist, she's got a...bro..broken neck, so many bruises and cuts...but when she got into the accident her head hit the front whindshield really h..ha..hard.(has to stop for a minute to control her crying and catch her breath)Her concusion, do you know what that is honey?

Angela:Yeah i know(crying, with her head up,looking at the ceiling)

Rachael:She's ...she's..well its alot of big words to describe this but.b..b.bu..but she's pretty much messed up her spinal cord. she's in a coma and we're praying GOD that she'll awake...soon. If..if..if she wakes up she'll be..paralyzed from the waist down.

Angela:(crying)how..i mean why did this have to happen to nicole. Why is GOD letting this happen to her.

Rachael:I don't know honey, but don't question GOD he knows what he's doing. Everything happens for a reason, i just wonder why this my baby. But i have to go, i'm going back to the hospital i just came to get a change of clothes to spend the night there. The number to the room is 1-314-209-1980. the front desk is 1-314-142-1980.

Angela is writing this down on her hand with a pen. when she gets down she wipes her tears away with her hand that she hasn't written anything on.

Angela:okay, please call us , as soon as she wakes up, GOD , we'll be praying for her. I love you, bye

Angela just stands there for a few minutes before going to class. She walks into class 5 minutes late and the teacher ask her if she has a pass but she doesn't respond. He ask's again, when she doesn't answer he just marks her tardy. Angela takes a seat in the back next to Jordan.

Jordan:Let me guess you got lost ...again.(smiles, see's angela is smiling he stops smiling and suddenly realizes that thet the phone call to nicole must have been rough)

Angela looks over at Jordan with tears streaming down her eyes.

Angela:(whispers) I was right...she's in a coma

Jordan(look of sympathy, takes her hand in his) awww Angela i'm sorry, thats rough. what happend

Angela:(wipes her tears with her free hand)I'll tell you later.

Jordan:alright, do they know if she's-

Mr.Mackenzie:Angela, Jordan, you can talk later, this is my time to shine(trying to crack a joke)

Jordan gives him a look as if to say,"shut up idiot she's upset"

Mr. Mackenzie:Well uhh...class i have to go to the office to pick up some papers i'll be back in about 10 minutes. Try not to act like animals, though i know that will be impossible for you to atempt(most of the students laughs, mr.mackenzie seems proud of his joke)

Angela turns to Jordan:Last night when i told you i saw her in the mirror in the bathroom looking all beat up and bloody and just badly hurt.

Jordan:(still holding her hand):yeah

Angela:I called(trying to hold back tears) and her mom picked up and said that, she' got a broken, leg, neck, and wrist, she's badly bruised, and she has a really really bad head injury, and...and.. she's in a coma and she hasn't woke up yet.

Jordan:I'm sorry, i wish there was something i could do, thats really rough.

Angela:I'm not even done telling you, theres worst. if she wakes up she'll be paralyzed from the waist down.

Jordan gets up out of his seat and goes over to angela and hugs her tight. She cries on his shoulder, a kid in the room is about to say something smart to them but he see's angela crying and changes his mind, because he see's something is really wrong and its not a time to joke around. Soom the teacher comes back and jordan goes back to his seat. but holds her hand. Angela puts her head on the desk through out the whole class time letting tears flow down her cheeks. She cries quietly. Theres only about 10 minutes left of class time and Angela falls asleep during those 10 minutes....

Angela's dreaming about the night Nicole got into her terrible accident. She see's the events that went on that night, she's right there with Nicole and her friends, but they can't see or hear her, only she can see and hear them.
They're at an Applebee's in St. Louis somewhere. She see' Nicole looking a bit upset about something, its around 8:45, Nicole gets up without saying a word and goes into the bathroom. she looks in the mirror and examines herself. she's looking in her eyes and looking at herself carefully. Nicole suddenly burst to tears...

Angela:(screaming)Nikkie! Nikkie! Whats wrong!? WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME!(Angela starts to breakdown and cry, as Nicole walks out of the bathroom after drying her tears with tissues)

Nicole goes back to the table and tells her friends its getting late and they should go. Her friends are looking at her with strange faces.

Friend:Hello! its only 5 minutes to 9, nicole. why are you in a hurry.

Nicole:I have to get home, now.

Nicoles and her friends start to walk out of Applebee's, one of her friends named Shanise caught up with her and walked by her side. meanwhile angela is right beside Nicole, she's crying still trying to get Nicole's attention even though she knows they can't hear or see her.

Shanise:Nikkie? whats wrong, i know when somethings wrong with you?

Nicole:I just..want to go home.

Shanise:oh(knows somethings really wrong)

Nicole:If something ever happens to me...promise me you'll watch out for Isyss, my little sister.

Shanise:(voice chokes up)Nicole, tell me whats wrong, don't shut me out. Why are you talking like this, nothings going to happen to you. What are you doing, What are you writing down.

Nicole:(starts to cry a little)If something happens to me, promise you'll call my cousin and tell her(crys)that i love her very much and that i'll always be with her, in spirit.(hugs shanise)I love you too...okay?

Shanise:Nik, come on nothings gonna happen to me, stop acting like this you're scaring me.

Nicole:Just promise...


...Liberty high school bell rings and it awakes Angela.
She gets up from her desk and starts to walk out of he classroom door with Jordan.

Jordan:I can take you home if you want to go home. Angela? Angela?

Angela:No, i'll stay at school, i'm okay...but i just had a dream about the night Nicole was in an accident. She knew she was about...die

Jordan:She's not dead, there's a chance she'll wake up.

Angela:(half smiles)No, if she lives and she has to suffer a lot, then i would rather want her gone, so that she won't have to suffer anymore, that way she'll be in heaven, resting, safe, no harm can be done to her(starts to shed tears) heaven

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