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Chapter 11: The "Freedom - *For Now*- Dance"

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Chapter 11: The "Freedom - *For Now*- Dance"

written by Huie

added on: 20 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela VO- (Looks down at the sheet. Her face is full of annoyance)God! it seems like everytime I try to tell myself that I'm "totally over" Jordan Catalano, something happens that makes me rethink my statement, and rethink it, *AND* rethink it.

Angela VO- (shuts the magazine) Face it... I, Angela Chase, am totally, and utterly in love with Jordan Catalano. No matter what he says or *does* to *me* (thinks),or should I say *Rayanne*? (slightly laughs and grins at that, finally finding humor in the situation)

Angela VO- You would think that this would be a good thing. You know, just knowing that I am so for sure with my choice. But the thing is...

Angela VO- (She rolls on her back and begins to rub her face with her hands. She then laughs loudly) I hate Jordan Catalano. I hate him! Well I love him, (stops herself) but that *makes* me hate him. You know? Like he can do anything to me, and I will *still* love him.

Angela VO- (throws her arms down) And because of this... I don't like, want to see him. (Thinks) The weird thing is, that I truly, truly mean it. He makes me love him so much, that I hate him, which makes me *not* want to see him.

(A feeling of freedom, and impowerment overcomes Angela's body. She quickly sits up.) And because of this whole stupid reasoning, I (smile crosses her face) think it makes me "over Jordan Catalano". (looks confused, but happy)

(She runs over to her boom-box and flips threw the channels) But, obviously, not forever, because I *do* love him... but for now...

Angela VO-(Finds a station- Radiohead's "Electioneering" quiet begining plays.) That's all I need. (Huge grin comes across her face)

Electioneering gets into the fast part of the song. With this Angela begins dancing crazy, quite like when doing her freedom dance. But this isn't her freedom dance, this is her freedom *for now* dance.

The song sings-

"When I go forwards, you go backwards,
and somwhere we will meet.
When I go fowards, you go backwards,
and somewhere we will meet."

Angela still dances. And then-

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    Chapter 12: Twins- But Not The Kind That Look Like Eachother by Huie (21 Aug 2004)
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  2. Her door opens-:
    Chapter 12: And in this corner... by Huie (20 Aug 2004)
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