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Chapter 17: Oh.

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Chapter 17: Oh.

written by Huie

added on: 18 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

The Gym is empty besides Jordan and Angela. Jordan is shooting hoops, while Angeal dribbles absentmindly.

Angela- So,(Focusing on the ball), who were those girls you were talking to before English.

Jordan- (As though trying to hide something) Oh... ah... oh, nobody.

Angela- Jordan, you don't have to lie to me... you *can have girlfri-

Jordan- (Cutting her off) Girls?

Angela- Well, yeah... but you can have a girlfriend too, if you want. Obviously, not at the same time, but...

Jordan- I really don't do the girlfriend thing.

Angela- What do you mean?

Jordan- (sees how that came out) I mean, not usually. Actually, I only did it once... and that was with you.

Angela- (Changing the subject away from them, still focusing on the ball) You should ask one of them out... on a date.

Jordan- An-ge-la... come on, why?

Angela- Cuz, people deserve to feel wanted. (Pause) I mean, think about every girls heart you have broken by leading them on.

Jordan- I haven't broken anyone's heart... I mean...

Angela- Yes you have.

Jordan looks at her, and realizes.

Jordan- (Defeated) Maybe I will then.

Angela- (Sadly) Good.

Jordan- But, what if I break her heart... like afterwards?

Angela- At least, at least she can say she got Mr. girls, but no girlfriend, to commit.

Jordan- Well, what if I can't commit, with that girl, cuz, I can't?

Angela- Then, maybe, maybe you shouldn't do the girlfriend thing... you know.

Jordan- Yeah... it's easier that way.

Angela- For you, or for them?

Jordan- Or, for you?

Angela- What?

Jordan- (Shrugging it off) Nothing.

Angela- I was the one that told you to ask one on a date, so...

Jordan- Nevermind.

Angela- Okay.

Jordan- Alright then...

Jordan sets up for another shot. He then mescheiviously looks over at Angela.

Jordan- Do you think I'll make this.

Angela- (Sarcastic) No.

Jordan- If I do... y'know, make this shot, you, you have to kiss me. (Angela's eyes widen- she smiles, embarassed) and if I miss, I have to kiss you. (He looks over at her, and grins)

Angela- Unfair. It's a win-win situation.

Jordan- (He jokes) Or a lose-lose?

Angela- Shut up... you (She laughs and chucks a ball at him. He dodges it.) you jerk.

Jordan- I was kidding.

Angela- (Grabs another ball) Okay then... if I make it, you have to tell Residue that you want to sing, (Jordan's eyes widen, his mouth opens as though he is going to say something) and if I miss, I have to full- blown make-out with you.

Jordan's eyes widen even more, his mouth closes into a wild smile, something rarly seen on Jordan Catalano. Speechless, he nods, accepting.

Jordan- (Regaining composure) Ladies, ah, ladies first.

Angela- (Wild smile to match Jordan's) Thank you.

Angela Vo- Sometimes, with Jordan, I forget, that *he* is Jordan, Catalano- The unattainable. (Thinks) Maybe, cuz he's attainable now.

Angela shoots and makes it clearly in. Jordan's crazy smile fades.

Jordan- (Dissapointed) I didn't know you could shoot.

Angela- (A little dissopointed herself) Either did I.

Jordan- (He slightly smiles again)Good.

He sets up for the shot, and shoots- he makes it. As soon as he sees it went in, he runs to Angela, picks her up, and twirls her.

Jordan- (Still twirling her) At least, I get some action.

Angela laughs at this.

Jordan- (Stops twirling her- but still holds her) Okay... I'm ready.

He looks up at her, waiting.

Angela- If I kiss you know... it will be like a peck.

Jordan gives her puppy eyes.

Angela- But if you wait... you'll get something, much better. (Sexy grin)

Jordan nods in agreement.

Angela- Okay, now put me down.

He sets her down.

Jordan- So, do you want to come to the loft tonight? You know, to watch us practice?

Angela- Sure... that way I can make sure you talk to the rest of Residue about singing.

Jordan- (He closes his eyes, and let's his head fall back) Just as long as you'll give me my kiss.

Angela- Agreed.

Angela turns around, and begins to walk out.

Jordan- (Catching up) Now where are we going?

Angela- (Looks over at him, and laughs) *I'm* going to class.

Jordan- (Looks at the clock on the Gym wall) Oh.

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