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Chapter 29: Same

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The story so far

Chapter 29: Same

written by Huie

added on: 17 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jess and Jordan are sitting at there usual table.

Jess- So...

Jordan- (Looking up from his beer bottle) Yeah...

Jess- So... what are you doing Friday. Like not this Friday, but the next one?

Jordan- (Depressed) Oh, you know, whatever.

Jess- So... you don't have any plans or anything?

Jordan- Nope... why?

Jess- I don't know. There's just this thing... well dance at my school...

Jordan leans back and closes his eyes.

Jess- and I just thought you could go with me... you know... as friends?

Jordan- A dance?

Jess- A school dance.

Jordan- A school dance?

Jess- (Coaxing) A *fun* school dance.

Jordan- I don't do dances... I-I-I don't dance.

Jess- (Under her breath) You did for her.

Jordan- What?

Jess- Nothing. It's just a favor you could do for me. I mean... I listen to you complain, talk about Angela all the time, give you free beers,- the least you could do is go with me.

Jordan- Just don't go.

Jess- I have to... it's like, required. For school.

Jordan- I don't know...

Jess- (Begging) Please?

Jordan- (Rolls eyes) I don't usually plan things...

Jess- I'll do the planning- you just come to Louie's like you would any way.

Jordan- (Puts his head on the table- not believing what he is going to say) Fine.

Jess- (Smiles widely) Fine.

Cut to-

Girls Bathroom- Monday

Angela- (Rolls eyes) Fine.

Rickie- Fine.

Rayanne- Fine. So... it's settled- will go to Westernile High's dance.

Angela- Wait...? *You're* coming?

Rayanne- Yesss... what?

Angela- Well, I just thought you didn't do dances.

Rayanne- I don't do my own school dances- I *do* crash other's though.

Rickie- (Shaking his head) You are crazy!

Rayanne shrugs, and goes back to her mascera.

Angela- So, how do we go around crashing a different school's dance?

Rayanne- Easy.

Angela- Okay... how?

Rayanne- Umm...

Angela- (Cutting her off) I mean, you need someone from that school to get you in... right?

Rickie- I think so.

Rayanne- So, we'll have to go searching for some Westernile meat!

Angela- I guess so.

Rickie- (Looking down at the floor) I guess I leave that to you guys.

Rayanne- No.

Rickie and Angela- (To Rayanne) What?

Rayanne- That is where you come in... Rickie my dear!

Angela- (Understanding- she smiles) Yeah. Perfect. Rayanne doesn't do dates...

Rayanne- And she is looking so she *can't* have a date, so-

Angela- (To Rickie) That leaves you.

Rickie- (slight smile) Me?

Angela and Rayanne- You?

Rickie- (To himself- side smirk) Me.

Hallway- They walk out of the Bathroom. Rayanne is standing in the middle of Rickie and Angela.

Angela- (Looks at Rayanne) So, it's settled?

Rayanne- (Looks at Rickie) Rickie?

Rickie- (Looks forward) It's settled.

Rayanne- (Looks back at Angela) Then it's settled.

Bell Rings

Rayanne- I got to go.

Rickie- (Joking) Class?

Rayanne- (Sarcastic) Yeah! (Makes farting noise) No! I got to go meet Tino. He's trying to pull one on the nurse. This I have to see!

Angela- (Laughs a little) Okay. Lunch?

Rayanne- Yeah- (As walking away) I'll make Tino get us some Chinese!

Rayanne leaves around the corner.

Rickie- I got to go too.

Angela- (Gives him a kiss on the cheek) See ya.

Angela makes her way to her next class. Shes in a hurry- her mind somewhere else. She turns the corner sharply, and bumps into someone. She falls to the floor- her stuff spilling everywhere.

Angela- Oh my God... I'm so-

Voice- Sorry.

Angela looks up to see Jordan. He looks some-what confused, and some-what nervous. He quickly helps her up awkwardly- not sure if he should touch her. He then helps her with her stuff.

Angela- (Stuff all picked up- looking at the floor) Well,

Jordan- (Realizing that it's the end of the short-lived conversation) Oh, yeah, okay... see ya.

Angela- Yeah.

They quickly go their separate ways. Jordan's eyes are closed as he walks, while Angela looks as though she is fighting something inside her. She abruptly stops.

Angela- (Back still turned from him) Jordan?

Jordan- (Turns around to face her) Yeah?

Angela- How are you?

Jordan- (Staring at her back) Oh... you know, okay. You?

Angela- Same.

Jordan- Yeah-

Angela- Well...

Jordan- Yeah.

They slowly walk on their own ways- both displaying slight smiles.

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