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Chapter 25: Nervous Smiles

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The story so far

Chapter 25: Nervous Smiles

written by Huie

added on: 11 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*Angela just goes straight home from Louies, leaving Rickie and Rayanne.*

Wednesday of the next week-
Angela hasnt explained her sudden leave yet to Rayanne and/or Rickie. Jordan is clueless to the whole thing.

B-VO- So a lot has happened. Not in my life- of course not in my life. Nothing *ever* happens in my life. (Deep sigh) Even though a lot has happened I was *still* here

Jordan- Simile uses like or as, right? (Looks up at Brian)

Brian nods and gives Jordan a slight smile. Jordan looks down at his paper again, and he fills in a blank with simile. They are situated in the tutoring room.

Brian-VO- I was *still* doing tutoring. I was *still* helping. I was *still* teaching him, my rival my opponent- in love. Listen to me My opponent in love? Something *really* needs to happen in my life.

Voice- Umm excuse me?

Brian turns his head to face a girl. She was about Angelas height. She was very slim and had a perfect body. Her hair was a honey-blonde color, and was long and wavy. It was the kind of wave you would get after taking out braids- kind of a crimped look. She wore it half up, and half down. Her shiny hair complemented her innocent, angelic face.

Brian looks up at her stunned. She begins to talk.

Brian-VO- And as she talked, I felt my life like *finally* going somewhere. I dont know exactly what she was talking about all I could focus on was her lips. They were the perfect kind- you know, the full kind but, like, not *too* full.

Girl- Um excuse me?

Brian- Oh what?

Girl- I asked for a some markers. (Pause) If you dont have any, thats okay.

The girl nervously smiles at Brian.

Brian-VO- Her teeth, were like, the perfect kind perfectly complementing her perfect lips. But the way she smiled at me, *really* is what dazed me. She smiled at me how, how Angela used to smile at Jordan. Like when she was embarrassed, or she said something sort-of stupid. Or, like, when Jordan made her nervous. Like, this beautiful girl was, nervous? To like, talk to Brian Krakow? To me?

He nervously smiles back at her, reaches in his bag, and pulls out a sheet of paper.

Brian- Here (Clears his throat) here you go.

Girl- Umm (Slight laugh) actually, I need markers.

Brian- Oh (Embarrassed) sorry.

The girl gives him a reassuring smile. He relaxes a little, quickly grabs his marker package, and hands it to her.

Girl- (Before turning and walking away) Thanks.

Brian watches her leave, and then turns back to Jordan, waiting for a reaction. Jordan is focused on his paper.

Brian- So

Jordan- (Looks up) Huh?

Brian- So did *you* just see what happened?

Jordan- Umm (Looks slowly around the room) What just happened?

Brian- (Short laugh) That girl over there (Brian tilts his head to the right. Jordans eyes look in that direction) just *borrowed* markers from *me*.

Jordan- The blonde?

Brian nods.

Jordan- Shes hot I would get her number if (Trails off)

Brian-VO- How come *every* girl I am interested in Jordan wants? Like, he *just* picks them to make me even more depressed.

Brian- So

Jordan- Soo what?

Brian- So, should I go for it?

Jordan- (Shrugs) Whatever.

Jordan focuses on his paper again.

Brian- I mean *I* couldnt go over there and just get her phone number

Jordan- (Still focused on his paper) So, dont go for it then.

Brian- I mean *I* couldnt but

Jordan- But

Brian- Well (Nervous laugh) you know.

Jordan- Just ask.

Brian- You could just

Jordan quickly gets up, and makes his way to the girl. In no time, he is back.

Brian- Soo?

Jordan- Nothin.

Brian- Nothin? What do you mean?

Jordan- I asked her for her number and she said no.

Brian- (Eyes widen) No?

Jordan- Yeah something like I didnt have a good approach, and that I wasnt her type.

Brian- What well, what did you do?

Jordan- (Somewhat annoyed with all the questions) I went up to her and I said, Can I get your number? and she said no. And I said, Whatever and she then told me that I had a crappy approach and I told her Whatever. Then she said that I wasnt her type. And then I said, Whatever.

Jordan goes back to work.

Brian- And being rejected doesnt faze you, or anything?

Jordan- Nothing fazes me anymore.

Brian-VO- I always forget that. That Jordan is numb to everything now. I always forget that he too is ignored by Angela, and that he wasnt functioning at all anymore. But, because *he* lost, and *I* lost I feel relaxed now. Kinda like, its all over.

Jordan- Person, place or thing an adjecti- wait no, its a noun, right?

Jordan looks up from his paper into Brians eyes. He stares at him a while, waiting for an answer. Brian lets out a nervous nod. Jordan goes back to his work, while Brian tries to recover from the disturbing stare.

Brian-VO- Looking into Jordan Catalano in the eyes is really hard to do. They like, suck the truth out of you. His eyes are *his* truth or something. I mean, his eyes say more than Jordan *actually* says. They uncover his true feelings.

Brian watches Jordan work.

Brian-VO- He really missed her. You could see it in his eyes.

Jordan looks up at Brian, and Brian quickly looks away. Jordan then goes back to work, making Brain relax again, and fall back into his thoughts.

Brian-VO- I mean I *guess* I missed her too. But (Long silence- Jordan closes his eyes, and tilts his head back) but you really cant miss something, that you never *really* had Or whatever.

Jordan- Im done.

Brian- Okay.

He takes the sheet from Jordan, and begins to look it over.

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