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Chapter 35: Hi and Hey

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The story so far

Chapter 35: Hi and Hey

written by Huie

added on: 22 Nov 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Friday Night- Louie's

A group of guys enter- one of which is Jordan. He is wearing a plain white jockey t-shirt under a navy blue flannel over-shirt. His blue jeans are very worn, along with his black boots. It is obvious that he hasn't dressed up for the occasion.

Shane- (To Jordan) Catalano, we're starting a game (Points to the pool table). You want in?

Jordan- (Annoyed) I can't.

Shane- Why?

Jordan- 'cause-

Out of nowhere, someone rests their chin on Jordan's shoulder. He looks over to find Jess.

Jess- (Finishing Jordan's explanation) 'Cause he is going to a dance with me.

Jess looks over at Jordan, which makes him close his eyes.

Jess- Hey Jordan.

Jordan- (Eyes still closed) Hi.

Jess- I have to go talk to my boss for a second. Be right back.

She takes her chin off of Jordan's shoulder, and goes to find her boss.

Shane- (Laughs to himself) A dance?

Jordan- Shut up man... I was forced.

Shane- You're a genius, I swear.

Jordan- Why?

Shane- 'Cause... it's genius! Take her to the stupid dance, get in her pants!

Jordan- It isn't like that, we're just...

His sentence trails off. He doesn't know what they are really.

Shane- You don't sound like you even know man. All I have to say is take advantage of the situation. The old you would have.

Jordan- What are you talking about? I haven't changed.

Shane- Whatever you say. I gotta go.

Once again, Shane points over to the pool table and makes his way over to it. Jordan stands there, thinking about what Shane had said. Jess pops back out of nowhere. Jordan notices her finally for the first time. She is really "hot". Jess is wearing a black halter-top dress- nice and tight. He is confused- Why didn't he notice how hot she was before Shane had said something?

Jess- Let's go.

She grabs Jordans arm forward, and quickly let's go of it. He follows her- not able to take his eyes away from her.

Jordan- (Coming back to reality) Wait... (Stopping her) do you have anything?

Jess- (Getting the wrong idea) What do you mean... like a cond-

Jordan- (Not hearing her) Like, to drink.

Jess- Oh... (Nervous laugh) Of course! (Pats her big purse) You're much more fun that way.

Jordan is relieved that he has alcohol to get him through the night.

Jess- (Getting into red) Just make sure you don't go into one of your "Angela Sagas", okay?

Jordan- (Also gets into red) What are you talking about? (Hearing Angela's name makes him cringe)

Jess- (realizing that it was a bad idea to bring "her" up- quietly) You know, when you go on and on about Angela.

She looks over at Jordan he meets her eyes- pissed.

Jess- (Trying to recover) You know, you only do it when your drunk.

Jordan turns on the engine.

Jordan- (Babbling) I don't talk about her *that* much... I mean, I haven't even thought about her for like, ever. I mean, I don't even care about her- or what she's doing. She's just a girl, that I used to know... you know?

Jess- (Looks out the window) I know.

Cut to- outside of Rayanne's Apartment door.- About the same time

Angela straightens her dress before she knocks on Rayanne's door. It is the same dress she had worn to the "World Happiness Dance".

The door opens- It's Rayanne- fully in party gear.

Rayanne- That's what you're wearing?

Angela looks down at herself- self-consciously.

Angela- I thought that you liked this dress on me.

Rickie- (Pops out from behind the door) Angela, you look beautiful.

Rayanne- You do...

Angela- But...

Rayanne- Well, guys... guys are age, they aren't looking for beautiful.

Angela- They aren't?

Rickie- Some guys are. But...

Rayanne- (Blurting it out) That want hot Angel-food.

Angela- Hot? (Laughs) I can't be hot.

Rickie- Oh, you totally can.

Rayanne- (Pulling Angela in) And you will.

30 minutes later- All are gathered around the mirror.

Rickie- Oh my God.

Rayanne- I told you.

Angela- I can't believe it- I look like a totally different person.

Rickie- You look hot.

Rayanne- You look beyond hot.

We see the "hot" Angela for the first time. She is wearing a tight black corset-looking dress. It is strapless. Her lips are fiery red, and her eyes are done dark and smoky.

Rayanne- Now, all we have to do is your hair. How about up for a change.

Angela- Up?

Rickie- Why not?

Angela- I don't know... how about some little braids instead?

Rayanne- Fine, fine, fine.

Rayanne takes a chunk of Angela's faded crimson-glow hair, and begins to braid as there is a knock at the door. Rickie goes to get it.

Rickie- Hey-(Opens the door all the way) Sharon?!?! You look-

Sharon- Different? I know. (She walks in) I just thought new school, new look.

Rayanne- (Looks at Sharon threw the mirror) Well it's definitely different. I love it.

Sharon- So... what do you think Angela?

Angela turns her head to look at Sharon. She is in total shock- Sharon looks hot, but also kind of trashy.

Angela- I don't know what to say.

Sharon- Do you like it? (Does a little spin)

Angela- I...

Angela-VO- This isn't Sharon. Sharon wears pink. That... that's Rayanne.

Angela- (Trying to come up with something) Um... I like how you did your hair?

Sharon- (Laughs) No, about my clothes.

Angela- I... I don't know. It just... it doesn't seem like you.

Sharon looks down, now self-conscious. She then looks back up at Angela.

Sharon- Yeah... well... why don't you look at yourself in the mirror.

With this, she moves to the couch, and sits down- crossing her arms over her body. Rickie goes over to comfort her, while Angela slowly turns back to the mirror.

Angela-VO- (Looking at herself in the mirror) This isn't me. *I* look like Rayanne.

She looks down at herself again. Rayanne keeps braiding, not really noticing the impact of the exchange had on either of the girls.

Rayanne- (Breaking the silence) So Rickie, were meeting him where again?

Rickie- (From the couch) Um, he's getting off of work at 6:30, so he said we should meet him there.

Angela- (Trying to get the exchange off her mind) So, are you excited?

Rickie- Well, yeah.

Rayanne- Okay... (Stands back to admire her work) Done.

Angela- (Quickly) Cool, thanks- (Looks at the clock) Guys, we should go now.

Rickie- (Realizing what time it is) Yeah, we should. Let's wait outside... he (Referring to his cousin) should be here any minute.

Rickie and Sharon get up from the couch. A honk can be heard.

Rickie- Hurry, he doesn't like to wait.

With this, he exits the apartment. Rayanne quickly follows. Sharon and Angela follow slowly. They both feel like they should say something. They are now in the hallway.

Angela- (Turning to Sharon while still walking) Look, let's just have a good time tonight.

Sharon- Yeah... I mean-

Angela- I know- we're just trying to have fun.

Sharon- Yeah... I mean, I wouldn't normally dress like this... you know.

Angela- Yeah. (Laughs nervously) Me either.

They smile at each other and look down at themselves- both still really self-conscious about the way they look.

Rayanne- (From way down the hall) Come on guys! He's going to leave!

The girls hurry down the hallway.

Fade to-

Westernile Parking Lot- Night

They (Jess and Jordan) both get out of Red. Jess fixes her make-up in the reflection of the window, while Jordan stares at the school. Jess, finished primping, begins to make her way to the school, thinking that Jordan is following. He deeply sighs, and chugs the last bit of Whiskey. He wipes his mouth with his shirt, and stares at the school- completely out of it.

Jess- (realizing that Jordan isn't following) Jordan, come on. (Notices the empty bottle of whiskey in his hand.) You already finished it?

Jordan- Let's just get this over with.

Jess- Then come on silly.

Jordan drops the whiskey bottle, and follows.

A couple minutes later, Rickie's cousin pulls up. Rayanne, Rickie, Angela, and Sharon get out. Rickie's cousin quickly pulls away, a big crunch is heard.

Rayanne- What was that?

Angela- I think it was a whiskey bottle.

Sharon- So is that why nobody came to my dance... no alcohol?

Rayanne- That... and many other reasons.

Sharon playfully pushes her.

Rickie- (Looking all over- his voice is scratchy) He said he would be here. Where is he? He said in the parking lot... I know he did. He said...

Rayanne- Chill- you're going to lose all the voice that you have left.

Rickie deeply sighs.

Sharon- Yeah, we're a couple minutes early anyways.

Rayanne- Hey... look who's here.

Angela, Sharon, and Rickie turn towards where Rayanne is pointing- thinking it was Mike Devons. To all there surprise, it isn't Mike, but a red convertible.

Sharon- Jordan Catalano is here?

Rickie- No way.

Angela- (Looking away) He doesn't do dances... as policy.

Rickie- But... last time-

Rayanne- No, (Looks at Rickie- "Drop it" Look on her face) She's right.

All of the sudden, a smile comes over Angela's distant face.

Angela- (Teasingly) Ohhhh Rickie...

She tilts her head towards Rickie. Slowly, Rickie turns to face where Angela had tilted her head. Standing there is none other than Mike Devons.

Rickie- (Shy smile) Hi.

Mike- (Confident Smile) Hey.

Angela-VO- And... this is the moment I knew that Rickie's life would be different... forever.

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