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Chapter 14: Just Checking

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Chapter 14: Just Checking

written by Huie

added on: 15 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Let's Bolt

Angela's Guy- (Whispering in her ear) How old are you?

Angela- (Ditsy-ish) What?

Guy- (Laughs at her) Your cute. (Looks at her, she smiles up at him) You don't have a boyfriend, right?

Angela- (Quickly) Nope- No boyfriend what-so-ever. I'm absolutly single.

Guy- (Whispering) Intresting.

Cut to-

Jordan stands there- Rayanne and the guy heavily making out in the background. He watches as the guy continusly whispers things into Angela's ears. He is pissed. Jordan closes his eyes and slowly opens them again, whishing the song would end. He watches as the guy begins to move his hand under Angela's shirt. She laughs, and pulls his arm away. He tries again. At the sight of this, Jordan hurries over to where they are dancing.

Jordan- (To the guy) Get the hell off of her. (He pushes the guy away from Angela, and takes her under his arm.

Guy- I thought you said you don't have a boyfriend?

Angela- (Pulling out of Jordan's embrace) I don't have a boyfriend.

Guy- Then who the hell is he? (points to Jordan)

Jordan- Who the hell are you?

Guy- Whatever man, I'm over this.

He begins to leave.

Angela- Wait, don't go. (The guy is gone, and she now turns to Jordan) What was that about?

Jordan- What do you mean?

Angela- I was having fun, Jordan.

Jordan (Guilty) Well, he was touching you and stuff, and-

Angela- And your not my boyfriend. I was handling it, God.

Jordan- (Quietly) I was just trying to help.

Angela- Whatever. (She begins to leave)

Jordan- Wait! (Grabs her hand, and pulls her around to face him)

Angela- (Annoyed) What?

Jordan- (Quickly) Dance with me?

Angela- You dance? (Eyes widen)

Jordan- Well, no.

Angela- (Smiles) Okay then.

Jordan- Wait... um. (Realizing what he just got himself into)

Angela- (Laughing at him) Too late!

She turns around, so her body isn't facing his. She grabs the back of his neck, and places his hand on her stomach- The same position as she and the guy had been dancing. Slowly, he begins to loosen up, just swaying back and forth with her. A little into the song, he slowly moves his hand under the front of her shirt, touching her lower stomach. She lets him.

Cut to-

Jordan's friend- Am I seeing things, or is Catalano dancing?

A group of guys turn there heads from a pool game to watch Angela and Jordan dancing

Shane- Lately, Catalano has been acting, so... weird.

Cut To-

Angela- (Turning around to face him) You know, I'm not your girlfriend.

Long Silence. They stare at each other.

Jordan- (Whispering in her ear) I know.

Angela- Just checking.

She turns around again, and smiles wildly. Jordan tightly closes his eyes, and deeply sighs.

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