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Chapter 26: I bet...

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The story so far

Chapter 26: I bet...

written by Huie

added on: 12 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

--Later that night-

Angela is avoiding Jordan more than before the night at Louie's with her and Jess-


Jordan- (Drunk) So... it is so weird now... like, weirder than before. She... like, gets so stiff around me. Like, I make her sick. Like, she wants to throw up every time she even quickly looks at me. She just ends up leaving. I mean, if I see her, she'll just run off somewhere.

Jess- Forget her Jordan. You guys are over.

Jordan- I wish I could- Wait... (Narrows eyes) no, I *don't* want to forget her... She makes me happy, you know?

Jess- Jordan, (Shrugs) She is *just* a girl.

Jordan- (Annoyed) No... she isn't. She's, she's more than that, or something. I don't know.

Jess- Want another one?

Jordan squints in confusion. Jess points to the beer bottle Jordan just finished. Jordan looks at the bottle, and looks up at Jess- HE let's out a little "oh". They stare at each other for a second. Jess, waiting for his answer, and Jordan looks as though he is fighting something inside himself.

Jordan- I feel... like I'm taking advantage of you. You keep listening to me talk to Angela, and you keep giving me free beers... I feel-

Jess- Don't worry about it.

Jordan- Okay. (He takes another beer)

Jess stares at Jordan as he open the bottle, and takes a gulp. Jordan notices this stare, and becomes uncomfortable quickly. He glances at her, and then nervously looks away.

Jess- Can I just ask you something?

Jordan- (Cautious) Okay...

Jess- Just, just tell me one thing that she has... that I don't.

Jordan- (Narrows his eyes in confusion) What do you mean?

Jess- I mean, why her... and not me? Just tell me one thing.

Jordan- Jess...

Jess- Just do it.

Jordan- (Rubs his eyes) I don't know... she has red hair?

Jess- (Laughs) Good answer. (Lifts up her beer, and clanks it with his.) Cheers to that.

Jordan- (Relaxed again) Gezz... you really scared me for a second. I actually thought that-

Jess- (Interrupting- serious) That I might have been in love with you?

Jordan- Um... (Short laugh) yeah.

Jess- Catalano, you are so full of yourself.

Jordan- Yeah... (Deeply sighs) I bet that Corey guy isn't full of himself. I bet that's why Angela likes him. I bet...

Jess just rolls her eyes.

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