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Chapter 19: Not Anything

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Chapter 19: Not Anything

written by Huie

added on: 28 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


Angela quickly breaks away from the embrace, her eyes focused on the girl. Jordan stares at Angela, still in awe over the kiss.

Blonde- Jordan? I thought you said we would go out, like after practice? You remember, you told me I should meet you here?

Jordan opens his mouth to say something, but is interrupted by Angela.

Angela- (Thinking quickly) Oh... yeah... sorry. He lost a bet, and he ah, he ah, had to kiss me. So... that's it, a kiss.

The blonde relaxes a little bit. Jordan still stares at Angela.

Jordan- (To Angela) So, that's it... a kiss?

Angela- (to herself, eyes welling) A kiss.

Blonde- So, lets go then. I heard there was a party over at Stacy's, soo...

Jordan- I... ah...

Angela- (making the choice for him) Go.

Jordan- I thought you wanted me to so...

Angela- So, go.

Blonde- Come on.

The blonde grabs Jordan's arm, and begins to pull him towards the exit.

Jordan- (annoyed) Okay.

Jordan pulls out of her reach, and begins to walk to the door backwards, still staring at Angela. A tear falls down Angela's cheek. Jordan finally turns around and follows the girl- looking back only once. After he is out of view, Angela slides down the wall, and puts her head in her hands- silently crying. Laughter can be heard from the group in the background.

Cut to- Party

Blonde- So, I'm really glad you asked me out tonight.

Jordan- (Takes a gulp of his beer) Yeah.

Blonde- I mean, I didn't know you felt this way about me.

Jordan- (Confused) What do you mean?

Blonde- Like, enough to ask me out- I mean, you aren't one to pre-arrange.

Jordan- (Rolls eyes) An-ge-la, come on.

Blonde- What?

Jordan- (Looks at her, confused) What... what?

Blonde- You just called me Angela?

Jordan- What... oh, no I didn't.

Blonde- Yeah, you did.

Jordan- Look-

Blonde- (interrupting) You love her, don't you?

Jordan- What?

Blonde- That girl I saw you with?

Jordan- What about *her*?

Blonde- You love her... don't you?

Jordan- I don't lo- I don't know.

Blonde- Go.

Jordan- What?

Blonde- Thanks for inviting me out and all, but go.

Jordan- *Go* where?

Blonde- Go find her... tell her how you feel.

Jordan- But...

Blonde- God, how many times do I have to say it...? GO!

Jordan gives her a slight smile before turning around and leaving. The blonde deeply sighs, and takes a sip of her drink.

Cut Back to - The Loft (Hour Later)

Angela is exactly where Jordan had left her- on the floor w head in her hands. In the background, we see Jordan re-entering. He goes to talk to someone. They shrug. He then talks to another person, and they point Angela's way. Jordan quickly makes his way over to her.

Jordan- Angela?

Angela- (Shocked to hear his voice) Yeah?

Jordan- Do you need a ride?

Angela- Yeah.

Jordan- Okay.

Angela gets up and follows Jordan to his car.

Cut to- Outside Chase house- Jordan's car

Angela- (eyes still swelled) So... thanks, for the ride.

Jordan looks at her, saddened. Quickly he moves towards her, and then on top of her, kissing her hard. Angela pushes him off of her.

Angela- Jordan!

Jordan- (yelling- His voice cracks) I can't take this Angela.

Angela- (Crying) Jordan, we're just friends.

Jordan- (Still yelling) Fuck that Angela. Friends? We can *never* be friends. (Using hand motions) Some people are friends, and some aren't.

Angela- We can too be friends... we were friends before... remember?

Jordan- (Pissed) Angela! There was that tension- that sexual tension. I'm not blind... you know it was there too.

Angela- (Crying hysterically) I do want to be with you, but-

Jordan- (Cuts her off) So why not? If it makes you so upset to *not * be with me, then why can't you?

Angela- Because Jordan, I can't. I need to stand on my two feet. I have to stop relying on you for happiness.- I have to live my own life. I can't *just* be "Catalano's girlfriend".

Jordan- But...

Angela- Your right- we can't be friends.

Jordan looks over at her. He quickly moves on top of her again, and kisses her hard. Angela pushes him off her again-hysterical crying.

Angela- Jordan- we can't be anything.

Jordan closes his eyes tightly. He opens them again, they are now swelled and blood-shot.

Angela- Bye Jordan.

She gets up abruptly, and runs into her house.

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