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Chapter 5: Just as Friends

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Chapter 5: Just as Friends

written by Erin

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela is in her room studing her three lines in the play.

Angela: So Rayanne took the part, thank God. I know that it's weird but I really don't care about the whole Dave Paris thing, Jordan probably won't even show up or something. But it doesn't matter because I am like completely over him. Completely.

Patty knocks on the door.

Angela: Yeah,
Patty: Brian is here to see you.
Angela: Oh. Um, okay.

Angela comes downstairs Brian is sitting on the couch he sees her and quickly stands up.

Angela: (actually happy to see Brian) Hi what are you doing here?
Brian: I let you borrow my notes for Bio and I really need them back so.
Angela: I borrowed those like over a month ago.
Brian: Well, I need them back.
Angela: Brian, you do know that you can come over here without like a reason? Don't you?
Brian: Yeah, I just, well. So how are you?
Angela: I'm actually fine.
Brian: So, you and Jordan broke up again.
Angela: Yep, but it doesn't bother me that much, I don't know it's like I'm over him.
Brian: Really, find someone new.
Angela: Not yet.
Angela VO: All of a sudden Brian started to look very different to me, he wasn't that 7-year-old that would play house with me. This was Brian and suddenly it all made sense and the letter, that was actually from him and it made sense, everything made sense, those were his thoughts not Jordan's.
Angela: Do you want something to drink or something?
Brian: No. No thanks.
Angela: Okay. Okay, so this is gonna sound weird but there is this movie that I am like dying to see and if you're not doing anything I thought maybe we could go. Like together.
Brian VO: This is so not happening, Angela Chase is like actually asking me on a date.
Brian: Not as like a date or anything.
Angela VO: Oh,
Angela: No, just as friends.
Angela VO: Okay, just as friends.

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