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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 36: Policy my ass!

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The story so far

Chapter 36: Policy my ass!

written by Huie

added on: 14 Dec 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

After a couple minutes, the group makes it into the gigantic, decorated gym. All four of the "Liberty's" are amazed- they have never such a big gym before. Although it is so huge, it is still crowded with people.

Rayanne- (To Mike) Do you need a map or something to get from point A to B in this gym?!?

Mike laughs- showing off his perfect smile and dimple.

Mike- No... we manage without.

Rickie gazes at Mike- Rayanne notices.

Rayanne- So... (Looking at Rickie mischievously) Mikey...

Rickie turns from Mike in full admiration- to Rayanne like he will kill if she says what she says.

Rickie- (Miming) Don't you dare...

Rayanne ignores Rickie silent plea.

Rayanne- (Boldly) Are you gay?

Everyone turns their heads to Rayanne in shock, then to Mike for an answer. All are silent.

Angela-VO- It felt... like at that moment, everything stopped- the music, the laughter, the scuffling of feet, even the heartbeats. Everything was halted, for that one answer. She (Rayanne) has out-done herself this time. Everybody was shocked that Rayanne... could be *that* bold- well, almost everyone...

Mike- Actually, I don't like to put a label on myself. Labels... they complicate things. But... if you're asking if I'm attracted to guys over girls, then yes. I'm gay.

He finishes with a smile- as though her forwardness, or the question itself, hadn't phased him. He was obviously comfortable with talking about his sexuality.

Sharon- (Breaking the silence) Well... (Laughs, and stops) I think (Grabbing Rayanne's arm, and pulling her way) us girls need to take a visit to the little girl's room... don't we girls?

Angela- Yes! (Smiling for Rickie) Yes! (Laughing as she walks away) In fact we do!

The girls practically run as fast as they can in their tight outfits- laughing all the way in joy.

Rickie- (Looking at the floor- half smile) I'm sorry... for Rayanne. She's... she's a little in your face at times.

Mike- Don't apologize (Making his way over to the bleachers- Rickie follows like a well-trained puppy) In fact... I should probably apologize.

Rickie- (Confused) Why?

Mike- Because... well, um...

Mike nervously laughs- this is the first time we see him vulnerable.

Mike- I got the idea... that this was, a, a date-type thing.

Rickie- This? (Points at himself, Mike, and then himself again.)

Mike- Well... yeah.

Mike looks down at his shoes, and slowly back up at Rickie. Rickie smiles at him. Mike returns the favor.

The camera fades on the boys smiling at each other, to a big group of people across the gym. There leaning against the wall is Jordan. His hands are in his pockets, and his eyes are closed. We hear him humming to Nirvana, while his head gently moves back and forth with the slow beat. Jordan feels a hand press against his back. He opens his eyes to find Jess. She looks as though she is talking to the group- but her voice comes out all distorted. The group laughs, and then abruptly stops all at once- as though they are all one person. She then turns back to Jordan and smiles. Jess takes her other hand, (Her right) and rests it on Jordan's chest, while she stands on her tippy-toes to reach his ear.

Jess- (Whispers) I love this song.

Just as slowly as she whispered, Jess moves her hand from his chest down, down, down- making Jordan's eyes widen. Before going back down to her regular stance, she rubs her cheek against his.

Jordan- (Husky whisper) Me too.

Cut to Angela alone a 1/2 hour or so later. She is leaning against a wall with a little cup in her hand. She lightly nods her head to the music(Quite like Jordan did), while she sips her punch- completely bored.

Angela-VO- Going to dance to look for "fresh meat"? What was I thinking.

She leans her head back to finish the last drop of punch.

Angela-VO- So... it just so happens, that guys, the so-called "fresh meat" come to dances... with dates.

She brings her head back up, to face the dancers. Everyone is paired off slow-dancing. She turns her head- now facing Sharon. Making out. With Kyle. Vinovich.

Angela-VO- To add to it, your accomplice. ducks out of the "mission". It seems she doesn't really need some fresh meat after all.

She rolls her eyes, and slides down the wall (Making sure she crosses her legs- no peeks!), facing the dancing floor again- this time spotting Mike and Rickie talking on the side. She lightly smiles.

Angela-VO- Well, I guess it *all* isn't a bummer.

All of the sudden, a body appears next to Angela. Her blonde hair whips Angela in the face.

Rayanne- Why the hell is Vinovich here? Not to mention with his tongue down Sharon's throat?

Angela- Supposedly, he came here "to win her back"- but I have an odd feeling, that's not really what he meant to come here for.

Rayanne- (Only needing one guess) The blonde girl... from the bathroom?

Angela nods.

Rayanne- Oh. (She snickers)

Cut to-

Rickie- So... "A River's Edge"- how did you get into acting?

Mike- Well... my mom... she was, like an actress a while ago. It's kinda in my blood.

Rickie- Wow... that's like, so cool.

Mike- Yeah... it's alright.

A techno song begins to play, while the pair fall into a awkward silence. Mike looks at the dancers, and back at Rickie.

Mike- Hey... you want to dance?

Rickie- (Nervously laughs) Oh, I'm not much of a dancer... I...

Mike- You're afraid... aren't you?

Rickie- Afraid? Of what... dancing?

Mike- Of "being Gay"- of yourself.

Rickie- (Nervously laughs) What?

Mike- No... don't worry- it's cool. (Shrugs) I can't relate or anything though. I have always been comfortable with it.

Rickie- (Lying) I just really can't dance... I mean...

Mike- Well, prove it.

Mike grabs Rickie's hand, and leads him to the dance floor. Mike then begins to dance. Soon after, Rickie does to- a little more conservative than last time.

A couple of songs later, the pair quit for a drink. Mike grabs Rickie's hand again making Rickie blush. The camera zooms out a little, and focuses on a different couple sitting at a table. Jess huffs loudly, and looks over at Jordan for a reaction. He gives her nothing.

Jess- (Deciding to be up front about it) Hey Jordan?

Jordan opens his eyes to look at Jess.

Jess- So... this might sound weird, and everything...

She trails off. Jordan gives her a "Get to the point" kind of look.

Jess- Well, at dances, you're supposed to dance.

Jordan rolls his eyes.

Jess- I know... shocker!

Jordan- Jess...

Jess- Oh just shut up... come on-

She grabs his arm, and he gently shakes it out of her grasp.

Jordan- I told you, I don't dance.

Jess- Well, you have before.

Jordan- What the hell are you talking about?

Jess- God... just, never mind. (She begins to walk away, but then quickly turns back) You know... you can really hard-headed sometimes.

Jordan- Hard-headed? I'm *not* hard-headed.

Jess- Oh yeah... (Not coming up with anything good to say) well then... well, that's great.

Embarrassed by how stupid she sounded, and her anger towards Jordan, she walks off again.

Jordan- (To himself) I'm not hard-headed... I'm not.

Jordan looks back up at Jess, and calls her. She turns around, hopeful.

Jess- (Almost giggly) Yes, Mr. Catalano?

Jordan- You're lucky I'm drunk.

With this, he walks past her, to the floor. She jumps a little, and follows him.

For a couple of minutes, they just stand there. Jess smiles at him ready for him to make the first move. Jordan just looks around at everyone else. He sniffs, and puts his hands in his pockets.

Jess- Well?

Jordan- Oh, yeah, right.

Jordan takes his hands out of his pockets, and glances quickly at two teachers that are dancing near them. He takes his hand and puts it on Jess' waist, while he holds her right hand with his other hand- standing two feet apart- obviously trying emulate the teachers.

Jess- Jordan... (Looks around embarrassed) what are you doing?

Jordan- What> This is what you wanted me to do, right? Dance?

Jess- (Smiles at him- her eyes bright) Not like this.

She takes his hands, and puts them low on her hips, while pulling him towards her- so that they are pressed against each other. (Her cleavage is spilling out)

Jess- (Quietly in his ear) Like this.

Jordan can feel her breath on his neck. Jess then pulls her head back to look at Jordan. Without warning, she dives in for a kiss. Jordan, not really understanding what is going on, accepts for a few seconds, and then breaks off.

Jordan- Hey... what? What was that?

Jess- A kiss...

Jordan- Umm... (Nervous laugh) I... we're... we're just, umm...

Jess- What? Friends?

Jordan- Jess... (Looks around, and then moves in to whisper to her) I umm... I can't.

Jess lightly rubs her cheek against his cheek.

Jess- Why not? Why the fuck not?

Jordan- Because... because... I know you, and-

Jess- So?

Her lips are now a centimeter from his.

Jordan- So... um... because...

Jess- (Whisper) Exactly.

Cut to-

Angela and Rayanne are still sitting against the wall- now with several empty glasses sitting around them.

Angela- (Crossing her arms) I'm bored.

Rayanne- Hey!(She lightly pushes Angela) So what if there aren't any free boys here. So what? I'm mean... why the hell should we suffer... you know? Let's go dance, or something.

Angela- I mean... there's nobody Ray! Not even one. (Stops) Wait a minute- there is.

Rayanne- Really... (Looking threw the crowd) where?

Angela- That frickin teacher over there!... (Raises arms) that's it!

Rayanne- Well, you do like older guys...

Angela- Ray, I was kidding.

Rayanne- No no no, this is a good opportunity for you. He's no Mr. Racine, but, hey.

She begins to sit up.

Angela- (Laughing) Ray...

Ray begins to dust herself off, and make her way across the gym to the 40-looking man.

Angela- Ray... (Stops) Ray? (Stops) Ray!

Not listening, Ray gallops her way over to him. Angela begin to run quickly- trying to catch up.

Angela- No Rayanne! (She laughs)

Rayanne- Oh Mr. Teacher-man... do you like red-heads?

She asks herself.

Angela- No... stop it- it isn't funny... (While laughing)

Rayanne- (Pretending to be the Teacher- low, manly voice) Why, in fact I do.

Angela hurries to catch up- laughing all the way.

Rayanne- Well, I got one rig-

She abruptly stops walking and talking her smile vanishing. Finally, (Out of breath) Angela catches up- a big smile on her face. She then realizes Rayanne's facial expression.

Angela- What? (Smiles)

She notices Rayanne's stare, and follows it.

Angela- Oh my God.

Rayanne- (Still staring) Angela...

Angela- Oh my God.

Rayanne- I know.

Angela- Policy my ass.

The camera cuts to Jess and Jordan making-out while they "dance".

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