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Chapter 22: Life Changing Saturday

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The story so far

Chapter 22: Life Changing Saturday

written by Rusty

added on: 05 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Saturday afternoon Brian's house as he sees Sharon coming by on her way to Angela's no wait she is coming to Brian's house instead and approaches the door and rings the bell

Brian runs down the stairs and answers his door

Brian: Hello Cherski. What do you want? I thought you were going to see Angela.

Sharon: Are you going to at least ask me in?

Brian: Yeah sure, come in.

Sharon: Well thank you. I was going to see Angela but then I remember you two had a date last night. So how was your date?

Brian: It was fine until Jordan Catalano showed up with his new girlfriend at the same place we were, so we left and came back here and watched a couple of movies and nothing happened. We had a good time.

Sharon: That was too easy. Getting information from you was like pulling teeth, now what else happened?

Brian: What, she kissed me and I kissed her back early this morning.

Sharon: Brian, that must have been like the single greatest thrill of your life.

Brian: Yes. Yes it was.

They both hear a loud disturbance outside and see Angela running towards Brian's house at the window, this leads Brian to open the front door before Angela gets to the door and Angela goes in and sees Sharon with Brian

Angela: Hi Sharon.

Sharon: Um hi. What is going on at your house that would cause you to run from your house over here.

Angela: I didn't know what else to do, my house is not a good place to be right now, my parents are fighting and you can hear them scream at each other from any room in the house

Brian: What are they yelling at? (hoping Patty wasn't pissed about Angela staying the night here)

Angela: My mom caught my dad cheating on her with Hallie

Sharon: That is terrible.

Angela: Brian, I just need to lay low here for a little while. My mom knows that I am here, ok.

Brian: No problem, Angela.

Sharon: Are your parents going to get a divorce?

Angela: I, I don't know.

They look out the window and see Graham putting stuff in his car and driving away heading for an unknown destination

They then see Patty heading across the street with Danielle to Brian's house

Brian again opens the door before Patty and Danielle get to the door

Brian: Hello Mrs. Chase and hello Danielle

Patty: Hello Brian (sees Sharon and Angela in the livingroom) Hi Sharon. Angela, sorry about that?

Angela: What is going on with you and Dad?

Patty: Your dad did something he should not have done and he will be living with Uncle Neil for a little while, after that I don't know right now

Angela: Ok. (Looks at Brian and then Sharon trying to get one of them to change the subject and quick)

Brian: Anybody want to play Monopoly? Danielle, you want to get's still in the closet upstairs

Everybody looks relieved that somebody has come up with something else to do and they start playing Monopoly

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  1. Patty gives Angela some advice:
    Chapter 23: Motherly Advice from Patty by Rusty (15 Jan 2005)
    no more subchapters.
  2. Angela makes Brian swear that he won't cheat on her:
    Chapter 23: Commitment for Brian and Angela by Rusty (05 Oct 2004)
    no more subchapters.

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