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Chapter 16: Nothing More Then Friends- Yes... Just Friends

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Chapter 16: Nothing More Then Friends- Yes... Just Friends

written by Huie

added on: 18 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela- Jordan, come on!

Pan to Jordan at his locker. He is talking to two blonde girls.

Angela- (Looking at her watch, annoyed) Jordan, we have like one minute to get to English.

Jordan looks up at Angela, and then back at the girls. A little smile comes over his face- excited to see Angela react the way she is.

Angela- Fine. (Turns around and yells over her shoulder) I'm going.

Jordan looks up at Angela again, to see her leaving. He quickly follows her, leaving one of the blondes in mid-sentence.

Jordan- (Finally catching up- whispering in her ear while stroking her cheek) Thanks for waiting.

Angela- (Pushing him away) I told you I was leaving... you were just too busy flirting to hear me.

Jordan- (Laughing) Angela Chase... jealus?

Angela- Not in the least bit.

Jordan- (Unconvinsed) Okay... just remember, the whole friends thing was your idea.

Angela just rolls her eyes.

Jordan- And were nothing more than friends.

Angela begins to laugh.

Jordan- What?

Angela- Then, then-

Jordan- Then what?

Angela- (Smiling up at him) Then why do you have your hand on my butt?

Jordan- (Looks down) Sorry.

He doesn't move his hand from her back pocket- still touching her butt.

Angela looks at him. Feeling her stare, he looks straight foward.

Angela- You are *such* a pervert.

Jordan- (Mescheiviously grins, but keeps looking foward) I have no idea what your talking about.

Cut to-

Rickie and Rayanne are about to enter the girls room, as they watch Angela and Jordan make their way down the hallway. Jordan's hand is still in Angela's back pocket.


Rayanne- I seriously don't get those two.

Rickie- I know. They get together, then break up. They spend more time together after they break up. Then, they sort of get back together, then decide to be friends... and now, just friends, they can't keep their hands off of each other.

Rayanne- Exacty! They act as though they are in a relationship... but like, without the benefits of *being* in a relationship.

Rickie- What benefits, Rayanne?

Rayanne- You know... making out, and sex.

Rickie- (Finishes his eyeliner) I should have guessed.

Rayanne- (Joking) You mean... you didn't guess that?

Rickie shakes his head at her, silently laughing, and exits the bathroom. Rayanne finishes fixing her hair, grabs her bag, and follows him.

Cut to- English.

Mr. K is late. Eveyone is hanging out. Someone has Smashing Pumpkins blasting, while other are leaving. Sharon is at her seat, reading a love story. Angela and Jordan are standing in the back, joking around. Jordan keeps lightly touching her, emphasisng something in his story. Brian is at his seat with all his English stuff out, ready to go. His eyes are focused on Jordan and Angela

Brian VO- So, reality sets in. Angela Chase will never be mine, because, she and Jordan will *always* get back together. It's like, nature, or something. (Long Pause) At least I did get *one* night with her.

Cut to-

Jordan- So Graff, just left... like in the middle of the song-

Jordan's story is mumbled by Angela's thoughts.

Angela Vo- So, we were friends. We talked... a lot... more than over- and *not* only about Residue- mostly about Residue, but other things too. (Pause) And him, like right now, talking about Rayanne, surprisingly didn't bother me. What *did* bother me was that I was just hearing this story, for the first time.

Jordan's voice is back to full volume again

Jordan- So I was just up there. And people were like"go", and so, I did.

Angela- Did what?

Jordan- Y'know, sing.

Angela- You sang?

Jordan- (Embarassed) Yeah.

Angela- Jordan,(Light bulb), that's it!

Jordan- What are you talkin about?

Angela- Residue still needs a lead singer, right?

Jordan- (Rolls his eyes) Not Graff again, please.

Angela- No. (Short laugh) You!

Jordan- What about *me*?

Angela- You should be the lead singer of Residue!

Jordan- Angela, I don't know how realistic that sounds.

Angela- Oh come on, what sounds realistic? I forgave you and Rayanne, that doesn't *sound* realistic.

This makes Jordan stiffen.

Jordan- I don't know.

Angela uncontiously begins to scrath his back. Jordan's eyes slightly widen to her touch.

Angela- (She looks up at him- puppy dog face) Just think about it?

Jordan- (Softly) Okay.

Angela stops scrathing his back, and lightly pats him on the arm.

Angela- (Big smile) Okay.

Angela turns around, grabs her backpack, and heads for the door. Jordan follows quickly.

Jordan- Wait, where are you going?

Angela- (Turns around) I don't know. I was thinking about going to see what Rayanne and Rickie were doin... but I don't know... (curious) Why?

Jordan- Well, I'm leaving too.

He pushes past her, and walks out of the room. Angela tries to catch up with him.

Angela- Wait, where are you going?

Jordan grins to himself.

Jordan- I don't know.

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