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Chapter 18: Jordan?

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Chapter 18: Jordan?

written by Huie

added on: 19 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The Loft

Practice has ended. Everyone is in a group, hanging out, and drinking. Jordan and Angela are the only ones off by themselves. Jordan is leaning against a wall, while Angela is standing in front of him. His hands are moving up and down Angela's back, keeping her warm. Angela is paying with his shirt flirtatiously. They are laughing about something.

Angela VO- I know I shouldn't be doing this. Y'know, standing in front of him, letting him touch me, flirting with him- but I can't fight it. I *want* Jordan Catalano. That whole thing about waiting... I don't know anymore. (Pause) There is *something* about this friends thing though. Like... you *really* feel wanted.

Jordan- Where's my kiss? I kept my end of the bargain. (He moves closer to her)

Angela- (Smiling) Maybe if you stop begging, it will come.

Jordan- An-ge-la...

Angela Vo- I loved when he said my name like that.

Jordan- Come on.

Angela- (Trying to get it off his mind) So, you are now the lead singer for Residue?

Jordan- (Stroking her neck) Yep... Does that make you want me... like, more than a friend?

Angela- (Lightly pushing his hand away) Jordan...

Jordan- (Quickly) Look Angela, I'm not the only one who's doin it... Okay. I mean, you let me hug you that night at Let's Bolt, you let me hold you in the gym, you were scratching my back in English, I mean... you even let me touch your butt down the hallway. Talk about mixed signals?

Angela Vo- He was right. It was so obvious that I wanted him. Just, *not* yet. I can't deal with a relationship yet.

Angela- Jordan, I don't know...

Angela begins to look around, anywhere but into Jordan's stare. As she is looking around, she sees one of the blondes that were at Jordan's locker making her way over to Jordan and her. Without even thinking, she turns back around to Jordan, takes his neck, and pulls him into a hard, passionate kiss. Angela kisses him with all her buried emotions, and he also kisses her with all his feelings- missing her so much.

Angela Vo- This kiss, at first, was to make that blonde girl jealous. But as soon as his lips touched mine... (Trails off). I could feel how much he missed me, and it made me miss him, even more.

Surprisingly, Jordan breaks the kiss first. He is breathing deeply. Obviously also feeling all the emotions.

Jordan- Angela, (Deep breath- eyes closed) You can't do this to me.

Angela- (Also deeply breathing) What do you mean... it was just a kiss.

Jordan opens his eyes. They stare at each other for a while.

Angela Vo- But that wasn't true... and we both knew it.

Jordan- Angela, you can't kiss someone like that, without emotions behind it. (Pause) A kiss like that, can't *just* be a kiss.

They fall into silence, just staring at each other.

Voice- Jordan?

Angela and Jordan turn away from each other, to see the blonde.

Blonde- I thought you were going to take me out?

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