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Chapter 20: Deserted Islands

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Chapter 20: Deserted Islands

written by Huie

added on: 04 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

A couple Weeks Later- Empty Classrooms

Angela VO- So, we werent friends... we werent anything.

Pan to Angela hanging out with Rickie and Rayanne.

Angela VO- And I'm okay with it... you know, for now.

Rickie, Angela, and Rayanne fall on the floor laughing.

Angela VO- I was spending more time with Rayanne and Rickie, which I should have done form the beginning.

Rayanne- Okay Angel-Food, your turn.

Angela- So, one person I would want to be stranded on an island with?

Rickie-One *male* person-

Rayanne- Like we can't guess.

Angela- Ummm... Albert Einstein or some genius.

Rickie- (Short laugh) What?

Angela- Hey... I would want to get the hell off that island!

Rayanne- Choose someone (Sexy voice) that you'd *want* to be stranded with.

Angela- Oh God...

Angela VO- Would *I* want to be stranded with Jordan? (Thinks)I mean he would only be mine, and he's probably handy. Plus, I could see him with his shirt off. (Laughs) Wait... you're not thinking about Jordan Catalano anymore. Just say...-

Angela- Brad Pitt.

Rayanne- (Disappointed in her answer) What is with this Brad Pitt. I mean, he is hot but-

Rickie- He's reallllly hot, Rayanne.

Rayanne- (Giving in) Okay, okay.

Angela- Your turn Ray.

Rayanne- Okay...For sure-

Rickie- Here comes the list...

Rayanne- No! Geez... Just... (thinks) just Louise.

Angela- (Laughs) Wait... that guy from Sesame Street?

Rickie nods his head and laughs.

Angela- (Laughing) Wait, I change my answer to Louise too- He's a genius right?

Rayanne- Well, yeah. But I would *want* to be stranded with him.

They fall to the floor again in laughter.

Cut to- Hallway- Jordan and a group of guys.

Jordan VO- So... we werent anything, just like she told me.

The group of guys walk passed the classroom where Angela, Rickie, and Rayanne are laughing. Jordan, curious about all the noise, looks in while he passes. He sees Angela lying on the floor laughing. He quickly looks forward and begins to walk faster.

Jordan VO- (Sarcastic) I'm glad she's having *so* much fun with it all. While... while I can't even get out of bed.

Guy- Jordan, did you get that blondes number last night?

Jordan- (focusing again) What... oh, no.

Guy 2- Why man? She was throwing herself at you.

Jordan- She wasn't my type.

Shane- Since when are hot blondes *not* your type? Besides that one weird red-head, that's all you've been with.

Jordan cringes.

Guy- (To Shane) its a stage... he'll go back to blondes in no time.

Angela can be heard laughing loudly in the background

Jordan- (Quickly) So, tonight, let's go out.

Guy 2- Catalano- *want's* to go out?

Jordan- Yeah... what?

Shane- It's just that we've been making you go out since that night at the loft. You know, the one where you became lead singer of Residue officially.

Jordan- Just shut up man.

Shane- Okay Geez

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