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Chapter 38: PMS

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The story so far

Chapter 38: PMS

written by Huie

added on: 05 Jan 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

I was really determined to get this one out quickly... enjoy!

Cut to- Monday

Brian and Rickie are talking at Brians locker, while he (Brian) grabs stuff out of his locker for finals.

Brian- And, so, we were studying for finals actually, we were done and she was leaving and we were saying good-bye and she kissed me.

Rickie- Sam kissed you?

Brian- (Proud) Yeah.

Rickie- Well

Brian- (Confused) What?

Rickie- What did you do?

Brian- I just (Nervous laugh) umm nothing (Smiles, embarrassed)

Rickie- So she kissed you and you didnt react at all?

Brian- (Shrugs, almost angry at himself) I froze- I didnt know what to do So, she smiled, and left.

Rickie- Wow

Brian- (Shuts locker) I know I still dont know what to do I mean (Lowers his voice) What if I see her? Are we a couple now?... or (Trails off and ends with a sigh) I dont know. Anyways, how was your weekend?

Rickie- Umm (Shyly smiles- remembering the dance) It was really good.

Angela- Hey guys

Angela comes up to the boys with a big cherry fake smile on her face, making Brian stiffen at her stare- they hadnt talked much in a while.

Rickie- Hi (Looks at Brian, then Angela)

Brian awkwardly smiles quickly at her, and then swiftly looks away. Angela, as well as the boys, can feel the tension between them (Angela and Brian).

Brian- Well, class (Laughs nervously, and points down the hallway).

Rickie- (Turning to Brian) Hey (Brian turns back to listen to what Rickie has to say) It will all work out.

Brian awkwardly smiles again before leaving down the hallway. Angela and Rickie watch him as he disappears.

Angela- (Turning back to Rickie) What will work out?

Rickie- Oh (Shrugs)

Angela- No (playfully shoves him and smiles innocently) What?

Rickie- Well, (They begin to walk down the hall) he is confused about Sam.

Angela- Confused? (Laughs) What did he kiss her or something?

Rickie- Rickie- No

Angela- I didnt think so Krakow doesnt have the guts- he is such a coward. (Laughs again at the idea)

Rickie- Sam kissed him.

Angelas laughing abruptly stops. Delia pops out of nowhere.

Delia- Who kissed who? (Big smile)

Angela and Rickie both stare at her, then each other- Which one was going to tell her.? Angela decides to step up to the plate.

Angela- (Bluntly) Sam Teller kissed Krakow. (Turns back to Rickie) I got to go.

Angela leaves a shocked Rickie, and an open-mouthed Delia.

Angela-VO- Its not like I hate Delia I really dont. It is just theres just I just feel something towards her that I cant explain. And I hate it because she is so nice. Maybe thats it. Maybe Im jealous that a person can be that cheerful and that nice all of the time. Or maybe its just because I have my period.

Angela shrugs to herself, and walks into her next class.

Camera pans back to Delia and Rickie.

Delia- (Trying to convince Rickie and herself) I dont care (Somewhat angry) I dont care!

All that Rickie can do is shake his head- silently laughing.

Fade to-

The three day week slowly passes as all the guys and girls get ready for the summer. Pan to Angela, Rickie, Sharon, and Rayanne walking through a Liberty hallway. The day has ended- finals are over- summer has begun.

Rayanne- (Throws her hands up) Freedom! One more year down.

Rickie- I know I mean think, in two years we will be graduating. Thats it!

Sharon- I think Im going to miss it.

Angela- What? The tests? Having to ask someone if you can use the bathroom?

Sharon- I mean yeah. Not for those reasons though. (Thinks about the last year, and smiles) I mean arent you?

Angela-VO- Overall this has been the best year of school, and the worst year of school. Was I *really* going to miss everything? This year my life started. (Cut to Angela, Rayanne, and Rickie laughing about something). I fought for what I believed in (Cut to Mr. Racine, and the Liberty Lit). I did some pretty crazy things (Cut to breaking into the school). I experienced some new things (Cut to making out with Jordan) and I saw people for who they are, rather than what they are (Cut to Sharon crying in the stall, then Brian after the letter incident). With it, I saw people reach there lowest lows, (Cut to Rickie bruised up and homeless, then a almost ODd Rayanne), and I have experienced so much pain (Cut to Patty and Sharons reaction to her hair, then to the Sophomore list that she wasnt on, to Jordan standing her up, ignoring her, breaking up with her, and sleeping with Rayanne.) And yet would I miss it? Yes.

Angela- (Lying) No.

Rickie- (As a matter of factly) I am.

Rayanne- (Chiming in) Me too.

Sharon- Im glad somebody shares my feelings.

Rayanne- Which reminds me, on the subject of feeling touching, etc- you and Voinovich are back on?

Sharon- (Sighs) Yesss

Angela- (Sarcastic) Dont sound too excited.

Sharon- Its just that

Voice- Sharon!

Sharon- (Looks over her shoulder to find Kyle down the hall- to herself) Crap. (To group) See you guys later.

Rayanne- (Calls to Sharon and Kyle) Bye you two love birds!

Sharon shoots Rayanne a cold stare as she walks off with Kyle- hand in hand.

Rayanne- (Turning back to group) Poor girl.

Rickie- (Spots a clock up the hall) Oh, I have to go guys, I forgot I told Michael Id meet him... to talk about acting.

Angela and Rayanne making a cutesy Ewwwaa sound. He blushes, and gives them each a cheap peck before running off.

Rayanne- Well, this looks like its going to be a fun summer. At least there is still you and me, Ang! (Smiles at Angela and realizes that she (Angela) hasnt been listening at all) Angela? (Moves her hand in front of her)

Angela- Yeah, yeah um- I have to take care of something quickly. (Turns to a slightly saddened Rayanne) Call you later?

Rayanne- (More to herself then Angela) Yeah, sure.

Rayanne watches as Angela walks off down the hall. Rayanne turns to go the other way when she bumps into a tall boy- with a blond mop for hair.

Rayanne- Hey! Watch it! (Realizes who it is- changes her voice from rude, to seductive) Hey there Mr. Valedictorian! (Plays with his collar) Why havent you called me back yet? Ive been waiting, and waiting why-

Brian- (Eyes somewhere else- lightly takes her hands and pulls them away from him) I got to go

And he leaves down the hall. Rayanne is hurt by this- coming on to him didnt even get Krakows attention. He didnt even flinch. She watched as a confident Brian walks down the hall to Sam. He grabs her hand, and they walk off. Together.

Rayanne looks around she is alone.

Cut to- Yet another Liberty Hallway. A minute after.

Angela slowly walks down the hallway kind of out of it, yet focused. She waves good-bye to people for the summer as she makes her way to her destination. Up the hall, we see a group of guys hanging by the lockers- Jordan is one of them. It appears that they are all talking about a party that is going on later that night. Angela quickly makes eye contact with Jordan, and smiles. Slowly she makes her way towards the group. Jordan looks down at the floor, smiles a little, and pretends to not notice her. He pushes his friend and smiles, taking quick glances at her. As she gets closer to him, he leans against the lockers, bites his thumb nail, and watches her in a almost expecting, cocky way. Finally she gets to the group and walks around it. Making sure Jordan is watching, (His cocky look slowly fading) she walks up to Ryan Black (The boy who asked her out before). She does a flirtatious hair tug, and leans on the locker next to his- having a clear view of Mr. Catalano.

Angela- Hey.

Ryan- (Takes a quick look around for Jordan, and turns on the charm when his search comes out negative (Not knowing that Jordan was behind him watching the whole thing) Well, hi.

Angela- (Stealing glances at Jordan- who pertends to not be noticing the exchange) You know that date you were talking about before?

Ryan- (Having to remember) Oh yeah

Angela- (Smiles) I accept.

Ryan- Cool.

Angela looks deep down in her bag to find a piece of paper- all that she can find is the old letter. Jordan is close enough to know what it is.

Angela- Do you have a pen? (Looks at Jordan, who looks just as quickly away).

Ryan takes the one from behind his ear, and hands it to her. She takes the letter, and slowly rips off a piece. It is evident that this pisses Jordan off a lot. She writes her number on the back, and hands it over to Ryan.

Angela- See ya.

She gives off another dazzling smile, and walks back the way she came from (Passing the group again). This time Jordan doesnt hide his stare.

Angela-VO- (Her smile has gone, and she looks sick to her stomach) I feel like a prostitute or something. Not that I did anything physically sick just sort of, degrading. Why do I always make myself sick? Just blame it on PMS.

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