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Chapter 23: Trust Me

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The story so far

Chapter 23: Trust Me

written by Huie

added on: 06 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

A few weeks pass- Jordan and Angela are still "Not Anything" Angela is still in her regular routine- spending weekends at home, etc.- Jordan still is his- Drinking, sleeping with red-heads, etc. He is spending time with Jess- most of the time he's drunk- and they usually just talk about Angela.

Angela's house- Angela's Living Room

Angela, Rayanne, and Rickie are having a sleepover. They are watching "Little Rascal's" for the millionth time. Angela's mind is somewhere else. Rayanne is stuffing her mouth with popcorn. Rickie is sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch, where the girls are sitting. It is dark outside- about 8:30. Angela is picking at a loose thread on a pillow.

Angela- (Curious- yet, trying to hide it.) So, have you talked to Tino lately, Ray?

Angela side-looks at Rayanne, sort-of like when she was trying to get Jordan to ask her out in "Jordan Can't Read".

Rayanne- (Sensing Angela's curious-ness) Not really, (Smiles), why?

Angela- Ohhh... (Lying) nothing.

Rayanne lies down on Angela- squishing her.

Rayanne- (trying to get it out of her) Why???

Angela- (Laughs) Nothing!

Rayanne- (Pushes harder on Angela) WHY???

Angela- Okay, okay. Ouch... I just wanted to see... you know, how *he's* doin... that's all.

Rayanne gets off of her- victory. Rickie moves from the floor onto the couch.

Rickie- (Grabbing the bowl of popcorn) *I* know some stuff.

Angela- (Eyes widen- she quickly tries to cover her excitement) Oh... yeah? What?

Rickie- (Starts to whisper- as though it's a secret)I heard he goes to Louie's practically every night, gets drunk, every night, and spills his heart to whoever will listen.

Angela- That's terrible.

Rayanne- (Moving closer to Rickie and Angela) Listen to what Tino told me-

Angela- Wait... so you have talked to Tino?

Rayanne- That's besides the point-

Angela rolls her eyes and smiles.

Rayanne- Tino told me that he hits on every red-head he sees.

Angela- (Short laugh) What?

Rayanne- (smiling) Yeah, like he thinks that making out and sleeping with red-heads will fill the empty space you left him with.

Angela- (monotone) That's hilarious.

Rickie- (serious)No it's not.

Angela- (depressed) No... you're right... It's not.

She looks down at the bowl of popcorn- embarrassed.

Rayanne- You're wrong- it *is* hilarious.

Rickie- (Giving in) Okay, it is.

They begin to laugh. Angela tries to laugh along- but fail miserably. Her mind is once again somewhere else.

Angela vo- So... he sleeps with red-heads? - Because of *me*? It can't be true. I mean, he's Jordan Catalano. He does it because he can... not because of me. Right?

Rickie- (Concerned) Angela?

Rickie's voice interrupts Angela's thoughts.

Angela- Oh... what?

Rayanne- What's wrong?

Angela- (nervous laugh) What?... Nothing!

Rayanne- (To Rickie- as though Angela was out of the room) She was never good at lying.

Rickie- (To Angela) You miss him... don't you?

Angela- Well... (Looks up at Rayanne- she's smirking. Angela gives in, and decides to be honest) Yeah.

Rayanne- Then why don't you just forget this whole avoiding-each-other-thing, and go make yourself happy?

Angela- What?... I can't.

Rickie- (Deep sigh) I have to say... (Focusing on the movie again) this whole thing is so depressing.

Angela- Why?

Rickie- Because-

Rayanne- (Cutting him off) Because you both miss each other- and you're both... like, ripping yourselves apart over it.

Angela- But... I need to become independent- I need to be my own person.

Rickie- Face it Angela- you're the most independent person I know. Besides like, grown-ups. I mean- yeah- you obsessed over Jordan- but you didn't change your morals or anything. You have *always* been yourself.

Angela vo- So... I am an independent person. When did that happen? I mean... yeah, I did think about Jordan... a lot. But, I didn't need him anymore. It was just this thing, that I liked to do. I'm *not* just Jordan girlfriend- I mean ex-girlfriend anymore- maybe to some people... but not to the people, who matter.

Angela- (Quickly- To Rayanne) Where do you think... he is, like right now?

Rayanne- Is this? - Does this? (Stops)- Field Trip?

Angela- (To Rickie) Where is he?

Rickie- One guess- Louie's?

Angela- (Getting up) I'm going to tell my mom that we're going out for some ice cream. (She walks up the stairs- and disappears)

Rayanne- (To herself) Oh Angelika! (To Rickie) Finally, we get to go out!

Rickie- (Not as excited about the idea) Remember Rayanne, you have been soo-

Rayanne- (Cutting him off) good, blah, blah, blah... I know. (Smiling ear to ear- reassuring him) Don't worry. (Stops, and mischievously grins) Trust me.

Rickie looks concerned- and then laughs.

Angela- (Returning- grabbing her jacket) Okay... let's go.

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