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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: I Didn't Know!

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Chapter 13: I Didn't Know!

written by Huie

added on: 15 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne's Apartment

Rayanne- You look.(Looking at Angela in the mirror) .. so... (She smiles proudly at her masterpeice )

Rickie- (Finishing the sentence for her) Tough.

Angela smiles at them.

She is wearing a black halter. It has rinestones at the top and the backside of the halter is showing the top half of her back. She is also wearing a short, black mini skirt. Her outfit complements her hair. Her make-up is more then normal, but not too much. She looks beautiful.

Let's Bolt

Rayanne- See, I told you this place was cool.

Angela does a hair tuck as she follows Rayanne threw the crowds. She cautiously looks around Let's Bolt. It has high ceilings and there is parctically no lighting. There is a bar to the right of the entrance, and good rock/ alternative music is paying loudly.

Angela- (Finally relaxing) I'm actually glad I came. I haven't been anywhere... for like, forever.

Rickie- I'm just glad you guys are good friends again... you don't know how hard that is on me.

Rayanne and Angela shyly smile at eachother. There is a comfortable silence.

Rayanne- (breaking the silence) Okay, enough of this emotional stuff... let's get some drinks!

Angela- Non- alcoholic, perferably.

Rickie- Angela, even the water here has traces of alcohol.

Rayanne- Three waters it will be- hold the alcohol. (She smiles at Angela, reasuring her that she is okay.)

Rayanne goes to get drinks while Rickie and Angela find a small circular table to sit at.

Angela- So, she actually isn't drinking.

Rickie- I haven't seen her take one swig, since, you know.

Angela- (Quickly, trying to avoid that subject) I'm like, so happy for her. (Looks around) So, how are you doing?

Rickie- (surprised) Oh, well, actually really great. I... I feel like I belong.

Angela- That's great... that's really great.

Rickie- (Looking at his watch) Speaking of the devil, I have to go in like in a little while. Mr. K's pretty-

Rayanne- (Cutting him off) I'm back! (Mouth full) I got some junk food too.

They sit for a half hour eating, drinking, laughing, having a good time, and taking it all in. After a while, Rickie leaves, and the girls hit the dance floor.

Outside Let's Bolt

Voice- Yo Catalano, what's taking you so long?

Jordan- I'm comin, shut up.

Shane- Let's go... come on.

Rickie comes out of Let's Bolt as Jordan and his friends are walking in. Jordan stares at Rickie. Rickie feels his stare, and begins to walk faster.

Jordan- (Yelling) Rickie! (Rickie pertends to not hear) Rickie!

Rickie. (Stops, but doesn't turn around) Yeah?

Jordan- Is ah, who's here?

Rickie- I got to go. (He begins walking again)

Jordan faintly grins to himself- knowing the answer.

Let's Bolt (Inside)

Angela- Rickie was right about this water- it does have a kick to it. (Giggling)

Rayanne- Angela,(Laughing), that's not water.

Angela- (A little, little, buzzed) What?

Rayanne- You must of picked up someone else's drink, cuz that isn't water.

Angela- (Looking through the glass) Oh my God.

Rayanne- Now put that down, before you get a drinking problem.

Angela- Yeah. (Puts the glass down) Anyways I kinda want to dance.

Rayanne- (Pulls her towards the dance floor) Onward!

Cut to-

Shane- Catalano- you want anything? (Points to the bar)

Jordan- (Scaning the room) Just, just a coke, or whatever.

Shane- What, are you the Pope tonight? No beer?

Jordan- (Scaning) Just a coke. (Pause) I'll be back.

Shane- Where are you- (Jordan leaves- shane shrugs) Whatever.

Cut to Angela and Rayanne. Rayanne is being her crazy self- with or without alcohol. Angela is also being crazy- partly because she is having fun, and partly because she is some-what drunk. 15min into dancing, two guys begin to dance with them. They look about 19-20. After five min. of dancing together, Rayanne and her guy go to make-out somewhere, leaving Angela and the guy dancing. He is tall, and very attractive. The guy comes from behind Angela, and rests his hand on her hips. She doesn't mind this. She reaches over, and grabs his neck from the back. He moves his hand to her stomach, and pulls her tightly to him.

Cut to-

Jordan- Graff!

Pan to Rayanne and the guy making out by the pool tables.

Jordan- Graff! (She still doesn't here him. Annoyed, he pulls the guy off of her.

Rayanne's Guy- (Backing away) Sorry man, I didn't know!

Jordan- (Rolls his eyes) Graff, is, where, who...-

Rayanne just points over his sholder, and grabs the guy in another kiss.

Jordan- (To himself, nervous smile) Thanks. (He turns around, to find Angela still dancing with the guy.

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