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Chapter 34: Important?

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The story so far

Chapter 34: Important?

written by Huie

added on: 10 Nov 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

It's finally here! Enjoy!

Cut to Chase house- Kitchen- Same day

The front door can be heard opening, and then closing.

Patty- Angela? Is that you?

Angela drags herself into the kitchen to face her mother.

Angela- Yep.

Patty smiles at Angela.

Angela-VO- You know how it is with certain people? - It's almost impossible to carry on a conversation with certain people. (The camera cuts to Jordan at his locker, and then back to Angela) And it isn't your choice... you just can't. This... (She looks at Patty's fake smile, and slightly rolls her eyes) this is *not* one of those situations. I choose not to talk.

Patty- How was your field trip?

Angela- (Looking threw the fridge) Fine.

Patty- Was the play good?

Angela- Sort of.

Patty- Anything exciting happen?

Angela- (Leaving the kitchen) Nope.

Patty's fake smile fades.

Patty- (To herself) Nice talking to you too.

She deeply sighs and resorts to the fridge.

Angela- (From the Dining Room) Actually...

Patty looks up from the fridge- hopeful.

Angela- (Returning to the kitchen) Yes.

Patty- Yes?

Angela- Yes- something exciting *did* happen.

Patty's fake smile is replaced with an actual one- she is glad Angela is sharing with her.

Angela- But... I can't really talk about it.

Patty's smile fades again, but it is left with a side grin- slightly disappointed, but happy all the same.

Angela- Um... but, on Friday... this Friday, there's a dance.

Patty- Oh... is Sharon organizing it again?

Angela- Actually- it's at a different school- Westernile.

Patty- Oh. (Her face is full of worry) How are you going to get there?

Angela- Rickie's cousin.

Patty looks as though she is going to retaliate, but Angela steps in first.

Angela- Sharon's coming... and... it's like, really important.

Patty- (Confused) Important?

Angela- Like, really (Trying to coax her) really important.

Patty- Sharons going?

Angela nods. She pouts her lip.

Patty- And it's really important?

Angela- (nods again) Please?

Patty- Um... (Searching for a reason to not let her- coming up with nothing) I don't see why not.

Angela smiles.

Angela- (Quietly) Thank you.

She gives Patty a hug, and goes upstairs. Patty is left with a genuine smile- happy to finally be "good cop".

Cut to The Next Day- Wednesday- Rayanne's Apartment.

Two days till the dance. Sharon has been avoiding Kyle, while Angela has been sneaking looks at Jordan- trying to figure him out. Rickie, finally, is making an attempt to call Michael Devons.

Rickie, Rayanne, Sharon, and Angela have formed a circle around the phone on the floor. All of them are staring at it- in a trance.

The camera view is from the phone's view, looking around the circle.

Rayanne- (Breaking the long silence) So... are you going to call? (She passes the bowl of chips she was holding to her right- to Angela.)

The camera follows the bowl of chips to Angela.

Angela- Ray, give him time... it's not easy.

She grabs a handful of chips, and passes it to the next person in the circle- Sharon.

Sharon- Yeah... I mean- It takes guts. I mean...

She trails as she passes the bowl to Rickie.

Rickie- I'm ready.

All eyes turn from the phone to Rickie.

Rickie- (Eyes still on the phone) I'm ready.

Rayanne- (Annoyed) Then do it!

Sharon and Angela's eyes move from Rickie to Rayanne- their eyes are narrowed. Rickie's stare still hasn't been broken.

Without speaking, Rickie reaches for the phone, and dials the number- already having it memorized. The three girls watch in awe- this is a side of Rickie they have never seen before.

Rickie- (In the phone) Hi- yes, is Michael Devons there?... Thanks.

A minute goes past while Rickie waits for Mike to get on the phone.

Rickie- Hi? Michae- Mike? It's Rickie Vasquez- you know the guy- oh... (Smiles) you know who I am?... Oh.

Michael's voice is muffled on the phone.

Rickie- Um... actually- yes. That sounds... great. Okay, see you later then. Im sorry it's such short notice- Okay. My friends- (Stops) Rayanne Graff told you already?? (He looks up at Rayanne like he could kill her, but also like he could kiss her) Well then, see you then.

He laughs nervously, and hangs up the phone He sits there, stunned.

Rickie- We're going.

The next day- Thursday- School Hallway.

Rayanne-Vo- It's so weird-

Camera pans to Rayanne walking down the hallway with Sharon, Rickie, and Angela.

Rayanne-VO- You know... how people are.

Pan to a girl crying with a guy.

Guy- (To Girl) She- It didn't mean anything!

Rayanne laughs at this.

Rayanne-VO- Literally, how people act. What they talk about.

Pan to Kyle and Jock friends.

Kyle- And she was like, "It's over," like, out of nowhere.

Rayanne's smile returns when she over-hears this.

Rayanne- Just, how they are. Like... people. Like, how they can be so absorbed with themselves. And... they might not even know it. And, when they finally do know it- they realize that there is life outside of them.

Rayanne looks over at Rickie who is going over the phone conversation for the 100th time to Angela and Sharon. Sharon is smiling at him. Rayanne then focuses on Angela- her mind is somewhere else. Rayanne follows Angela's gaze to find Jordan. He is leaning against a locker farther up the hallway. His eyes are closed. Rayanne rolls her eyes to find Brian up the hall also. He is reading as he walks by himself.

Rayanne-VO- Well, at least some life. Some things just never change.

Her smile fades as she sees Sam Teller (Honey Haired girl) catch up to Brian. She looks around the hall, as though finally realizing.

Angela- Ray, you okay?

Rayanne- (Quietly) Yeah. (Snapping out of it, blowing off her thoughts) Come on, I think I heard Mike Sholtz and Maria Santos breaking up again back there.

Sharon- (As they hurry back down the hallway) Again? Isn't this like the third time this month?

Rickie- (Shakes his head no) It's the forth.

They hurry down the hall towards the big crowd that has formed around the crying girl and the guilty guy- everyone is trying to get a glimpse of the action. A slap can be heard.

Thursday night

Patty and Graham are getting ready for bed. Danielle is already asleep, while Angela picks out her clothes for the dance.

Patty- (In bathroom) You know what? (She washes and dries her face)

Graham- (In closet- changing his clothes) What?

Patty- I...I think we should be nervous.

Graham- (From under his shirt) Why?

Patty- Angela's going to a dance tomorrow night- at a different school.

Graham- (Face pops threw shirt) She didn't ask you?

Patty- (Confused) What?

Graham- Wait... (Laughs) *You* are letting her go?

Patty- What do you mean by that?

Graham- Well, I mean... (Laughs)

Patty- I let her do lots of things.

Graham- Your right, your right (he nods while he lies- letting out a little laugh)

Patty- What? Upset that *I'm* good cop for once?

Graham- Hey... ho... I don't mind.

Patty- Well, (Jumps in bed- turns her light off) Good.

Graham- So, (slides in bed) why should we be nervous?

Patty- Because (Turns her light on again, and faces Graham) It's really, really important that she goes.

Graham- Why?

Patty- I don't know why. That's what she said, (Being her impression of Angela) "And it's like, really important." That's what she said.

Graham- (Confused, and looks somewhat worried) Important?

Patty- Yep.

She turns her light off again. Graham is sitting there nervously. Patty turns her light back on, and turns to Graham

Patty- You don't think-

Graham- (Looking forward, cutting her off) Don't even say it.

Patty closes her mouth, and smiles and the worried Graham. She then turns around, and flips the light off for the third time, leaving Graham bothered and puzzled.

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