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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 37: I think...

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The story so far

Chapter 37: I think...

written by Huie

added on: 01 Jan 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

I know that this took a while... I am such a procrastinator. Thanks to all who are still watching and reading- it's appreciated... and heads up for more

-Happy New Year!

The Bathroom faucet is turned on. Angela takes a quick look in the clean mirror before bending down to wash her face.

Rayanne- (Pushing her way into the tiled bathroom) Oh no you don't Angel-Food.

She swiftly moves towards the running faucet and turns it off.

Angela- (Angry and defensive) What's the matter... what's the problem?

Rayanne- I worked too long and too hard to have you screw up your make-up already- we have half of the night still.

Angela bites her lip in annoyance, and leans against the sink.

Rayanne- (Realizing that this isn't a joking matter, sympathetically) You okay?

Angela- (Quickly) I just want to be left alone.

Rayanne tries to not be hurt by this, but fails.

Angela- (realizes how that came out- fake smile) For just a bit.

Rayanne- (Nods, and also bites her lip) I have to see how Rickie's doing anyway's... I told him I would meet him...

Still biting her lip, Angela nods. Before fully leaving, Rayanne turns to face Angela.

Rayanne- You know... they were just kissing... people kiss all the time... it probably meant nothing.

Angela gives Rayanne another fake smile before she (Rayanne) goes back out to the dance. Angela turns back to the mirror- back to her reflection.

Angela-VO- The odd thing was that the kiss- or the "make-out" session, or whatever the hell it was, wasn't what even made me want to alone. The thing that disturbed me the most, and that I can't bare to think about, was that they were dancing. He was dancing. I thought he didn't dance.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the swinging bathroom door. It seemed as though the song had ended, along with the slurping fest. Jess positions herself at the sink right next to Angela. Jess quickly begins to fix her make-up- not even realizing that she is accompanied by her fellow red-head. Self-consciously Angela tucks her hair behind her ear. Sneaking looks at Jess, Angela finally realizes who the pretty girl is.

Angela- (Realizing) Louie's.

Jess- (Eyes still on her own reflection) Excuse me?

Angela- You're the girl from Louie's...?

Jess looks over at Angela, and does a double take.

Jess- (Staring Angela down- her lipstick container still to her lips) So?

Angela- (Uncomfortable from the stare, crosses her arms across her body- quietly) It was just a realization.

Jess- (Closing her lipstick) Well, here's another realization for you- Jordan and I came here together- Jordan and I danced together, Jordan and I made-out together, Jordan and I are leaving right now together.

Angela- (Stung) Why are you telling me all this?

Jess shrugs with a sly smirk on her face.

Angela, still uncomfortable with Jess' eyes on her, itches her nose, trying to block the stare with her hand.

Jess- (Turns to leave) By the way...

She turns back to a shrunken Angela.

Angela- (Looks up from the floor) Yeah?

Jess- You got something right here. (Points to the corner of her own mouth.)

Angela shrugs as if she doesn't care. Jess leaves with the flip of her hair- satisfied. As soon as she leaves, Angela turns back to the mirror to check her mouth- nothing is there. She deeply sighs, feeling conquered, and drowns her head into her hands.

Jordan rubs his forehead with his knuckle, deeply sighs, and takes a look around the gym. He seems to be acting impatient. Pacing back and forth, he tries to understand what exactly just happened. All he can conclude so far is that he feels gross, even dirty...- but, on the other hand, proud- like, he conquered. Not that he exactly conquered Jess, just... conquered. Like, he was finally cured.

After the song had ended, Jordan needed a cigarette... he needed to get alone. So, he made up a lame excuse about getting Jess her coat, (Not realizing that she hadn't brought one). Luckily, Jess was too self-involved to realize his mistake, and went to go freshen up in the bathroom. Returning a little while after, (Empty handed), Jordan was left time to make sense of it all- not getting too far. The bathroom door swings open, and Jess comes out, almost in a "rushing" manner. Taking Jordan a few seconds to calculate this, he begins to follow her.

Jordan- Jess...

Jess doesn't listen, or hear him- and continues to make her way over to what looks like a drink table. Jordan tries to call her again, louder and in a annoyed manner- still, nothing. Finally he catches up with her, and pulls her arm to turn her around.

Jordan- Jess- didn't you-

Jess- (Cutting him off) Get your hands off of (Turns to face him) m-

The pair stand there confused, and shocked. For, it wasn't Jess at all, but Angela.

Angela- (Finishing her sentence- under her breath) me.

Both awkwardly stand there- waiting for the other person to say something, not sure what to say themselves.

Jordan- (Programmed to apologize) Sorry... I thought- (Interrupts himself) Why do you look like that?

Angela- (Following suit- remembering what he did, and annoyed by his rude question) Like what?

Jordan- Like... all that make-up, and your clothes...

Angela- (Annoyed by his bluntness- begins to walk away- over her shoulder) Well, I'm sorry if you don't approve... I got to go... just, never mind.

A second later she is gone- leaving a even more confused Jordan. The camera zooms into Jordan's face. He looks as though he is struggling. He opens his mind as though he is about to say something heart-felt.

Jordan- (To himself) I think..., I think I'm going to puke.

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