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Chapter 15: Taking a Smoke

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Chapter 15: Taking a Smoke

written by Huie

added on: 17 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Let's Bolt

The song ends, And Jordan stands there holding Angela from the back.

Jordan- I'm going to go outside to smoke. You wanna come?

Angela closes her eyes tightly, and agrees. They begin to walk outside. Jordan watches Angela, and then makes a reach for her hand. She sees this out of the corner of her eye, and does a quick hair tuck. He looks down- obviously shot down. They get outside and make there way to a ledge. Angela sits on top of it, while Jordan leans against it, to the right side of Angela. Jordan pulls a smoke out, lights it up, and takes a drag.

Angela- So, how's Residue?

Jordan- Oh, you know, good.

Angela- (looking around, not sure what to say or do) That's good.

Jordan- Yeah... (Thinks) So, how are things, with, with you?

Angela- Actually, really good.

Jordan- (Depressed) That's good.

Angela- Jordan?

Jordan- What?

Angela- Jordan... what?

Jordan- What... what?

Angela- (Laughs) What? I know you want to say something... so what?

Jordan- Oh... (Half grin) No, I don't have anything that I want to say.

Angela- (Playfully pushes him) Seriously, what?

Jordan- (Pushes her back) Nothin.

Angela- Alright, I'm just going to go find Rayanne then, see ya.

Angela jumps off the ledge, and begins to walk back inside Let's Bolt.

Jordan- An-ge-la, come on. Stay with me? There are so many perverts around here. You don't want to put me in danger... do you? (He grins at her, with puppy dog eyes)

Angela- (Dreamy smile takes over her face as she turns around to look at Jordan) Make me feel guilty, is that how your going to make me stay? (She begins to walk towards him)

Jordan- It's working... isn't it?

Angela- (Jumps back on the ledge) Shut up... I can still leave you know.

Jordan- (He rests his hand on hers- Serious) No... stay.

Angela- (Realizing he is being serious- quietly) Okay.

Jordan- (Turning back around to lean against the ledge. He takes another drag) So, who was that guy in there?

Angela- (Looking around again) I don't know?

Long pause

Jordan- He seemed, (thinking) old, or something.

Angela- He was, older. Like twenty or something.

Jordan- (Eyes widen) Twenty?

Angela- Yeah (Hair tuck) What?

Jordan- I don't know. Isn't that like (Searching for the word) a pedafile... or whatever?

Angela- (Talking sternly) I can handle myself... GOD!

Jordan- (To himself) I know.


Jordan- So... it's done?

Angela- (Looking at him) What?

Jordan- It's like, all over?

Angela- What are you talking about?

Jordan- The whole me and you thing... (Looks straight foward)

Angela- Shocked by his foward-ness) Oh... um...

Jordan- Angela... just tell me, cuz I need to know.

Angela- Okay.

Jordan- Cuz I can't *not* know anymore.

Angela- Okay.

Jordan- Cuz it's driving me crazy.

Angela- I said okay.

Jordan- (Deep sigh) Okay.

Angela- Here it goes. Jordan, I lov- (Stops herself- not wanting to tell Jordan) Like you... alot.

Jordan- Okay.

Angela- Like, no matter what you do... I still like you, like a real, real lot.

Jordan shyly smiles to himself.

Angela- And because of this, I don't want you, because you make me mad.

Jordan- What?

Angela- But, just for now.

Jordan- (Takes another drag- confused) I don't get it.

Angela- I know, either do I. All I know is that in the back of my head, I still want you- even though I wish I didn't.

Jordan- Why do you wish you didn't, you know... want me?

Angela- Because, with you, it's like, hard to stay stable... or something.

Jordan bites his nail, trying to understand.

Angela- But the point is, I still want you... but just not now.

Jordan- So,(trying to make sense of it all), you want me, but you don't want to get into anything with me now?

Angela- Exactly. Go have your fun. And maybe later, if you want to...

Jordan- (Cutting her off) You are the most confusing person I know.

Angela- (Looks down) I know.

Jordan- (Looks over at her) God, (Moves closer to her- Angela looks away from him and smiles) It just makes me want you more.

Angela- (Turning around to face him again, and holds out her hand) Friends?

Jordan- (He looks down at it, dissapointed) What happens if I find someone else?

Angela- Then it wasn't meant to be... and I would track her down and beat her up.

Jordan just looks up at her.

Angela- Shut up. (She pushes him again)

Jordan- (Grins) I didn't say anything.

Angela- You were thinkin it though.

Pushes him again. He grabs the arm she was using to push him with, and pulls her down into a hug. She recepicates. They both close there eyes and deeply sigh.

Angela- (Eyes stll closed) When we pull apart..., don't you dare try to kiss me.

Jordan- I wasn't goi-

Angela- (Inturrupting him) Shut up Jordan, I know you were going to.

Jordan closes his mouth, and sadly smiles. After a while, they pull apart into a loose embrace. They look at eachother. Jordan's eyes move to Angela's lips, and he quickly moves closer to her, knowing he has to be fast. Although he is quick, he isn't quick enough. Angela moves her head slightly to the left, making Jordan kiss her cheek.

Angela- I knew you couldn't resist, Catalano.

Jordan- One day Chase, one day.

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