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Chapter 28: He's *Ryan Black*

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The story so far

Chapter 28: He's *Ryan Black*

written by Huie- (PS-- I'm *NOT* a Man!)

added on: 15 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

End of Social Studies-

Bell rings and everyone gets up to leave. Angela is packing up slowly. Now everyone has left besides her and Ryan Black. Ryan was very tall, and had a muscular build. He appeared to be older. He had olive, dark skin- probably Italian. He had black shaggy hair, and dark brown almond shaped eyes. He looked like the type that would "lean well". He was wearing a red shirt- complimenting his skin tone, and black pants with the classic boot. He makes his way to the door. Before he can make it, Angela moves quick and "accidentally" bumps into him.

Angela- (Laughs) Oh my God... I'm so sorry... umm (Pretending to search for a name)

Ryan- Ryan. I'm Ryan Black.

Angela- Oh. I'm sorry Ryan. I'm an idiot. (She flirtatiously smiles at him)

Ryan- You're Angela. Angela Chase. Right?

Angela- (Shocked) Um... (Nervous laugh) yeah.

They begin to slowly walk to the door.

Ryan- That thing you did... you know, with the Liberty Press-

Angela- When I copied them, and then handed them out?

Ryan- (Nods) That was really cool.

Angela smiles- glad to be recognized.

Ryan- So... do you even understand what were doing in here?

Angela- Um... yeah. Were basically just talking about presidents.

Ryan- You seem to know a lot about it so...

Angela laughs to herself- knowing that he's trying.

Ryan- So maybe you can help me sometime?

They are now out in the hallway.

Angela- (Taken back) Sure. I could. You know.

Ryan's smile fades as he looks at something over Angela's shoulder. His face is full of shock, and he looks nervous. His eyes widen.

Ryan- (Quickly) Well... maybe not... got to go.

He quickly darts the opposite way of whatever he was looking at, leaving Angela confused.

Cut to- That night- Louie's (WHERE ELSE!)

Jordan is surprisingly sitting alone. He looks as though he is working on something. He scribbles something down, looks it over, and then crumples it up. Jordan rubs his eyes, and looks up to see the back of a red-head. Her hair is exactly Angela's length, and color. With hope, he gets up, and makes his way over to her.

Jordan- (Hopeful) Angela?

Jordan waits for the answer, but doesn't receive one.

Jordan- (Trying again- this time louder) Angela?

He is ignored again.

Jordan- (Last hope- blurts out) I miss you.

With this, the girl finally turns around. It isn't Angela.

Jordan- (Depressed and embarrassed) Oh. Sorry. I thought you were someone else.

Girl- So... what do you think?

Jordan- What?

Girl- Jordan? It's me!

Jordan- (Confused) Who are you?

Girl- Jess!

Jordan- (Totally confused) Jess? But you don't have red-

Jess- It's not red. It's crimson glow. (She smiles- liking his reaction) I died it and cut it- (Touching her hair) It needed something.

Jordan- Oh. (Looks at her) It reminds me of-

Jess- (Smiles from ear to ear) Don't you *dare* say Angela.

Jordan- (Looks down at his shoes) Yeah.

Jess- (Lying) Well, it's not like I knew... I mean- I have never met her or anything.

Jordan- I know. It's just... weird. It's like her exact length and everything. Like... it's even the exact color. (Closes his eyes and whispers) Do you have any beer?

Jess- Coming right up! (She skips to get him one.)

Cut to- Next Day- Girl's bathroom.

Angela deeply sighs. She looks over at Rickie and Rayanne, who are both doing their make-up. She then sighs louder and deeper, waiting for them to react.

Rayanne- We hear you, you know?

Rickie- Just tell us what's wrong already.

Angela- (Closes her eyes) Okay. I was talking to Ryan Black-

Rickie and Rayanne exchange smirks.

Angela- (Continuing) and he was asking me out, and all, and then... he totally changed his mind. Like, while he was asking.

Rickie- *While* he was asking you?

Angela- *While* he was asking me!

Rayanne- That's... strange.

Angela- Tell me about it.

Rayanne- So, ask him what's up.

Angela- (short, unbelieving laugh) What? Just ask *Ryan Black* what's up?

Rayanne- And why the hell not?

Angela- 'Cause he's *Ryan Black*.

Rayanne- He's Ryan Black. So what?

Angela- (Searching for a good reason) So...-

Rickie- (Cutting her off before she can think of anything) What?

Angela- (Puts her head on the mirror) Fine.

Cut to- Same day- Social Studies

Bell rings- Class is over.

Everyone begins to pack up, like last time. Angela's eyes are on Ryan. She makes her way over to him.

Angela- Um... Ryan?

Ryan- (looks nervous) Hey.

Angela- (Hair tuck) So... about yesterday?

Ryan- Yeah?

Angela- Well, I don't know- but it seemed like you might have, maybe were, um asking me... to hang out- to go out. I then- while you were... you like, changed your mind. So...

Ryan- So...

Angela- (Taking Rayanne's words) What's up?

Ryan- (Looks around) Okay... I was.

Angela smiles.

Ryan- But- I just changed my mind- end of story.

Angela- So... you *don't* want to go out?

Ryan- I didn't say that. I just can't.

Angela- Okay.

She makes her way to the door.

Ryan- (Quickly) It's Catalano.

Angela- (Turns around slowly) Catalano? In meaning, Jordan Catalano?

Ryan- Yeah.

Angela- What about Jordan Catalano?

Ryan- He just makes me nervous.

Angela- Why?

Ryan- (Hysterical) 'cause he can punch my face in! That's why.

Angela- He wouldn't do that. Why would he do that?

Ryan- Because-

Just as he begins, Jordan can be seen passing the room. Ryan's eyes widen, and he looks away, until Jordan is fully passed.

Ryan- (Raspy voice) 'Cause he has people... he's in love with you, or whatever.

Angela- (short laugh) Yeah, okay.

Ryan doesn't say anything. He just stares at her.

Angela- Don't be afraid of Jordan Catalano. If you want to ask me... ask.

Ryan- (Deep breath) Okay. (Closes eyes)Will you... do you want to hang out... maybe?

Angela- (Walking to the door) I'll think about it.

She grins at him, and leaves. Ryan stands there, eyes still closed. He slightly opens his eyes, realizing he is alone.

Cut to- Angela walking down the hallway.

Angela-VO- So, guys at school were afraid of me.

She smiles at a guy he slightly smiles back, and then heads in the other direction.

Because they were afraid of Jordan.

She nods at a different guy he pretends not to see her.

Because he could beat them up.

Angela lightly waves at a different guy, his eyes widen, and he looks around to see if she was really waving at him.

Because they think that Jordan Catalano's... in *love* with me?

Angela- (To a different guy) Hey.

Guy- I got to go. (He leaves abruptly)

Angela-VO- In *love* with me? (She laughs to herself.) Yeah right.

Girls Bathroom-

Angela- So... you know how we decided that I should get a guy from school?

Rayanne- (Slowly) Yeah...?

Angela- Well, there's just one problem with that.

Rickie- (Slowly) Yeah...

Angela- All the guys are afraid of Jordan Catalano!

Rayanne- (Short laugh) What??

Rickie- I can understand.

Angela- (To Rickie) What?

Rickie- They are afraid that Jordan will come after them if they make a play for Angela, (looking at Angela), for you.

Angela- (Pissed off all of the sudden) I'm not his possession! You know? He is having a great time with all these random girls- while a guy can't even say hi to me without having to leave. This isn't fair!

Rayanne- Well, then work around it.

Rayanne mischievously grins. Rickie and Angela look at her- she has another "great" idea.

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