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Chapter 32: Crabs!

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The story so far

Chapter 32: Crabs!

written by Huie

added on: 24 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Friday- Westernile High's Main Hallway-

Rayanne- (looking around- looks board) This is going to be so-

Angela- (Interrupting- trying to brighten the mood) Fun!

Rayanne- (looks at Angela annoyed) Not the word I was going for.

Angela- Well, (looks over at Rickie- He is looking around also) having fun isn't exactly why were here.

Sharon- (Clueless) Why? Why are we here?

Rayanne- (A little smirk) Well, Mr. Romeo over there, (Rickie turns to her) is looking for a Mr. Romeo.

Rickie- Rayanne! (Looks around embarrassed) you don't have to tell everyone.

Rayanne- Relax... Sharon can keep a secret.

Angela- (Pointing to Sharon) *This* Sharon?

Sharon- (pushes Angela) Shut up! I can too... if they're important, that is. (To Rickie) What's the special occasion?

Rickie- Well-

Rayanne- (Cutting him off) We need to get into the dance here... and he's the one who's going to get us in.

Sharon- (Nods and smiles- Turns to Rickie) Any luck yet?

Rickie- Would I be standing here if there was?

Cut to-

English Class- Substitute.

The room is practically empty- with only Jordan, Brian and some other kids in it. Brian is hard at work. Jordan is looking around confused.

Jordan- VO- Where the hell is everyone?

Cot back to- Westernile's play. It is half-way through already.

It is dark, and people can be heard talking on stage. The camera pans to the group. As it pans down the line, we are able to hear their inner-voices.

Angela-VO- (Referring to girl on stage) Why does she twitch like that? Like, whenever she speaks, her eye twitches. It's probably a nervous habit. Does she know that it's happening? I wonder if people know they have nervous habits. Like, what if *I* have a nervous habit-(She tucks her hair behind her ear), and I like... don't even know about it. What if-

Her inner voice is cut off by Sharon's as the camera moves down the row to her.

Sharon-VO- This is so romantic... and so depressing. I wonder... maybe that girl is the girl Kyle dumped me for. (Sighs) Why do I even care? I wanted to dump him anyways!

The camera moves down the isle to Rayanne.

Rayanne- VO- God- you love each other! Just get to the sex already! Why do people even bother talking to each other in relationships? It's a waste of time... This play is so boring. I want to go find something to do...

Rayanne's inner voice trails off as the camera moves down to Rickie.

Rickie- Who is that guy? He is... so... talented. He is so... not bad looking. I wonder if he's...- No, he couldn't be, that would be too perfect.

The camera zooms out so we're able to see the whole group. Angela looks deep in thought. Sharon has her hand on her heart, and her head is slightly tilted. Rayanne is looking around, completely board. Rickie is staring up at the stage- fully transe.

Rayanne- (To Sharon) Let's get out of here.

Sharon- (To Rayanne) Like, leave?

Rayanne- Like, a bathroom break.

Sharon- Good idea- (Glances quickly up at the stage) This is depressing. (To Angela) Let's go- we're going to take a bathroom break.

Angela- Okay.

Rayanne- (To Rickie) We're going to-

Rickie- (Eyes still focused on the stage- well, the guy) You guys go ahead.

Rayanne- (Looks at Rickie, then the guy, then Rickie again. She smirks at him) See ya.

Rickie nods slightly. The girls get out of there seats, and make their ways to the bathroom.

Cut to- Bathroom

Rayanne- (On ledge) I mean... look at this place!

The camera zooms out to show the bathroom. It is all tiled, and very sanitary.

Sharon- (Fixing make-up in the streak-less mirror) I know. It's actually-

Angela- (From inside a stall) Clean!

Just then three girls walk in. One can be recognized as Jess.

Girl 1- (She is shorter, and a little chubby... but pretty all the same.) So... is he coming tonight?

Girl2- (She is tall, platinum blonde hair) Kyle?

Chubby- Yeah... So is he?

Platinum- I don't know- he might have football tonight.

Rayanne and Sharon eavesdrop while they fix their hair and make-up.

Jess- (To Platinum) So, how long have you two been going out...- you and Vinovich?

Sharon's eyes widen, as Rayanne smirks.

Platinum- Like, a week or something.

Chubby- You guys are like... the *perfect* couple.

Platinum- (To Chubby) Don't we though?

Jess- (Leaning against the sink) He isn't *that* cute.

Platinum- (Becoming defensive) Oh yeah, got anyone better?

Jess- In fact... (She grin widely) I do.

Chubby- (Grabs Jess' arms) Spill.

Jess- (Excited) Jordan Catalano!

Platinum and Chubby together- No!?!?!

Jess- Yes!

Sharon's and Rayanne's eyes narrow. Angela's mouth drops from within the stall.

Rayanne- (Feeling like she should cut in) I heard-

The girls look over at Sharon and Rayanne- just realizing that they werent alone.

Rayanne- (Continues) I heard that he now only goes after slutty, (Pause) badly-dyed, (Pause) red heads.

Jess's mouth drops.

Jess- What are you saying?

Rayanne- I think you know what I'm saying.

Chubby- (Interested- To Rayanne) Why does he only go after slutty badly dyed redheads?

Jess looks at Chubby in shock.

Rayanne- (staring at Jess- serious face) 'Cause he's in love.

Jess- Oh yeah... you go ask him that.

Rayanne- I would if you ditsy Angela wanna-be's would give him a chance to breath once in a while.

Platinum- (To Chubby) Angela?

Chubby- (To Platinum) Who's Angela?

Jess- (Ignoring them- To Rayanne-) You don't even know...

Jess steps closer to Rayanne.

Rayanne- *You* don't even know...

Rayanne steps closer to Jess.

Angela-Vo- (She is still in the stall) And this is why- I forgot till now. *This*, right here, is why Rayanne is such a good friend. No matter what, she has my back.

Platinum- (Kind of scared of Rayanne- pulls Jess's arm.) Come on... let's just go.

Chubby- (Making her way to the door) Yeah, let's just go Jess.

Angela- VO- Jess? - Jess? Isn't that the girl from- No... it couldn't be. Could it?

The girls leave.

Rayanne smirks- proud of herself. She then looks over at a distressed Sharon. Thinking quickly, Rayanne moves to the door and opens it.

Rayanne- (Yelling to the girls) By the way, Vinovich has CRABS!

Sharon's face lights up- finally feeling like she belongs. Angela comes out of the stall.

Sharon- Angela I'm so-

Angela- (Washing her hands- cuts Sharon off) What did that girl look like?

Rayanne- (Quickly) Slutty.

Angela- No... what did she *look* like?

Sharon- She had red hair. Like, (Touching Angela's hair) the same color as yours.

Rayanne- (Lying a little, to make Angela feel better) Only, it was done badly.

Sharon- (Lying a little too, also to try to make Angela feel better) And, it didn't suit her... like at all.

Angela- It's okay you guys... she was that pretty?

Rayanne and Sharon smile at her- yet don't answer her question.

Angela- Okay then... (Moves to the door) Who's ready to watch some more love-stricken teenagers?

Rayanne- (Moving to the door- focuses on Sharon, and then Angela. Under her breath) There is enough of that in real life.

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