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Chapter 17: Diningroom Date Critique

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Chapter 17: Diningroom Date Critique

written by Rusty

added on: 02 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Krakow's dining room, Brian is helping Angela with her geometry while Brian is trying to figure out what just happened with his mom and Angela and what his mom asked Angela

BrianVO: Should I even bother asking, I mean, Angela must have given good answers to my mother otherwise, I probably would of had to stick up for her in this house to my parents. I'll ask.

Brian: So what did my mother ask you?

Angela: (taking a break from the geometry) She just asked me how I treated you on our date, whether or not you paid for the entire date, and how we became girlfriend/boyfriend.

Brian: Oh ok. So um what did you tell her? (VO: My mother has the tendency to be a bit overprotective at times, and it sickens me sometimes)

Angela: I told her that I respected you throughout our date but that nothing happened because it looked like you were too nervous to try anything and I wasn't sure how the date would go to begin with and that you paid for the entire date and about our meeting in the middle of the night that lead to us becoming a couple.

Brian: Oh ok. (I knew I need a critique of our date and I think I just got it. Note to self need to kiss Angela at end of second date.)

Angela: Can we get back to my geometry then? I am still having problems with proofs.

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  • Great Date becomes Disaster when Angela sees Jordan with another girl:
    Chapter 18: Alternative Plan by Rusty (02 Oct 2004)
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