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Chapter 39: Summer fun?

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The story so far

Chapter 39: Summer fun?

written by Lauren

added on: 25 Jun 2006 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Scene starts with Angela laying on her bed, listening to her Cranberries CD.

Angela VO: I should be happy. School is out for the summer, Rayanne and I are friends, Rickie's found a boy and Ryan Black is interested in me. At the beginning of the year I wouldn't have hoped to be friends with Rayanne and Rickie or to have guys interested in me. But I don't really want to be with Ryan Black. And I don't know what I'll do if he calls.

Patty (offscreen): Angela, I need you to help bring in groceries.

Angela rolls her eyes and goes downstairs. Patty and Angela bring in and put away the groceries.

Patty: How was your last day of school?

Angela: Fine.

Patty: You know, I think Brian Krakow has a girlfriend. I've seen the same girl at his house a few times now.

Angela: Yeah, her name's Sam. She moved here from Tennessee.

Patty: So, how do you feel about that?

Angela (disbelieving): Mom. I don't actually care about Brian's personal life, but I'm happy for him.

Patty: Well, I was just wondering. You haven't gone out with anyone since you and Jordan stopped spending time together.

Angela: That had nothing to do with Brian Krakow.(Abruptly changes the subject) Where's dad?

Patty: Going over menu plans with Hallie.

The phone rings

Angela: Hello?

Rayanne (offscreen): Angelfood? Tino's having a party tonight. Come out and celebrate the end of the school year.

Angela (to Rayanne): I'm going upstairs. (to Patty): Mom, I'm going upstairs, will you hang up the phone.

Patty: Yes

Angela picks up the phone upstairs and yells for Patty to hang up the phone. She hears it click and begins to speak.

Angela: I don't know, Rayanne.

Rayanne: Come on, you can tell Patty that you're staying at my house. And you can stay at my house, Amber loves you. Maybe Rickie could stay too.

Angela: Rayanne, I gave Ryan Black my phone number this afternoon.

Rayanne (excited): Great. He might even be there.

Angela (speaking quickly, distraught): It's not great. I gave him my number because Jordan was right behind him. He only talked to me because he couldn't tell that Jordan was right behind him and I only gave him my number because Jordan could see me. And I used his letter to write my number on it.

Rayanne: Angela, you need to come out tonight. You and Rickie both need to let loose a little. We'll dance, look for cute guys, trash people and Rickie and I will keep Jordan and Ryan from talking to you.

Angela: I'll ask my mom, but I'm not promising anything.

Rayanne (excited): Great. Bye.

Angela: Bye.

Cut to dinner. Graham, Patty, Angela and Danielle are sitting around the table. Angela is picking at her food, not paying attention.

Danielle: And so Michael Robinson threw all his books over the balcony to the first floor. And his math book landed on Becky Evazich's head. Mr. Nelson saw the whole thing. He was really mad and made Michael clean the up the books and apologize to Becky. (Danielle suddenly looks at Angela and says snidely) So, how's Jordan? (Angela startles a little) I heard you playing that same depressing song this afternoon.

Patty: Danielle, that was rude.

Danielle (insincere): Sorry.

Angela: Mom, can I stay at Rayanne's house tonight? Amber will be home and said Rickie and I can stay over.

Patty: Yes, but Im going to drop you off.

Angela: Thanks, mom. Can I be excused?

Patty: Yes.

Angela exits.

Graham looks questioningly at Patty.

Patty: What? I think it would be good for her to spend time with Rayanne and Rickie. Shes been kind of down lately.

Graham: I agree. Im just surprised I didnt have to be good cop.

Patty laughs

Cut to upstairs. Angela is looking in her closet, dissatisfied. Finally, she just throws a red flannel on over her overalls and t-shirt. She picks up the phone and dials.

Rayanne (offscreen): Hello?

Angela: Hi. I can stay at your place tonight. My mom is going to drop me off.

Rayanne : Yes. Angela, we are going to have a time. Rickie is staying over too.

Angela: My parents are finishing dinner, Ill see you in a little bit. Bye.

Rayanne: Bye.

Patty (offscreen): Angela, are you ready to go?

Cut to the party. Angela, Rickie and Rayanne are dancing in the yard. There are many teenagers out on the lawn, enjoying the early summer night. Angela is smiling widely. In the background we can see Jordan talking to friends, watching Angela dancing.

Angela VO: Im having such a good time. I did need to get out of the house, I feel like I havent had fun in such a long time. Not since we went to Lets Bolt that night and we know how that ended.

The song changes and Buffalo Toms Late at Night comes on. Angelas smile wilts as she remembers Jordan being rude to her at their concert. She motions to Rayanne that she is going in the house and walks away. Jordan sees Angela walk towards the house and follows her.

Angela VO: And like that it, it was over.

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