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Chapter 30: Raised E yebrows

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The story so far

Chapter 30: Raised E yebrows

written by Huie

added on: 19 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Cut to-


Jordan seemed a little happier throughout the session. It is now over, and he has already left- with a little more bounce in his step. Brian is packing up very slowly. He keeps making side glances at the honey-haired girl. She is talking to another girl. He finishes packing, takes one more glance at the girl, deeply sighs, and moves towards the door to leave.

Voice- Wait! Brian... Brain Krakow!

Brian turns around slowly in shock.

Brian- Um... how did, um... you know my ah, my name?

Girl- Um... (Laughs to herself) it's written on your marker package.

Brian- Oh... hmmm...

Brian-VO- Great first impression. How 4th grade of me to write my name on my markers. Typical.

Girl- Well, here they are... you know, your markers.

She holds out Brian's marker package.

Brian- Thanks.

He takes them from her.

Girl- No problem.

Brian-VO- Okay, this isn't Angela. You're finally thinking about *someone* other than Angela. So... don't screw this up.

The girl begins to walk away.

Brian- Wait.

Girl- (turns to face him) Yeah?

Brian- Since you know my name, I think I should know yours. You know, just incase any of my markers are missing... or something.

Girl- (Laughs a little) I'm Samanth- well, I'm Sam.

Brian- Are you new here?

Brian-VO- Krakow is carrying on a conversation? What the hell? Okay... stop referring to yourself in third person.

Sam- Actually... yes. I moved here from TN.

They begin to walk to the door.

Brian- You're not one of those country types... are you?

Sam- I love anything country- music, dancing, food- everything. If *that is* what you're asking.

Brian- (laughs) Cowboy boots and all?

Sam- (Southern Accent) It ain't country without them cowboy boots!

They laugh and walk down the hallway together- both are obviously comfortable and happy.

Cut to- That night at... LOUIE'S!!!!

Jordan and Jess are at their usual table. Jordan's mood has made a 180. He is "Happy- Drunk". He abruptly throws his hands up in the air.

Jordan- We had communication!

He smiles at Jess, and throws his head back.

Jess- That's (Sarcastic) great.

Jordan- (Arms fall down, but his head remains back) Hmm?

Jess- Nothing. (Changing the subject) You still coming next Friday?

Jordan- (Head rolls back- he rubs his eye) Do I *have* to?

Jess- Jordan... the least you can do is show up at a dance with me- I mean... (Fake cries) think of all the stuff that you have put me through?

Jordan- (Under his breath) It's not like I made you...

Jess- (Teary eyed) I *can't* believe you.

Jordan- (sort of rolls his eyes) Look- I'm going, okay. Just- just don't cry or anything.

Jess- Okay. (Recovers) So... any ladies tonight?

Jordan- Jess... you *know* I haven't been with anyone for weeks- (looks away) It's just screwing me up even more.

Jess- (Interested) How come?

Jordan- Because... (Chugs some beer) because... I can't believe I'm going to tell you this.

Jess- Don't worry, you probably won't even remember saying it in the morning.

Jordan- When I'm having sex with them... I like... imagine it's-

Jess- (Monotone) Angela?

Jordan- Yeah.

Jess rolls her eyes.

Jordan- And like... I *really* think I'm with her, but then, I open my eyes, and it's not her. It's like good for the first few minutes, but once I come back to reality, I remember that my life still sucks, and that I still don't have her. Overall (Rubs eye again), sex just makes me even more depressed.

Jess- (Shrugs) Maybe you're just not having sex with the right person?

Jordan- Yeah... *Angela* is the right person.

Jess- No. Like, *maybe* you just need to know the person. Maybe you need to have sex with a friend, rather than a stranger.

Long silence. Jordan looks like he is thinking. Jess looks hopeful.

Jordan- (breaking the long silence) I really don't have any friends that are girls.

Jess raises an eyebrow at him.

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