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Chapter 33: What. Did. You. Do?

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The story so far

Chapter 33: What. Did. You. Do?

written by Huie

added on: 25 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Fade to-

The Westernile Theater- Play is still going on.

Rayanne- When is it going to end??

Angela- Shut up Rayanne-(Looks around- and whispers) people are watching.

Rayanne- (Ignores her)What the hell is this even called?

She reaches under her seat to pull up a little play booklet.

Sharon- (Reading over Rayanne's shoulder) A River's Edge?

Rickie- Gimme that!

Violently, Rickie pulls the play booklet out of Rayanne's hands.

Rayanne- Gezz, I nice "please" would have worked.

Rickie doesn't hear her. He is too busy paging through the booklet. Finally he stops on a page, and traces his finger down it. Half way down the page, his finger stops.

Rickie- (Dreamy-like) Michael Devons.

Sharon- (Confused) Who's Michael Devons?

Rayanne- (Looks at Rickie's shy smile) That's (Points to the boy on stage) Michael Devons.

Sharon moves herself to better look at Lover-boy. He is tall, and nicely built. He is some-what clean cut- but not preppy. He has chestnut color hair, and a dimple.

Angela- (Playfully taps him on the back) Nice choice Vasquez.

Rickie- (smiling at the guy) Shut up.

All the girls look at each other.

Cut to-

The play has ended, and everyone is about to leave. Angela is off talking to Abyssinia, while Sharon is talking to Mr. K. for extra credit. Rayanne is no-where in sight, leaving Rickie standing alone in the hallway. He is folding and unfolding the play booklet- it is now totally trashed. His eyes keep scanning over the crowd. Slowly, the crowd begins to head out to the buses. Rickie, giving up his search, drops the booklet on the floor, and follows the crowd out the door.

Voice- (From behind Rickie) Hey!

Rickie ignores it.

Voice- (Trying again) Hey!

This time Rickie hears, and turns around. Rickie is speechless.

Person- You um... you dropped this. (Holding the booklet)

Rickie- Um... (Begins to reach for it) Thanks.

Person- Actually... have mine- it's in better shape (He hands Rickie a crisp copy of the play booklet) I'm Michael, by the way. People call me Mike though. Mike Devons is my full name.

He smiles, showing off his dimple.

Rickie- (Shy smile) I know.

Mike- Well, (Looks to the doors) you better go... your bus is like, pulling away.

Rickie- (Slowly walking away- still staring at Mike) I know.

Mike slightly laughs at him.

Cut to-

Rickie gets on the bus. Angela and Sharon are already sitting down, and have saved a seat for Rickie and Rayanne. Rickie makes his way to them- his face full of shock still, and his eyes are zoned in on the booklet. Rayanne pops behind him out of nowhere.

Rayanne- So Enrique?

Rickie- Yeah?

Rayanne- So...? (She giggles to herself)

Rickie- Yeah?

Rayanne- Well?

Rickie- What?

Rayanne- Did Devons- did you see Devons?

Rickie- Um... (Smiles as he sits down) Yeah.

Angela- (Eyes widen) What happened?

Rickie slides in, while Rayanne sits on the end.

Rickie- (Playing it off) He just said "You dropped this", and I said "Thanks".

Sharon- (Putting her hand on her heart) How cute!

Rayanne- (Disappointed) How boring! That was it?

Angela- What did you expect?

Rickie- (Shrugs) I'm just happy I saw him.

Sharon- So... (Looks disappointed) No dance?

Rayanne huffs loudly, and faces forward. Rickie looks out the window, and then back down at the booklet. Slowly, he opens it, and pages through it like last time. He comes to the same page, and traces his finger down again. All of the sudden his eyes widen. The booklet writes-

Character Played by:

Matt Selick..............Zach Foyer
Joyce Magnolia............Tella Zoltz
Ray Tiken................Michael Devons

< I heard you were looking for someone to get you into the dance.
Call me- (712) 876-3895
- Mike

Rickie looks straight forward at the seat in front of him- his mouth is wide open. Quickly, he turns his head left, to face Rayanne.

Rickie- (Slowly- word by word) What. Did. You. Do?

Rayanne- (Confused) What are you talking about?

Rickie- (Holds the booklet to her face) What did you do?

Rayanne- (Realizing) Oh... (Mischievously) That.

She giggles to herself.

Angela grabs the booklet out of his hands, and reads it.

Angela- Oh. My. God.

Sharon- (Looks up from the booklet at the group) I guess we *are* going then?

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