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Chapter 31: Count Me In

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The story so far

Chapter 31: Count Me In

written by Huie

added on: 21 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Guidance Office-

Miss Krysenowski- So Rayanne, you seem better. Then ever.

Rayanne- (Sitting still in her chair- actually looks concentrated) I feel better than ever.

Miss Krysenowski- (Sits down in her desk chair) And I have to say, you made a smart decision to still do these meetings.

Rayanne- Well, (Looking up from the floor) I want it to really work this time.

Miss Krysenowski- And... how are you doing with your friend...

Rayanne- Angela?

Miss K. nods.

Rayanne- Well, also better than ever... like even better than before the

Miss Krysenowski- (Cutting her off) Before the night you OD'd?

Rayanne- (To herself) Yeah.

Miss Krysenowski- Why? I mean what happened to make this change?

Rayanne- Well, the guy, you know the guy she was obsessing over? Well, he's like out of her life now. (Stops, then eyes widen- she gets defensive) Not that that's why we're friends again... we just are. You know, friends again.

Miss Krysenowski- Okay.

Rayanne- So, she looks to me for advice again- like, guy advice. And... we're just friends again.

Bell rings. Ms. K. closes Rayanne's files.

Miss Krysenowski- That will be all for today then.

Rayanne gets up and makes her way to the door.

Rayanne- Bye Miss K!

As soon as she reaches the door, Jordan is trying to enter. They quickly try to move to opposite sides of the small doorway- both entering/leaving at the same time. It makes an awkward situation.

Rayanne- (To herself- yet loud enough to be heard) Speaking of the devil.

Ms. K hears this statement, looks at Jordan, and makes the connection in her head. Jordan doesnt hear Rayanne, nor does he care. Rayanne leaves, while Jordan sits down.

Jordan- (To Ms. K) I was told to come here.

He hands her a blue pass.

Miss Krysenowski- Mr. Catalano nice of you to join me.

Jordan- (Mind somewhere else) I guess.

Miss Krysenowski- One second.

She moves to her filing cabinet and looks through some files. She finds Jordans, and pulls it out. She puts it on her desk, opens it and files threw it.

Miss Krysenowski- Okay, looking at your records-

Jordan- (Cutting her off- annoyed, like he has somewhere better to be) Just tell me if Im failing again.

Miss Krysenowski- (Looks up at him, and then starts again- a little annoyed herself) Looking at your records there is an evident change.

Jordan- (Confused) Okay?

Miss Krysenowski- It seems that you have been doing a lot better- In fact you have passed every class this semester. (Looks back up at him from the papers) Some, just barely. But all the same, you passed. (Traces her finger down the paper) *You* did get a couple Bs which is excellent. As in P.E and woods- no surprise there. And thats about it. (Looks up at him) Soo what happened?

Jordan- (Confused) What?

Miss Krysenowski- Well, you have completely changed- grade wise. What happened?

Jordan- Um (Trying to think of something) I have a tutor now?

Miss Krysenowski- Tutoring?

Jordan- Yeah like every other day practically.

Miss Krysenowski- I see. (Shuffles threw some papers) Looks like your test has come back.

Jordan shifts in his chair.

Miss Krysenowski- (Answering the un-asked question) You passed.

Jordan- So

Miss Krysenowski- Um that means that you have been found with dyslexia.

Jordan- Im dyslexic?

Miss Krysenowski- Yes. Which means-

Jordan- So thats like sort of good. Right?

Miss Krysenowski- Yeah, because it explains a lot.

Jordan- Yeah.

Miss Krysenowski- So because you have been found with a disorder out of your control, the district is willing to let you take some classes in the summer to let you become a senior next year.

Jordan- Wait? I dont have to take Junior Year?

Miss Krysenowski- Nope. Straight to senior year.

Jordan- (Trying to make sense of it all) So I just have to take some classes during the summer?

Miss Krysenowski- Yes. Isnt that great?

Jordan- (Doesnt know what to think of it) I guess.

Miss Krysenowski- So, next year, you can graduate.

Jordan- Weird.

Ms. K stares at Jordan while he picks at a hole in his jeans.

Miss Krysenowski- Is there something wrong?

Jordan- (Quick) No.

Miss Krysenowski- Its just has anything big happened like in your life?

Jordan- (Looks around the room) Nope.

Miss Krysenowski- (Not believing) Okay. Then were done here.

She signs the pass, and hands it to Jordan. He takes it from her, and gets up to leave.

Miss Krysenowski- Ill be seeing you later- to talk about summer plans.

Jordan turns around and looks at her, telling her he heard, and then leaves.

Cut to- Rickies English Class

Mr. Katimski- And remember-

He is cut off by the bell.

Mr. Katimski- (Over the shuffling) If you want to go see the play, the sign-up sheet is right up here.

He points to a paper that is posted on the chalkboard.

Remember you get to skip school! Its at Westernile High.

When Rickie hears this, he slowly turns from the door to Mr. Katimski.

Rickie- Did you say Westernile?

Mr. Katimski- Indeed I did. The play is this Friday. So- theres the sheet. (He deeply sighs- and smiles) Just think- after this week, we will only have two more weeks till summer vacation.

Rickie smiles at him, and Mr. K leaves for the teachers lounge. Rickie then moves to the sign-up sheet. He grabs the pencil and writes:

Enrique Vasquez
Angela Chase
Rayanne Graff

Cut to- The next day. School

Angela walks into the girls bathroom (Which is surprisingly empty) and begins to fix her hair and make-up. A little cry can be heard coming from one of the stalls. Pink socks can be seen sticking out.

Angela- (Walking over to the stall- confused and concerned) Sharon?

Sharon- (Depressed) Im okay.
Angela- Sharon? Open up.

She pushes on the door, and finds that it is un-locked.

Angela- (To Sharon) Hi?

Sharon- (Looking up at her) Hi.

Angela- Are you okay?

Sharon- (Sarcastic) Im perfect.

Angela- Whats wrong?

Sharon- Oh (Short, crude laugh) just the fact that I have nobody.

Angela- What?

Sharon- Delia has a new boy-friend, Kyle just dumped me for some girl at a different school, my parents are working on their relationship by going to these sex classes- which takes up all their time- even Krakow has someone.

Angela- Sharon- you have more friends than anyone I know.

Sharon- Not friend-friends. Not the people you would tell secrets to, or give advice to.

Angela- You have me.

Sharon- (Rude laugh) Thats a joke.

Angela- (Confused- sits down next to Sharon on the floor in the stall) Whats that supposed to mean?

Sharon- Face it Angela, Im your back-up friend. Whenever you need someone, Im there. And when you dont (Trails off)

Angela-VO- So, it happened again. I shut her out again. And this time I didnt even know it.

Angela- This Friday theres a play. Like, a school play- at Westernile. (Trying to convince Sharon) You get to miss school?

Sharon- That sounds better.

Angela- (Standing up) Come on.

She grabs Sharons hand, and pulls her up.

Sharon- So, you and Jordan broke up again?

Angela- (Laughs) We were never back together! - (Looks over at Sharon) Long story.

Sharon- I got time.

Angela- (Changing subject) Theres this dance

Sharon- Here?

Angela- No its also at Westernile.

Sharon- New guys? Count me in!

Angela- Thats exactly what *I* was thinking.

They leave the bathroom- but can be still heard.

Angela- Wait. *Brian Krakow* has someone???

Sharon- Oh my God! You didnt know? Sam Teller.

Angela- That new, really nice girl?

Sharon- Yep. Theyre just friends though.

Angela- That is *so* weird.

Sharon- Hey, all I have to say is- Way to go Krakow!

Angela- I guess.

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Rayanne Graff, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"