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Chapter 24: You Don't Have Worry

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The story so far

Chapter 24: You Don't Have Worry

written by Huie

added on: 07 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Louie's- little later

Angela, Rickie, and Rayanne enter. Angela does a hair tuck- she nervously, and hopefully smiles. Rayanne just looks happy to be out. Rickie looks out of place.

Rayanne- (Spotting a bowl of peanuts at the bar) Oh, food.

Rayanne makes her way over to the bar. Rickie hurries behind her, leaving Angela alone.

Angela- (To herself) Come on Jordan... where are you?

Voice- (Behind Angela) Did you say you were looking for Jordan?

Angela turns around to be face to face with Jess.

Angela- Yeah. Jordan Catalano. He's tall, longish brown hair, (She starts thinking about him) this corduroy jacket, welllll built body, (She smiles dreamy), gentle hands, an innocent smile, and these big puppy-dog eyes, and (She begins to trail off into thought)

Jess- Yeah... trust me, I know. (Noticing Angela's hair color for the first time) So... what day?

Angela- (Comes back to earth) What do you mean?

Jess- What day did you guys sleep together?

Angela- (Laughs- embarrassed) We *never* slept together... long story. (Thinks) What did you mean by asking me what day I slept with him?

Jess- Oh... you were tonight. Sorry, he has practice tonight... try tomorrow- he'll be here.

Angela- No... I *have* to talk to him- it's important. (Getting annoyed) What did you that I must be tonight?

Jess- That you and Jordan were going out- well not out-out. (Laughs to herself)

Angela- (Realizing) So, the rumors *are* true? He goes out with different red-heads every night?

Jess- Sweetie, that is *so* known. (Looks at Angela) Sorry... he's already in love, so if that's what you wanted. There's no hope... for you... for *any* of us.

Angela- (Near tears) He's *in* love?

Jess- Oh... totally, he wont admit it though. He has got it bad. Too bad... ya know?

Angela- Who is this girl?

Jess- This girl named Angela-

Angela's eyes open wide.

Angela- Wait, he's in *love* with *me*?

Jess- He won't admit it but- wait?! *You're* Angela... Angela Chase?

Angela- (Laughing) Yeah!

Jess- (Becomes stand-off-ish) Oh... well, um... why did you want him?

Angela- (Wide smile) I kinda wanted to see if he wanted to start things up again.

Angela looks hopeful

Jess- Well, (rude laugh) good luck.

Angela- Huh?

Jess- Like I said- He isn't admitting anything. I mean who would blame him- he's got all these girls that are giving him what he wants... and you, you're just a little inexperienced, virgin- who won't even sleep with him. (Mean smile) I don't think the choice is a difficult one to make.

Angela stands shocked. She takes it all in and realizes that Jess is right. A tear falls down her cheek.

Jess- (shrugs) sorry.

Angela- Don't tell him I was here.

Angela quickly makes her way to the door.

Jess- (To herself) You don't have to worry 'bout that.

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