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Chapter 7: waiting for a chance to see her

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Chapter 7: waiting for a chance to see her

written by ?

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian: ela...

they look away.

Brian: uh, sorry.

Brian takes a step backwards, nearly falling down the steps. Angela grabs his arm to steady him

Brian: I was just going to say you forgot to lock up.

Angela: uh, yeah. I just remembered too.

she locks up and they walk down the steps.

Bri.VO: it's weird. you can actually fool yourself into thinking what someone wants. I mean... it was as if Angela Chase wanted me to kiss her. You know. like, reflecting your own emotions onto someone else.

A.VO: it's weird. to see someone's face so close, and want to kiss it. but feel that you should restrain, because, there's like some... rule. that was like, there before.

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Next Chapter

You have 2 choices: What should happen next?
  1. they decide to watch 'the three colours' trilogy ( which is 5 hours):
    Chapter 8: in the parking lot by anonymous author (10 Nov 1999)
    39 more subchapters.
  2. the decide to watch the 'bicycle thief':
    Chapter 8: Movie Shows by Joie (08 Jun 2001)
    no more subchapters.

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“Lately, I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her repeatedly.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"