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Chapter 12: Twins- But Not The Kind That Look Like Eachother

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Chapter 12: Twins- But Not The Kind That Look Like Eachother

written by Huie

added on: 21 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The scene opens with "Blister in the sun" playing (Angela's Freedom song) while Angela walks down one of Liberty's hallways. She has a huge smile on her face.

Angela VO- I feel, I feel better than I have in *weeks*. It is almost a strange feeling, you know, happiness. Like it has been gone for *so* long, that it is kinda foriegn for me. I have to say, I could get used to feeling this way... again.

The song sings- "I'm high as a kite, and I just might stop to check you out."

She looks at a guy and does a little flirty wave and smile.
He smiles back and gives her a nod.

Angela VO- Yep, I could totally get used to the single life.

Just then Rayanne comes out of the girls bathroom and sees Angela's smile from a mile away. Rayanne makes a run at Angela and pushes her playfully against the lockers.

Rayanne- So it *finally* happened.

Angela- (smiles) Yes.

Angela and Rayanne speak at the same time-

Angela- I am over Jordan.
Rayanne- You had sex with Jordan.

Shocked by what they both say, they burst out laughing- It is just like *before* the Jordan and Rayanne thing, and the night Rayanne OD. It was like that had just been to "let's Bolt" together... there relationship full of possibilities.

Angela- You actually thought me and Jordan-

Rayanne- Ummmed... Yeah

They burst out laughing again.

Rayanne- You actually think your over-

Angela- Jordan? Yes.

Rayanne- We keep finishing eachothers sentences... maybe we are-

Angela and Rayanne- twins? (stop) That was cool!

Rayanne-(Laugh) God Angela... I missed you so much!

Angela- I know, it has been so long sence we were you know-

Rayanne- Trust me I know.

10 mins. later- Still in hallway. They are now sitting agaisnt the lockers, no one is around.

Teacher- (Comes out of her room) Girls, I have a errie feeling that you have to be somewhere, other than here.

Rayanne- Oh yeah... (thinking) I'm sorry, she, Angela, she fainted...

Angela- Gym class.

Rayanne- Right, so she just recovered from you know-

Angela- Fainting.

Rayanne- Right, so off to the nurse, you know, just to be-

Angela- Safe

Rayanne- (looks at Angela) Right. Sooo-

Teacher- Go.

Angela- Yep. (Gets up) Oh yeah, sorry for disturbing-

Rayanne- you, and your lovely class.

They begin run down the hallway.

Angela- (Yells)Hurry Rayanne, I feel so sick.

They turn the corner and fall to the floor laughing.
The scene cuts to the teacher rolling her eyes, and going back into her room, shuting her door behind her.

Rayanne- So explainthis hole reasoning thing again.

Angela- Okay, listen it is sort of confusing.


Angela- I love Jordan.


Angela- I love him so much that when he treats me badly, I still love him.


Angela- So because of that, I hate him.


Angela- Like, I hate that he makes me love him so much.

Rayanne-Oh, ok.

Angela- So because I hate him, for making me love him, I don't want to see him anymore... well for now at least.

Rayanne- Ok... Ok, I like totally get it.

Angela- Weird, huh?

Rayanne- Totally. (Thinks- Smiles) Do you know what this means?

Angela- Yes... what does it mean?

Rayanne- It means we, and rickie, have to go out tonight. To celebrate you acheivement, and because your single...-

Angela- And totally looking.

Rayanne- God, Angela, I'm sorry, but this is like the best thing that has happened to me in a *LONG* time.

Angela- I actually know what you mean.

Rayanne- So, what do you say... another try at "Let's Bolt"

Angela- Just make sure that we actually can get in this time.

Rayanne- Don't even worry 'bout that. Rickie's cousin can get us in.

Angela- No Tino?

Rayanne- You said you wanted to get in... right?

They break into laughing again.

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