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Chapter 21: A Kiss with a Spark

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The story so far

Chapter 21: A Kiss with a Spark

written by Rusty

added on: 03 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Later in the morning like 9am Saturday Brian is furiously brushing his teeth while Angela is barely awake trying to avoid have breakfast with Brian's parents

AngelaVO: It's not like I don't know Brian's parents, its just that, I don't want to feel like I am in a therapy session trying to be convinced that I don't want to eat cheese or something, it would just be weird

Brian's parents are not up and Angela forgets about breakfast and wanders upstairs and finds Brian still furiously brushing his teeth, sees Angela in the mirror

Brian: Hi. (with a mouth full of toothpaste) You need the bathroom, just give a second.

Angela: Yes. No. Take your time. I will just use it when you are done, ok.

Brian: Sure. (spits out more toothpaste and brushes again)

Angela steps out of the bathroom

AngelaVO: Why is he furiously brushing his teeth? Oh my, he is going to kiss me this morning. I only have morning breath and no toothbrush or toothpaste. When is he going to do it? Before we leave here or in front of my door?

Brian: All done. All yours for you to like use.

Angela uses the bathroom and finishes getting ready to go back as Brian tries to look like he has put no effort in getting ready, even though his teeth are brushed, his hair is combed, and he's changed into something really nice, way overdressed being that it's early on a Saturday morning.

AngelaVO: He is really making an effort. I just want him to kiss me to get it over with already.

Brian and Angela leave and make the 2-3 minute trip to Angela's house

At Angela's door

Angela: Thanks again for what you said to my Dad and your parents last night and letting me sleep there.

Brian: No problem. Your my girlfriend and I was just looking out for you.

Brian leans in and kisses Angela on the lips, Angela kisses him back and then realizes that she still has morning breath and stops

Brian: What? What did I do? Why did you stop?

Angela: It wasn't you, remember I still have morning breath and I don't think I would have enjoyed kissing me if I had morning breath.

Brian: I didn't mind. I just wanted to kiss you.

Angela smiles and Brian smiles back

Angela: I got to go now. Rickie is coming over later and I am going to hangout with him, ok.

Brian: Yeah, sure. I got alot of homework do to this weekend anyways. I will talk to you later.

Brian kisses Angela on the cheek

Brian: Kissed you there just to avoid your morning breath (smiles)

Angela goes into her house with a full smile

Graham sees her: Hi. So Brian walked you home?

Angela: Yes. (She goes up to her room)

Brian turns and starts walking back to his house

BrianVO: That was so much better than I thought it would be. I mean I thought it would great but it ended up outstanding even with her morning breath.

AngelaVO: There was a spark when Brian kissed me. It felt like there were fireworks going off somewhere. I never knew Brian was that good of a kisser. WOW!!! I just wish I didn't have morning breath right now.

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