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Chapter 38: Breaking the news

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The story so far

Chapter 38: Breaking the news

written by Michelle

added on: 13 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan drops Angela off at her house after school and says he'll be over after residue practice that night. She says he doesn't have to come over and she tells him to come over the next day, wednesday evening.

Angela walks through the door and goes to the answering machine and see's that her Aunt Rachael really did try and call in the morning and it was the phone call that she told Danielle to forget about. Danielle comes home and does her homework, angela considers telling her but decides on letting her parents tell her about Nicole. Angela does her homework and prays. around 6:00pm she walks over to Brian's house to tell him about her, considering the fact that he used to like her and talk to her. She rings the door bell and Brian answers it.

Angela:hey krakow

Brian:vo-oh my god, i saw her naked i can't even talk to her, i saw her and Jordan...doing it, oh my god, i have to make up an excuse...(out loud)Hi Chase, i was just-

Angela:Yeah, so Brian you been hiding from me or something, i haven't seen you in weeks. ever since...

Brian(vo-ever since i saw you naked, oh my god, i'm undressing her with my eyes)

Angela:I got back from my Vacation in Florida with my grandparents.

Brian:Oh i've just been busy, you know, with work, a hospital-

Angela jumps at the word hospital and a tear comes down her eyes

Angela:Look, i've got some bad news i gotta tell you. You remember my cousin Nicole, the one who liked you, and you guys talked or whatever.

Brian:Yeah is she okay, i mean is she coming to town or something. are you okay?

Angela:(rubs her eyes)She's in the hospital krakow, she's in a coma, she got into an accident with a stupid drunk driver. I mean GOD who drives when they're drunk, putting innocent people in the hospital, i hate those type of people. Anyway(starts to move her right foot up and down on the ground)she's in a coma and if she wakes up, she'll be paralyzed from the waist down.

Brian:Oh my GOD, are you serious?

Angela:GOD Brian, why would i joke about something like this, whats wrong with you. (says to herself)Jerk!

Brian:Sorry, i didn't mean it like that, it was just the first thing that came out of my mouth. but i hope she be's okay, i'll be praying for her. i wish i could stay and talk to you but, i kind of have company right now.

Angela:Oh? who is it. (wipes tears away, tries to change the subject to get her mind off of nicole) Is it your girlfriend?

Brian:Ummm..(vo-great, now she's going to want to meet her, could my life be any more complicating. the girl i still actually love wants to meet my girlfriend, the one i've been hiding from everyone)

Angela:GOD Krakow, you don't have to hide her. What do you think i'll do beat her up or something. We just want to meet her. Me and Sharon's been dyin-, i mean we've been really wanting to meet her.

Brian:Well,'s not her, its uhh, its my uncle.

Angela:Oh Brian please, you never were a good liar. Why are you ashamed of her, i heard she was an older woman(winks at him, and laughs)GOD Krakow, you act like she looks like the elephant man or something.

Brian:She does not Chase.

Angela:Okay Brian, well i have to get back home, to see if, you know if they've heard anything about Nicole. I'll see you at school tomorrow...well maybe since i never see you anymore, since you're hiding from everyone, and hiding you girlfriend.(laughs while walking across the street)

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