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Chapter 22: I know

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The story so far

Chapter 22: I know

written by Huie

added on: 05 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Louie's- another weekend- still early

Pan to Jordan leaning against a wall drinking a beer under his jacket. Shane and other friends of Jordans' are playing pool.

Voice- Already run out?

Jordan looks over to see a tall pretty brunette. Her hair is long and straight. She is made up, but pretty all the same.

Jordan- What?

Girl- Did you already run out of red-heads to sleep with?

Jordan- (takes a gulp of beer- more to himself, then to the girl-) Looks like it.


Girl- She's a red-head... isn't she?

Jordan- (Getting annoyed) Who?

Girl- The girl... that youre in love with.

Jordan- (Eyes narrow) Who are you?

Girl- I'm Jess. I just started working here a month ago- I'm a bus boy. Well, (Slightly smiles) girl. (Stops and then starts again) I'm new here- I used to live in Washington. I go to Westernile High.

Jordan- That's all interesting or whatever, but how come you think you know so much about me?

Jess- I'm sorry... you make it obvious.

Jordan- Whatever. (Turns to leave)

Jess- (Quickly) Bet I know some more stuff about you.

Jordan- (Turns around) Oh yeah, like what?

Jess sits down at a table. She gestures for him to sit down. Slowly and cautiously, he sits.

Jess- Okay... here I go. (She takes a deep breath and quickly begins) Before you met her you were a "different night, different girl" type of guy. Then, you met her. You were surprisingly intrigued by her- she was different. So you tried her as a one-night-stand-girl, but she wasn't biting. She wanted something different- you didn't understand. Surprisingly, you were *still* interested. So you did it her way- working up to the kiss, etc. But, you stood her up- afraid of her. Yet, she *still* wanted you. So after a long while, you finally gave in to her... but kept it a secret. She wasn't going for this, and she ditched you. You realized you did really like her, and you, for the first time in your life, made a commitment. Then, you broke up... cuz she wasn't giving you what you wanted physically- but, you remained friends. Then, you screwed *that* up by sleeping with her best friend- you only did *that* to get back at her for flirting with "that Corey guy". She then ignored you completely, making you really realize how much you really missed her. So you wrote her a letter, well, (short laugh) you got your tutor to write her a letter. She forgave you, and you got together again... for like, a milla-second. You broke up again, and didn't talk. One night, you saw her at Let's Bolt dancing with a guy. That made you pissed- so you went over and broke it up. She then was pissed, and started to leave. You, then... asked her to dance- which you have never done before... ever. And she accepted. After, you went outside and she told you that you couldn't be together, but you could be friends. And you became good friends... really good friends- close friends. That was for two weeks about. It was cool, until, it was ruined, because she had to kiss you... because you made a basket or something. It was the best kiss you ever had... like ever... like in your whole life. Then a blonde interrupted, saying you asked her out. Angela made you go, and you listened- but you returned quickly, ready to tell her your feelings. Although, that idea went down the drain, 'cause you screwed that up by trying to kiss her. She told you that you couldn't be anything, at all, anymore- and you guys haven't talked since. Your heart-broken, and are trying to fill her place with alcohol and red-heads. It isn't working very well.

Jordan's eyes are as wide as possible.

Jordan- Did?- How?- What?- You talk a lot.

Jess- Your right... I do. And how did I know all that?... you ask?

Jordan just nods.

Jess- When you have a job like mine, you pretty much hear all people's sorrows. Especially if they come in a least three times a week.

Jordan- You mean...(not believing) I told *you* all that?

Jess smiles and nods.

Jordan- (Put his head in his hands) Oh my God.

Jess- It's kinda funny how much a person can change once they get some alcohol in them.

Jordan- (looking up) what's your name again?

Jess- Jess.

Jordan- I'm Jordan.

Jess- (smiles) I know.

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