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Chapter 27: Shut up!

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The story so far

Chapter 27: Shut up!

written by Huie

added on: 12 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayannes Apartment- Same Time

Rayanne, Angela, Rickie, and Amber are all sitting on the bed. Angela, Rickie, and Rayanne are all eating appetizers, while Amber drinks a Margarita.

Angela- So, she then said that the choice wasnt that hard to make.

Rickie- Youre kidding me?

Angela- And you should have seen the way she smiled at me.

Rayanne- She smiled at you?

Angela- Yeah but in a *mean* way.

Rickie- Youre kidding me?

Rayanne- Do you know her name? Maybe Tino knows her.

Angela- It was she had a tag thing on her I think it was something with a J.

Rickie- Jenna?

Amber- Jane? Jill?

Rayanne- Jenny?

Angela- No I cant remember. But- (Looks down) Shes right.

Amber- About what, sweetie?

Angela- (Depressed) That Im just an inexperienced girl that Im a nobody.

Amber- Oh Angela, that is far from true. (Sits up, and moves towards where Angela is, so that they are face to face.) You have this glow about you. People are attracted to it. People become addicted and trance by it.

Angela- (Narrows eyes, and some-what laughs) A glow? What kind of glow?

Amber- Im not kidding! *You* (Points at Angela) have a glow! It cant be explained- but its there.

She pokes Angela in the nose, stands up, and finishes the last bit of her margarita.

Amber- Well, I got to go meet Rusty (Lifts and situates her boobs). You guys be good.

She opens the door, and turns back to Angela.

Amber- It will all work out. I say hes having fun with his girls, *you* have fun with your guys.

With that, Amber leaves.

Angela- (Turning back to Rickie and Rayanne) Guys? I *have* no guys.

Rickie- (Lying back down on the bed) Tell me about it.

Rayanne- *I* have guys *I* have lots of guys. (Smiling) I could share with you guys?

They all laugh

Rayanne- No, seriously, we should get you some men Angela. You too Rickie.

Rickie- (More to himself then the girls) Sounds good to me.

Angela- I dont know.

Rayanne- Oh, come on! What happened to Single and *totally* looking?

Angela stares at Rayanne.

Rayanne- We dont have to go to Lets Bolt, or anything- just someone from school.

Angela- Well, (Turning over, so she is lying on her stomach) there *is* this one guy in Soc.

Rayanne- That kid that sits in front of that one kid with the glasses?

Angela- No- the one who sits behind that one girl who like uses a bottle of hair spray on her bangs everyday.

Rickie- (Leaning his head back, feeding himself a gummy-worm) Oh his name is Ryan Black. Defiantly your type.

Rayanne- Black? Not a bad choice Angel-food. Your right Rickie so her type.

Angela- I have a type?

Rickie- Yeah. Besides that whole Corey rebound thing, your type is grungy, silent/mysterious, stray puppy, too hot for their own good type of guys.

Rayanne- So, in other words, Jordan Catalano.

Angela- (Sternly) *And* Ryan Black. (Thinks to herself) He is kinda cute isnt he?

Rayanne- Which one?

Angela- Shut up Ray, you know which one.

Rayanne- So Jordan?

Angela- Shut up!

Rickie- I would say both.

Angela- Shut up! I *mean* Ryan. He is *very* cute.

Rayanne- (Rolls her eyes) Jordan Catalano all over again.

Angela- (Laughs) Shut up! (She hits Rayanne with her pillow)

Rickie- I have to say, Jordan Catalano has a better ring to it.

Angela- Shut up! (Hits him with her pillow)

They start a pillow fight.

Cut to-
Chase House- Kitchen. Graham is working on some papers for the restaurant. Patty comes in from sewing in the Family Room.

Patty- So wheres-

Graham- Rayannes.

Patty- Oh. Wheres-

Graham- Stacys.

Patty- Oh (Moves closer to Graham)

Graham- Yep. (Mind in the papers)

Patty- So were all alone. (Puts her hands on his shoulders)

Graham- Yeah. (Not catching on) I cant *believe* Haley sometimes!

Patty- Oh. (Moves her hands from his shoulders- Her tone has changed)

Graham- (Noticing the change in her voice) What?

Patty- (Sarcastic) Nothing. You just go back to work. And Ill just go back to sowing. Everything is just fine. We *always* have the house to ourselves.

Graham- (Catching on) Wait you wanted to mess around?

Patty- Well (Quietly- playing with knick-knacks) Yeah.

Graham- Well (Pushes his papers on the floor) why didnt you say anything?

He moves from his chair, to Patty. He takes her forcefully, swings her around, puts her on the cleared table, dips her head down, and forcefully kisses her. Just as he begins to un-tuck her button-down shirt, the doorbell rings. Graham pulls away, and deeply sighs.

Graham- Its probably Brian

Patty- Dont get it.

Graham- But if I dont, hell just walk in.

Patty- (closes her eyes) Fine go get it.

Graham- Be *right* back.

He fixes his messed-up hair, and makes his way to the door. To his surprise, it isnt Brian.

Sharon- Hey Mr. Chase.

Graham- Oh, um, hey Sharon.

Sharon- My mom wanted me to return this to you guys.

She holds out a pot. Graham takes it from her.

Graham- Oh, thanks.

Sharon- So (Looks in the house) is Angela home?

Graham- Oh, no. Shes at Rayannes.

Sharon- (Disappointed) Oh ok. Well, Im sure youre busy

Graham smirks to himself.

Sharon- See ya. (She gives a polite wave and makes her way down the steps.)

Graham- Thanks again.

He quickly shuts the door, and makes his way to the kitchen.

Graham- (To Patty) Where were we?

She grins at him.

Cut to-

Sharon- VO- I mean Im happy that they are friends again. But, it was nice to know you were needed by both of them. I mean, I dont care that they hang out 24-7 with each other because, I have other friends and I *still* have Kyle- whether I wanted to or not. (She gets into Kyles truck. He scoots over, and kisses her neck before turning on the car. Sharon deeply sighs) It would just be nice. You know, to be included. At least, sometimes.

Kyles truck pulls away.

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  • End of Soc (Social Studies for those who don't know):
    Chapter 28: He's *Ryan Black* by Huie- (PS-- I'm *NOT* a Man!) (15 Oct 2004)
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